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heliosphere, wasabi lithium a lot

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there is an aeration in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that one day I was walking and I heard a noise from the sky.

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And when I turned to the sky, I had seen a large army of angels descending down.

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And they were holding some verses of the Quran.

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And as they got closer to the earth, they begin to recite those verses more loudly and loudly. And then the hobby who's narrating this, he's he mentioned that the purpose of a low Hollywood cinema at some point, when you hear it, all the angels reading it, and they were coming so close to him, he became a little frightened. And in the process of alone, while he was sitting when he was struck by all he fell into such them and then that's when you really Sam came to the person A lot of it was cinnamon said a messenger of Allah, we have come to you with a very special revelation. And at that time, pseudo anonymous revealed to the pub soleimani.

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The Companions they mentioned that this is the one surah that was revealed in one gathering to the prophets of Allah Hollywood cinema. According to some of us studying miners one or two verses, but the entire pseudo was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a very special pseudo You know, there is a narration on the Day of Judgment Allah subhanho wa Taala will recite his column for the creation he will recite the Quran for the creation and the scholars they differ based off the narrations, which sutra will it be that Allah will recite for his creation on the day of judgment? Some scholars they say it will be sort of seen, some scholars say it will be suited in

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amongst the different opinions is that opinion that it will be similar to an iron because the surah is very, very special. From beginning to end. every verse reminds us of the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada sometimes Allah subhana wa tada is posing a restored rhetorical question. Well, you shaniqua Shahada Illa Allah subhana wa sometimes is asking what a Who am I second? Sometimes he's telling you that everything in the earth belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then at times Allah subhanaw taala he pulls us again and says, Don't you think use your brain? Could there be any other creator that Allah subhanho wa Taala and again and again from beginning until the end, sometimes Allah is

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using example sometimes using simile, sometimes a story of someone in the past and then at times he lost himself but do somehow it was out of that let's stop going around in circles. Let me tell you I was the one that created the earth in the sky by deal but the similar to the word VEDA, which means innovation, I was the innovator. No one before me had ever even thought of the concept of the earth in the sky. It was unreal, it was unheard of. But then I was the one who came up with a concept. I was the one that brought it into existence, I was the one that brought it to perfection. That's where the promise of a lot of money was set up said regarding this particular pseudo

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that whoever reads the first three verses of pseudocode and on until the Iowa level magic sequence, the first day versus whoever reads the first three verses in the morning

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until the end, romantics, evil 140 1000 angels will descend and pray for that person until the day of judgment.

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And those angels will stand there and anytime shitload of wishes to whisper anything into this person's heart, the shit the angels will stand there with metal hammers, and they will hit that person to wait until there will be seven barriers between that person and shaytaan. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he continued on deceit. And then finally when that servant will come to Allah, on the day of judgment, Allah will say to him, I'm not a buco, and Abdi that I am your master and you read suited for going on in the world, and you are my servant, because that's what Sudafed is all about a lot. You are the master servant. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, he

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continues on Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, Oh, my servant, stand underneath my throne. Don't stand in the burning sun, take the shade of my throne. Drink from the water of gopher take a bath in the water of seltzer B, and two into Jenna Bella sobbing without any accounting at all. Without any punishment at all. This is a very important narration all of them have a scene have quoted this narration at the bleeding of Sudan. You can check him out,

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check him out, checking on cool to be left Mottola era and the list goes on most of them fustian have caught this particular narration at the beginning of the suta to show how important this is. I needed your loved one used to say that if this surah is recited from beginning to end, from beginning to end, next to a sick person, that person will be shorted such as the power in the soda soda tonight

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I wanted to focus on two very interesting verses I am number 16 and number 61. Allah subhanho wa Taala says while mentioning his mind and his power and his knowledge, he says we're in the home of the holy

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cow and to Allah subhanho wa Taala along with the keys to the knowledge of the unseen and no one knows that other than Allah subhanaw

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Avoid knowledge by default belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And nobody knows the knowledge of Allah. And the reality is there are certain things that even a newbie does not know. There are certain things even a prophet does not know. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentioned five things are such that even a prophet does not know, what are the five things in the law in the Messiah? Well, you know, we are the

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taxi Buddha.

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Allah subhanaw taala knows when the final hours, many people came and asked the Prophet when is the final hour, the prophet said a lot of money was said don't have the knowledge of the Quran. Yet the Prophet said a lot a lot. He was cinema's humble. And when he was asked a question he didn't know the answer. Do he didn't force an answer. He said, I don't know. Allah knows when the final hour is. And then the second thing I lost

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a lot of nose regarding the rain, when it will come where it will hit. How fast will the rain shower down? How many drops will the shower done? How many people will benefit from that rain? How many people will be destroyed by that rain? Everything Allah subhanaw taala knows as human beings we can only cast you know forecasting itself is so vague, the word is so vague, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't forecast Allah subhanaw taala has a clean he has solid, firm knowledge regarding this. The third thing Allah subhanaw taala says Only I know what is in the room, you may be able to tell what is in the room later on. But that's like, you know, me buying a car and putting a sheet over it and

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saying what's in here, anyone can guess what's underneath the sheet owns the sheets there. And the cars already there. Allah says I know what will be under that sheet before you even put anything there. That's what you call Come on. If I'm going to put something in my head, and it's going to be big, and I asked you this a small object or a big object, you see, it's big, because you can see my hand is opening. That's what commandlets are the special about that. But imagine I haven't even put anything in my hand get my hands around. And I'm saying guess what's going to be in my hands can you guess a lot since way Alabama for a lot of harm. Allah knows what's in the womb before it even comes

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there. The fourth thing a lot knows what you're going to earn. Nobody can be sure what they're going to earn. And the last thing a lot knows where you're going to die. There's a famous story related to this last part. Emma Monica Padilla Haley, some of you may have heard of him grand scholar, eighth grade 15 of his time, one of the four legal schools of thoughts are attributed to him till today. My mother in law had a he saw a dream and in his dream a person came to him and showed him five fingers. And that person disappeared. Mr. Malik woke up he's a great, great scholar petite is thinking, what does it mean? I was shown five fingers. Does that mean? I'm going to die in five

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minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks, five years, five decades, five centuries. He wasn't short. So he wrote a letter to the great amount wouldn't want to be in the great scholar who is known for narrow interpreting dreams. Mohammed ABCD. He wrote a letter to him saying I saw this dream that a person came to me and showed me five fingers. What his interpretation of this but at the bottom, he wrote a little note. He said I just want to add one thing maybe you may not know about me. I am a medic have never stepped out of Medina Manoa my entire life. And that's the one thing that is holding me back from performing hajj because I fear that if I step out of Medina, what

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if I die outside Medina? I haven't found my hygiene either. This is something I haven't told. So, even if you didn't have to, like Alia wrote a letter back to him. He said, these five fingers are not referring to five days, five minutes, five hours, they are referring to the five things only Allah knows. And the fifth thing is where you're going to die. You can't dictate where you're going to go and do your Hutch in America for too long it like a little mouse he jumped he ran out of his borrow ran for performed the husband ran right back to Medina. And he said safe. Now I'm gonna look at this amazing right? His desire is to pass away in Medina moment Allah Subhan Allah says, we're in

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the homophobia.

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There are certain things even the prophets don't know. However certain things Allah shares with the prophets, but prophets do not have unlimited access to the knowledge of the unseen. This is our Athena Allah. Allah Mercado La Jolla, la when I came to LA he has to be a little superhuman Isha no one has complete access of the unseen, allow me share certain unseen matters at times, but no one has complete access. That's what the prophets of Allah says, Whoever goes to a fortune teller, his Salah will not be accepted for 40 days. You know, our children, we should train them from a young age. You know, we take it as a joke the Chinese cookies and we opened them up a little fortune,

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little paper in there, we laugh at a ha ha. But there are certain things that are clear the Prophet is saying 40 days of your prayers are not accepted not to you and I that little paper that's in the fortune cookie doesn't mean anything. No, but for the kid in me maybe what's written in the fortune cookie that very vague statement that you are going to be happy made maybe he's happy with the time zone like God is right I'm happy. This fortune cookie guy's a genius then we'll get back to him become an either or something right. So now this person's appeal is going to be destroyed. The Prophet is saying 40 days of your peers have not accepted. Then it continues on law says we are

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lovable Murphy's Law. Allah knows of everything that is on the earth and in the oceans. creations that you are already

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aware of that live underneath the ground live under deep in the ocean, Allah subhanho wa Taala I feel when I first put them in water, cotton Li Allah, there is not a leaf that falls from a tree in the Amazon jungle, but I know of it. Every single leaf, Allah knows who was the one who planted that tree there, how long it took the tree to grow, how many branches it has, how many leaves it has, how long will these these live? And when Where will they fall? The scholars they say underneath this ayah if Allah knows that about an inanimate object, a leaf, what do you think he doesn't know about you and I we're adding, we're really we have a solinas Allah knows much more about us than he knows

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about the leaf there. Some scholars while doing consider this verse they say, and what this is referring to is that underneath Allah subhana wa without his throne, he has a tree there's a tree there. And on each tree there is a leaf and each leave signifies the soul and every human beings body. And some days what happens is that in the morning, in the day, leaves fall from that tree from underneath the last thrown and whichever leaf falls from there that person falls in the world he dies. And then every morning Allah subhanaw taala gives the order today take the saints leaf down today take this person today take that person's leaf done and when their turn comes their leaf falls

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and that's the end of their life. And the next lesson how to one with Allah He then says Olivia couldn't believe Ya Allah Masha.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who gives you death yet a bit late at night. He is the one who puts you to sleep. And when you go to sleep when you're lying there, there is no person in the world other than Allah that can bring you back awake. And I was in England this this year. And I was in London and I got a phone call and brother said to me shift, there's a person that's passed away in Birmingham, the family members are requesting that you leave the janaza prayer. So we drove from London, we came down to Birmingham when we came there. It was a janazah of a two year old baby girl, young girl.

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And it was so big because that was the first time in my life. I actually had read journals on a two year old. And why it hurts so much why it was such a difficult one is because I have a two year old. And I was standing that further but then I was a prayer when we went to the burial site. When we lowered the baby down into the grief. The father was the one who lowered his baby with his own hands along with what I couldn't imagine that and when he lowered his baby in the ground like this. He didn't even have tears in his eyes. And that's what worried me the most actually feels crying. I would have been happy. He'd had no tears in his eyes just blankly emotions. So afterwards, I went to

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him I put my head on his shoulders Is everything okay? You know what he said to me? He said Melissa, last night, I was the one who tucked her in bed.

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Nothing was wrong with her. She was healthy. But she didn't wake up in the morning again.

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I didn't realize that that was the last time I was reading the blog to my daughter Allahumma Bismillah. Muto Aria, she passed away. But she didn't come back to me again. This is the reality of death. Allah subhanaw taala says in the ayah or when you cheat, you taste a little taste of death every night when you lie on your bed every night when you lie on your bed. You taste it a little bit, you taste it a little bit. But why don't you learn your lesson? You know my teacher used to always say every time you go to sleep, remind yourself that you may never wake up. And the last thing before you do before you go to sleep is actually the most important thing. Because if you

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don't wake up again, you will be doing that exact thing on the Day of Judgment. So make the last thing you do something very important in after you give your wife a little hug give her a kiss a little hug and give them a kiss and give your wife an embracing after you say I love you dear then turn to yourself and do a little Deacon of Allah we do a lot of them have a sneaky regionalize before going to sleep you know because if that's the last thing you do, it should be the most meaningful thing I want to end with teaching everyone here

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that if you guys promise you inshallah if you can't memorize the Arabic at least English what is that a lot. This is different your loved one used to make one of the most powerful laws and I love this love very dearly it's very dear to my heart. I'm looking to decode your loved one needs to make a very beautiful while he's to say Allahu

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Allah make the best part of the make the last part of my life The best part of my life. Some people they do good and then they mess up afterwards and they only reminisce over their good days or whenever 16 I was pious let us know what was gonna say go a lot. Make the last part of my life The best part of my life. I love my job or money

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will hire Amelie Hashimoto, Allah make the best deed I do my entire life. The most sincere deed I do my entire life, the deed that I do want to

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make that be the cream of the crop. Well hi Rahmani Halima, who will hire a yummy, yummy,

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yummy and Allah make the happiest and that best day in my life. Today I stand in front of you on the Day of Judgment, my loss of power that allow us all to learn from these beautiful gem

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makers from the true Mujahideen. Those who believe in Allah and frequently repeat La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu taala

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