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Adnan Rajeh
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You know, Sharla for 30 Nights, there'll be 30. To loosen, what we'll be doing is I'll just, there'll be a slide on it, you'll know what we're going to going to be reciting that night from where we're going to start. And we're going to end and I'll tell you what the theme of that part of the Quran is. And then I'll point out specific verses that I think of course, all verses are of interest to me in the Quran, I'll just take out a couple that I think are, you know,

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special to me, and I'll explain the meanings to you until it's always a short time and shorter. And so that's, that's the plan. And I would advise that if you want to

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be able to find a good spot come a little bit early during the dose so that you can find a place to sit and shorter and then you'd think we'd really appreciate and encourage carpooling for those who want to come here for the last piece in case you're coming for tomorrow. Yeah, we plan to keep the hallway there empty. So we'll have people praying here in sha Allah and this and then upfront with the group up there and we talked about that I'll talk about it again tomorrow to make sure everyone's comfortable with the with the different opinions that allow for that, but we're gonna try and keep the hallway empty so that people can make it to the into the bathroom in an OTA we don't

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have a lot of steel out and a lot of any kind of congestion at the doors because every year that's the problem. I don't want that to happen this year. A shout out if possible. To

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Yahweh Imam Al Bukhari, you were Muslim called on fee so hey, I'd be Salah Mata. Radi Allahu Anhu call call I'll tell you to isha uma Mininova alto, a OMA aquilini and Salah to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam is the final Hadith that I'll narrate to you about Ramadan. And it's just to explain and defend why I'm going to do that and the form that I do here, I'm going to narrate this hadith to kind of explain why we do it the way we do it. And it's coming from two Hadith one in the collection in my Muslim and narrated by Xavier and according to Giuliani where he counts exactly how many like how he saw the Prophet alayhi salatu salam prayed before returning he said the two that were very

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long than two very longer than two they he counted 12 and 13. So that's the that's the number and then this hadith here where it was at him I went to Medina Isha. And he asked her and you say, Oh, my alma or mother because he's been telling me about the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah your salatu salam Bekaa. Let Ghana Allah to Allah Azza wa salam fee Cherie Ramadan, well, the lady he that I should like to like, I mean, how like I told you, in his prayer was 13, and like, ah, in Ramadan, and outside of Ramadan Elsa Ramadan, there's another narration that says lazy. I mean, it's not no more than but that one is actually not fully authentic. This one that I'm writing to you is, and she

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would add to that men have like, a minha, meaning amongst them, there are two kinds of pleasure. That's how I most people translate them in how I think amongst them, but there are more than one way to understand the word minha in the Arabic language, it doesn't necessarily mean that these two are alike are a part of the 13th it could just mean that they're a part of the night prayer so the 13 Plus them, so it doesn't necessarily mean 13 amongst them is the two It could mean also 13 plus the two there are two ways to understand this hadith. That's why That's why scholars have different on numbers of Gods at the end, the number is not that important. It's no big deal that what is a big

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deal is your commitment is that you know

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great you give it time you give it to you give it connection, you hear the Quran recited you that is what really matters in this whole issue we're going to do 13 Just because it seems from a time perspective to work the best if you do 28 Actually we're just done really late and most people can't get up in the morning for an eight to become delicata becomes a little bit too heavy becomes a little bit over two pages per workout 13 gives us a page and a half so it kind of works and last year we tried it out and it seems most people seem to enjoy it so we're going to try and stick to that once Ramadan this is like just saying what is Ramadan actually goes be goes back to the point

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where we go back to the time where it's early. I prefer 20 I find it to be a better approach for people in general because it gives more time and kind of slower but I would need a night like we need to have a night natural heat where you can pray it and go home and sleep and still wake up in the morning and right now in this part of the hemisphere there's not much of a night after half of April March is the night kind of dies off and you don't have enough time to get up so that's why we're doing it in that matter inshallah Tada

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and I would say just you know don't don't just don't waste too much time thinking about numbers because they don't don't add up too much will a lot of y'all we even learned Buhari you almost even called on fee so he said I'm totally on call I tell you to isha to own Melmac meaning ALLAH one have a call to OMA, be really honest sodality or Sudler sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bacala curnutt Salah to Salah Hollyoaks I'm selling on fee share how do you know my boy? I know a few lady here that I shot that like I mean how like I tell if I talk Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said oh my god honey lends itself to Greek Kula inshallah we'll see you tomorrow night to buy the coffee from

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Santa Monica place.

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