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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT without further ado we'll begin share we have two private questions that have come in the first question is can you explain the concept of Allah Allah will Bara and its place in our upgrader?

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So, the first thing actually the rip the part you know Arpita had been misunderstood by the people you know so many years and so many texts.

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So people think after you die some die for the belief which make you believer so that should be understood properly actually did not like that holy what Allah has revealed to the people that they must follow his Dean and the dean is two parts Iman and Islam and that were Quran is coming there's no single word in the Quran about our credo and people should have upgraded to a pita PETA basically started in

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in second century or something after that, when Muslims are divided into many groups, each group wants to you know decide its own identity that which group group do you belong? You like belonging so people have heard of G Mata Zilla she if you belong to Shia group, do you have the Iraqi The Akita basically the door that set are the words that make you distinguish from other groups are to make very clear that you belong to this group, network data is a key that could be within the fact people could have agreed that they will have hypocrite to agree that does not make people believe or agree they just belonging. So this one thing should be understood properly. You know, explains it so

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many times I don't have time to go into detail. I've been teaching the course and Abida you know, for some time, one day or two days course, to maybe you can find some of recorded record recording there, too, while on a bearer instrument in the Rockies or something like that, basically select one of the karma feasts and I'll let you know the prayers of mouth is alarm, jihad is a hook MFIs to similarly you know, well, you know, more or a lot, meaning either the believers are friends or the believers loyalty to the believers, that with unbelievers, they have Modaraba meaning that they can live in the peace, you know, if they are in the piece, that cannot be Muslims as to just have so

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many countries, they can live in peace. Similarly, non Muslims can be citizens of Muslim country, they can live in peace, but either when people are in war with you and fighting with you, so you have to make very clear that you know, you don't have liked to to them. So loyalty is for the people who are of same faith and they live in the same place and Bara is, you know, disloyalty to any group of the people who fight Muslims and they don't live in the same countries they don't have same religion so that the Bara to the one of the help of Allah subhanaw taala

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that but this only happens when you have got a proper in Dar Al Islam, your house of Islam at the moment actually, Muslims don't have under Islam. So it is all you know Villa and Buddha they just see the words that they don't mean anything because they had no no Muslim no doubtedly salaam to Willa Baraka, Islam at the moment that noodle Islam, the whole word basically for Muslims, Muslims like Daraa Daraa Dawa, you are here and you call people to, you know, to the religion or you can say you know,

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the house of the security and peace. But we don't want to distinguish this divide the world into dar Dar Al Islam or dar COFRA Dora harbor because at the moment that nothing like that.

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Exactly. Okay. Don't share that. The next question is, there are numerous instances in the Quran where Allah engages with the Jews and Christians such as recounting their stories, correcting them or telling them information, the Arabs would not know, did the Quraysh understand these references?

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Because of kurage actually have been in touch with all these groups, kurage used to travel you know, they used to go to

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Sharm Duchamp, where there are so many Christians and also use Koresh used to travel to Yemen as well, where there are Christians and Jews. And Makkah was at the center of trading. So Jews and Christians used to come here, and few people in Makkah converted to some of these religions. So

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What actual clever people they are in the they are actually, their own poetry refers to Judaism and Christianity today and although maybe they don't want details, but they know enough to understand the Quran

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as an ally Lakeisha will move on to the next the next set of questions which have been asked in the comments box. So the first question is from Sophia, who asks, Can you give your insights into Nikka l Mata and its if they love even husbands Mohalla mentioned Ali did the lock code and that review was only found from two Sahaba Do you think the shears are correct in this

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day that the word MATA is used in more than one meaning I'm not I means are temporary enjoyment. So when you go for the hijab, there are three types of hygiene you go live for hydrating for that

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you will make contention for the hydrogen brass both are the same time

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that the Pirot and then the Mata Mata is when you go for hydrogen, but you make intention for Amara, you don't rather than you become Khaled come out from your haram and then after that when the time for the husk comes in Euro you put on a raft or the hydrogel, to in between Amara and height there is a time when you can relax you know you don't have you know, obligations that are haram. So that matar so the professor did Motala to people think, you know, this could be that, um, that another motor to DC motor I've had that, you know, allowed, I'm Melissa to the best height and the motor in

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relation between men and women. That was the one type of Marija Helia when this alarm came it for a bed wake up Quran makes very clear that you know, people are not allowed to have relation Illa Allah Azza wa, Malacca a man whom, except where the wife's two people get married to properly with a mother and no time, you know, so that anything else it is so what people call it moto Moto, that is, you know, they're no different between this and between Xena and that very clear in Sahih Muslim all the books are the Hadith the companies that the prophets Allah listen, they never did matar you can see you know when wine was forbidden to before that people used to drink wine.

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So if matava halal and if profit only for a bit more in the favor and in in in under conquest of Makkah. Then before that people should do Mata if it Hala Abu Bakr Muhammad Ali matar Omar name of the Prophet never did Omar never did Ali never do Mata know what the master Shia people, none of them ever have done Mata or the muhajir danza what happened in RFC used to do you know so when the prophets are found out some people are doing mothae the Haber because they were new in Islam he Farber them

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then he founded Makkah there are a few people did Matata here he forward them to people think before that was allowed. No he never allowed you only forbid whenever he found out. The MATA is Zina there's no difference between mortalities and it absolutely is. If punishment is semi, Zina, you know to haram and Simba is never allowed to worship people or do relief to just dinner with nothing you know there's nothing near to halal. So it all of them have made up their only mouths. They have no alt Well you must ask them. Have you found any of your Imam did Mata know Imam Hasan Mata no single report from Shia mother hub that any Imam did Mata and one of the Yarlung has written a book

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and he said oh this year all of my they do Mata and if you go to Anisha limini Iran and asked him that I want to do moto with your sister or daughter who will kill you. They don't like for their own Daughter and Sister to do Martha but with other people they do this thing because they know demoted Xena. So you know be careful Mata has no nothing to do with Islam. It absolutely haram it is Jehovah thing, you know and the Quran very clear. There's only one thing allowed for believers is Nika you know with no timing and it should be with Mahara proper witness full responsibility and proper function of function. We will get house accommodation in honor people know their wife and husband

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then they have children that it's a relationship for enjoyment that does not exist in Islam is not never allowed to all these things that happened now. Miss er people marry somebody in secret. Oh, you know people have two wives and they don't tell anybody or secret or marry all these are people in the salon can marry. Now none of them I doubt marriage should be only allowed with two conditions. One is the function that you marry and you

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want to make house meaning it won't hurt you

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have a family. And second condition is that you must take orders mazzotti accommodation are expensive. Two people are allowed to marry a woman to make a home to make in a family. And second thing take all the responsibility anything other than that is not Islamic.

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Just a little later. And the next question is where Miriam who asks a Salam o alaikum, and thank you for the sessions, they have been most beneficial. I have to admit, I have been reckless with my prayers for many years. And only recently have I understood the importance of the fourth prayers. But although I am aware that I missed many, many prayers in the past, I don't know how many so how can I do cover up this press?

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You know, this is not something new, but many people have been doing this thing. And then they write the start. So in this matter, you know, is it the easy thing, just think of when you become in became adult, you know, when you were 1314 1516, whatever. And then from there time until the time you realize that you know, you must do the prayer between this how many years 567 Whatever, yes, you have missed a prayer, then you need to do that. What do you do with every prayer, just do one other prayer. And we make it easier like for example, you know, when you press over, this forecast sooner, therefore UK offered to rasuna

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in this forecast sooner, do for Raka cordata. Previous years, to every day, you do for further of the past year and for further of the dead. Similarly for ISIS, Mr. Mrs. Aisha to receive each prayer you do other so if you have missed the prayers of five years, in five years, you have done all that or six years simply like that, and repent to Allah subhanaw taala He will forgive you and in meanwhile people die Allah you know knows their intention in forgive the Buddha he just wants to see you that you really serious you want to repent you want to do your cada to start doing your Miss prayer inshallah.

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Zack Hello, credit check. The next question is by shad man who asks a salam ala Kosha. Do you mind giving insights into the conditions of Juma living in the West? Is it mandatory as today? There are no Amir's and the classical Fick works at these conditions.

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Yeah, the reason the murderer, you know, Amira, and all those things, because, you know, in Joomla, there's a quarterback speech, in addition to amis, just people, you know, about jihad, about the future plan for the believers, everybody has the same opinion, they don't differ. There are very important for the unity of the believers, that, you know, either Amin, our terminal, someone who represents the mute, he gets put away and he leaves the player. At the moment, we don't have a mirror, but what can happen to the Muslims in every locality, they should have, you know, somebody a leader, or, you know, imam or someone and who in that locality tells the believers in the speech,

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you know, what the plan for the future or next week what they need to do what they emphasize, to that, who the boss should be more about the social matters of the believers, society,

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nothing what a Madhava in the school or differences rather than things which you know, the believers to like when the time for the heat comes more experienced about they'll eat or for the apples you want, there is a need to help any Muslim community in the world, to the speaker should speak about diet, or maybe there is something wrong going on the society. And you know, the speaker wants to reform that and draw that to show the people you know, that to do that the things that you don't need really political leader in any leader of the society and do the same.

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Is that locate and ship the next question is make *up better who says many are talking about Quran having multiple versions ie in Surah Fatiha, it has Malik and Malik both? Are there multiple versions and why does the Quran call itself a book even when it was compiled later?

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You know, Quran is a book because it that it has been it's a book of Allah subhanaw taala with him, and then he revealed to the people in pieces. But part of those books today for example, I have got a book written to me, and I teach my students so one part one part two part one part one part until the book is complete. To to the book, I'm preaching from that, to Allah is revealing to the people from him that he has got it in his book, in the heaven. And from that he teaches people whatever they need, and the prophets allows us to put those revelation in the right order, it can add up or manage Angel, like a book. And people used to memorize them like a book in the order of the book,

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not in the order of revelation. Two it always had been treated as a book. But when the first lesson was alive, it was

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to impossible to make one copy reasonably revelation can come and he will have to any part in the middle into here because it's a book. So book has order, but the revelation comes with different order. So that why in the life or the person lesson could not be made of one single book, don't people rememorize it in the right order. When he passed away that was the right time. Because now new a new revelation come, so no nowhere to change to now after that I will cast a deep put them in one bound copies. But people memorize like a book it had been a book, even when a festival came, it was Frank book with a lot of Motala that the Quran was a book, a rebuke to the prophets, Allah

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listen them in 23 years, peace and peace, but the Prophet used to treat the book to read in the right order, order the revelation that how people differ in the reading that's different materially like writing, you know, in any language how you write calligraphy, to similarly Quran or other people could write it. Sometimes they write a leaf. Sometimes they don't reflect Tala sometimes they would like off alarm and but the reader Allah, sometimes they write off olive love Allah. So that how they do and when you write like that, do you also flexible in reading to like when you write a Maliki with me Milan cough two people can read it a Maliki and they also can read a Maliki by

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doesn't make any difference anyway to our heads along with the meaning is same there could be various readings so that what happened so in what people are allowed to write in a car to refuse to write and read aspiration or read and of course reading could differ from one in every language you have got to know different pronunciation, different accent Similarly Arabic language

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is an ally Luca chef. The next question is by Fatiha, who asks the lamea ship does the word Hi Ron meet mean faith invest 70 of sorrel and fall

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as it refers to the captors of old brother Can we can we take the following verse partially to justify any compensation given by Allah when we lose something in life

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furthered means a good you know sometimes we refer to the money will sometimes refer to the EMR sometime Muhammad. So Palooka kohara means the Buddha means Allah swatter no realize that you have got a collaboration to the Eman your heart is pure and things like that, that he will give you better than what had been given here. It means the wealth the money that has been given taken from you because of composition, he will give you more than that. To her could be money could be wealth could be Emaar could be anything only means good.

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Is up low current shirt. The next question is by Anwar, who has a Salam aleikum Shia if I'm tired or traveling in public transport can I do dhikr of Allah silently without using tongue? Only in my mind, will I get the same reward? Yeah, you know to be the reward really to think about Allah, His kingdom, His power, His majesty, His knowledge His mercy Rama Do you don't need to say even you think that also big thing. So people should do the crane or with the tongue or with a curry The thinking is more important. The thinking that with the tongue that's so good with no thinking than you know those who think they have more reward than who don't will just stay with the tongue. So it

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is good really that you think what Allah subhanaw taala you know, think about his majesty, His power. You know, he the Mercy Rama, his favorites upon the people that good that will make your relationship stronger. To people should versatility big reward, or because of thinking your money will come with stronger.

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Narco future the next question asks, in Quran and Hadith when I see supernatural events or miracles, it feels very hard on the heart. What should we do for verses which are tough to believe about the past or future?

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You know, there's nothing really super nature or natural or just supernatural and even nature is made by law. We know what you see every day you think it is natural. And what you see sometimes is supernatural. But otherwise, the way your eyes see it not natural. It isn't made by Allah, the way to if you're not to start seeing that you think God is supernatural, but actually the one who made it to see he can make the nose to see it. I had nothing to do with seeing it. Because Allah made it to when you see sun is rising from the east. Do you have no problem? If the sun started rising from the west? Do you think God is supernatural on the one who mirrors sun to rise from East is the same

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thing for him? It is no difference at all. You know, if we're allowed to hotel and makes a big number to win the award, he can make a small number to window or he could put the cover in the heart of the big number of the people that run over

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He saw all these things done by him. He that's why we have to trust in Him, you know things don't happen either we see they happen because of the Command of Allah. But because Allah has made hybrid, so people know it otherwise it all sin you know at least Sunday night give delight you'll only see from that from Sun lay down who gets the light you know the rain does not bring the water Allah but in the water, you only see the clouds. So, because you know that you think you know that how it happened this how he does where he can make water without cloud you know he can give Beretta you got a small container container and he can give so much water and then if so many people can drink he

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can make it more you know the water's coming

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from Cloud very similar that you know water is boiling from your container like the prophets are saying you have so many miracles it also familiar I don't ever feel a difference you know if somebody has got you know like one glass of water and 1000 people drink from it. I have no problem because you know, I know really even when the water comes from the whale or from the you know color the same thing but alas come on to he can command this water to become the big quantity he said and things are there so natural not natural or connection to us not to hold a lead on human nature anything he made that nature to what you call supernatural meaning it you don't know that why almost

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a hierarchical order mean disciplinary things are

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against your high but you don't see them to basically breaking your habit but unless

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everything happened to him to when people have got a child from you know father or mother

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that's also supernatural because it how can I help? How can charter come from this religion? If somebody gets a child without a father, just a mother like Marie Melissa has got it Elisa, the same thing commanded to when their husband or wife and digger children exactly same thing were happening they're both are commodified otherwise, husband wife cannot make children nothing can happen to what is happening it is to the habit that you have been seen. Both are exactly a deadweight loss not to break the habit to teach you that what you have been seeing it is my command and what now you've seen something new, that's also my Kumar to develop the hybrid to remind you that there is no hybrid

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and not at all my command

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medical Future The next question is by for him who asks salaam Dasha, I see scholars who studied in Arab speaking countries emphasize memorizing Arabic, Madonna Philip text or Hadith Mr. lahad texts like Waconia but I do not see this much in the teachers who studied in the subcontinent. Can you please elaborate the importance of memorizing fetco Bayko neotype texts for becoming a student of knowledge this contrast in the importance of memorizing texts outside of the Quran and Hadith confuses me.

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Yeah, because people think really that you know, when you know by heart, you know so much truth really they all understand you know, those of us are not important. So whether you will illuminate based on your don't mind Morrisania what matters really to understand those terms of Hadith terminologies you know, most of the heart and also if you don't understand them, and just keep memorizing them, nothing really happened. So you know, could be people have some tradition somewhere to memorize all those things. But don't think that see the dot who memorize Don't, don't do some most don't produce something, you know, just memorize you can impress they can read many many verses

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or those what how am I gonna understand how am I gonna think there's different knowledge actually thinking and understanding not to just a gardener if you don't even realize you got the book. You can different the book you don't you don't need to know by heart. But what you need to do is to understand how you derive the knowledge how can you test the knowledge how can you prove it? How can you develop it further that what is Scholarship is a Scholarship not that you copy from somebody's book your mind copy, copying, whether in memory or copying you know in the book, it's the same thing copying the knowledge, knowledge how you develop the further how you test it, how improve it so I'm

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not really I don't advise people just keep memorizing useless thing. Do I also memorize you know, when I was a young child, minute in the novel people ask us to do what I want there to very beneficial very beneficial thing to understand.

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is an alloy Laker shirt The next question is by Mohammed Abu, who asks, Can you help us understand the concept of human shape on?

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Yeah, so a lot of Hautala has made it in a journey than human beings. And

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people have got their own desire knifes you know, which follow the desire. So you've got fitrah which wants to

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We didn't get to the right nature. So people have got some more more corrupted, to like, you know, people want to drink and eat more and more, they enjoy that until actually, and they don't understand really what the purpose of eating, then they are your friend, they will make you to do something or let's go to this restaurant eat a deer and during the day, some people become you know more about sexual relations and desire. And they go deeper and deeper then they ask their friends or do the same to so nice and this and that, and you follow them. I know some people watch movies, and then they influence you to data. Shan Shan is somebody who reverse extremely, he rebels so much that

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he makes other people to rebel Anessa. So that could be Jin, there could be shatta to many, all your friends who make you to do a sin. There shaytan there he won't shatter. Like you know, you initiate and he also putting your heart. So if anybody asked you to do a sin, or to do something wrong, be aware that it was a shaitan misleading leap. You can correct him, but don't follow Him, follow Him follow shatta

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is up no credit check. The next question

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is Salam can we believe that everything is made easy for us is because of our parents, though? How about those whose parents died when they're small? What is their continuous blessing?

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But I think we made it easy for Rebekah Lady first in her law, you know, he'd hurt by the more have mercy upon you more kindness than all the parents. You know, if somebody has no parent is still line of guides them, a freak of parents are against you. They still look at you. Like if

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his parent do not make any to offer him access to Dr. Carson him, you know that? That he the best person? What are the top person the preference muscle after had no parent to make dua for him. But he's so good. So it is not that you know it. Most importantly himself are like the one who guides people who sent the Quran Allah is the one who gets people. So that is the most important thing you need to learn how to take from Allah. Then after that everybody left for now but you know, like money comes to you all those, but other people also can help you. And among the people who help you, your parents are the most important one that also can be beneficial. But it does not mean if the

00:27:22--> 00:27:44

parent don't make dua, you don't have things No, a law can give you more than what parent means. Sometimes people can, you know, it depends how you take from somebody could have no parent died or the unbelievers coffee or they're very bad. He can eat better than all those people whose parents are very pious. And you can't say what the Sahaba

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most of the Sahaba kumara Fatah husband did not make the Wiser unbelievers and Wakasa Dix perimeter parents were unbelievers, many of you can say more smart than Lutron who say Mali, his father but not believer, the so good. And those people who are born in Medina, the parents are good. They are not like them. They are lower than them, though parents are so good. So just having good parent does not mean you are better than others. If Allah gives you can give you without the parent. But you know, yeah, second, no daughter you can also get from your parents. But the most important to learn how to get from a local hotel

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because alcohol can ship the final question we'll have today is for from Farson who asks, In India, the bride's parents give huge amounts for the newly wedded couple for their future life. I without the groom I as the groom, I'm not demanding this what should the groom do with it? Yeah, actually, you know, Hindu culture, carry Hindu tradition.

00:28:50--> 00:29:11

You know, when the father dies or mother dies, only the male child inherits. The daughter does not inherited anything to what they do they think okay, Shinto did daughter Naga to get anything. So give her what you want to know, to she can you know have her house whatever, you know, live properly. So that way they give all those things

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you know to the Golden Rule Do language, Jehovah is it from Arabic word jihad, Jihad stuff that father gift to his daughter.

00:29:21--> 00:29:51

This is why very wide is spreading in South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And actually these poor people they cannot afford it. Sometimes they borrow money and debt and loan, sell the you know land. It is such so heavy really. And I don't think that people should do this thing. So the men who are marrying the women, they should make very clear to me that I will marry but all the expenses will be on me that was that was not on my my wife on the bride or the family.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

When the father dies, yeah, certainly she inherited everybody else in Islam, but this expensive in the mountain

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Marriage. Currently Islamic law there is no expensive and the women are their family. All the expenses are on the men married and the men accommodate providing accommodation and the men expense on them when he might undermine every single expense of the married and the men or the women. So whatever happened in South Asia, that all data very harmful could be sinful as

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desert glow head and chef. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it. The week after next next week, there won't be any q&a Because Schiff is traveling so we'll be back hopefully the week after next. please save your questions for them because up a little late and shift for your time, and just Appollo head on everyone for joining and hopefully we'll be back at 6pm BST in two weeks time. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.