Stories from the Past #05 Omar and the two girls

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a man named Omar (Speaker 1) talks about wanting to give money to people who are starving and not allowing them to share with their the other person who is starving and not allowing them to share with their the other person who is starving and not allowing them to share with their the other person who is starving and not allowing them to share with their the other person who is starving and not allowing them to share with their the other person who is starving and not allowing them to share with their the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the
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Be the

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on one occasion, whilst the great honey forsaken honey for obvious now, probably Allah one when he was the Khalifa

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and during his time, there were periods of prosperity but there were also periods of difficulties. On one occasion a man came to him with his two daughters and his his his wife.

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obviously he's requesting some help. So he speaks some poetry He says, Yeah, model hire Josie tell Jana Oxo guna Yachty will Mahana

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Oh Omar, you are the person of goodness or Omar I seek the goodness of you. May Allah reward you with agenda. Clothes, my daughters and their mother.

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Walk en la Nephele hayati, Juna XM to Billahi let of Ireland be for them in this life be for them like a shield protection

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up to hear the words are nice yeah that he's saying oh my god, you're such a great man. Person of goodness. I ask Allah through all the agenda helped me with my daughters we need some clothes.

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And then he said accept to biller he later file and I swear by Allah you are going to do that wow that's a bit bit heavier it's a bit like it when somebody swears they're almost like saying to you you're going to do it's almost like a threatening behavior and you know our model the Allah and was was was a big man.

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By some accounts he's like a giant really in his stature.

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It wasn't somebody to just just threaten and we know that the prophesy seldom said to Mr. Walla hiya Omar, low selector fed Gen the Celica che plan for general era if you buy hola Omar, if you were to walk down a large road within a valley the shaytaan is gonna go down another route. He's not gonna even try to cross that road shows you how amaro the Allah was a man of of strength because of his Eman because of his relation to Allah subhanaw taala and this is now a threatening words I swear by Allah you're going to do this.

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So almost says you're swearing by Allah.

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What if I don't you know, how can you just swear on say? He said

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for Ethan

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Yeah, about half sin lamblia now, or father of Huff's.

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His daughter's name was Hassan. He was known as Father of Hafs he said I'm gonna go I'm going to surely go Now this might seem like Oh yeah, I'm gonna you're gonna give me I'm gonna go but it's also like a threatening words if you think about it. Somebody says okay, I'm gonna go it's almost like saying I'm gonna go and get some my I'm gonna go get my people. I'm gonna go get my men. I'm gonna go and get my help to give me this support against what you're doing.

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So I'm gonna say one method is zero either multi, what's going to happen if you go?

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He said for Allah He and Ana lettuce, Elena. By Allah you will be questioned about them. About my daughter's their mother

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Yamato Kunal Autopia, to Mina on a day when the gifts will be

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a reward a favor? A from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wa mocha filmless only been a Hoonah ima Ilana in what imagine the one who will be questioned will be standing between them.

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Either he will go to the fire or he'll go to agenda. Allah commodity these are so powerful words. Indeed, they are threatening but he's not threatening him with his army with his tribe with his people with his gang. He's threatening him that look you're gonna stand before Allah subhanaw taala. So I hope for your sake you have good enough excuse to answer under Amaravathi Allah and was a man of Allah.

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He was a man of Allah. He was dedicated. He was devout. He knew what it meant to stand before Allah subhana tan and so these words were powerful. They were in prose, but they were powerful words in their meaning. And so Omar said he started to cry. His beard soaked with his tears. He said you know oh, by the way, I don't have anything except my cloak. This is all I own. I mean, don't think that I'm the Khalifa. I own these treasures or whatever. All they have is cloak. Take this cloak. Take this clock was I don't have anything else to give him somehow.

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And he took the clock and he went. It's a beautiful story of showing the greatness of the

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Smart, honorable Papa but look at how many the biggest stories look at these people who the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam trained and educated they were people

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who understood the meanings of giving charity but also giving preference to others. I mean, nobody could blame amatola If he said look, I've only got my clock what what else do you want me to give? And he said my clock I'm also in amaro the airline was a man who understood his responsibility. He was a man who was ready to give his people even though it meant that he would be cold, he would starve he was ready.

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Unlike the people of today, who are hoarding hoarding money, and not allowing to share with their people with the people who are starving. We ask Allah Subhana Allah has protection