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Tree of Iman & the Conditions of Laa illaha ila Allah

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All right, sound like everyone,

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allow us to do that. So we're continuing with our discussion of telehealth. Now this is our third session. And we've spoken about, okay, the robo via right that a lot is the Lord of lords. He's the master. He's the king of kings. He's the one who was brought out of nothing, everything. And we've come to that conclusion that we said, well, if that's the case, that Oh, he'd have approval via if we understand that correctly, it should lead us to making a law, our only, you know, the only one that we should worship. And this is where we're in that part. And we spoke briefly last time about the tree of faith. And I wanted to just go through it with you really, really quickly. Once again,

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we said that the imagery that Allah subhanaw taala gives them a believer in the Koran is that of a tree and sort of Ebrahim that it's deep in its roots. Us, Lou has found it. Now, you and I, we kind of know a little bit about trees, but not enough. And I want you to know in like the last decade, not not many years, just in the last five to 10 years, science has come to an advancement, where they now understand that trees

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are a lot more magnificent than you and I think so trees speak to each other. And you'd be like, Okay, how I don't hear the sound? Well, it's not always with sound. So trees that have a fungus that is on their roots in their roots around the roots in the soil. And the trees use that fungus as a signaling mechanism to other trees. So what they found is like if you have trees in one side of a forest or kilometers away, and they get invaded by say a certain type of fungus, or a certain, you know, pest that's eating at their, at their bark or something, the tree sends off a signal that now science can detect that that signal goes through the roots to the other side of the forest saying,

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hey, this thing is invading us is beginning to hurt us. Prepare for it. So all of a sudden scientists are like how did the trees over there know, to build resilience against this particular five door against this particular MOS or, and they began to discover that the routes are actually speaking to each other. I want you to watch this video. Alright, I'm just gonna put it and it's a quick two minute video.

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Trees may look like solitary individuals, that the grounds beneath our feet tells a different story. Trees are secretly talking, trading and waging war on one another. They do this using a network of funding that grows around and inside their roots. The funding provide the trees with nutrients, and in return they receive sugars. But scientists have found this connection runs far deeper than first thought. by plugging into the fungal network. trees can share resources with each other. The system has been renamed.

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It's all the trees formerly known as mother trees use this uncle network to supply shaded seedlings with sugars, giving them a better chance of survival. Those trees that are sick or dying they don't have the resources into the network, which might then be used by healthier neighbors. Plants also use funding to send messages to one another. If they're retired, they can release chemical signals through their roots, which can warn their neighbors to raise their defenses. But like on the internet, the World Wide Web has its dark side to some all kids hack the system to steal resources from nearby trees and other species like black walnut, spread toxic chemicals through the network to

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our boreal cybercrime aside, scientists are still debating why plants seem to behave in such an altruistic way.

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The hidden network creates a thriving community between individuals. When you're next in Woodland, you might like to think of trees as part of a big super organism chatting and swapping information out to be

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quite incredible. I know you'd be you know, astounded to hear that it's amazing lights, please.

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So I want you to think about that. Now Allah subhanaw taala tells us many places in the world and that when we consider our life, we should consider it with the parable, the similitude the example of

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the life of trees and the life of vegetation that we come out of the earth. We're born with very little strength. We rely on everyone and everything around us and that builds

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Until we become strong and eventually hachiman through huria, we lose our strength and then we're scattered like the weak.

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Trees are also prostrating to a lot. I want you to think about that for a second. So lots of times Allah says, and this is in Solomon had to magnificent version before on. Well, most of the time that tells us that, you know, we worship a loss of kindness

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as faithful people in terms of our divided in terms of our worship of him by choice, but Allah says intuitive hedge aventura and the La Jolla studio, Memphis, semi wacky woman fill out, don't you see that to a lot prostrates all that's in the heavens of the earth. And I want you to think about that word prostrate. It doesn't mean for everything that you do when I make what is the concept of servitude? What does it really mean? It means that you will do for Allah, what you will not do for anyone else, not even your father, like your father will walk in and say put your face on the ground. When you see me. You'd be like, that's child abuse.

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I don't do that. Nobody has the right to subdue you and push your face to the ground five times a day in rituals. No one has that right. It's only something that you think is greater than you that has more power than you, that you, you do with love, also with fear and hope in it, right? That's the concept of revival.

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Trees prostrate to a law, not by choice but because they are ordered to follow the guidelines set for them, the skies, the heavens, the earth, the sun, the moon, and nejen what sugar would go up the everything around us submits to the authority of a lot, we can even make a mess and many mankind submit to the authority of Allah, which one of mankind will we be? Are you the one who will volunteer themselves out of love out of fear and out of hope to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And that's really the basis of what we believe when we say

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and let you know in the law of love. So the notes that you have, I want you to fill in some of the missing sections there. We said that the very first part that the roots is a laws way of discussing the inner belief of a believer the heart, what you and I have is that your roots must be really deep in your faithfulness in Islam, and your root must be certain about the law. So kind of want to add to that the questions you have whatever it is that comes to mind, that you settle your heart, Leo, in a country, that you want your heart to be at ease to be in comfort in your relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, if you have strong roots, you can build a strong tree. And a strong tree

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begins with good stock with a good trunk with the part of the tree that will hold up all of the vegetation and the fruits that will come into being into the future. And therefore the practice of Islam. The proof of your belief in the loss of kind of went to Ana is that you believe in a law but you do buy what you're commanded. And therefore the five pillars they're called pillars because they hold up your stealing of Islam. They hold up your faith in a lot by proving your faithfulness to a lot of zolgensma. Now if you can manage that, if your heart can become settled with faith, and if you're able to grow faith inside in a way that is greater than what you seek to show other people

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outside, you become a meaningful Muslim, a practicing Muslim and then you begin to do the actions of Islam that will make your roots deeper because as your tree grows, your roots need to grow and they begin to irrigate and give you greater nutrients to make you grow further. And therefore it's that cyclical process that if you have faith, it cannot be faith without action. And also cannot Allah tells us always in the Quran, and yeah you Allah Nina and men who are famous for that, if you believe establish prayer, I love you and I know what I mean you have solidly heart. Those who believe and work righteous deeds, you can never be slightly hard unless a man precedes it.

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He mind is the catalyst of consistent good deeds. A person can do good deeds but without seeking a law and without having faithfulness in it. It's just not enough and requires more and therefore your actions continue to prove the faith that is deep rooted in your heart. Now that attaches itself to the beauty that will flourish and the fruits of your faith will show your leads will grow higher and your branches will reach for the sky. Your your branches will become heavy with

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The fruits of success of good worship, which is righteousness, and then I'm an astrologer. And you want to righteousness to be predicated build and sustain by deep roots, so that your fruits can become healthy, that they can become sweet. And that it's something where you can taste that success of faith. Now, of course, every so often the good deeds that you do will get cut away from you. And the fruits get taken, and you got to regrow them, you got to retrain yourself, and you got to do things again. And that's why Allah commanded us to fast but not too fast every day of the year, two past one month, and then you get a break, and then you rebloom and it's almost like that tree, you

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re harvest that you regrow it. How'd you regrow that guy, it's annually into into hapa, it's actually with the things that grow in your day to day life. It's only if you have savings for over a year and you're comfortable, then good, right? And that's very intentional in our philosophy as Muslims, so the tree of faith will grow and regrow and regrow. And you'll always find newer and better things to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala with that are all related back to the pseudonym and the tradition of r&b, Mohammed sama, La Jolla.

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Is it enough to say that in Africa law and not understand its conditions? And the answer is no. And we kind of trailed off on this, the last time we met, we didn't give it the justice that it deserves. Because this is faith. I want you to know that you can't be a believer, you can't say that enough in the law and stop there. You can't even be a believer and say, Oh, I know enough about God. You know, there's certain things that I'm not sure about, you know, you have to build faith. And the first step is aim. And also kind of a guy that tells us in the foreign to the prophets, I send them that island and Naboo La ilaha illAllah, even Uriah Mohammed come to the certainty of knowledge that

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none is worthy of worship of Allah, the prophets I send them Allah says to in the Quran woman to attend that event kita you didn't know the details of this book? Well imagine the details of this fate. Giant novel neuron, I gave you this light, removing you from the darkness,

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even for our bond, and

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Weren't you in a place where you didn't know the true guidance, and I led you to me. So

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we asked the Lord to lead us to him as he led others before us. So the first step has to be knowledge you have to know more about above. You can't just be a Muslim who says, Oh, I know how to read the Quran. But you know, I'll never know what it means. You have to always every step of the way you want to become more acquainted with a lot. And that's why I come to LA we pride ourselves on learning about faith. A Muslim is not ignorant about anything in life, especially about their faith, you have to know about who is a lot and why we believe what we believe in. That's the basis of these lessons. And that's why Allah tells us to discover him through his names, who through his

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attributes, through his descriptions, when he left,

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the room will be happy. If you're going to worship God, worship me through my names, take on those characteristics in your life. So you want me to be generous to you then became to others. You want me to be merciful to you show mercy to others. You want me to be just an hakken alive. You want me to show you justice? Show it to others. Be careful in your treatment of others. It comes with knowledge. But that knowledge without certainty is not enough. You must transcend merely knowing God to believing in God, not just affirming, but now holding witness. And then when we said I shall do it means like I see it everything in my life is so clear, I can witness the reality of a lot in

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every part of my life in every facet, the good days and bad days. It's in the power of a month. And I'm certain of a loss of Hannah Montana. Now, if a person is knowledgeable, and they've gained that level, where they trust that this is the truth, Jenna is real Hellfire is real, a lot is real. And Mohammed came with the truth. And this is something that I would I will die upon. That means they must accept what it causes them to. And the third part of our conditions of faith is acceptance. You can't be a believer and reject from the hole and what you don't like that doesn't fit your lifestyle. You can say Oh, I like all this in the front except this part. I'll do all this executive

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job. I'll do all this except fasting. I'll do all of this except I don't want to give charity I don't want to give some I don't want to look after the off. I don't want to do this. Okay, I'll do all that but why should I be limited? What Why can't I date? Why can't I go out in society and just enjoy myself everybody else's.

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There's accepted. Now I'm not saying that there won't be Muslims who do those things. But the

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Difference between Islam and lacking faith is that a Muslim might do the wrong but no, it's wrong. It's different to do the wrong and say well, I don't care who said it's wrong. I love said it's wrong. So when you reject what a law sent, and when in your heart, you don't have the capacity to at least accept it even if you're not practicing, even if you're still struggling to get this even though in your hope in your future you hope to get there.

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That is the criteria of faith. There has to be acceptance and Allah subhanaw taala describes the believers by saying Paul you set marinov and

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kalinina we hear and we obey what is we here means it means we heard in smcm unity unity, Imani and an inaugural. Mmm, Ola. We heard somebody summoning us to believe in God, Oh Allah, we came. And therefore after hearing, there has to be submission. And it's not enough to say okay, okay, accept that on that. I'm not doing it. I will never do it. Okay, I accept I should wear this or do this or eat this or not eat this. I accept that. But I'm not going to do it. I'll never do it.

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Yeah, prayer is a great thing. But there's no way I will ever wake up professional. There's no way

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that's unacceptable. There has to be an attempt to comply, apply. I met that in your heart. semina. I hear and I'm going to do my best to do it I except I shouldn't be doing it. Maybe at the time I'm not but I'm moving forward towards it. There can be no compulsion in your heart that leads you further away from what Allah has summon.

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And that's the feeling of regret and remorse. When we do something that is away from what Allah has requested, we should feel the pain and the sharpness of the sin in our heart. And the the less that pain is the further we are away from Allah. Now that should lead us to truthfulness. What does it mean to be truthful with Allah, that with the loss of kind of Allah, you recognize that whenever you do a log will not accept anything divided between him and others. And the last parameter that says in an alpha now,

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I am the most without need of all that I will not join myself or allow anyone to be joining with me in worship. There's you can't come and say, Yes, I'm going to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. But really the only reason I'm up there because of the school rules. So it's like 5050, once I got up there, yes, I'm worshiping Allah, but really had nobody told me I wouldn't have gone on. If my dad didn't wake me, I'd never I never set the alarm myself. A log doesn't accept, accept what is good, what is good, what is intending what is sincere, what is truthful. And therefore in your heart, always bring it back to a lot, always between you and a lot sit and find the truthfulness of that

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moment, even if it's just before. So it might be that it is the school rules that made you come up for the prayer. But now that you're there, just and that's what I always say to you, before I read the prayer, I say find your quiet with a lot. Take that one minute, one second, and set your nia. You don't just forget everything around you. No, no, I'm doing this not because my friends are here. I'm not doing this because the teachers expect me to be because my parents are because of science assignments will know this is for a lot.

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And that moment of truth is the difference between life and death. It's an amazing experience once you change from obligation because others expected to this is out of love and service and fear and hoping alone, that at the moment I said Allahu Akbar, everything else was small, and only a lot was great in my life. That's powerful. Right? That's the hope that you find that truthfulness. And with truthfulness, you can become sincere. Sincere means you expect reward from a loss. And you expect punishment only from Allah, you're not fearful of anything else. Your reward is from a law that I'm doing this because Allah is the one who's going to reward me, I'm going to get this from Allah

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azzawajal. This is from him. And for him sapan me, which is number seven is love. And that's what's going to be our next section we're going to talk what does it mean to love a lot and it's difficult to love a loss of control data is the highest of all worship. That's the greatest act of worship You and I do, that we can find in a moment of our service of our love of our worship of love that we love and love some kind of time.

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Number eight and nine are things we want to push away from our life. We will deny worshiping, loving, fearing, hoping in anything or anyone other than alone. So you deny that worship you deny all of the above

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deny accepting anything from anyone the way I accept from Allah. I deny submitting myself to anything, anyone except the way I submit to Allah. That's only for a month. Right? And finally, I do that until I returned to Allah. So you might be a really good practicing Muslim today, you say, Oh, well, I did it. I've done it for a week, I've done it for a month for a year hamdulillah I did my head, that's it, I'm gonna go do what I got to do now. And you die on something other than that are not fulfilling your legacy with a law that what was in the past is outdone by what would come in the future. So part of the aim of the conditions of you being a believer is that it is a lifelong

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sustained process, that it's not something that you aim to give up on.

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So what's the concept of Riba? any bad that to be said is worship. It is to love fear and hoping to love but it's got a very technical definition. And the definition is very simply, at least one gem, it's a comprehensive collective term, it's like a term that covers all things. You couldn't imagine people who lost for everything Allah loves, for a person to do outwardly. Or to feel inwardly, you will love him and call him out various altos different different, everything that a lot loves, for me to say, to do meaningful physical, that people can see a parent or anything in my heart that nobody is aware of just between me and a loss of kind of data. But the question then is, well, how

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do I know what Allah loves? Like, is there a list? And the answer is yes, of course, a loss of control data didn't just say, Do whatever you want to do. A loss of control. It says, You've got to worship me the way I want to be worship the way I expect to be worshipped. And therefore Allah sent us the guy, the master, the greatest worshipper of Allah sent you to have the best of humanity.

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So there's no worship You and I put forward towards a law that wasn't taught to us by the prophets I sent him except it's obviously rejected. Because why would you do something that the prophets I send them didn't ask us? And that is contradicting in his way. If the Prophet said, prayed towards the cabinet, towards the believer that you can pray towards another direction, and say, What a law a law will receive my prayer anywhere I am. No, you can't make that choice yourself. Or no, I'm gonna just make sujood That's it. I'm just gonna fall into June from now on. I don't need to stand up Brian, and the closest you are to allies Institute, that's what the prophets I send them said, if that's

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the closest white ways to stay in the Quran and Roku, I'm just going to go to do now you can, why that wouldn't be a bad, you can't do opposite to what the prophets I send them did you can do something not sanctioned by him. And therefore, how do you know what Allah loves for any spiritual act of worship, it must be accepted and for it to be accepted, it must be sincere, for a law not for anything anyone other than a law. And it must be in conformity. Following the suit of the province, I said, the following the habit, the behaviors, the teachings of our Nabhi, Mohamed Salah lavon, he was sent him now that's a really important word to conditions very simple. It's for a lot alone. And

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it's a way the puppet potty. It's for Allah lo. And it's the way the Prophet did it. It's not just what he said, Indeed, but I'm doing it for a lot for the reward from Allah, not for anything else, not for any vested interest from anything or anyone other than a love. So conformity, as was taught by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu aleyhi, do it yourself.

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And that tradition of conformity is something we will study later on the term what it means when we say we follow the Prophet, what are the rights of them? Because their Shahada is two part? I struggle with that a lot. And why should I do?

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So the law is that you can't separate between the two. No law says at the time that we should have came they said, you redo

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the machine, they said Why do you? Why Why do you Why are you so important? Why?

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Why did the book come to us? And why are you so important? We know plenty of things now leading up to great city, why were you chosen? And they want to separate between them and today you'll have kind of modernist movements who are trying to tell you all you need is a prime you know, don't worry about this soon that how do you even know the Prophet said that someone love them, and that's clear misguidance.

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So what's the pillars of the method so we've got two conditions sincere and number two, it is following the profit button.

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Also has to be with love, with fear, and with hope. And that's the word tough one. The essence of

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the basis of the worship of a law are those three things in equal measure together equally. That I love, a love fear a law and I'm hoping His mercy equally strong in my heart. He doesn't say oh yeah, I love a lot. What does that mean? Like if I was asked you, do you love chicken? How many of you love chicken for your

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brother? Yeah, it's lunchtime, man. Right? Chicken. Y'all love chicken. Now, do you love chicken? Really? Or do you love what chicken tastes like?

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Those are two different things. If I would like to give whatever as a would never hold this chicken alive. I don't want to touch this chicken. Coop and everywhere running around. You don't love the chicken itself. You love what chicken does for you.

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And therefore you're not a lover of chicken Europe, you love to consume chicken. Now if you love a lot the same way you love chicken, meaning I love a lot when he's giving me what I want. Or if you love your parents only because they've given you what you want. And then when they don't give you all you know, I hate your mom. Because she didn't give you what you wanted, then there's a problem that's not love. So what is Love me Love is not just in the good times, love is not just when you get what you want. Love goes a lot further than that. So do not ever love a law the way a consumer loves things don't be a consumer of a loss, mercy and a rejecter of a lot in the difficult times. So

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what is love? The three categories. The first type of love that we have for a loss is the love of him for who he is.

00:26:53--> 00:27:04

He is a rock man or Rahim and medical produce a salon and movement as he is and about love of the Divine who he is.

00:27:06--> 00:27:21

Without any addition, even if I didn't get anything from Allah subhanaw taala just because he's a law. He's an cambio. And without God, he's magically move to general Unicron he is who he is, he deserves love.

00:27:23--> 00:27:24

The second part

00:27:26--> 00:27:32

is that you have love for the divine because of what he has done for you. I know.

00:27:33--> 00:28:13

And much of what Allah has done is what we appreciate. But there's so much that Allah has done for us that we fail to appreciate. So I know that there might be some of us in our school, maybe not in this class, whose parents are going through a divorce, or whose mom or dad are unwell or who are suffering a financial loss or there's been a death in the family. So kind of like the last couple of weeks, we've had a number of deaths in our school. There's been a death in the family. And you might think, why is this happening? What is this? What have I done I do my prayers I do my finest I I've been a good person, I've been lying. I've been cheated. I've been stolen. While I was doing this to

00:28:13--> 00:28:56

me. Why is Allah torturing me, and then sure is know that even in that moment, that there is love you should have for Allah because what you have received could be far, far worse, now and into the future. And it's only through the mercy of a law that whatever hardship you face is actually a mercy If you only knew, and that's why Allah is. And Hakeem the wise in a wisdom that extends beyond us. His knowledge is not just what is and what was that you and I possess, Oh, I know what's happening. And what happened for Allah knows what will happen and what could happen even if it doesn't happen. So perhaps the loss you suffered today augments and saves you from a greater tragedy that would have

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been far more painful, that it's easier for you to experience this loss now than what you would have had in the future.

00:29:05--> 00:29:47

But that's not the hardest part of love. It's not just the love of Allah when it's difficult. The hardest part is to subdue your natural love to that which Allah has made her land and to restrict the natural love you have from what Allah has made her up. And that's going to be one of the most difficult with the physical ways for you and I to worship alone, that in your heart, Allah has said this is how long but you love it. And you'll get this all the time. Someone will say I love that person. And you say but that's wrong. There's no future that you can have an illegitimate how long relationship but it's law

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to subdue your love what might be natural and you think all but really Yeah, because that's wrong. Your love for a law will make you love that

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halaal when difficult, and will make you reject the forearm, even when it's pleasing to you, that's, that's tough. That's an act of worship, that you push back something you love excessively, so much you want it, but you push back on it and say no, I said no. And I'm gonna block and I'm going to delete I'm going to get rid of, I'm not going to watch, I'm not going to communicate, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna eat it. I'm not gonna invest in it. All of that, for what reason? Because my natural Love is a test what it believes love, he believes love, he had pride. He like like to be the top dog. It leaves a lot of refers to him that he wasn't an angel. But

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he rose to that level of the angels. Can I mean a Jeepney? Professor.

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He was from the gym, but he was at the level of the angels. He could walk into gender. He was like, way up there. He was like, proud. And then the law says to him,

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who should they add? The sun and the moon and everything makes the dude at one center one time he's ordered to make some dudes and he says no, you know, the end.

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It please does in disbelief. Allah is his rock. In fact, a lot of what I'm saying Carla be, oh, my Lord, the man have waved me because you have allowed me to be led astray. And I made this choice left

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my brain I'm going to show you that these children will be worse than me.

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So he believes his natural love of having status of his arrogance of his pride made him fall away.

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Unable to rebalance himself, even though he believes a lot is the Lord he stopped the worship of a law as if he died.

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And therefore those three categories of love, you have to worship along with all of them. And they're a cyclical process. As you can see the arrows, it's one into the other. It's all day today. You're always flowing in that love for Allah. But you must also fear Allah and it must be as equal as you love a lot. And the fewer of us stems from our religious texts, what's the onset? What the sooner said, What is the punishment of this sin? What is the mistake that a person makes? How to correct it? But more importantly, if they don't correct it? What's the determine why is this wrong? And what is the punishment for it in the dunya aapko. But it's not just about the religious texts.

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It's not just what the bride says, but it's affecting the dunya as well.

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That'll also kind of assess but then how will it decrease the angle of marriage on Tonka, the one who turns away from my remembrance, the one who chooses the forearm instead of the Halla The one who chooses to leave their family, their culture, their faith and their people to choose something because they think they love it. Then they will have a wretched life. Mary Shelton banca wretched life, horrible existence. And there's a punishment both in the dunya and as it is not something to fear. And when a law takes a person into his punishment, it's taken suddenly don't ever think oh, I miss prayer lightning hits me straight away. No, Allah gives us respite and time, it gives us an

00:33:16--> 00:33:24

opportunity to change and Allah says what can be done he can go up we can either pull up when your body man, when a lot takes

00:33:25--> 00:33:33

people for being sinful and disobedient, his asthma, his his seizure of them is severe.

00:33:35--> 00:33:41

You don't they don't let go and love will not leave you that if you go too far, look up.

00:33:42--> 00:33:48

A loved left him and left him and chance after chance. And then when a lot takes him to the end.

00:33:50--> 00:34:13

I caused him to drown in that water, but it was his fault. It's not me. And therefore make sure you understand whatever Dean says about haraam and the consequences of it and know that there are effects in the dunya they should both breathe in you increase in myself and you have fear of a lot yeah, a bad effect the food Oh my servants fear meet Allah Subhana Allah commanded.

00:34:15--> 00:34:24

Third is that we have hope. And the hope that we have in the love mercy is that we see that a loss of common with either

00:34:25--> 00:34:53

forgives our sins, and that's a personal and I want you to know as I stand in front of you, you know, I'm 4042 years old, right? And I want you to know that you're getting a martial law, you know, he seems like a good man. From what I know about Kundalini is a good man. But I can tell you that just because I am the age that I am and you are young, 1415 years old, you are young and the way you are, I have seen far greater than you

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

and if either of us man love give us all long life

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

To pass away now I have a lot more to answer for the new

00:35:05--> 00:35:11

because you haven't had that. And your parents are the same. Who's made more money?

00:35:13--> 00:35:54

Because we live longer you've been through more and more difficulties, more and more tests from Allah. So I don't want you to look into Oh my show love that person. He's a chef, he's a this they must be closer to Allah. No, the reality is you have such a great life such a great opportunity. And why I invest so much in trying to teach you and have you think about this is I want you to know that this is the time where you either adjust yourself with a law or not. So if you begin to miss prayers, now just say you don't like the backs of Allah, May Allah forgive me when I was like 14, I probably prayed maybe twice a day, maybe some days, 123 times. So you might, you know, I would

00:35:54--> 00:36:14

upgrade maybe with at home sort of method or method of inertia, maybe failure when my dad would make me up and that kind of thing. So that's missing, like, say three prayers a day, times, one year of my life, 365 days. That's like 14 1500 prayers. That's a lot. That's just one year.

00:36:15--> 00:36:55

I don't want you when you're 3040 years old, you look back and say, Oh, my God, I was at an Islamic school. And I still didn't take my very seriously. Like I had shared the idea every day, every day talking to us about Fallout, talking to us about praying, right? And I still you know, I'd go home and I get on my ps4 instead of doing my work. Instead of doing my solder before getting into answer I would do other things and then just blow up off method if it was only after my dad yelled at me three or four times, that's when I got off. If that's your life, I can tell you when you're older, you're gonna look back and say, Yeah, they tell me I wish I didn't do that. This is how you

00:36:55--> 00:36:59

understand that. These are the prophets I sent him where he says that to America.

00:37:00--> 00:37:05

For some people will be worth more than the world and what's in it.

00:37:06--> 00:37:20

Like to record like, you don't always tell you stand up for your volunteer prayers and after every sellout, pray to that to America. For some people, it'll be worth all of the world they would give away yesterday, believe me.

00:37:21--> 00:37:59

I will give my whole life just to be able to free to rock and that's what Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, I'm a Hulu Low, low in our life you return me the Amazon the one that I just have an opportunity to do one good deed Oh my now that I see what I see now when I died now when we migrate Now I know that everything is certain Oh Allah allow me to go back I'll just pray two rakaat as a sub that I'll just keep one charity I'll just give $1 $10 I'll just do something that I can then come back and say oh, I did something good. to rock on the prophets I send them said we'll be better than the world and what's

00:38:00--> 00:38:12

on that day. So take yourself seriously paid a laws hope with you hope for you in your heart that you have hope a level forgive my sins and your sins.

00:38:13--> 00:38:50

But more importantly, I want you to also know that we have a great hope that Allah will accept our good deeds. Because not because you did the deed it means it's accepted in the in the in the complete way. Now, because you read those for law, it means you got 100% just like when you're writing an exam, you don't always get 100%. And every time you do that, and you're communicating with a law and that's why I always tell you that your prayers say stand still find your humanity with a lot. Find your fight with a lot with your eyes. That way you're going to make use of you settle your heart, push away all distractions. Why? Because I want you at that moment, that when you

00:38:50--> 00:38:58

end your prayer, you've gotten your full reward. The prophets I send them warn that some people will pray they only get this will have half of the reward is great.

00:39:00--> 00:39:25

For some people, only a 10th of the credit is written in the reward. May Allah forgive us that we're about to pray some of them hopefully soon. I want in your heart that there's this activation when you go to make putting your heart Oh, a lock with the puppets. I tell them teach you those wings that person makes will do it sincerely for a lot. Every drop that falls off them carries a way of seeing it doesn't just take away the dust in the dirt.

00:39:26--> 00:39:27

It takes away the

00:39:29--> 00:39:44

fact that it wouldn't ruin your life light yourself with fire of scenes making yourself worthy of being punished in the hellfire. So we met to some new and then it comes a time of prayer from temple do you make your window and you pray and then you cool yourself

00:39:46--> 00:39:52

and then you light yourself engulf yourself again. Then you make your will do and your prayer. So then you cool off. You're almost

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

enough. You're on the cliff. Cliff about to fall over into Hellfire now

00:40:01--> 00:40:07

I want you to keep that in mind, we have hope Allah will forgive our sins. And we have also hope

00:40:08--> 00:40:19

to be the driver that we still make until now because we're not six months out of Ramadan is along with me now over the past five months ago over the month of Ramadan.

00:40:20--> 00:40:39

And next month, the month after you're gonna say, Oh Allah, allow us to leave one more time until we reach the month of Ramadan. Right. That's the thought that prevails per se prevails in our hearts and in our minds. All right. So that's where I'm going to leave you with today as we get ready to jump off for our prayers.

00:40:40--> 00:40:57

I wish you a good chuckle on my success. And next time we meet we're going to begin our discussion on shifting this belief in the law. What does it mean we learned now what it means to believe in a law? What does it mean to just believe in Allah to Allah