Abdulbary Yahya – Actions That Break The Fast #6

Abdulbary Yahya
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make up the fast. Thirdly, you have to pay expiation for. And what's the explanation for? It's a Hadith from Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu.

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Call John Raju loon Jah Ron Ulan ala Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Haluk to ya rasool Allah, like I am, I'm destroyed. Like I'm, it's over for me that we say it's over for me. I'm told, it's over for me. I'm destroyed. Wilma Alika he says, What has destroyed you? What has destroyed you all work hard to I remember it for Ramadan. So that I slept with my wife in Ramadan, meaning in the daytime in Ramadan. Of course, it's permissible at nighttime. So he says, so this is a very, very old, a very, very poor man. And he, you know, sometimes you lose control. So he says, I slept with my wife and Ramadan. I mean, I

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can't. It's just,

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it's over for me. I'm destroyed. And he said, health aged Marathi. Cora orbita you is that are you able to free a slave? All Allah? He says no, I can. He's a poor man. He can't afford a slave. When rich people are slaves, right? All Allah, Allah for health care stuff here and also Masha rinomhota JBI says are you able to fast two weeks continuously? I went two months, two months consecutively? Allah Allah he says he says I care you couldn't even do one month.

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It was hard for him right? He did. So two months strain. So it's a call Allah, Allah verhaal Daijiro. My pottery Musa Tina Myskina said, are you able to feed 60 poor people? And so he said, he said, No, I'm not able to. So here, the prophets of Allah how to hurt someone. Eventually, of course, eventually he's asked his asking some of the companions F and he goes home and he says, Do we have any food for the Do we have any food? Because this man he says, I have not. I don't know anyone in my neighborhood that's more poor than me. Like, how am I supposed to? There's no one in my, my neighbor, who's more poor than me like 660 Poor people, like I can't feed myself early.

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Right? He can barely feed himself is I can barely feed himself. He is so poor. Of course, he's not able to. But what can he do? And he's unable to do any of these things. And so the prophets of Allah and he was, um, then said, he brought a bag of dates. Right? He brought it back. And he says, to take this. And he said, Who do I give this to? Like? Am I looking at flummery? No, no, this is for you. This is for you. So the profit some gave this for him as sanitized charity for him to eat, because he's so poor. So all of these things he's unable to do. And so the scholars have mentioned that it's not his because he's not able to do any of these things. Like he doesn't have the capacity

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to do them, then he doesn't have to. He doesn't have to, because he has this has no ability to do it. He's unable to he says, I'm unable to like it's not possible for me. And he's being honest, because I can't do it. Like this. These are some of these things I can't do. So when the Prophet Solomon said, he said, Who do Who do I give this to? So no, no, that's for you. It's for your family. He didn't tell him anything else because that's it. But if a person so there is Cafaro, that means expiation for the first thing is you have to free a slave. Okay, if you can afford to free a slave, you have to free your slave. If you can't, then you have to fast for two months straight. In

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view, when we say two months straight. That means if you miss one day, let's say you finish 50 days, right? And then you miss one day, you have to start over. You have to start over 60 days, I mean, two months straight, after two months, then at expiration for that one day. So do you have to do it, oh, there's a man only or there's also a woman out what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not mention anything about his wife. So that's why the Scholars have mentioned the expiation of murder relations is only upon the woman and the man. Only upon the man. Why? Because usually, you know, a woman is not going to be able to force if the man doesn't want it. She can't do anything of

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right. There's nothing that she can do if he doesn't want it. Right. And so that's why it's not upon her. Right. And so, but she herself if her husband wants to sleep with her, she is not. It's not permissible for her to allow him to do so. But sometimes if he's not able to do she's not able to stop him. That's a different matter. So here. So is it permissible for it? It's it's what

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What's the explanation? The second explanation here is in order. In other words, if you're able to do this, then you should do that, you can't do that, then you move on to the next one, you can't, then you pace it, then you, if you're able to fast two months, then you have to fast two months straight. And if you can't do that, then you have to feed 6060 people, you can either feed 60 people straight, right? 60 people, 60 different people, or you can feed. And here, it's not just like feeding people is feeding poor people. Right? You can't just like, Okay, let me see, you know, during Ramadan, I'm just going to feed 60 people, and you don't know who they are. No, you have to

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look for poor people to feed. I mean, people who are poor people that you either provide food for, right or one person, you provide food for them for 60 days, like or it's either 60 or you can have maybe make maybe 10 people a whole family. Right? Say, Okay, this family and you I'm gonna give them enough food for them to eat for, for 60 days, right? 60 days, and you know, for and then you can divided by each person in the family and it won't be 60 days, there'll be less than that, depending on how many people you're feeding in that particular family. So that's the most serious because it has, you have to expiate, also, you can't just make Toba only, you have to expiate, so that's the

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first one the most, the most severe of them. The second is one who, one who, in the night or in the daytime and Ramadan, they, they

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they masturbate. And * is someone who,

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you know, whether they whatever they use to try to arouse themselves and the * itself also has to reach a point where that's reach a point where there is *. If there's no *, then that person is sinful. Right? They've done something that's very, very wrong, and but they don't have to make up the day. In other words, if there's no *, then the fast is still valid.

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The fastest still valid me you don't make up for, but if there is *, then it's not valid. But if a person sleeps with, let's say, his,

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a man sleeps with his wife, as long as there is penetration, which means the beginning, the tip of the female, Oregon, enters the male, female Oregon, then, at that moment, if boy there that whether there's * or not. He has to expiate. But if someone ejaculates, without sleeping, whether, without sleeping with their wife, then they don't have to. They don't have to expiate, but they have to make up for the past. They have to make a defense. And if someone sleeps with let's say, they, there's foreplay between them and their, their wife, like the view, there's foreplay. And as a result of that foreplay, there's *, but there's no penetration, then they don't have to

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expiate, but they have to make up for the fast they had to make up for the past. And so what's the proof that it is not permissible to you know, to of course, during the month of Ramadan, even to

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meeting the your, your fast is broken when a person

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when a person

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is not Jacqueline masturbates? Right? And so the proof is a Hadith of the prophets of Allah leads to Cozzi when he said yet ricotta Amma Hua Hua Hua to whom in agilely, that he leaves, food drinks, and his and his Xiao Hua and his desire for my sake, for my sake.

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And so that

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there's another type of, of

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net, what's called medi it's another. Muddy as wet muddy is someone who may be aroused, but there's a clear fluid that comes. It's not the white milk milky fluid, but it's the clear fluid that sticky that's called muddy, does that break a person's fast? No, it doesn't break a person's fast. It does not. But it is nudges and you have to wash yourself off and then make will do and so muddy does not break a person's fast. But money does break a person's fast. So those are the two things. The third is eating and drinking. We'll put it together because ALLAH SubhanA puts it together also, eating and drinking. And eating and drinking here is also of anything that it means anything that enters

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the throat

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either through the mouth, or through the nose.

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If it's intentional, through the throat or through the mouth, that goes through the throat, then a person that fast is broken. Even it's even though it's not called eating, why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Well, Bella, Phil is insha.

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Allah and Hakuna saw a man that exaggerate in rinsing your nose, unless you are fasting. Why does he say unless you're fasting, he says, Be careful when you're fasting. And don't snuff water into don't sniff water into your nose. With just a little bit is enough, do not exaggerate in it. Why? Because you exaggerate in it, you might make that water go into your throat. Right? And so it's the sharp and MOBA. You should not exaggerate when you're fasting. Why? Because anytime food or water goes through the mouth, then the fast is broken, if it's done intentionally. If it's not intentional, then it's not that something else. Also, I forgot I missed something. If a person sleeps at

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nighttime, or not in the daytime day in Ramadan, and they have a *. There's a fast break. No. Why? Because you don't really control yourself. When you're in your dream, you might see some things that make you *. But that doesn't break a person's fast. Why? Because when a person is sleeping, then a roof a roof column or AlFalah. Like the pen is raised. For three people, one, the prophets of Allah, they also mentioned that a man or a boy until he has reached the age of puberty, and whatnot, I'm hotter yesterday with a person who is sleeping until until he wakes up. And then also and the person who is insane, but you don't have to feel what who is crazy until he

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becomes sane again. And so those two people are amongst them and someone who's sleeping, the their accountability, they're not accountable for the actions that may happen inside of sleeping. So you might see something that's happy, you know that you're doing something that will break a person's fast. So if you have a dream that you ate, you're eating, or you had a dream that you're drinking doesn't break your fast. And even if you had a dream that that actually physically affects you to the point where you *. Your fast is still valid. But you still have to make muscle of course, right? You have to also and then you have to pray. And but you can't pray just with will do

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because now you're in a state of Geneva. But it doesn't break a person's fast. So the other one I mentioned is food and drinks, right. So the other another thing that that we said it's similar to food and drinks. The fourth category is that which my micanopy manual actually was sure that which is equivalent to eating and drinking. The number one is if someone uses medication, some type of medication, that doesn't matter which way it goes through. But it gives you energy.

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It gives you energy because sometimes a person takes a shot, and they get energy right there. And sometimes you get shots it's not made to to give you energy, for example, someone who has who needs to take you know, vaccination, right vaccination, the vaccination itself is not like food and drinks. Right. And so that vaccination, for example, when a person is fasting, does not break their fast, according to many scholars. And so another thing that, that breaks a person's fast, though, as we mentioned earlier, is if it gives you drinks or gives you energy, and that is of course when someone has intravenous fluids being put into them. And so, so that's number four, the fifth, the

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fifth category is extraction of blood because of hijama, hegemon is is cutting, you know, cutting itself. You know, it was done very often, during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he saw two people copying during the time when they were supposed to be fasting, he said of oral hygiene will value the one who is who want who is

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doing the cupping. And the person who has cupping done to him. They have both broken, they're fast. They have both broken, they're fast. And so if you have a cupping clinic, right there, you should close up close up during the month of Ramadan. Right close it up during the month of Ramadan. Why? Because when a person takes out blood from their body and

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They become weak and it might force them to, you know, to because they become sick. If you don't eat right away, especially after donating blood, were they What did they tell you to do? They tell you to eat and drink right away, right? To replace that what you just lost and if you don't, you might get dizzy and become sick. So this sickness here as a result of what is the result of your own doing, you did it. You're the one that did this. And that's why when a person

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right, if you know that you can't fast during the month of Ramadan, if you don't stop drinking coffee, if Ramadan comes your headache is so bad because some people are different. Some people you know, they can have coffee, they have coffee and during Iftar are so hot, it's enough for the whole day. Some people they have so much coffee that no matter Ramadan comes, they struggle and they might it might make them can become sick. If they know that it makes them become sick, then it's not permissible for them to drink coffee or they have to because mandatory upon them to cut down on coffee so that they can faster in the month of Ramadan. Because it's your own doing you can stop and

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if you don't do that, they will lead to something haram. So if you don't leave that which is even though it might be mobile permissible for you and normal times, but during Ramadan, if you're not going to be able to fast if you drink coffee all the time, then you better cut down before Ramadan comes. So your body gets used to it. So you will be able to fast right and so here the so that's the sixth, the sixth category.

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of that which breaks a person is fast is someone who intentionally vomits the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men are the

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one who is overtaken by vomit Felisa Allah he'll cover that he doesn't have to make up his fast laser La Cava. That means he doesn't have to make up as fast. That means as fast as number, okay. Let's say you know, sometimes you just, you smell something that's really bad, it makes you vomit, or you feel a little bit nauseated and the vomit, but it's not something you do yourself, but Minister Khar and then finally actually, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said it's this hadith and Sunnah Telemedia is an authentic hadith. Authenticated well Imam Al Alberni, Rahim Allah. He said, minute the prophets allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, or minister Ha, under whoever forces

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himself to vomit, then let him make up that fast. That means he broke his fast as fast as account so it's not permissible. Well, there are who means if you are overtaken by then if you're overtaking by then it's

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you don't have to make up your fast even when Monday said he loved him and a Polly Salman Minister ha Hamden Newman there in his book

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about Iijima and the consensus, he compiled the book that collects agreements. Most fifth books are about disagreements, right. And so those who don't know agreements, they won't understand the disagreements. And so he compiled the book about a drama and consensus. And he said, the people of knowledge, meaning the scholars are of consensus opinion, that whoever purposely vomits, then his fat as fast as invalid, that the fast of the person is invalid. And also, you have to also be careful, because if you know that there's something that will make you vomit, and then you do so anyways, that's the same thing as and you purposely do. So then the same as doing it the same in

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family. I know like some people for example, they I know brother, SubhanAllah. He doesn't want to go to Joomla doesn't want to go Joomla sometimes he can't make it for Joomla. So if there's a week that he can't make for Joomla he takes onion is the onions before.

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He said, Oh no, I can't go to Joomla because the prophets have a lot of forbade us from going to the masjid if we eat onions. So what does that mean? Now that means it's haram for you to eat onions.

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Now, you can't eat onions on Friday morning, but it's permanent, permissible. How do you get the onions on? I can't go I have excuse No, no, you don't have any. You don't have an excuse to eat the onion to start with It's haram for you to do so. So. So if someone purposely vomits like they, they make themselves vomit no matter what, you know, like you know that if you go there, environment or you smell that you can environment then you can't go there. It's not permissible for you to go to that particular location. But if it so happens that you know something happens and you vomit like you, you're in a car or you're taking a boat, you're on a boat and it's like, and you know, it's

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causing you to be nauseated.

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you vomit, that, that being overtaken by vomit does not break a person's fast and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Another thing is the seventh category of that which breaks a person's fast is Hooroo Daemul hailed when they pass

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in so of course, this comes close to them and hailed when they fast. I mean, it's the blood, the blood of menses and postnatal bleeding. So, you know, believe it or not, there are some people who believe because,

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you know, sometimes

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sometimes, some, some teachers, some people, when they speak about menses and postnatal bleeding, they don't clarify. And because maybe they're shy, so I know there's some people who say that I know and Vietnam, for example, I know a village. I know some people, somebody who has, has like a cut. He goes, Oh, my fast is broken.

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I was like, What do you mean, your fast is broken? He says, No, everybody knows like, you know, bleeding car breaks a person fast. And I said, Are you a woman?

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I said, No, not us. You don't understand. And I'm not talking about one person here. A lot of people they believe this in this village. Why? Because maybe the teacher when he said bleeding, he didn't clarify what kind of bleeding. Right? So he says bleeding of menstrual bleeding and bleeding, postnatal bleeding, that breaks a person's fast but the bleeding itself let's say you get a cut and cutting something the bleed doesn't break your fast. It doesn't break your fast. And so that's the only type of bleeding that breaks a person's fast is the bleeding based on because of menses and the fast and so

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