Do You Feel Bad Asking for Dunya #Shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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I feel guilty asking Allah for dunya. That's a huge mental block. People are like, yeah, you believe in da and everything I'm saying sounds nice. But you might say to yourself, it's not for me. It's for other people can have it you don't have a problem. Somebody else has it. But for you, you don't you don't feel like you're allowed to ask for or when you do you start feeling bad. So I'll just tell you bottom line is that feeling is coming from Shaytaan shaytaan comes for you when you're going in the right path. And Chaitanya wants to put kind of like this, this rule in your head that says, if Allah already gave you you have to keep quiet. You have to like that's what shaitan is

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telling you. Don't ask for more. Aren't you shy? To ask for more? Yeah, if he was a human being and you kept asking a human being, then yeah, you might get shy but this is Allah the more you ask, the more Allah is happy with you