How Should One Perform Wudhu With A Cast? Ask Shaykh YQ #209

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Brother Tocqueville emails and he says that his hand is in a cast because of an accident that he has had. And it's not fully in a cast but some portion is in some portion is not. So what does he do for we'll do one

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call COVID Nika Illa de Jalan, no Hey la him. First.

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First and foremost, we ask Allah azza wa jal to cure you and to cure all of our sick and to protect all of us from any Muslim and calamities. Secondly, this answer is very easy. And this is something that pretty much all of the, the methods pretty much have this as a default position, which is that if a limb that is otherwise obliged to be washed, if it is covered for reasons beyond one's control, then in this case, one washes what one can and then does mess or wipes over the rest. Okay, so suppose you know, your hand is in a cast, let's say, let's just say hypothetically, just up to the risk ball, let's just say that just this bit is in the cast, okay. In this case, you will wash the

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bottom part, this part that is open, and then with some very sprinkling water, just like it's symbolic, he will just do massage over the rest. Okay, now you can be Fuller, who nevsun illa huzzah, Allah xojo will not obligate on the soul more than what it can bear and you are forgiven for what you cannot do. And if you cannot wash a body part, then you may wipe over that body part. If you've been you're capable to do that, if you're not even capable to do that. For example, may Allah protect all of us a severe burn for example, okay, a severe burn that is painful, and that even a drop of water might be harmful. In this case, you don't even do it. Let's say this area was burned

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for example, in the gauze is fresh and the wound is there, and any pain or touch is going to cause immense pain locally for long enough sun Illa Saha Mirjana La, la COVID determine how much in the header Deena you assume that all of these principles of the religion being easy are going to apply and you wash what you can and that area. If you cannot even touch it, then symbolically just wipe over it just symbolically and it will be accepted for you and your prayer will be valid based upon that. And the same goes by the way, Sister nilofer also emailed and said that she has severe diabetes and she has some something attached to her body that has to monitor constantly, she cannot

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pull it off. And therefore what can she do when she does also the same thing applies there that this instrument that is there, that if you she cannot remove it and it cannot go into the water? Then she washes what she can and she wipes around that area and that actual area that is on her skin that she cannot remove the instrument from she is forgiven and no problem is there will Lahu tada