Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #03

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of COVID-19 and the need for people to follow the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu. They stress the importance of personal information and setting up victory lap, as well as the need for people to love and call in the Prophet's words. The use of COVID-19 for victory lap and the photo quality law is also discussed, along with the idea of setting up a photo quality law for a person.
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Smell net wilhemina no subtle subtle sweetness to them, like the Anna or ketchup or the other words as he will come in here to another episode of rock your Ramadan 2013 they number three

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what is a MANOVA we will have a numbness or hacker aroma Vaughn. Am Duda

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Allah subhana wa tada when he says about these, you know the how fast the time goes with the can am Widodo beta ness, you know, days go so fast.

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And when he talks about Ramadan, and when he says katiba de como si and come up with you by then letting them in public on the under contract upon Iam and do that

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cm has been prescribed upon you as it's been prescribed on people before you so that you may attain taqwa piety, and then a lot goes on. He says I am and do that very specific number of days. You know, Ramadan is about 30 days. And it goes so fast today is day three. So we're still living through the pathways to Jin, Xin them.

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Amal, and let's see any

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two sigma iljin what to look out as soon as he posted on his agenda, woman veiny a silver led to signal nakina gentlemen, is agenda Hua shabu come upon the villa or the ownself Kingdom and hope they also relate some of them or use

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some of the pathways that also shall take us to Jen are the pathways to Agenda yesterday we talked about the love of US, Canada and today we talk about the love of the Prophet Mohammed it his salatu salam, love of the prophet Isaiah seven is one of the pathways to gender helper also it is a person who will kinetica monogamy and let it also not either gender pull in quinto to hipbone Allah affected you know only you should kumala but they do

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you have in common like I see them in an acid coma babies according to HIPAA law, HIPAA Batavia law so the law is

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our sort of law sort of law sort of head, the corner man who feels gender at the touch of an ad he a sharifa troll button Honey, I

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also need to know how to set up your ebooks jasola answered and been in it and been familiar

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with the omega three and if your mo PMO. Enter fifth Gen fee must

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certify any lava hirasawa Filipina friends Allah Subhana

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Allah Who?

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Hafiz annual carrying were made up sooner but when they come and Edina and what what led him in and maybe you

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wish you heard that it was

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a man came to the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu was Salam. And he was crying. You're also bah bah bah bah, I love you. Today you're here whenever I miss you, I come and see you, but how about if you are the engine? How about if you are you know, once we go in shallow waters and so you know, you'll be in a very high level. So how can I come and see you? Allah, Allah subhana wa COVID those who obey Allah and the Prophet for only a common and Latina and I'm a member of a those whereby Allah subhana wa Jalla has blessed has favored and they will be amongst who, amongst the Prophets, and the subject pain and the Shahada as a truthful one and the martyrs so those who obey Allah and those who obey

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the Prophet, the inshallah tada shall be enough with the prophets engine inshallah, to Allah, and the salty Alon will con mathematician at the I octoman. Dinner, we had to hit a&m and dissidents. And so the Macondo says, We've never become so happy, even happier, you know, with that with that much happiness,

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except when we read this ayah when this ayah was revealed, that in fact, gives us hope that we could see a need the Prophet Mohammed areas of personal agenda, input to hypernova say if you claim that you love Allah, but if you're only owning it, they will also follow the Prophet Muhammad. Allah shall love you. Right? A lot of people say I love Allah. If you love Allah, follow us over the web The sooner

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he hovers over ma revived the sooner of Rasul Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala shala it's very simple love and also like Monica de la la sala. It is not really like some people do by celebrating his birthday.

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celebrating his birthday also the breaking some of these some of these celebrations it's something that Allah subhana wa tada has not really or not the Prophet, others

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has never said anything in that regard. The 50 have shut down or whatnot

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have brought us over there except for the academia nurse. Yeah, and if we wish the fairy beam odd, either they set up a separate crossover chocolates with lava if the Sudanese woman who's up against the lockers and also McKenna

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had to head to head to head to head to head to head to head providing the hacker the kind of shape of all sorts of contribute he could have was

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gonna be setting up a victory lap.

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If you love the Prophet Moses and the prophets used to love Sadat, he used to love pmln he used to love sadaqa he sort of insight in in specially this first month of Ramadan, he used to love many things you love those things that the Prophet love, and his tomato, Sarah.

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Do you really love that? See, if you love lots of love, if you look a lot cooler than a lot of love.

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So one of the pathways my brothers and sisters, that wouldn't In fact, help us and lead us to Jana is not only the love of Allah subhana wa Jalla but also the love overall silver money, someone love or

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if you really love him to read, he shall call you in Charlotte with either either good

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or bad. It's up to them. So for your Nadia, Alec, Yeoman, the cone of shame so far,

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the Yeoman cannon will come sooner and sooner. So for your idea, I think we'll help them hungry and it gets a lot worse to them. You have to hand the hand Bishop issue of linearity to mother Shelby, maybe he can help you to cope up charlatan Honey, I don't know that nobody ever had the feeling in Quinta for people who are just so optimistic. If you really love him, and it's up to them, he shall call you by name, individual judgment, whether by the sun is on the top of the heads in a day equivalent of 50,000 years. He shall call you by name, when he is in that vessel of cold water by the water is sweeter than honey on the way to the milk. We shall call you. He shall call you by name

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and take you to come and drink from his head. Select Yes, yes, yes and I'm drinking from the hospital but also the law he

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must know better Nicholas among those that here have practiced a gold plated Allah subhana wa antigenically readiness colada. We have

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a photo quality law. I say this and I say that allows us all to practice I think Kobe is optimal ahead. Enter another episode after another episode of ruptor Ramadan. 2013. I say I said out loud

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