Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #06 – Surat Al-Maidah (6) – Surat Al-Al-Anam (8)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of being a good person, purifying oneself with will do and not speaking in prayer, learning from the Prophet's teachings to build one's own life, and setting up a society to prevent negative behavior. They emphasize the need to be aware of one's actions and not to fall victim to others' mistakes, preserving people's lives, and setting up a society to prevent negative behavior. The use of "has been at fault for anything" and the negative impact of the "monka" label on society are also discussed.
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dollar today

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the sort of the majority of the solo will be on social media, maybe with one page of social announce. So we'll talk about social dynamics tomorrow because the majority, the whole risk citation will be actually within Scotland and we won't even actually finish it. And so tomorrow Merida, if so to Nisa explained the values and the principles and

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generators of what Islam was going is going to be practically so it is the covenants my ADA is, is the other practices, the rulings, the agreements. Now, Allah subhanaw taala has with us in terms of how we're going to behave and what we're going to do and where the red lines exist and what we follow how we behave. This is what it does. It's 16

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Yeah, you're living

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with all of this. So tonight is your 16. Yeah, your listing is divided into 16 sections, and then a finale or an ending a hottie my summary, but the sutra is just yoga, and a few verses of explanation, you already know and then the same thing so it was just, he's just commands for believers in terms of rituals and rulings.

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So we're going to go through a couple of them and explain them in Charlotte. Tyler. Do we have someone to be able to do they feel good? Okay.

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We'll do it number six of swords have been selected Aisha and Charlize.

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Yeah, you had leadin Manu either come down in La sala de foxy who would you have come ADA con el mirage.

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El Mirage up oneself. Oh, beautiful. Ooh. cecum. Well, I will do that chameleon campaign. We're going to do new banner for Paul Harrell. We're going to Marwan Awada suffering will

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Come in and walk up. Oh, Mr. Moon Nisa, daddy do.

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Pata yum Manu.

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But I am also I either pa Ye, fencer who will be we'll do he can add come in manually the law who the edger Ana II come in hydrogen water King UD ID for that King ut Dooley Utah your Akuma ut many meta Who are they come la la comme TASH Kuru. This very long, alien sort of thing that that talks about will do explains to us the pillars of we'll do the integrals of will do and how to do it. My reason of wanting to recite it is the last piece of it, of course explains how to make will do and most of us inshallah are aware of that or well accustomed.

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At the end of the day says man are you read hula? Leah Jaya Allah La caminho. Roger. Well, can you read liotta heroescon? While you Tim any matter who Alikum Allah subhanaw taala does not want to make difficulty upon you. He does want not want to bring difficulty upon you with any of the rulings that he gives you. He's not looking for how to judge Islam is not built with the intention of making life more difficult for people. It's the opposite. Well, I can you read what he wants Subhanallah and this is very important. You don't have a lot of it in the Quran. Only a number of places where Allah Subhana Allah uses the the phrase you read, being this is what he wants is what He wills. This

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is the reason for why he's telling you to do something is very, very valuable because when Allah subhanaw taala expresses or explains a reason to us is worthy of our contemplation. Because most of the time, we're given a command and we just we just stick to the command. But when he actually explains this is why I'm doing it for you it because it's very important. So what I can you redo Liotta, hirato he wants to purify you, while you Tim money matter who alikhan And for him to bestow His blessing upon you fully meaning for him to bring it fully upon you for you to have the blessing every aspect of it. So he's saying Subhana wa taala? Yes, I asked you to make will do and if there's

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no water to do to your mom, and to never pray and never speak in prayer to me without doing that first. And this is not because I want to make life difficult for you. But I want to teach you the importance of purity, physical and spiritual, because they come hand in hand within Islam. We're not people who believe that the spirit needs to be purified and then the body can be filthy, and the closing can can stink. Nor do we believe the opposite of us taking care of the appearance and the

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In the superficial aspect of our existence and then let the heart rot on the inside, but it comes hand in hand. You would even do Luca hirako. He wants to purify you. So make will do, and that's your physical purification and pray and that's your spiritual purification, while you take money and matter who Alec when he grants you that he will bestow His blessing fully upon you subhanho wa Taala by teaching you to purify yourself on the outside and keep your high levels of hygiene appropriate

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and then to keep your spiritual hygiene at the same level as well. I look them to Sharon, hopefully you will find the value of doing that and you will be thankful for the fact that Allah subhanaw taala granted you that ability and I find that verse to be very meaningful, but we'll do it at number 15 If someone has been going

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yeah hello Nikita

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Kumar sunnah you obey in wanna come Kathy are all you ready? No, not when Cassie or

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Tom to phone? I mean and Nikita Why are for Cassie or are they just

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me you know law here?

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Akita movie in law, Allah subhanaw taala. And so tonight it calls upon the people of the book and it happens a couple of times. Yeah. Hello Kitabi Paja upon Rasool Luna Yuba, you know, Kathy era did your we have sent to you our Prophet to explain and clarify for you, Allah to what you were hiding from the book before the theorem in quantum to phenomenal Kitabi WIAA and casier. And for Him to forgive a lot of what was decreed upon you before. This is you find in the Quran a couple of times where he talks about when it will help combat Ebola, the Rhema Alikum.

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The revelations that Allah subhanaw taala sent throughout time, would abrogate one another. And that concept of nests because important when we talk about revelations when we talk about Diem when Dean coming after the other. So sometimes, a revelation will come with very strict rulings and the revelation after it will come with easier rulings, sometimes vice versa. And when the Prophet Allah usados time is talked about in the Quran, he's talked about, you may you know, let him cathedra mimma quantum to a phenomenal kita we have one Cathy he'll clarify things that are strict that you decided to look away from to ignore, from the book and to forgive others. Meaning the proper audio

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slotless Shetty and Islamic sharia

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is not all of ease when it comes to completely compare it to rulings of revelation before it nor is it the opposite, nor is it just more difficult. There are aspects that Islam came and made easier and made simpler and opened up the door a little bit allowed there to be a little more flexibility with practice and other aspects of Deen that Islam came in made a little bit more strict. But the Giacomin Allah He neurone Wakita, boom will be in. Indeed what has come to you from Allah subhanaw taala is light.

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And a clear book, or clear content of chapters and the word book Kitab in Arabic doesn't necessarily mean a book, but it means content, something that is that can be recited and learn from.

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So when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is the point of this verse. He sees the Prophet alayhi salatu salam as someone not just sent to the non Muslims or to the Arab or to people who don't have revelation, but actually sent to people who had revelation before, which is an important piece the Prophet alayhi salatu was was sent to the EU and sent to the Masada and sent to all faiths on the planet. That's what will be performed our grim Dharma to everybody. We don't, no one is exempt from the DAO of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because all those who have revelation, Allah subhanaw taala sent the Prophet Allah you saw to ascend with his

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revelation to clarify things that were ambiguous in theirs, and to forgive and make easy other other rulings that they have difficult than theirs. So when they come to Islam, they're getting from Allah subhanaw taala, the final version of rulings and revelation that they require in order for them to survive and move forward. That's why the way Islam is designed by Allah subhanaw taala allows for that flexibility allows for that growth. That's why our field is always a work in progress in so many words, meaning our field because always evolving, there's always something new. There's always new fetch when there's no understanding of things. And it's not because we haven't figured out what

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is right and what is wrong yet. No, it's because Islam is designed in a way that allows that to be the case. And that is what he's trying to that's why certain explains that a lot. By the way. I don't think I have the verse up there that would that talks about it clearly. But in the surah he says yeah, you're Latina Manu, lettuce anyone a Shia, intubate? Dela calm, the Sopko were intense. And her Hina units that will Quran YouTube Allah, Allah Who are those who believe don't ask about things that if we revealed to you the optimal and

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Sir, then you're not going to be happy with it as me too difficult for you to follow. And don't ask about it when the crime is being revealed, because then you get an answer, then you get an answer, then then you're gonna be restricted for the rest of time. Allah subhanaw taala has let them go, the issues that he didn't talk about, he let go, me he's purposefully did not talk about certain things are left open purposefully by Allah so that scholars can come later and take evidence and then process the evidence. And you ended up with a couple of different opinions on a specific ruling, allowing Muslims to have that flexibility and everyone to follow based on what suits their culture

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or their background where they are in their life in terms of be conservative or being a little bit more open. This is how his time is designed. So to me that made explains that it starts by telling GitHub, we sent you a profit to both ease away some things that were difficult for you and clarify some things that you're not properly following. And then the rest of the story explained that this is how it's designed, there will be more, it doesn't end with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it begins with him. So Allah, Allah was so happy with him, he is the source. But then after that, we will continue to process evidence. So we will continue to come up with with new understandings and a

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new route and ways to practice our deen within the context that we're going to be put in. We can't imagine.

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Imagine if Islam didn't have that, because other faiths don't have that, which is the why many of them from a ruling practice perspective fell off. Yes, there are people who still adhere, they still claim to be a part of a specific religion, but they don't really have any practices. You're not engaging in practice. Why? Because the face itself does not have the tools within it to grow as time does. And as circumstances change. And as people human beings move forward in different aspects of their existence, but Islamic ruling does, we often fight over fail in the Islamic world, which is very weird to me. Like we fight we we have huge, huge disagreements. And we actually part ways over

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issues of fifth over issues of jurisprudence over issues of processing pieces of evidence, and coming up with with efectiva, or with a ruling that allows people to behave in a certain manner. These are not issues worth of dividing anyone, any any aspect of the OMA at all because this is how Islam was designed, there's always going to be different opinions, you may not agree with the one that I give, and I may not agree with the one that you'll give. What we don't differ on is the stuff and certainly we don't differ on the principles that are explained is certainly set. We don't differ on the values on justice. We don't differ on compassion, we don't differ on donor aid, we don't

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differ on on the worship of Allah. So under the service of Allah, this stuff we don't differ upon. But we will differ on other details of how to how to go by stuff. And that's normal, that's fine. And that's actually how Allah subhanaw taala designed Islam to begin with. And it is very important for Muslims to comprehend that understand, to calm down a bit, if you find someone praying a little bit different, or someone practicing some a little bit different than us fine, sometimes can be very different. Anyone who studies Phil knows that the differences actually are quite, quite massive in certain in certain aspects of practice. That doesn't take away from the Dean. That is how the Dean

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was designed. That's how it was designed. It's not a flaw that we have fallen into. I don't know what's right and wrong. No, no, this is how it was put together. If Allahu Allah Allah left things alone, you will learn to him and you'll follow it and then you'll commit yourself to it and you'll have options later on. If it makes your life difficult knowing that you're going from one valid opinion to another valid opinion. Okay.

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Can we do a number 18

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Does someone have the number 18 For me, is that what you got?

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I'm gonna need to work on organizing this with better

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quality ethelia Who won nassarawa

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law he was

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when he fell in the womb b Do we come

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to Russia room and father poor young Pharaoh Imani.

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While you are the more money

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what Allah HeMan Kusama our T one of the wanna bang you know whom, what you know him I'll see

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this verse in the Quran is an extremely important one for Muslims today to understand Wakata Tyria, who do want Nosara the people of the book before you they went around saying not going to abenaah Allah Who were the children of God and we are the most beloved to him.

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What does that mean that that claim that claim

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is basically saying that Allah subhanaw taala prefers us. He will give us leeway. He will forgive us even if we don't necessarily put in the effort. He will grant us victory and strength even though we don't actually try our hardest and follow the ruling. We are just superior to others because Allah subhanaw taala loves us more.

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This is a very false claim.

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Why is it in the Quran? Since we're not

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People have the book and we didn't ever do anything in the Quran that talks about the behaviors of the yahood. And the Nosara. And others is only in the Quran, so that we understand that we shouldn't be doing the same. That's the only reason that ALLAH SubhanA talks about Al Kitab, when he talks about and he points out mistakes is not so that we can go to them and say, you see, you did this wrong, and they're not they don't believe in this book. So this book is not addressing them. So it doesn't matter. For them. They don't not even listening to it. How do you stand on the member and speak to non Muslim people? That's insane. They're not listening to me, why would I speak to them

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about make this mistake all the time, by the way, where they got on the Managua and they speak to government, so they speak to speak to the people in front of you. Don't don't speak to people who aren't listening to you. You just make the people in front of you mad and angry and much more difficult to consider because they don't care. You're not speaking you're not giving them anything to do. You're you're complaining about something someone else is not doing? You speak to people in front of you, the Quran does not come and address

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in the form that they have to

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that they're accountable to it. Yes, everyone's accountable to learning Islam and following the Quran. But the Quran is there for you and I. So when it talks about, yeah, hijab is for us to learn, so that we think about what's being said here, so that we don't fall into the same mistake because they were given a revelation before us. They made mistakes. Now we're given revelation. So obviously, our goal here is not to make the same mistakes. They said no, Abner, Allah, he went ahead, but they said, were the sons of the children of God, and were the most beloved to God. There's a problem that Muslims have today, we have a very similar problem. Or somehow we feel that

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we are superior or better, or because we have the Quran or because we're the followers of the prophets of Allah. Hi, Samuel Salam, now we're going to be given free passes, or that Allah subhanaw prefers us, or that if he put the smallest amount of effort, immediately, we're going to be granted any victory and success. And if you put in a little bit of effort, and we don't get that we start wondering whether this whole thing is real. Because of this, this this misconception, we are not about Allah who is about who we are not. No one is, you follow the word of Allah subhanaw taala you commit yourself, he loves you. It still doesn't mean that you get a free pass on anything. It

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doesn't mean you gotta be preferred within life itself. It doesn't mean that you're not going to be punished for your mistakes. The answer for you, it will come Mizuno become Why do you get punished for your sins like everyone else, Bell Entomb bash out on me, man? Hello, you are just humans amongst those whom he created. This verse is talking to them and is talking to us as well. This is important. This is why if you don't understand the Quran, this way, you will learn nothing from it. It's really like if this is not your comprehension of the Quran, then you're going to really miss out on at least a third of the most half. Because the Quran is talking to the other people and their

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experiences. The goal of those of that conversation is that you and I pick up on it, you and I think about it, we don't fall into the same mistake. We don't take this, this elitism. It's elitist way of thought that somehow because I'm Muslim, I'm better and I can judge others and I can look down on them and I can point out that they are not good and I am good and our group is good and the highest only from here and there's no outside this mentality is very toxic. It's not only toxic for other people middle way before that is toxic for us. This ruins us. This ruins our ability to improve and grow it ruins our understanding of our of ourselves of our efforts of our failures of what happens

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is very problematic. If you feel that you are innately better than others, that anytime things go wrong for you, you will not have the ability to hold yourself accountable. You will not you will fail every time you'll find others to blame, you'll find something else to blame. That's why we jumped 208 and second engine other stuff to blame them because we're not willing to take take responsibility for the mistakes that we're making. We're not willing so we need something to blame. So there's no one to blame or make something up we'll find some hype and throw it on a dime.

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According to who do want Nosara national Obinna Allah who

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are walking around saying with the Children's of God were the most beloved No, you're not. No one is. Well, Anton Basha amendments are all the same. That goes for us as well. It's just an important concept that Muslims today have to learn or else we're going to be any there's a lot of trouble. I actually want to do because we're running out of time. We do I have 48

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Where do you well,

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either you can keep the bill happy Musa De Lima the day he Minella kita be one more Hi Nina na the back home the inner home Bhima and Zed Allahu wa Tebbe or

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magia Kameena will help for the college alarming commercial right what I mean?

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What OSHA law hold on my tongue. Hey that Achillea buddy welcome FEMA can still do

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it Allah Hema with your own Jimmy Fallon a Beatle can be Michael de heater Teddy foon

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Kitab Avila

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Update Musa Deepa Lima, Vanina, de HUMIRA. Kita we sent to you the book, righteousness, and it is the same or similar, or it continues to complement all the books that came before it. So it's not different than the Torah or the gene or there's a boar or any other book that Allah subhanaw taala sentence is bringing the same ideas is teaching it has the same teachings, the same values.

00:20:23--> 00:20:47

One will hear me in an alley, but it's superior to all of them. When will he mean NIV the Quran is superior to any other revelation that Allah subhanaw taala ever sent. The reason being what I explained to you a few minutes ago, its ability to continue to grow, it gives you formulas, and it teaches you how to draw analogies. It teaches you how to

00:20:49--> 00:21:25

see the world understand understand the value see the world and then when that world changes how to draw an analogy and allow you to to actually come up with a ruling that continues to serve the purpose of the initial one that's why sutra nine talks about Alia two humps as they call them the five purposes of what Islam is here to preserve tonight that talks about the five things that Islam is here to preserve it talks what are the things that Islam is here to preserve what all the points of all the rulings are allowed to preserve your brain that's why already enamel enamel hombre Well, that's where hammer is haram is certain that either is talked about a little bit so to Baqarah is

00:21:25--> 00:21:58

talked about from a value perspective as soon as Nissa just from a value perspective that you shouldn't you shouldn't speak to the Lord and toxicated its aim. How would you speak to him and you don't know what you're saying that's not appropriate. And then it's Haram is what tomato is here to preserve life. That's why the story of the sons of Adam at the end of it and Angelica Lika Katana Allah Bani Israel ILA and no human Cattelan have some magnificent Oh President Phil already forgotten Mr. Katella NASA Jamia and because of this, we have decreed that anyone who murders someone will be executed for that and those who actually grant life to someone is like a granting

00:21:58--> 00:22:17

life to all of human human humankind. And if you kill somebody, it's like you're killing all of humankind, to preserve life, to preserve wealth. That's why he's talking about it. There was 30 for West Africa to talk about our idea Houma and the and the ruling regarding stealing and a certain amount he did because we talked about preserving wealth, meaning we make sure that we protect people's

00:22:18--> 00:22:22

possessions. Preserving a world talking about

00:22:23--> 00:22:43

taking care of a person's integrity, which right at the beginning of the Surah Al Yama or Hindalco Mapa Gibberd what ah well masala to me 91 masala to Mina Latina guten pita it talks about those who are Muslims allowed to get married to play la Musashi Hey, now when I'm done you're not allowed to take over your neighbor mistresses or girlfriends when, when when you're doing this,

00:22:45--> 00:23:19

like broccoli, or wherever the dean and the final ones have the dean is preserving your freedom of religion, which is the verse that I'm reciting here, ones that are not illegal keytab will help people sadaqa Lima de una de Himmel Kitab WAMU Haman and Allah he can be in the minds of Allah, make sure that you use the rulings that you use or the rulings that Allah subhanaw taala gave you in his book. So certainly my ADA explained tells you all the rulings and it tells you what their buildings are there to actually achieve you're here to achieve they don't they don't want to achieve how much as I explained that the first verse tonight now you need to hola hola Giada alikoum and Howard you

00:23:19--> 00:23:46

didn't put these rulings to make your life difficult No Then why did you put the Why do you make us make what I can you read you the eupa hirako He wants to purify you both on the inside and on the outside? This is for you. This is for the blessing What are you telling me I matter who are they going to the blessing of Allah can be full upon you. This is not to make your life difficult this is to protect communities and to allow us to thrive Okay, let's go to Oh number 79 Or actually let's do 64 Does someone have who has the microphone

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00:23:50--> 00:24:02

Well Ana Delia who dunya Doom long email una woody will not add one more line will be in a call who that in yada homebase who thought

00:24:04--> 00:24:05

okay if I ask

00:24:07--> 00:24:11

what is he done I can see you're on minimum

00:24:13--> 00:24:15

Eli Ely now

00:24:16--> 00:24:18

you can begin to

00:24:20--> 00:24:26

work who for all while going by you know whom Oh nada What about ball

00:24:31--> 00:24:35

Kula Lana Cardona on in our Ruby as

00:24:38--> 00:25:00

well as in all the first the Allahu Allah you boom move see the in quality of your hoodoo. Allah law him of alula the people of the book before you said the hand of God is closed. It's stingy it holds back. One of the worst things a human being can say of

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

Allah subhana wa Tada. This verse is explaining a very central difference between rebels between faiths that exist on Earth today and Muslims.

00:25:11--> 00:25:52

A Muslim and no former manner, will ever use a derogatory term to describe his Lord. A Muslim will never use any term that has any flaw attached to it to describe Allah subhanaw taala in any given circumstance, it doesn't matter what's happening at the time, you will never do that. That concept is very, very important. Because it is the difference. It is the only difference that I'm aware of actually, in terms of comprehending God and not talking about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, which is a different category, but in comprehending the Creator Himself, whether they believe in one or more Muslims believe in the concept of this via we believe in the

00:25:53--> 00:26:29

in the flawlessness of our Lord, we don't claim or describe him subhanaw taala in any way, that puts somehow him being at fault for anything. That's, that's what mean it means to be Muslim. That's what it means to be Muslim that you have the more you say that ilaha IL Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah that's what you accepted that when you look at God, you don't look up well, Allah subhanaw taala with any form of of seeing a flaw, or a shortcoming or a mistake, no, when you see mistakes, you see it in yourself. So when they are when we're going through a difficult time, and they weren't, didn't have enough wealth, and these were poor for a long time. They said Yeah, to Allah, him revoluta.

00:26:31--> 00:26:45

Allah, his hand is closed, and he's stingy. jelajah Lulu Belle Jada, who maybe Sue Patani, your paypal Keifa. SHA, know his hands are the opposite. They're open. And he continues to grant provision and sustenance however he wants.

00:26:47--> 00:27:00

But this is this is the way that human being behaves. Just because you're not getting it now. Or this is the time in your life where you have to put up with a certain degree of, of lack of sustenance, you're going to turn to God and you're going to

00:27:03--> 00:27:34

accuse Allah of something. How is that? That was not acceptable. If you spent most of your life you've had more than what you've needed. And then when you go through a patch, where you're not getting what you want, you're gonna accuse Allah of being stingy. Jalla Jalla Allah, this is this is the difference. It's very important. This is what how we differ in the way we view the world. As a Muslim, sometimes, you're going to go through real difficulties that will linger around for a long period of time. They don't just disappear, they stay there.

00:27:35--> 00:27:37

What is that going to mean to you?

00:27:38--> 00:27:51

Are you going to come to the point where you'll say something like this, you're the law him of Lulu jelajah La Jolla. Meliaceae Houma buzzoole Tatianna, you want to okay if Aisha Lorraine will be my call you they are they're damned for the words that they said about their Lord Subhana wa Tada

00:27:52--> 00:28:27

as the Muslim This is an important part of your understanding of your life. If you're going through, if things aren't working, well then show the gratitude to a lot of gratitude very be very, very grateful and use that to help others and offer what you have. And if you're going through a difficult a difficulty then be very perseverant and do not allow the length of the difficulty or the severity of it. Don't allow that to to make you turn to Allah subhanaw taala and then accuse them of something they say something as as derogatory as what the who'd said about him journalists should do this versus there so that we can think about it because you may not say that specifically but

00:28:27--> 00:28:35

something else has been said and I've heard this too many times not to talk about it. Let's go to a number 79 inshallah we have one more one more. We can do

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

can hula yet Diana How

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can you for I do hula be Semak and who we are five rune what Allah subhanaw taala talks about the fact that even portions of them were damned by Allah subhanho wa Taala with the words of Dawood I think he sat down and he set up in Nottingham it has set up. Lorena Latina Kapha Roman Benny is la isla I nearly certainly know who they were isa booty Malian. Why that he can be my hustle is because of their just disobedience. What kinda yeah to do it and their transgressions. they disobeyed Allah and he transgressed against each other and others. But there's another reason that this has occurred, which is the verse that he just recited. cannula, tena Hona, I'm cutting follow, they

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would not discourage each other, wouldn't discourage discourage one another from performing monka. monka is a social definition. It's not a religious one. The word monk got him out over social definitions. When it comes to a society, the things that society has agreed to be good is my roof and the things society has agreed not to be good as mooncup and when you come to society, you look for them out Oh, that agrees with the shutter and then you encourage it and you look for the munkar that agrees with the Shara and you help discourage it

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The things that don't agree with the chakra, that's where you do your Dawa and your Islam, leaving Salah is not monka until the society collectively believes that leaving salah is a bad thing than a smoker.

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But if the society doesn't believe that it's not monka yet, meaning if you want to actually establish making it longer, you have to spread awareness, you have to raise awareness, spread the word until people embrace collectively that it's mooncup. It's very important, because when the moment a society stops discouraging monka amongst them, is the moment that society starts to basically fall, and it loses his protection. As long as something that is wrong, is continued to be talked about as wrong. And the collective awareness, the collective subconsciousness of a community still sees it to be wrong, then we're protected roquet even if there's a lot of individuals who are

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doing it in the society.

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But the moment we stopped pointing at something wrong in calling it wrong, and we started allowing it to shift and to be normalized, something not wrong, that's when everything is lost. Can Willa Tana Hona Moon carrying value they stopped doing that they stopped pointing at that which was wrong, is calling it wrong. Lebih sama Can we follow? One of the worst things they ever did is what the client is saying.

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And this is where we come in as Muslims, Muslims always, third, any community on the planet, any society anywhere on Earth,

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where a safety valve, because we come to a society, we see all that which is negative that we agree with the negativity, and we help them continue to discourage the negative. And if something in that community is not negative, that we think is wrong, then we perform the slot and Dawa we actually start talking about it on our own, and we make sure that we preserve it in our own society.

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The reason that marijuana is legal now, is because it's not monka anymore.

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Because the society doesn't see it as Moncure anymore. You can't people don't think is wrong, the majority of people think it's fine. Even the law has to change. Even the law changes when something that is not believed to be negative anymore, is the problem. There's a big problem, we have to recognize that there are things now that the Canadian society sees to be wrong, sees wrong, and we agree that it's wrong. And if we don't get on board in discouraging it continuously keeping it as something wrong, that will be changed soon, it'll turn to something not wrong anymore. And now we have a value, new value conflict. Now our values conflict with the values of the society. And that's

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much more difficult. It's easy to do that, hey, I will move on. It's hard to do a slot. The slot, we have to change mentalities completely. You have to flip people's mindset and say this has completely changed. Take a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of effort. A lot of people are lost on the way, and it doesn't really serve that it's easier to come. It's easy to say what's what is it that they think is wrong? Alcohol, yes, we still believe it's wrong, even though people drink, but they still identify as something negative. Funny enough, even though it's existed much longer, but it's still seen as a negative thing.

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If we don't perform nahi, either monka tena here, where we continue to help discourage it, that will change. And once it changes, it's important, it's very hard to go back. We already have examples that I'm not going to bring up for you of this happening, where now what's normal is a problem for us because it conflicts with our values. Because when it wasn't when it wasn't normal, when people saw it to be wrong, we didn't say anything. We weren't a part of the discouragement. So now we've lost that. We've lost that opportunity now with these Islam. Islam is oh my god so much more difficult, even within your own community to get it done. Forget about doing it outside. This area

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is very important. And I want people to take time think about it when the time comes. They don't let you know hey, let's just offer to take just as a quick reminder, please do make sure make sure that the shoes are put on the racks and this is the time of the month. This is where the this is the beginning of the time of the month where people start losing their commitment and their humor. Yes, on the sixth seventh night people start kind of falling back. I advise you in Sharla to continue to revise your intention, renew your intention and continue to push yourself and shall have the sake of Allah Solomonic Records.