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Quranic Reflections – Ep. 03

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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Channel: Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


Episode Notes

Beauty even in divorce

Episode Transcript

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The beautiful descriptions in

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the description of marriage. And so Pamela I noticed something when I was reflecting on the Quran the other day, even when we come to the ayah, the verses talking about Pollock, about divorce, there's beauty in those as well. And one might think, how can there be something beautiful when you talk about divorce, reflect on these ayat with me? Well also panatela describes marriage. He describes it as his from his is from his science upon of what's Allah that He made for us that we find tranquility in our spouses, and he put mojado Rama, love and mercy between us and then another verse, He described it by saying subpoena what's Allah who knows the best will come to the best loan

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that they are like a garment for you. And you were like a garment for them. They when you look into the I am talking about divorce law says themselves can be metal rotisserie, home BSN, that you either keep them in a way that is acceptable, or you let them go in a way with us and with good treatment. Even if we have different and our hearts have drifted apart. There was always good times in any marriage. And that's why law says in the other verse will attend, so we'll follow the Penal Code. Don't forget the graciousness. Don't forget the good times that you had together.