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Adnan Rajeh
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Well God for her to hit a little drama later on Alima to Mubaraka you're setting up Alexandria Minnesota at yada yada yada Ya Rasulullah while early he also had been when he saw his native Juma tablets at night there's much Baraka in this thing. The Sunnah is to increase your Salah, upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds. Yahweh Al Imam Baba Ronnie, you see an O cell Tell Me More the Senator. So hey,

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and Giovanni Abdullah Hilde Allahu anhu, call Colin Leviosa Allah Allah who earlier he was selling honey tonight, they collected the mount Bharani in his own salt collection. So he has three collections, and one of them repeated when Oh supercilium. And these collections are encyclopedias of Hadith. And sometimes he would actually pull a Hadith from smaller collections that don't have validity or not fully verified. So he would have a certain need. There are certain chains of narration that only exist in his books. And there are scholars who've done studies on on the assignee that he has in his books that don't belong to other collections, and most of them are by

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eat, but there's a sizable amount of them that are slightly and I said this is one of them. Authentic generation and Rachel's by Joanne Jabra Abdullah and the the theme is his phrase, Allahu Salatu was Salam ala LUCAM Oh, he Autocom Ohio nurse asked me when he says the best of you. And he used this phrase in different scenarios and different situations to point out different types of behaviors and different ethics and different morals and different practices. And I think there's really interesting to follow the word around in his in his in his tradition, and then put them all together at the end of what he talks about Alia salatu salam and I've talked about two already. The

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Autocom axacon Kabbalah Bubba those of you the best of you are those of you who are the fairest when they have financial or or transactions of any sort while you're a complainer Camilla Helene, the best of you the best of you towards your spouses and their families. Today he sent this out to his daughters and they're really beautiful Hadith I would I recommend you to if you're going to memorize it, it's worth it's worth your time. When he says out of your Serato send me know your level where you will have when I hire female Leia, where are you will have a movement the believer is someone who loves people, and people love them back. If an elf is when you are socially open, you have a

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social openness meaning you you're welcoming to people. That's really what it means.

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When it's familiarity. That's why when we talk about one of the sins is called ill, Fernanda, I've heard that sin is when you get familiar towards a blessing when you're used to it, take it for granted. Don't look at it, at the moment is familiar with people, meaning they open the quickly they quickly get along with people and people people quickly get along with them. They're not difficult, like a movement is not someone who's doing it and there is no higher female Leia I love where you live. There's no kind of someone who is difficult with people and people can't find it difficult to talk to them. There's no pain in that. But we're high on nursing. And Pharaoh homeliness and the

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best people are those who are most beneficial to other people who are most beneficial who do as the most amount of benefit towards others, others the best of you, those who can be as beneficial as possible towards others. So beautiful Hadith. And the concept of it is pretty simple. But it's nice that he pointed it out on the histogram because that's how we live that's how he wants if you didn't need this hadith, if you just watched him or you slept with him as a person if you took a step back and just watched him live his life that's how he was out he assaulted me I left you someone who's very easy, he approaches people quickly He's very kind he loves people and people are find it find

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it easy to approach him and speak to him. And he was always beneficial. He was always doing something that benefited someone else throughout his life and his thought was but I love the fact that he pointed it out because it gives you a little bit of a it's a nice it's a nice slide to live by your a moment

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then you are someone who is opening familiar and welcoming towards others and people find it easy to approach you

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and there's this love and affinity that you have towards your fellow human being and there is no end and people who lack that people who are arrogant who don't want to talk to people or or hate people who are disgruntled or that doesn't there's no claiming that and then why you're on nursing this why totally narrate this hadith. Hi, aloneness, and Pharaoh homelessness and the rest of people are the people who were most beneficial and helpful towards other people. I think it's something worth contemplating young Imam October Ronnie, you know somebody be sent in there. So hey, I'm Joe beribboned Abdullah Hilde Allahu Anhu Palka, Nabil Allahu Allah Who early was salam

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ala for you, whether you're a female level, whether you live we're here on Nursey and in fact a woman nurse sort of Rasulullah he said Allah Allah, you are your psycho psycho condition Allah Allah hey, let's start with two really awesome Allah who was telling him about I mean, Muhammad

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