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wasabia Jemaine Oh God Yahweh. The man was dealing with E or V Jamia Hebrew center, they also had an issue to me and the Allahu anha Pilate fall into the use of Allah Allah Who early he was sending the Hadith and a collection you I'm giving me the right to us by a shadow the LaWanda is an authentic Shannon narration.

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The theme is the theme of the usage of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam of the word higher welcome or heroism, the best of you. And he used the phrase salatu salam in a number of around 10 Hadith or more.

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And he put them all together they're quite nice they kind of paint a picture on a saw to associate the best of you who do this the best of you who do that and I like those a hadith where they just kind of you just take them. So yesterday, he said, Hey, you're welcome. Okay.

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Paula, the ones who make the best judgments when they are judging a dispute or they always give the benefit or the advantage to the other party when they are trying to figure out a dispute. Instead of trying to take it for themselves make try to make sure that they're fair and then they give the other party a little bit more. This hadith tonight is a famous one and if you listen to the verses, you may have already figured out which one it is. Or he said to him salatu salam in this I actually told tells us this and Paula haidakhan Play it only early he won't know how you will commonly actually what our inner Mohammed Mr.

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Rocco Rocco Minister him so the Hadith I was like two narrations, the one that I enjoyed more is the first one where he said all your thoughts on the best of you are the best of you. Yeah, holy him. So the word is sometimes miss translated to his parents, because if you're single, and I asked, okay, I look, you're gonna tell him you're my dad and my mom are fine. And that's just slang. It's just slang. And proper Arabic Is your wife, and whoever you burden her with having later on, from your seat, that's that's that's, that's why if you go especially go like to the parts of the legions, Saudi, those they'll use that term more appropriately. They mean their wives. But I come from Syria,

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we don't use it that way. I usually use my parents. But it's wrong. In terms of the context of this hadith to understand the Hadith, you can continue to use that in your daily slang fine, but in terms of understanding this hadith, you understand the context. So Cradle to Cradle can be at the best of your the best to you towards your spouses, and their families, their children. And he said one hydrocone Early on, and I am the best of you towards them. Now, he is not bragging, but Allah Allah, you also have to sell them. And even if he did, he would have the right to do so. And I'd be happy with it. But that's not what he's doing. He's trying to explain to you who to follow. The who is it

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that you should be looking to act to emulate is telling you the best of you have the best view towards your family now do as I did towards my family, so that you don't end up making things up as you go along. Because if you don't have an example, then that word, the best of you towards your families or your spouse's, you may misunderstand or misinterpret that or go beyond what is actually required and what is actually appropriate. Because the best of you towards your spouse, it doesn't mean the ones that don't say no to anything, or don't know when to point out that your protection and their safety comes before their leisure. Like there are certain things that are actually a part

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of being the best you can be towards your family. How do you learn that you watch him at least to a certain you see how he was with his spouses, you find the leniency you find the love you find the service and you find the protection as well you find the teaching and the mentorship and the leadership that he offered his family to yourself to them so that's why he's saying Why don't you

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even in this one, emulate me, don't go rogue because if you do then you'll end up thinking that you're doing well but you're not. And then to make the other How do you see our company our company set up the best of your the best thing you towards their women and their word women. Now it makes it a little bit more abroad. It broadens this a little bit more like this hadith, I could have honestly made this hadith on its own. It brought him to the whole topic. But it because there's a lot of these Hadith I want to take this this series to take forever. I want to get through over two weeks or so. The women in your life your spouse, obviously but also your mother, and your sister, and your

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daughter, and your and your aunt, your grandmother and the women in your life the women that your mom do that depend on you that you are required by illegal law, Islamic legal law to protect and provide for when needed. You don't have to provide for all of them. You have to protect all of them. You provide for your spouse and then whoever is in dire need like your your mother's in need of wealth and it comes out of your pocket if your sisters in need of wealth, it comes out of your pocket legally suddenly comes out of your pocket if she if she's in dire need. If she can't take care of herself is from your pocket. She could take it to an Islamic judge and he will pull it out

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of your pocket against your will. Just so you know that yes I understand that women in your life you're mad and you are legally responsible for doing the best you can with them. The best you can you provide for them and you protect them. So the best of you are the best view towards those whom Allah subhanaw taala has made you a warm up on those who that you are going to continue to be a caregiver for and it's a very important topic within within our deen to understand.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam is giving you a measurement

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he's measuring the best of you. You want to be amongst the best Muslims. And then I just don't. Well, how do I know? To rank Muslim is impossible obviously, as individuals to rank Islamic behavior is also very difficult. It's a very tricky thing to do. It's not simple. It's complex. But I just talked to somebody uses the word Jairo from the best of you, he's making a little bit easier, cuz he's kind of prioritizing for you a little bit. Right? The best of you, when it comes to when it comes to Muhammad Ali, when it comes to transactions is the one who makes sure the other party is taken care of and are satisfied when it comes to relationships just a bit ones or the best towards

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their spouses and their families.

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He's racking things, this is the best, this is what you should be aiming for. Not the one who's most strict, not the one who's everyone no is the one who's the best, who's the kindest, who's the most in service towards and those who dedicate their time and their lives towards them. And this is important because we tend to forget our priorities as men, for sure. We tend to forget that women don't need this hadith. They don't. A woman who is married with children, she knows her priorities are a straight as an arrow. A woman who was married with kids does not need anyone to remind her of her priorities. She knows what her priorities are as her husband or children. She knows that it's

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comes naturally. It's like very, it's like one in a billion. They wouldn't be clear on that. But men, no men, you can easily hear. We're very distractible creatures. It's easy to distract us we can easily get follow and forget know

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Islam tweeted a bit for performing your duty as a Muslim has your your priority starts with your wife and your children your family and then after that other things come Don't get distracted. Pyro completo cumbia he that's the best of your the best of you towards your spouse. This is a reminder because we can easily kind of lose that and I think it's a beautiful Hadith to contemplate. You'll read emammal autonomy the eufy Jamie he he said it they'll say Hey hon, Aisha to me. Allah Allah call it Barnaby your Salah Allahu Allah Who early or seldom how Eurocom hydrocone early he will enter Hallo community. What are ama do? Female study Hebrew seven dosa. CHIARA come clear. RUCO

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah