Mirza Yawar Baig – The Way Forward #7

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of belief in one's rights and will in the context of globalization is emphasized, along with the need to localize and encourage people to take care of their bodies and work to change their behavior. The rise of nationalism and the rise of alcoholism and greed are also discussed. The importance of history and staying true to one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need to take charge of one's lives and work towards goals, establish a think tank, and create a common fund. The segment also touches on issues of economic, political, and educational aspects, as well as the importance of entrepreneurship development and a world-class school.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala inophyllum We are even more sorry Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa daily he was going to sell them to Sleeman because, because

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from above Oh, my brothers and sisters, this is the seventh lecture in the series called the way forward.

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And I will try to sum up

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the things which I have been talking to you about. And at the end of this give you a very short brief list of what I think needs to be done.

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Those who are interested in actually doing something,

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we'll have to then work on that and develop it further and see where they can make the best effect.

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What distinguishes people who never experienced subjugation from those with a collective memory of empire and subjugation is their willingness to speak up fight for their rights, and to pay for what they enjoy, while the others only complain, but do nothing to change the situation.

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This is the learned helplessness. I call it learned helplessness is part of mental content, psychological conditioning. This is the learned helplessness of people whose bodies are free but their minds remain and slaves

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to own responsibility for our destiny, and work and pay for what is important to us is a sign of a free mind and emotional maturity.

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The solution to the cover out of globalization of globalizing is to localize.

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If you can't read 100 feet one, ask, What can I do? And then do it. Because when we meet Allah subhanaw taala.

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We will not be asked what happened. We will be asked, What did you do?

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The Arabs of the hijas in the seventh century were not subjugated to any empire.

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There are no king. They did not even have a supreme chief.

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The Millionaire's used to meet in Makkah in Hong Kong another way to decide on emergent issues.

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They didn't have a codified law, or a judicial system.

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They had no rulers and they bowed to no man.

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That is why it was easy for them to accept responsibility for taking Islam to the ends of the earth.

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We all know this hadith. I will say that how did you get there Lana reported that Rasul Allah is always ordered us to act to stop injustice, change it or speak out.

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The third option that he gave us is actually her every month it's not enough it's not an option. It's not an option.

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And resizing ordering, or the Allahu Anhu cara

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cara cara Salah is Allah and he seldom. mundra, Amin goon Moon Koran, file you have a year will be ready

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for it like yesterday study, that really sunny for Hillary is the FBI Academy, he was there and he got an awful image out of UCLA and a salatu salam. He said, Whoever among you, sees even let him change it with his hand. If you cannot do so then with his truck, speak out against it. And if he cannot even do that, then with his heart meaning hated in his heart, which is the weakest level of it.

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Now this was the speech of a man, free in body, mind and spirit, a man who was subjugated to nobody but Allah.

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And he told us to take charge of our lives, stop blaming others, and work to make things better. Today, our biggest challenge is to reboot our mindsets and to learn to think about the community as one

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the entire Muslim Ummah as one and work together to change our lives and destiny. Each of us must learn to pull his weight and not wait for someone else to bleed for us.

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Muslims are 1.1% of the population of this country.

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There is no way that any Muslim can ever get elected to the Congress or Senate unless others we will people who are not Muslim worked for them.

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The only way for that to happen is by winning hearts.

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Our isolationist way of life is suicide. But what do we do about winning hearts

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If we want to be taken seriously, we must stand for electoral office at the local, state and national level. Ask how many Muslims are mayors and aldermen, and state senators and on school boards. Yet we complain that nobody cares about us. I was surprised.

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We must encourage our youngsters to make career choices that are different from what they do today.

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We don't need more Muslim doctors and Muslim engineers, we need more Muslim senators and reps. The two paths are different.

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We must support our youth by working with them to build credibility. And by setting up an endowment fund to support their choice of career.

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We must we must accept that only we can save ourselves and we ask for the help of Allah subhanaw taala. But sadly, we hate anyone who tries to awaken us from our stupid

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we will not invest what is necessary to change our situation and are satisfied with doing at least something sorry to disappoint you, at least something is not from the heart. It is not the Sunnah, it is not what the Sahaba did, it is not only useless, but worse than useless, because it gives a false impression of action and success. It takes the edge of the pain, which is necessary to motivate us to do more than usual,

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it will take us to the tipping point, it will never take us to the tipping point.

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And so the scale will never dip for us.

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We must check what is necessary and do that completely. If you need to clear if you are jumping and leap over if you need to clear a 10 foot trench you must leave 10.5 10 and a half feet.

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If you leave nine and a half feet and say at least I did something you will be speaking from the bottom of the trench,

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bottom of the pit. That is the truth and you know it therefore ask if not now, then when, if not me, then who

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there are three major changes that happened after the end of Empire the rise of nation states as we know them. One was the creation of the middle class.

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There was a middle class even in the times of Empire, but it was not at the same level and not as influential and politically powerful as it is today. Or as it is after the end of empire.

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There was a middle class in the Age of Empires, which was restricted almost purely to commercial and material areas not to the areas of administration and the and the areas of political influence.

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Now this was the result of two things, the end and demise of nobility and class hierarchy and the rise of egalitarianism and free market economies.

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I know much can be said about the defects in all of these, as can be said about any human enterprise.

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Because only the work of Allah subhanaw taala is perfect.

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But defects and all these changes give political significance and opportunity to the common man to the common person.

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That is the single biggest change from the days of empire.

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For the first time, you didn't have to be born into a royal or noble family, to have a say in public affairs. You could be from any background. But if you manage to get elected to office, you could make laws and change the path of destiny for populations. Therefore ask what can I do to get there?

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It is a numbers game. You need critical mass to change the scale. And so the sooner we start,

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the better.

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So Saddam did three things when he came to Medina from Makkah. He created a nation based on faith and not lineage or tribe. He created a source of funds and any create any created a structure of leadership.

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For example, He said

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narrated Abdullah Omar mother Alana. So as a setup said a Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor.

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Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother

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Allah Subhana Allah Danna will fulfill his needs. Whoever brought his Muslim brother out of a discomfort out out of discomfort, Allah smile that will bring him out of the discomfort of the Day of Resurrection. And whoever screens a Muslim, meaning God was at his faults, Allah subhanaw taala we screen him on the day of resurrection on the Day of Judgment.

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In another Hadith in Bukhari, this is on Bukhari analyzes on Bukhari narrated by Robin's been swelled and other Law No, I heard on Bara been as it Alana saying Rasul Allah Salam orders asked to do seven things to pay a visit to the sick, to follow funeral processions, to say to a sneeze. May Allah be merciful to you if he says Praise be to Allah if he says Alhamdulillah you say our gala

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for to return greetings somebody says Allah Allah come to say why Nico Salah is waging fight to help the oppressed Sikhs to accept invitations, of course, obviously goes without saying it has to be an invitation to something which is hello. And so to help fulfill,

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to help others to fulfill their odds.

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If you reflect on these, and many other hobbies like these, you will see how the emphasis is on being together and not falling into divisions. We must learn to live with differences and disagree without being disagreeable.

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Allah subhanaw taala identified it as a whole he revealed and said watashi more we humbly lay me out whatever

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was grown out Allah he is going to murder for unlevered beta

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for us, but don't be nervous it is one we're going to ride shefa 40 manana for another cool minha casa Anika you know lol loco Maya de la la comunidad de lune and unless and and hold firmly to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala and do not be divided. Remember Allah subhanaw taala has favor upon you

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when you were enemies, that he united your hearts, so you by His Grace became brothers, and you were at the brink of a fiery pit and he saved you from it.

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This is how Allah subhanaw taala makes his revelations clear to you, so that you may be rightly guided and then he said geladeira No, in the Matakohe Muhammad Allah Haider Dan rasa no comforable door. He said oh profits. Indeed this religion of yours is only one this ummah is Brotherhood is one and I am Europe, so worship Me alone. And he said he will not Omata Wahida ONERA Bokova fact the whole essentially, this ummah, this brotherhood of yours is only one and I'm Europe. So have Taqwa of me alone meaning be concerned only about my pleasure in everything that you say or do.

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And normally the Shiraz Allah no narrated that also lies our cell have said the example of the believers in the affection mercy and compassion for each other is that of one body. When any limbs aches, the whole body reacts, we see with sleeplessness and fever, and has been mining on the Allahu Anhu rewarded resource SLM said, Whoever prayers, our prayer, whoever does Salah with us, faces our direction of breaths, faces our doula and eats our slaughtered animals. They are Muslims, under the protection of Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, thus, do not betray Allah in the matter of his protection. And this isn't a Muslim. They asked him who is a Muslim, this is his description.

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The one who prays our prayer faces our direction of Salah, meaning the fibula, the Cava and eat our meat which we slaughter.

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Built in a egalitarian society based on the brotherhood and equality of humanity and

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differentiation only in terms of knowledge and biases. The second thing that he did was to create a revenue stream for the nation. And that was initially the cat and later a share in the honeymoon

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in despise the war.

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Reliable ongoing source of funds is essential to plan for sustainable development. Sporadic charity is not good enough. Finally, he created

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understructure society based on pious leaders following the book of Allah, the Kitab of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger Salah Allison and also have done a review yeah are you know are they Allah or do Rasul Allah every Winco fine Dinah Vijay in federal dough it Allah He was wholly in contempt to me No, I believe he will yo Mila really? That he can say your own sandwich.

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And that's right and I said, oh you believe, obey Allah subhanaw taala and obey the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those in authority among you.

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Should you disagree on anything then refer it to Allah and his messenger SallAllahu sallam, if you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day, this is the best and fairest resolution. So meaning, that obey rulers obey scholars obey people, our authority among you,

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only as long as they obey Allah and is also

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also do between yourself do that to that which is right as long as that is according to the Kitab and so now, Islam kita kita Allah and Sunnah most of the results and salah, if there is any dispute, then go back to the Kitavans Allah wrote the word Allah you also go back to Alaska book of Allah and the Sunnah for sources and so therefore in any of our discussions and debates and arguments and and dialogue, if there is a text if there is a hubbub of Allah subhanaw taala, we don't supersede that. If there is a text which is a direct instruction of other officers and seller, we don't supersede that we don't go around that we don't try to, you know, interpret that to make it

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compliant to our desires. We don't do any of that. We stop with the book of Allah, we stop with the Sunnah.

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In the light of all that I have said here, what we need to do is six things. Number one, decide to take charge of our lives and understand and accept that it is a long haul generational project.

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The chain has to be in here and here in our heads and our hearts. Without that nothing has been what we have to decide that this is ours. Our house is on fire we have to put it out and this will require

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God's constant and consistent effort spanning generations.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for reason. Number two, make history and Dawa and seek ALLAH subhanho Dinah's help in the Hajj

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nothing changes or do we change ourselves, we cannot be living lives which are based on on haram income, we cannot be eating haram we cannot be dressing haram we cannot be talking haram we cannot we cannot have an old environment of Allah we cannot have our entire economy based on her and then expect the the help of Allah subhanaw taala to come for us. It will not come. So we have to make is the fact that we must drop things. Drop the Haram from our lives. If you are serious about the help of Allah's Lannister, and seek His help and Daniel makes Titus forgive yourself.

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put his head down on the ground and cry for us. Number three, learn to live and let live

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and agree to disagree. But work together towards common goals.

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There are differences among us, those differences will remain to the day of judgment. So leave what is between the person and Allah to Allah.

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How somebody is praying what they believe what they don't believe, leave that to them and Allah.

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But there are many issues which concern our daily lives, issues of economic of an economic nature, political nature, domestic nature, educational nature, all kinds of things where we all have the same problems.

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We have to learn to leave those differences aside and work together to solve those issues. Number four, establish a think tank for scenario planning and strategic action.

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Number five,

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create a common fund.

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And as I explained to you by each Muslim contributing $5 per day, that's all it takes $5 per day, every Muslim number six

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create a leadership structure at local and national levels to focus on

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To establish world class schools with an Islamic ethos and culture,

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to support youth to enter law, journalism, politics, judiciary, executives and academia, especially in the area of law, Media Studies and Political Science, established journals in universities for the six.

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Number three, entrepreneurship development, create a venture capital fund to help startups. And number four, a strong presence in the media, a strong presence in media of different kinds.

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I want to close with a poem called I don't wish this is my gift to you for the year coming forward, going forward.

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I don't wish for peace, but for justice, because without justice, this is only a recess between wolves. I don't wish to win land. But to win hearts. I don't wish for sympathy, but for courage. I don't wish for plenty, but for generosity. I don't wish for revenge. But for forgiveness, I don't wish for wealth, but for contentment. I don't wish for ease. But for strength and steadfastness. I don't wish for beauty. But for character. I don't wish for luck. But for curiosity, and imagination, and don't wish for popularity, but for true friendship. I don't wish for a long life, but for a legacy of honor. Because what matters is not a good beginning. But a good ending.

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Was Allah Allah Allah?

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Allah Allah He was happy to get

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more saliva

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