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Gimeno bad behavior here it is with Joomla Laietana Halima to Mubaraka you send to Felix elemental Salah to Allah say edu Moodle your rasool Allah who earlier sabe salah the night of Jamar suppose at night there's much more luck in this night in the Sunday has to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam no good deeds. Yahweh Imam when necessary you face any Hebrew Saturday and so Hey, can

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I be hurry? Are all the hola I'll be there. It'll be very Radi Allahu Anhu con. Paula Nabil Salalah. Holly earlier Salam, this hadith is in the collection of nice ready to go to the museum in the city. And as soon as an authentic generation rate to us by a Buddha, it's one of my favorite hadith of all time, one of the most beautiful I rank in the first top 50 For sure. And it says it's not very long. It's worthy of maybe trying to memorize and honestly, it's one of them was one of the deepest things he it takes a lot. It actually takes a lot of unpacking to explain I haven't integrated it yet because of how deep it really is. But I think within it is a concept. There's a piece about real

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law, which is the the theme that we've been covering is the final Hadith on rights on that topic and I'll move on to something different next week in sha Allah. But it's just a beautiful Hadith it has something in it that helps with that. So this is what he said to his Salatu was Salam ala Yabba

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I Tara and Catherine murli who will Rena said, Oh, well, do you see having a lot of money? A lot of possessions to be wealth, Rena.

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Oh, that was a rhetorical question and without an answer to provide a source I'm just continuing. Yeah by though. In Emelina Vidal called

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welfare Kuru. Felker will Talib.

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Indeed are exclusively wealth is the wealth of the heart. And poverty is the poverty of the heart.

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For mankind, Alina Philby lay of the room, iData Yamuna. Dunya the person who whose wealth exists inside of their hearts, it doesn't bother them whatever it is that dunya dishes out to them like they're not harmed by whatever dunya gives them or doesn't give them lack of quality or lack of quantity. Because their their sense of wealth is internal it comes from the inside it's not dependent on anything coming from from the outside is not external is not does not depend on any external sources. Well, mankind Falco lb, and the one who's poverty exists in their heart fala yovani Hema oak Pharaoh Allah who feed dunya for in your bowl rune, EFSA, who should have said the

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one who's poverty exists inside their heart.

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No matter how much duniya you give them, it won't make them feel wealthy, they will always feel poor on the inside. Because because there's something there's something wrong fundamentally on the on the other side of things, so it will make them feel wealthy, if you give them Auxier if you give them a lot of dunya because exclusively was harming their knifes is their selfishness was harming them them was killing them on the inside was causing this is their own selfishness is showing this show. And that show no matter what you throw at it, or how much money you give it, it will never nothing will ever be enough. They'll always feel that they don't have enough. The others have more than a

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comparison that they fail, that they didn't get as much as they were hoping for how much are they how much they wanted. Because it has nothing to do with the external provision distribution. It has to do with a problem that exists on the other side of their of their, of their ribcage. It's on the other side that they that they struggle. Because on the inside, they feel that they don't have

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you don't have the poverties on the inside. And they can't get rid of that. And will lie this hadith is worthy of Yanni. Easily an hour it's a bit to go through the details of what he's saying. But also just listening to it. I'm pretty sure you can. You can you can catch his window, and you get what he's trying to say. It's not It's not how much you got. It's how you view it. How do you view what you got? How do you see it? What does it mean to you? How do you assess it? They say that Ramadan, us address school movement that the believer has motors. Does that mean you get a bigger paycheck and Ramadan? You don't. But what happens in Ramadan is that you realize how horrible it

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feels to be hungry all day. So you appreciate that I'm not hungry. So suddenly the small amount that paycheck that you're given seems more even though it's the same number, but it seems more because you just locked appreciation to what you were given. You lacked appreciation for what you have. That doesn't mean that you don't have aspirations and ambition and that you don't work hard to improve. But I'm talking about appreciation and access

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absence of what Allah subhanaw taala is given to you. If you have that, that wealth inside of you, then it doesn't matter what ALLAH SubhanA takes away from you in dunya or how much dunya you're given because your wealth is internal IT DOESN'T this is just an adult. This is something that comes and goes a variable that you will use whatever your value is telling you to use it but if there's poverty on the inside, you will never feel better no matter how much do not do any is throwing out you you won't feel better. You'll never feel that you'll never feel that you have enough you won't you have to get rid of that problem on the inside. And he said he explained that he saw something in

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them that you're gonna shuffle up was what's causing this problem is the is the show from a Yorkshire head of C folder, a government Moviefone. If you can protect yourself from your own selfishness, as was Josh's vocal is being cheap or frugal.

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show his selfishness is where you just you feel like you're entitled to more than if you have entitlement. There's nothing if you have a father or mother who has a kid that feels entitled, they can't stand them. They cannot stand there. You love your child. But if they if they show signs of entitlement, it's hard to love them. It's hard to stand by them because it kills off any hope of them ever appreciating anything you've done. You burn yourself to make to bring them something, but they feel entitled and of course you're gonna give me this. You should be giving me more. I should I should have more than this. Where's where's B and C? I brought me a he doesn't know that you're

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bleeding. You they don't see the trail of blood behind you when you brought them a because yeah, you fought for it. They want B and C so it's impossible to make them happy. And there's nothing you can do about it. Because the issue is not external. The issue is internal. And that's what is it Allah is the switch that you turn on on the inside. where suddenly you feel whatever he gives me. subhanaw taala I am I am content. I'm happy. I'm satisfied. I accept like 100 of you give me they came to save now sad to me what goes on this? I need this whole thing. This is gonna be have a halacha tonight. You have one.

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Does you have one? He does. Okay, okay, sorry. Okay, so I'm taking too long. I thought maybe we're doing we're done. I'll just say this story quickly. Setting aside can be Java dour. I mean he was someone that people would come through and say yes, I'm gonna make dua for us. And he would make dua and Allah subhanaw taala drank cup, he became blind at the end of his life. So he said he I said to the nurse, I find out that they're old enough sick you make dua for others, and ALLAH SubhanA Gransden whatever it is, you make dua for make dua for yourself, you're blind for God I shade when it's above Allah hula hula de F Allah Allah who didn't have see this is something Allah subhanaw

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taala has given me I don't accept it. He's what he gave me I accept I don't want to change it. I'm not gonna ask him to get rid of something he gave me this what he gave me at the end of my life he took my site I'm happy with it he took and I'm happy with that he left and I'm happy with it he gave and I'm happy with he didn't give because that's what the other is because his wealth exists on the other side. And that's what it is and I hope I hope that's beneficial to your will him I'm gonna say Eu fees to me he said he's gonna be there it will be very early Allah who I know gotta interview some Allahu Allah Who early will send them Yeah.

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I tell her Careful, I tell Marie who will be in a

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in a Melvina called welfare cruel, cruel called for mankind. Alina de la Eudora, whom I love to hear Amina duniya America woman Candleford prophy palpi Fila, you Huni Hema Auxier Allah whom in a dunya in your dorm room, if so, who should sort of Rasulullah sallallahu antialias like business recommendation Lele lend itself to Li wa sallahu wa salam ala