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Sit down want to come up with

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a long white wooden block like

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a Walmart

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she had an

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Hi Ileana Sala

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Hi Lee

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Hi Fi

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hi fi

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in Alhamdulillah

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Muhammad Muhammad is there no one has stuck through when I will be loved him and surely and fusina women say Dr Molina Maria de la HuFa la mobila woman you drill fella heard the other? Why should you Allah Allah Illallah who are the WHO luxury color wash I don't know Muhammad Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira

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when I was found talent center, Adam and Eve to Earth, almost pantalla gave Eve

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for the children 20 pregnancies for the children. So in other words, she was getting twins with every birth.

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And every birth was One boy, one girl, fraternal twins. And the rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala was because they were the only humans on Earth that

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one was not allowed to marry

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their own fraternal twin, but they were allowed to marry from a previous one like an older sibling or younger siblings.

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And we know from the famous story of Gabi Lin Hubby,

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Bobby was supposed to Cain was supposed to marry the sister of heavin.

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But he preferred his own fraternal sister, even though it was haram for him.

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He went to atomizer Salam and asked Is there any other way I don't want to marry her I want to marry this one.

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Now, the story I'm talking about is not focusing on the murderer.

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But I want to focus on the sacrifice that they gave.

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So in the past Allah subhanaw taala would show his will through what you call a burnt offering.

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So Abel heavin, who was the righteous one, the God fearing one, he presented Allah subhanahu wa taala the best, the largest the best quality RAM that he had, because he was a shepherd and his brother, Bobby Hill Kane presented

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Allah is trying to hold he was a farmer and he presented to Allah subhanho wa Taala wheat and grain, but the quality with which he presented it to Allah subhanaw taala was so terrible. In fact, as he was placing his offering to Allah subhanahu wa taala he noticed that there was a stock of wheat that was good, and he rubbed it between his hands and he ate it. And he didn't even give that little bit of good till last round taller. And of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala the burnt offering took her beans and then rejected gabions now for obvious reason, we will say that of course Allah strong child is going to side with heavy because heaviness correct.

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But almost pantalla rejected corbeil for another reason as well. And that was he decided to give

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the worst of quality for the sake of Allah.

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And brothers and sisters.

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Islam is a religion of moderation. Whereas the Bunsen Selim has commanded those who collect as a car, that when they go and collect his account, let's say you have 40 sheep, you're supposed to take one sheep, you're not supposed to take the best quality one, you're supposed to take somewhere in between, but otherwise they will resent you. And over the past week or so, we have seen many good stories and examples of people here in Houston and around the world, masha Allah doning for the sake of Allah subhanahu otile giving from their hearts and may Allah subhanaw taala word all of them. But from all of these stories, but in sisters, I noticed an announcement that came out from the Turkish

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consulate that said, Please, brother and sisters do not give your old clothes to us.

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And we've seen people and they've shown videos of them sorting through the items and some of those things are such low quality.

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Of such terrible quality, some of them don't even washed.

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And to the UN to the point that the Turkish consulate they said, only give what is new.

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And even that some people were complaining, how are you supposed to give away us clothes, maybe you don't.

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Brothers and sisters, we often see that our masajid are treated as dumping grounds.

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Not even the stuff you would give to Goodwill. But you bring it to the machine you have an extra fridge because you bought a new one, bring the old one that's like half working and making noises bring it to the masjid. And we sometimes we accidentally expected the masjid administrators, the people that run the masjid that they're supposed to be graciously accepting these old used gifts as we bestow it upon them.

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And perhaps even sisters, the reason why we do this is because we are so removed from the humanity of those people whom we are giving, that we are not directly interfacing with them, that we would not actually give them these things. If we were giving them face to face

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during the time in the past and sell them the homeless and the poor and the weak. They were in the masjid front and center. And you would see them tucked away and hidden away.

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And some people would come to the masjid and they would bring a like a fruit stock of dates. Maybe there'll be hundreds of them or even 1000s of them, and they would bring them and they would hang in and shoot for people to eat. We have a story that you saw here from the time of the Prophet SAW Salem narrated by alphanumeric LSJ in which the pumps and send them one time entered the masjid.

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And there was a person putting this these dates in the masjid but they were horrible quality, so terrible and dry that they were not even fit for animals to eat.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim, what did he say? Lo sha Allah Bouhanni his sadaqa sadaqa be out theory mean?

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The person who gave the sadaqa he could have given the best quality

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will interrupt the head his sadaqa yet Kulu alhaja yo Mel piano, Allah, Allah Afia and the person who gave this charity, they will be eating dry dates that terrible quality on the Day of Judgment. As the scholars and psychologists that I mentioned cinammon there were the consequences that you get is of the effort that you put in.

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And because of the story Allah subhanho wa Taala narrated, sent down a verse in the Quran. Yeah, you Hallelujah. And people mean by a bat you might kiss up to Mommy.

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Oh you believe give in charity or as well as Givens give the good that you have.

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From what you have earned with me, my fridge data coming out and what we have given you and produce forth for you from the earth. And pay attention to this part of the verse while I tell young men These are men who don't feed goon Wallace to the earth, he told me no fee and do not

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let the solid Bill Hurry up don't give the low quality things from what you have earned don't feel good and you give it for the sake of Allah. Wallace to be FET he learned took me to free to learn took me to be a you yourselves would not take this donation, except if you're in dire straits.

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And so I want you to think about this when this is when you're giving something you're given when you're old things.

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Would you take them yourself?

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Would you like that if someone gave you some old clothes

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and what does Allah say, inland took me away, you would only take it because you are in dire straits because you are desperate.

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Not my brothers and sisters. The prophets are seldom tells us none of you have truly believed any full Eman until you give to your brother. What you Yanni until you love for your brother what you love for yourself

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during the time of the process, I love the process and I'm sent out a person to give the car

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and someone came and gave

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a very nice skinny weak

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camel for free and you're very small can but also very weak and not good quality. You could almost say like emaciated.

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When this came back to the Prophet SAW Salem, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was upset. He says Allah Humala to berec fee well as we eagerly look at the words of the rest of Salam. O Allah do not bless his wealth and do not bless his camels.

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When this man heard this dog from the processor when he needed to be remembered, he came to the purpose of selling he says in year two will Allah I repent to Allah repent to the Messenger of Allah. And so then the pastor Selim says Allahumma barik fee Malley, with EBD. O Allah bless him in his wealth, and in his livestock in his camels Aqua localizada was.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Sula Leo's are here joining the bad bunny sisters after we talked about giving what is of good quality. Allah subhanaw taala tells us to take it to the next level that if you want Janna you should not strive for whatever is in the middle but you try to give what you love. Allah says in the Quran, Lenten Allah will burrata tune fecal matter to headboard you will not truly attain true goodness until you give from what you love. And some of the scholars they said a bear here actually means agenda. You will not attain Jana until you give what you love.

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And two stories come from here.

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The first story was the story of Ebola, who had a farm called Badal ha prime real estate the president should come to this garden and drink water. It was the best of water in Medina. And it would it was generating a lot of wealth and it was prime real estate right in front of the message of the pastor seldom when this verse came down, you will not truly attain goodness until you give what you love. I will call her said Yara salah I give it to you on Messenger of Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim says back in back, no, no stop, stop. But give it to those who are close to you to your relatives, to your cousins to your family members, so that you will get to ward one for being kind

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to your family, and one for giving charity. And so he did so.

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Finally, brothers and sisters, we have the story of an orphan who used to build a wall but needed a palm tree, a date palm tree to lean against.

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So this young boy was arguing with this other companion of Willow Baba saying give me this tree so that I can build my house well to lean out to lean on it. And Abdullah said no. So this young boy said I will go to the province of Solomon complaint. So he went to the province and Salem and the process Selim says yeah, beluga.

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Give this tree to this young boy and you will get a tree in Jannah you'll get a palm tree in Jannah. He said No, I'm not going to sell it. He said sell it and you will get a palm tree in Jannah he said no.

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Commandment the Buddha

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Who used to own a garden of over 400

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date palms, he heard this. So he rushed to this companion and he said, How about this? I sell you my garden which has 400 date palms and you give me this one tree. He says Are you insane and crazy? He said no, I want it. Done. Sold.

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So he sold his entire farm for this one tree. Then he went to the province I sell them and he said messenger of Allah is the deal so on if I give this tree will I get a tree in Jana?

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The price the seller said yes. So he said messenger of Allah I have sold my entire property for one shoot for this one tree and now I give this one tree for Allah subhanho wa Taala you do whatever you want. And the prophets allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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can mean everything rather in fill generally a bit the Aveda how many heavy fruit stocks have dates are there for a Buddha in Jana have raised him and told his wife and he said, I have sold the house for a tree in Jana.

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You she didn't say Are you crazy? He made us homeless. She said she when she heard it, she says Robbie hallelujah. What a successful transaction what a worthy transaction in Allahu Malacca is Aluna Allah NaVi Liliana Amanu Sallu alayhi wa salim Otis Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad Kamal Zuleta Ali Ibrahim, Ibrahim and Tamika Majeed.

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Although Erica Muhammad Ali Muhammad Khanna doctolib Rahim Allah al Ibrahim in the Homido Majeed Robina attina for dunya Hassan Orfila karate Hassan Houthi nada but now, welcome to Salah.