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AI: Summary © The upcoming month of Shaban is a significant month for Islamic holidays, with deeds recognized and people disconnecting from daily activities. Fasting during the month is crucial, especially during the summer when people are disconnecting from activities. Clean heart is emphasized, along with forgiveness and setting goals to improve others' lives. The importance of reading the Quran and setting goals to improve others' lives is emphasized.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah along aluminum and fauna on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna, was it no Inman yet hammer I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're a brat. I mean, my dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make me and you from the people who listen and apply

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tonight inshallah Tada in the just a reminder episode, we will be discussing the three best actions to be done in the month of Shaban. The month of Shaban is about to start in a couple of days, and we will share with each other and remind one another. What are the best deeds, what are the best buy that that we should perform in this month that precedes the month of Ramadan? The month of Shabbat and one of the reasons it was called the month of chadburn is from the word the Shahada. It means disperse because the Arab used to disperse that month looking and looking for for water. The month of Shaban is the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, and the month of Ramadan, as we all know, is

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the ninth month. So what are some of the things that we should do in in this month? Number one, fasting, number one, fasting, Osama bin Zayed are the Alon, he sought a sort of loss. I sent him and he said yeah rasool Allah, I do not see you fasting any month, as much as you fast in the month of Shabbat. And so this was the summer is asking Rasulillah Salam, why do you fast so much in in the month of Shaban Rasul Allah Islam he said, that is the month which people do not pay any attention to, because it comes between Russia and Ramadan. So many people neglect this month, because it comes between the sacred month of Rajab and the month of fasting the month of Ramadan, and he said another

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reason it is a month where the deeds it is a month where the deeds are taken up to Allah azza wa jal they are presented to Allah subhanahu wata Anna and I would love

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that my deeds when they are presented to be fasting Subhanallah as we all know my brothers and sisters, our actions are presented to Allah on a daily matter day and night on a weekly manner on Monday and Thursday, and a yearly manner in the month of of Shaban. Subhanallah

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and also this hadith indicates that it is Mr. hub to make a lot of good deeds in the season where people are HEDIS when people are neglectful, it is good to concentrate and do extra a by that. I shall also Radi Allahu Anhu she said masala Salah needs to fast in such an extent in the month of Ramadan that we thought he would never break his fast and he also go without fasting to such an extent that we thought he will never fast Subhanallah in another narration, she said that masala insulin used to fast the whole month of Ramadan and another narration he used to fast all of it but a little and he used to fast most of it because we all know that the only month that we are supposed

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to fast all of it is the month of Ramadan. So when they say most of it, when they say all of it, it means most of it. Okay, so most of the month of Shabbat Rasulullah Salah news too fast. So please do your best to fast as much as you can. In this month of Shadowclan Subhan Allah, many people singled out the night or the day of the 15th of Shaban too fast. There is nothing authentic in the sunnah to single out the 15th of Shaban with any kind of fasting or any kind of dua or any kind of salad or any kind of gathering.

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If you use too fast during the year in the three white days 1314 15 and shadow and come and you continue your first Allahu Akbar, but to single the 15th of Shaban with fasting, we need an evidence and nothing in the sunnah or from the Sahaba that indicate to specify the 15th of Shaban in fasting and or any kind of pm or tahajjud there's nothing about that night

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except one Hadith that is authentic, where Rasulillah Salam said that Allah subhanahu wa taala will look down on the night of the middle of Shaban and forgives all his creation except a mushrik a person who associate partners with Allah and the Messiah and, and the person who have cut his relationship with his Muslim brother or sister. Which brings us to the second action to be done in this month, which is connecting with family members. According to this hadith, my brothers and sisters,

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Allah forgives all the people on that night. Look at the greatness of Allah azza wa jal, except a person who associate partners with Allah in sha Allah, none of us is from that category. But the second one, we have a problem with that. And the second one is more shocking. A person who does not speak to

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his father to his mother to his son to his wife to his to his uncle to his aunt. He has a problem with the not only the relic relative's, but also he had problem with another Muslim. Why Subhan Allah, my brother, my sister, for the sake of Allah, like we said in our last episode, for the sake of Allah,

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I'm not telling you become best friends with that person just for the sake of Allah and for the sake of our actions to be forgiven for our sins to be forgiven, and for the sake of our, our our deeds to be lifted to Allah because all our deeds are on hold until we fix that relationship, and we do not need to be best friends, just a Salam. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The month of Shaban is here and the month of Ramadan is coming very soon, may Allah keep us alive to witness that month. That's it if he or she replies hamdulillah they do not reply, you did your best, but you're doing it first for Allah second for yourself, because you want to be forgiven in that night, and you want

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also to come to the month of Ramadan with a clean heart. This is the biggest achievement. The biggest achievement if you want to prepare yourself for Ramadan is to enter that month with a clean pure heart. You see, the heart is the source of reception for all the beautiful labor that take place in Ramadan. It is the source of reception for the Quran. It is the source of reception for all these lectures that we will be hearing right the Joomla hoppers and if it is blocked by hatred and malice, it will not the lectures the Quran will not penetrate and we will not feel much in Ramadan. So let's clean our heart before the month of Ramadan comes and one of the ways to clean our heart is

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to forgive others to pardon others.

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The third day bad that we should do in this month in sha Allah the month of Siobhan is to dedicate a lot of time for the Quran. They used to call the month of Shaban the month of corrupt the month of the reciters because many of our righteous predecessors they used to dedicate a lot of time in Shabbat to read a lot of Quran. They used to finish the Quran many times in the month of Shabbat and they are preparing themselves for the month of Quran. Shadow Ramadan is Sharon Quran. So we prepare ourselves by reading a lot of Quran in the month of Shabbat so please dedicate a certain amount of time in Shaban to read the Quran, say to yourself, I'm going to read 10 minutes a day, half an hour

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a day or you can dedicate a number of pages. I'm going to read 10 pages every single day in Shaban in order to prepare myself for the month of Ramadan. Because in the month of Ramadan in sha Allah, we will have a lot of ambition and we will do a lot of camera of the Quran. So tell yourself I'm not going to sleep until I finished that portion that I made a promise that I will do. My brothers and sisters Let's all make a promise. I'm gonna read this much all I'm gonna read this amount of time.

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And keep in mind that one letter every letter we read is multiplied by 10. So 10 hustlers for every single letter and we have so many opportunities to gain as many Hassan add as possible. So please my brothers and sisters, these are some of the things that we can do in the month of Shaban besides in sha Allah to Allah of course, the Korean and also charity and many many other animal but these three actions concentrate on them so we can prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan and we are ready. We are ready to fast in the month of Ramadan. We are ready to read a lot of Quran and we are ready to connect with our family members and

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to take and grab the best fruits of the month of Ramadan May Allah keep me and you alive to witness that month and may Allah make us in that month from the people who pray and fast and be good to others and donate and read a lot of Quran Amin your blood I mean I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at on October lick

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