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TLB Murata Radi Allahu Anhu and then the via Salah hottie he was salam. Jha who Raju don't get your taco bar who for Allah level Allahu for him maybe he was horrible Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Hadith tonight is in the collection of both Imam Bukhari and Muslim in his narrator's Bible harira. The theme

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is going to be the word his usage of the word chiaro comm or hydro calm the best of you.

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He uses I did this a while back I used I used it took a hadith where he used his slaughters on the fridge, lace them in whoever does something is not considered to be in Alliander in keeping with our teachings, and then we went through like maybe 11 a hadith.

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And I was supposed to put them together to you but then the verses that happened and we and we didn't do that the theme that we're gonna do over the next maybe two or three weeks is the word hydrocal the rest of you where the body is awesome, we'll say they'll say that phrase and then describe somehow they use us in a certain way. And then I'll go through the different times he said, let's start with this hadith is one of my favorites.

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We're gonna tell us that a man came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam asking for a loan that had not, not yet it was that was not yet due. There was a loan there was something that the Prophet Allah is also never taken. He never took loans for himself out of his thoughts. And I mean always he always whenever he took a loan from someone, it was to give to someone else who was asking for something and then he would pay the person back from different from his own wealth or wherever it came from big money Mussolini and he would find ways to to pay it off. So a man came asking for a loan that was not yet due for Allah Allah Allah Who and he used disrespectful phrases. When speaking

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to the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam. For him maybe he has had one maybe at least on the the Sahaba started to get upset and the almost almost like discipline him where they always went to him and physically Yanni beat him up for free. It was being very rude Bacala Aryan salatu salam, they are all and this has, this is my favorite phrase of the hadith is not actually why I'm telling you this hadith, but I love this phrase and for in your saw, he will help him up Allah. So let him be because indeed

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Sahaba been helped the person who has a right has a right to speak for in the USA, Hey, Bill helped me my father Nacala means words, the right rate of speech, meaning leave him because he has a right he took something from him, and we have not yet given it back. Because he has that right. He has the right to speak and say things so he made something something wrong, but he has a little bit of wiggle room. He had this flexibility regarding so if if someone has a hug, and even if they ask for it in a rude way, or you don't like the way they you know, they demanded the right or they fought for their right. It doesn't really matter whether you like it or not because saw had been hacked,

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left wing makan, because the person who has a right that is owed has the right to express that in whatever way they feel is necessary to make sure they get their right back. Because if you don't, many a times, your rights will be forgotten. Purposefully, or maybe by mistake, but you're right can easily be forgotten. And then you could end up with material oppressed. So if you have a right and it's not been met yet, then you have the right to speak. And you have the right to express that and whatever. Now you hit Bula who Jehovah be Sue immunol coli 11 Golem, Allah Subhan Allah is not like someone to speak openly and publicly using profanity or bad words. Except if they're oppressed,

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except that there's a right that's due to them that no one gave to them yet. It's left out for that one. We can we can allow for that. So he said this is Latos I'm Darrell HuFa. In the Lisa Hey Bill, help them aka let him go even though he was rude to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and his loan was not yet due. And he still had had to flex Yeah, no, you leave him alone.

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So imagine that people who maybe have had their rights trampled upon for decades upon decades, you don't think they have a makan? You don't think they have some flexibility in terms of asking for their rights? We're going to judge them for how they are demanding their rights. You know, we don't we don't understand our own Deen honestly. And then the Pragati it says Okada APU by Ayran Sinha who Mithila Sydney he gave to him back in about a year fight amongst the go. One of you out of their own wealth all meaning he's telling them I'll pay you back one of you out of your own wealth, give them about eight which is a camel, that is the same age of the cattle that we took that we took for him

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as a loan. Car do ya rasool Allah lemenager Illa by Iran empfehlung in Sydney, we only found camels are a little bit older, meaning a little bit more expensive. Meaning we have nothing to give him back except something that's more valuable than what he gave us to begin with. We don't have something that's equal. And this is why I'm telling you this hadith, Allah said Allah Allah salam to who gave him something that's more expensive for in Macomb

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Baba vie. How do you think they say hallo come hydrophone Koba. It's an easier Hadith than necessary for enough era con accent.

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The best of you are the one

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Who's who deliver the best and most fair and most empathetic judgment, the best, the most excellent judgment. Meaning you always look to make sure that the person in front of you is happy. If you're in an interaction, you make sure they don't walk away saying they ripped me Never. Or they took no, no, I'll make sure you're happy. Now, if you're not a good person to deal with, I just won't deal with you again. The next time you come bringing me, I'll pass. But if you deal with me, you will walk away feeling satisfied. You don't get to walk around and saying, Well, I've Alemany or mistreated me or ripped me off. But no, no, I'll make sure I take care of you. I'll make sure that

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you feel that you got a good deal. But if I don't like your ethics, or your morals, the way you treated me, never again, we'll just never I'll just never buy anything from you again, I'll just never sell you anything. Again. We'll never have any financial transactions in the hierarchy and

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the ones who give judgment that has the most, that's mostly the most fairness and justice in it and has the most empathy in it as well. And that's why the Prophet Allah is also I'm gonna give him give him something more. So he doesn't walk around saying that Allah He rasool Allah, Muhammad says, mmm, mistreated me or no here give it to him give him more we just will just never do business with him again, and they never did.

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And in an iteration that's not authentic but exists in some of the books of zebra that he would come back years later begging to have them take loans from him and they would refuse

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he would come back begging him to do business with the Muslims or to offer here take a loan from me and they would refuse to work with him then he would lose his wealth and he was so be careful how you know how you act Yeah, but in that he saw he will help him Ebola. If you someone has a right they have a right to express that in whatever means necessary to make sure their rights is not forgotten. And I think it's a hadith is very very deep honestly there's a lot to talk about and with that there's a I think there's a dose which is most of it is there shall he is your last one this semester is it you're less than these last ones this semester here in Cedar so if you'd like to

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listen to it that's That's great. Yeah, do we any Murni elbow hurry you are Muslim Korean face so Hey, Abby, why not tell the Allahu Anhu I know Roger and I tend to do so Allahu Allah You said we gotta follow who for Allah Allah Allah Who for him maybe us Harbin maybe to call us on Allah Allah Allah Salam Daru for Annalisa I will help them upon to macabre October Elan see know whom is missing the Sydney him before he went

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on amphetamine Sydney back on to the interfere at home. Baba sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Salam Alaikum

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali social media