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AI: Summary © The importance of finding love and commitment in Islam is discussed, including examples of abuse and mistakes, and a disturbing encounter between a man and a woman in Egypt. The transcript describes a disturbing encounter between a woman and a woman in Egypt, leading to a woman refusing to admit to her actions and ultimately killing the woman. The segment emphasizes the need to protect one's heart and heart rate during difficult situations and to be mindful of one's actions. The importance of learning from one's actions and practicing one's behavior is emphasized, as well as the advice given by Allah for young people to improve their lives.
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I'm with the slim it's wonderful Masha Allah walking into the family Attica

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at photo center, masha Allah for many of you who have

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taken on this blessed journey in these last 10 days may Allah subhanaw taala accept it from you and from the young ones who are here. It's good to see some of mashallah our students from the school and others that represented well Hamdulillah I pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah grants us hi you right baraka and fourthly in the last remaining few days in the month of Ramadan,

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Ramadan Subhan Allah is a month that we all anticipate for different reasons. For some of us, it's an opportunity to push a pause button on other aspects of our life that we want to find new beginnings with Allah subhanho wa taala. For some, it's a moment of having a fresh start. For some, it's continuing something that we are happy to do and regular in that we want to do more of some of us are revising the Quran in the month of Ramadan, others are beginning their hip journey. For some people, it's a place where they wait for there's a cat every year they're giving there's a cat they wait for the Sunday aspect of the month of Ramadan. Each of any each and every one of us we have a

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different perspective for Ramadan. For some people of course, it's also about connecting with our families visiting with loved ones, being able to share our food and our higher and Baraka with others. All of those are noble pursuits. But if we were to look deeper at the end of the day, all of us are seeking

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to find love and commitment to Allah. And we might take different ways to get there. So my talk with you for the next 15 minutes in sha Allah so you can get some sleep after you have the car you pray your to rock out before you knock out in sha Allah once a sunrises is how to find love for Allah in the last few days of Ramadan. And love is one of those words that is really powerful. It arrives often in the Quran,

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in different capacities and in different ways. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah is very expressive of His divine love. So Allah tells us in 27 different places in Allah hate your head. Allah Who loves those who do these things, your head will Matata hurry, your head water wellbeing. Allah loves those who are purifying them themselves physically and inwardly. He loves those who are making Toba returning to him after a mistake. You know when you hear that Allah loves those who make Toba, Allah saying he loves those who have committed a mistake, those who have seen and I want you to think I want to give you examples of Allah's love in ways that you may not have thought of. So the first

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example is Musa alayhis salam

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Musa killed someone

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Alayhis Salam, I want you to kind of think about that. Most of us who say Oh Musa is the one who spoke to Allah Musa is the one who destroyed the island Musa is the one who led Penny straw eel moose as the one who actually no go back a little bit Musa killed someone

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and Allah goes in detail about the emotion of Musa when that happened. So what does that who moves up acaba Ali Musa pushed the man killed him with one blow. Allah had them in Amelie shape on he said this is a devilish at this. This is an evil act is not a prophet. He's not a man. He doesn't know the what he has not arrived.

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He recognizes this isn't right. But I had I mean, I'm Alicia you bought.

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Fulfill Ivanka for Allah. Oh ALLAH forgive me. Allah forgives it. Which I mean Oxon Medina, from a distance and men comes yeah Musa in El mele, Tammy Runa be clear to Lou Falco Rouge in Nila Kameena. Now say, Musa, I've heard the Egyptians. They're all talking conspiring about you, the one whose life you saved.

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He was actually an evil person. He went and told people that Musa killed this man in anger even though he was the one having dispute. He tricked you into thinking he was the one that was weak. He was the one that was needing to run away.

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I'm giving you good advice for Horologium in her heart, if your total Musa left the city in the darkness of the night looking Yeah, Taraka looking right, left, hiding and

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fell in my world. I met him again. He arrives to the spring of Medea

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He has nothing in the world, but the clothes on his back.

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And the mark of a marked man in society around him. There are Egyptian soldiers patrolling the desert looking for Musa by the command of that island, kill on sight.

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When Allah eventually says to Musa go to trial, he says in your attempt to win him Neff set halfway up to learn, Oh Allah, I killed one of them. I'm afraid if I go they will kill me on site. Carla, don't be scared.

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Why don't be scared. What is it that Allah is going to do to a marked man who there is an court order against

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one who is admitted for his mistake one there's witnesses for something he committed wrong. How was ALLAH going to save him from this perilous situation?

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This is where the love of Allah comes.

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Musa is married lives in the people of Medina and he was truthful to them. Surah Al CASAS it's about one question.

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What's your story? Masako? What's your story? What? Why are you here? Yeah, Musa. How do you leave Egypt? What are you doing in the middle of the desert? How do you get here?

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So he tells

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I killed the man me being in your tent right now puts all of you in danger.

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He was truthful. So the men says Subhanallah I already know because of this. Look, I already know your story. But I wanted to see what kind of character you have. And that's the first lesson we have your truth you know when you when you when you think you're smarter than the one listening to you sometimes you know somebody especially as a teacher, so you know we have a student is looking at you know their story. There's video cameras, there's a

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so tell me what happened. Wallah share

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as soon as what was your color

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right. Look at the difference atomizer all our banner column that

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we made a mistake weighing them down the Lenna water Hamlin Mucuna Mills, I will be a loser if I don't understand that the truth is important. musante is set up. He says that explains is probably

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then what?

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Okay. You are good enough for my daughter SubhanAllah.

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Good enough for the Chiefs daughter. As a mark man. Yes. Why? Because His Word is true. His character is true. His history is something that can be overcome can be faked. the genuineness of his heart is not,

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is not destroyed on account of a moment's lapse in judgment. So for 10 years Musa lives amongst the people of Medina. And Allah causes for Musa to desire to take himself his wife, his children, and leave that society and make his own way to a blessed land. He was on his way to Philistine

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and Allah causes him to

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get lost. No food, no light, no water in the desert in an area he doesn't know

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what quarter Allah is orders many times in the Quran webconfig kitab Musa, or hell attack a hadith of Musa as the story of Musa come to listen to its lessons. Iran now Ron finally led him in Quito in me and a sunnah in the first part of the ayah I see. I see fire in the second part and I feel there is fire because it's family and they say there's no fire up there. What are you talking about? Because it's not fire? It's light.

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Right? It's the light that Allah put in that burning bush in that thing that Musa feel is it it's there Can't you see? No we can't see. Okay, wait here I'm gonna go.

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Musa arrives to it. And this is where the story of love begins.

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in the and Allahu La ilaha illa and Falguni Ottomans salah.

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I am Allah There is no one but me that is worthy of your worship. So from this moment on, all of your Salah is only for me

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in Messiah Attia, the hour is soon cannula Yanni Musa is going to live still a long life do many things. But from the beginning, Salah Vic, sa

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your prayer

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met remember

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Are, your life is with me. Don't worry about the distractions of others

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and prepare for your return to me. I can't do oviya liturgies that couldn't do an absolute madness. It's hidden from some people they don't see this reality. They don't look at their life as just one step away from being with me. They don't look at life as being one car accident, and they're with me. They don't look at their life as one moment where your breath is with you and another it's not and you're from dunya to Africa. Inessa at Yeah, I can't do Olivia heating liturgies Aqua Luna FC Mantis

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fillet Yasuda Naka mela up Novia don't let those who don't believe in it be a distraction and turn you away from the champions.

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What's in your hand and

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call her up Beshara Halle Saudi, oh Allah. I'm scared in heavy leather collar on Bucha allow me to have confidence and to believe I can do this. We are silly Emery he makes your atrophied island that he will accept what I'm coming with. What data melissani relieves my stammering my tongue you have got who only they can understand what I'm there for.

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So Musa makes many DUA and Allah counted as one Allah, oo T to su laka. One in any anything you ask of Allah, it's like one thing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says will Hadith in the Hadith pudsey where Allah speaks but it's not the Quran, the prophet is quoting Allah. Now when a coma after a coma in second wodgina If the first of you to the last of you, if the moose men, if the human of you and the gene of you walk up for Allah, so I didn't want at all stood on the ground at one time, from the beginning of time till the end, everybody made their own dua to Allah, Muslim men and women gene, every creation of Allah. And Allah gave everybody what they wanted in the same

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instant man. Now for somebody at Shaybah it would not deplete my kingdom with an iota, not even a drop of water from the ocean of Allah's reserves Subhanallah

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I've given you when I could Mandana Alikum or rotten okra, but don't you know ye Musa, I've already answered you years ago, either Oh, hyena either Olmec I'm the one who who put in your mother's heart, how to save you. I'm the one who caused you to be in the river. I'm the one who caused us here, the wife of Quran that said I own be your caregiver, and he will be the ones who will destroy. I'm the one who did all of the things. Why was it too early can have better than me when it was not alive. Because all of this occurred with the veil of my love over you.

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So that you would be prepared for what I have set to as a mission for

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when Allah loves you. Even further, I cannot harm me.

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I want you to if even if you don't think of anything else,

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when Allah has love for you, because of who you are, even if your opponent is for the island, the one who was governing the world, the one whose military would at the drop of a hat do anything to hurt you if he ordered that even if the love of Allah is with you. Allah puts it in the heart even of an enemy, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either I have Allah Allah when Allah loves the person, Allah calls up and says we are debri in a portfolio and I love this person. Or you hippo Who do you believe so? Gibreel loves

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yeah Gibreel

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order that which is in the heavens to love this person. The United the debriefing this summer, Yeah, hello, summer in hola yo hippo for learning. Allah loves your hair. Brahim Cha.

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Me, me. So love, or Yuna Devi, cine Esma calls you with your best name?

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Your homeboy and your seminar.

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What tools are out there who will Cagoule then Allah puts on Earth, the love for you in other's hearts, even the enemy that even the enemy who wants to? It shouldn't be as soon as crowned sees Musa he says take them away. But Subhan Allah, I love neurotic Athena Walid will feed me normally. Aren't you the one I raise? Aren't you the one I looked after for many years? How come you're coming back down and around is terrified that I don't when he sees Musa Kannada, he is asking what should I do? Where do I go? How do we defeat it? Who is this man? What are we going to do about it? When Allah puts law

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have in the heart even have one who is an unbeliever in Allah. The prophets I send them said, I'll call do they knows why men are Savera man, your colleague work a fair share that the hearts of mankind are beat or held in the hands of Allah. He turns it as He wills. Allah turns hearts to you and turn to hearts from you. Sometimes you've done so much good towards someone and you're surprised when they betrayed you see Subhanallah This is the person I got a job for. This is the person I did this this How could he say these bad things that I don't understand? It's panela somebody you never helped.

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Who you would think this person doesn't know you doesn't like Subhanallah you hear from this person spoke nicely of you didn't pan Allah.

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The heart is with Allah subhana wa.

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When Allah loves you,

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the protection of Allah is with you in how Allah seeks to protect you.

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And that's why in these 10 days of Ramadan when you are asking Allah to protect you from Jen, when you're asking Allah to protect you from Marcia from mistakes, when you're asking Allah to protect you from the evil that waits around the corner for us, and you're saying Allahumma Vaticana Allah Houma. Gilfillan, Allah whom are Hamner, Allah, Allah in Nicaragua, we will have for that right? When you're making these dua, all of it is coming back to the dua of love.

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Each and every prophet had a dua that Allah and Allah humans Salah that you are a prophet that would the prophets lie Selim tells us that they would use to make this to our Allahumma inni Endoca hookah Oh Allah I asked you for your love will help them in your handbook and the love to be given to me by those who love you. Yeah, Allah. I don't want people who don't love you too lucky. You know, one of the mistakes we have of course, when we're young, we're looking for people to love us, but they don't love Allah. what good am I going to have when somebody who is a mushrik somebody who is RC somebody who is zani somebody who is sinful? From top to bottom, full of haram? What benefit is

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there for me that this person loves? This is not the love I'm seeking.

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I asked for the love of those who love Allah because that's rare. That's difficult. May Allah turn the hearts of the righteous to us? May Allah turn the hearts of Allah Allah to us may Allah turn the hearts of those who love the deen to us and turn the hearts of hatred to Allah away from us. Allah Massumi formando

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what have been Amell Olivia Corleone in The third part of the Quran is oh Allah blesses me with the actions of love. That will make me loved by you. Yeah, Allah. And Ramadan is one of those actions. So Yom is one of those actions standing late at night, where your back hurts and your knee hurts is one of the actions. Reading from the Quran. Even when you are tired even when you are not enjoying it even when you don't understand. It's from the actions that prove to Allah you are willing to do what others are not willing to do that you're willing to do what's difficult for you. The prophets I send them says the one who reads the Quran Yuta taro fee, they stumble in it now who are drawn will

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have two times the reward of the one who reads it with fluency, one for reading and one for the struggle of reading.

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What is the word of the prophets I sell them How does Allah show us He loves us?

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We'll look at the story of Musa How did Allah show Musa I love you.

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Musa was the one who kicked out of his country

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fled, made a mistake but repented to Allah. Live the life not with his own people, not with his own community. All have it for a reason known to Allah. The prophets I seldom says to a simply either 100 Allah had done it Allah. When Allah loves somebody, he will test them.

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What good is you say I love Allah but then when something goes bad you forget Allah. What good is to say Oh, I love Allah but when something hard asked of you hard to do you fail. Where is the love of Allah? The love of Allah is means test.

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How well are you going to be when the land and the ground beneath you shifts? We remain some bit of a dominant firm, standing firm or will you fall down? Fold down in the mousy a fold down in the scene. Fold down in the bad word

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Do you use fall down and the things you are told down in what you listen to fall down in the bickering and arguing at home, fall down, fall down? Where is your uprightness? That's why we call it is DEP was strictly means standing tall front of Allah as

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well how do you know Allah loves you? Hon Allah there's a test in your life look at Mohamed Tyson. Look at all the tests of Rasulullah saw arising

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from loss of life, loss of wealth, loss of family, loss of community, hijab from Mecca to Medina, so many things. So Allah Allah said, when Allah loves you, be prepared for the challenges that arrive and no in Allah Allah rose, us.

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So in these 10 days, it is a meant to be days of difficulty in your life, to overcome the tiredness of sleep, to overcome the wanting to hold back from charity. To Pamela you get an opportunity and Hamdulillah you have so much better you get an offer to all another person asking another you know, I already gave to this well, I already paid second here. I already paid South Africa here I already paid fifth over there.

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And all of it is a test from ALLAH SubhanA wa MSSW Allah to Allah. Somebody's asking, don't turn appointment with nothing, give something

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doesn't have to be everything, but give Subhan Subhanallah when Messiah indefinite those means are the ways to earn the love of Allah I leave you with the last three words of advice all of them from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The first is to make the dua of the heart. Yeah motivated to do. template can be Aladeen IC O Allah who turns the heart, make my heart upon your deen, may Allah make us fab it upon the deen of Allah, savage upon the religion of Allah. May Allah bless our children after us and their children, children's children with a Sabbats upon L is the karma of this day. Number two is the more you practice Salah the more you will love it and the easier it gets especially for our young ones. The more you practice your saw that the more Salah you do, the easier your body, the muscle conditioning, everything with it, the easier it becomes for you to be better in your Salah in the

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future. In the salah. 10 Hanin Pasha the more you are committed to your prayer, the easier it is to stay away from cut off from major and minor sins. Make the salah your lifestyle in life plan around your a bad plan your family's activities around a bad plan everything around what is the obligation to Allah. And third and finally, to earn the love of Allah is to be Minal Mutasa dirty to read from those who are generous in their charity. Why it's super true. It's your saying, Yeah, Allah, I trust that by me giving what I have. You will give me more than what I have. It's you're saying, Oh Allah, I favorite this person? Somebody I don't know somebody in front of Steve, some orphan in Yemen. I

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don't know them. But oh Allah. I put them

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from my savings before my daughter, my son who's sitting right next to me here.

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Because I trust I have served. I have believe that man NACA, some elements are the other parameter is LM said whatever is given, will not be taken away from your your will, it will come back to you. I'll go off and mobile IFA over and over. Han Allah, it's difficult. The one thing on the Day of Judgment, Allah tells us in the Quran that when you come, there will be people who say, Oh, Allah make me go back to the dunya why I will do just one, just give me one opportunity. What are you going to do when you go back at us on that? I will give charity not so that I'm not going to do too long. I'm not going to do hedge. Oh, if I can go back to the algorithmic hedge. What one thing

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sadaqa why because on the Day of Judgment, as sada to berghahn It's your evidence, your evidence that oh Allah I believed in the word of the prophets. I said, I believe ya allah, that what you said wouldn't be true. May Allah Subhana Allah main cast mineral Mazzanti the when you put your trust in Allah, Allah puts Baraka in your life. When Allah codes Baraka, your life, the greatest Baraka is his love. We make the driver of the world Allah who made me as a Luca helper, will help me you will help and then and let the other people net you there are benevolent net and fusina where it left off. We'll learn how to handle wound and me

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Hello so we are better allocate our calendar. What either you can have now either you can see or have been a teen Fe Jr has an awful lot he has an hour cleaner.

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Robin I have learned I mean the Doom Castle torment from tenella to nesina botnet or benevolent attackmen. Allina Islam can have multiple Allah letting them in complainant robbing our lead to have minimal out of Atella Nebby wa for unmet well fildena What interval learner consume now let's talk with Catherine Allah who make Nikka fool with different will have for that one. Allah Allah indica winter hit with alpha factor and Allah Nica

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aforethought for ANA hola Manas often assume that envy and and Mohamed Salah la Ronnie we're so hola hola we're filtering earlier had you never hear some of the LA or any you were selling? Hola and what is often a chef out at Arasu Linda Yeoman, Allah Murdock Nam and how the Shetty Shuttleworth and learn of Oba

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Allah Ahmed couldn't then Jana, Tiana and Naveen and also the opinion our shahada was slightly theme. What has you know, Allah ecography called, along with a couple minute chakra Ramadan? Allah with OB UCM Anna was ALLAH tena of the yam and our Khurana sujood and I are walking me along with a couple of women that Allahumma Freeland our combat life in our for Ana, Allah. Well, he knows then. Well yes, Elena Morana welfare Leonard and Obinna are suddenly love him I was selling was it were very I'd say he didn't never have even now whenever he hadn't met Salalah or Ali, your early you are so happy we're still live to Sleeman Kathira cannot be current believes that young males who are

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selling books any Welcome to DITA Europe.

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By the way, I'm giving a talk tonight 930

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For Dawa

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it's an Indonesian

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came from it said they have a large following on Instagram Dawa, something IV I don't know.

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But I will share it in sha Allah. And I think that there is also translation into Bahasa Malaysia in sha Allah. So maybe it's something that you can share with your networks in shot. It's 299 30 Jakarta time 830 Our time 930

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on I will send the link out in sha Allah to our brother he can share it with you in sha Allah, maybe you can share it with your families back there but then the Allah Subhana Allah Morbihan decrescendo under the island stuff that over to lay was salam ala Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh keep us in your door and we look to keep you in our dryer in the last 10 nights of Ramadan Allah sent him money