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hamdu Lillahi Al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, ala Nabi about the hoonah Vienna Muhammad. While early he was lucky he was Selim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. About all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has lost on Final messenger. There is a verse in the Quran that I would like to Central my hope but around a statement came in that verse and the verse salted and verse 112, what Allah subhanaw taala said

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look at Delica jalna liquid leanbean I do one chop in an NCO Elgin, you he bow boom Illa

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Allah hora, whatever Sha OSHA or buka do who for whom and if Tarun Holly Hill Kelly multilane Emma haka Zuko,

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Zuko. Falco Carla basler, the Allahu anhu wannabe. I have Sanibel boom, Libba. colalillo tiberiu humpy fitna Team wacana, Mujahid crema, la Cala Hua Xin will bow le Bill elsina.

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This verse were last panel, Donna said and those we have, and that end we have made for every prophet and enemy, devils from mankind and jinn, and aspiring to one another, Zoho, our Zoho our, you can translate in many different ways. Like for example, you can say, decorative speech and delusion, or beautifying the words to mislead someone to say something that sounds good. But in fact, it's misleading.

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But if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So leave them and that which they invent, what they mislead, that which is the horrible hour.

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Unfortunately, today, this concept of zone of abode, which is making a statement or saying something that it sounds right, sounds correct. But the reality is, when you look deeper into to look through the words, what's behind the words, you will know that this is a very misleading concept. This is a very misleading a statement, that the statement that caused so much harm into the Muslim Ummah, and to the Muslim world. And this is not something new. That's also can be represented in, you rename things, you just reframe it and rename it with another name that became more popular. So in order for you to make something evil, popular, something bad, well accepted or accepted at the large

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scale, or what you need to put just a nice title for it, a nice package to package it in a nice way to say it in a nice to use a good, attractive word to market it. And that's happened through history happening today. And today, with the globalization that we living in, where a lot of people have so much information, but have very little knowledge

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where there is a lot

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than this interesting interview so Salim said about the end of the days, yep. Sophie Hill, Adam Yeah. And he everybody writes, everybody read people are have access to those printed books blah blah blah, today websites you can have millions of books in your pages in your cell phone, but yet and they'll be so so limited about the same exact time he said we shall judge but still there's a lot of ignorance.

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It's a lot of ignorance. So they might have information but it doesn't mean that you have knowledge. And when the wrong understanding of the religion is so well, uni it's very it's very known very noticed that change the tap into the Muslim is not that they practice Islam for example, or they do things which is not supposed to do, or the leaving some of the obligations or doing something wrong, or you know what, they're not fulfilling the obligations. This is something we know that did happen even during the Prophet sallallahu sallam, maybe not on the same scale and the large number that we see today. But this never was a problem, historically speaking. But the biggest change, in my

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opinion, the last few 100 years that we see in the Muslim world today, that it is that change not only happened to that behavior, or the way they behaved, but the way they understand their religion, the way they the concept of the religion and what the concept of Islam and send a means to them. Now that in head off, remember him out of a Manila head office look,

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that change. And the problem is not only has to do with some of the branches of Sharia, rather, it is goes all the way to the foundations and the roots and the principles of Islam.

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And one of the ways that made that change happen, it's sort of a boat, is when you bring a very misleading concept, a concept that nobody would ever accept, but you just package it in a nice word. And people will take it and will believe in it.

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You will see in so many of these words that is was used short, attractive, or ambiguous because and the carry good meaning I'm bad meaning so a word will be loaded. You know, it may be understanding some some perspective, it sounds right. But also it's loaded with another with a lot of other meanings, which is not correct. Also, they are very common in the world today. And I'll give you a few examples.

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But before I give you the example, I just want to make sure that we all agree on verse that is so dangerous when we understand our religion.

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Wrong. When we don't understand the religion correctly, this is so dangerous because understanding is like your GPS is like your coordinate when you want to travel and you're flying or you are in a boat in the middle of the sea or you putting your GPS through someplace and you put the right address that would take you to the otters. But if you don't have that GPS correct, you're correct or correct. If your concept or not correct, you not only most likely not going to achieve your destiny. You know what happened? Even worse than that, then even when you follow the wrong coordinate. When you when you know what happened to happen to me sometimes I say that my GPS telling me For example,

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go was I put the wrong address and it goes this way. And you know that this stuff the wrong way, but you still insist. I'm gonna follow it. And that's the problem. The problem when you're understanding change. You know what you will insist to follow what is wrong even when the truth comes to you.

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In the fact that most Muslim how they are and how you can play soccer.

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But how lazy do Elana well azido illa berada The problem comes that this when you take the wrong direction and you start going to the wrong, why? Because of the wrong

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GPS that you have with the coordinate is you put true to yourself that you only going farther and farther and farther away from the truth. And that's why it's interesting when you're reading the Quran when you read the last part, Allah said for example, when necessary, Amina Anima Hua she found

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me meaning what is Ito Vitamina Illa, Hassan or analytic Rama, who

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cannot be lost. Koran can be a healing and guidance guidance for someone. But for another person, the same Quran can be the reason for them to go farther away from the truth.

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Well either mountains or rotten firmino maniapoto euchems added to imana had imana family Dena Amano fissara to me man Ahuja step Sharon. What a melody in a vehicle ob murghab fissara Tomlinson Illa did say mama to home capital, the verse and sort of the Toby explained to us that those who their hearts filled with doubts with how, with

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with, you know, arrogance, that when you hear the verses of the Koran it only increased the doubts it's only increase the resistance, it's only increase their arrogance and it makes them deeper into the group or deeper and farther away from the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the path of Islam would that Allah matter in the self hereafter?

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Talk a raffle for the Safa epilobium in an hour, when you force him in an hour,

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you will look at the early generations you will see disagreement, but you will never find a disagreement over principles over understanding of the religion over concepts differences over you know, as you know, that wiping over the socks both sides of the feet are the top you know is Salatu Juma can be with 40 or 30 and you will find differences of opinions among the early generations and fifth and a small areas in fifth as well then what we call it and for the some of the branches, why because their hearts are pure their mind is clear their submission is no doubt or no question about it a lot later on, you will find that enough the difference of opinion has to do with the principle

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with the big issues and religion because of following that how are following the desires

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so make sure that whenever you live your life and you see these common words and misleading statements and they give you example don't be tempted by how popular it is not because it's so popular it means correct. Okay, like for example, somebody would say a lot everywhere

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No, let's not everywhere

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is thrown a lot above the world he's not everywhere. Allah is not in your pocket is not in your shoes is not in your room. And this room is not part of his creation.

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Even though it's a very powerful

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and oh and after that.

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Element knowledge is everywhere, but in but also this word was so popular and was used

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to deny that the loss of Allah above his creations and above his throne

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that's very popular statement. Another time the statements don't be tempted to ever by how nicely worded the statement

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for example, will tell you a movie Halle or now and so Ali.

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He knows what I'm going through. So I don't need to pray to him.

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That's completely wrong. That's reject and misunderstanding of the whole concept of

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in the piece of solid down and praying and begging Allah Subhana Ghana why Allah knows what he's going through and all the prophets and messengers not because it sounds like oh sounds like you know Ryan and stuff like that colossal musical rec. No, it's not

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or they tell you not to who how fundamental FRB What

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they say oh, I didn't worship a lot because I want to not I don't want to tell fire I'm afraid of

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empty rhetoric is that in the visa Salim said Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran, they go they pray in the night about the man and industry God said and the bag and they ask Allah subhana wa Tada. That's sort of an nada Johanna nada kind of Rama. They said Yara we feel horrified. We feel that Jana?

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Yes, I understand that. Some people use that word in a very, very early stage. You know, and they meant by that my fear of you is greater than the fear of hellfire. My love for you is way greater than the love 40 word, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about your word.

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So sometimes these words The problem comes with what after that?

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What what how this can be utilized to mislead people. Also, sometimes it's ambiguous. It's It's

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It's a very general like for example, another word very commonly sending to a location and a man

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and a man is in the

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Heart you know doesn't matter what matters the most is your heart Allah doesn't look at your image you look at your heart so what that means they use this to promote what to promote, who cares you don't need to worry about halaal and Hamas I have a man it doesn't matter I do Riba I do this I, I abused I do as long as my frame my intention is good. It doesn't matter what's my actions are, since when this ever existed is not.

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And sometimes these words can have some truth in it, but it's used for the wrong reason. Oh, Al Islam is for sure for

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sure for the amount of time

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they tell you. Islam is like, you know, there is an essence there is like principles. And there is these branches. Who cares about the branches? Focus on the principle? Yeah, that is principles under this practice. But it doesn't mean that these branches in Islam or minor things in Islam, it means it's not important. We have important things and more important things. We don't have a religion ever in our history, something important and not important. If Allah said it, it's important. But I know that there is important and more important, but with been in some people's mind, it's not that important. Come back to the issue of the heart. The faith, yes is in the heart. But if it's in the

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heart, it will be seen in the actions. Faith is not just a heart is not feelings. That's why one of the most ironic things like it was very shocking culture shock to me when it came to America.

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He had never heard this phrase in my life until he came to America. practicing Muslim non practicing Muslim nation and practices might still would that means non practicing Muslim.

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Any somebody who doesn't practice all Islam, nobody can claim that somebody who doesn't practice the major things in Islam okay with none practicing. As a Buddhist can be a Muslim who doesn't practice anything from Islam. That's false. There is no such things. The only situation we have a nun practicing Muslim, some would say a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah boom.

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Heart are his died, he died

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and doesn't practice anything Miskin he died that's what non practicing person people don't practice but for a Muslim to say I don't do anything there's no such Islamic code like that. That a concept that's so weird so strange been introduced us as Muslims

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and it just it can be a pup became so popular because statement like this an email by Liberty memory age, a man is only in the heart

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Don't ever let these statements no matter how people can use like a false logic to

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to promote it like for example, when the holidays came to enable the alarm they told him Yeah, I need a hook only law allows the only one who's the judge didn't tell us it in the Quran, in Lukoil, Allah, Allah is the only judge that

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he used there. There there. That's not logic. That's a false policy. So I literally live in Michigan, I must have kidnapped must have

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his are shaking it and he said y'all must have told me what the rolling I'm waiting for the must have to tell me what's the room? What kind of nonsense is that? To tell me that Allah is the only judge it means I cannot be a judge. We cannot hire a judge. We cannot what this judge is going to judge based on what based on what

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so any became so popular you will not believe how popular this statement become. At that time.

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I asked him

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to give us that common sense. And to protect us from all these deceiving zolfo Oh your aura. Now last pelotonia

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salatu salam ala Nabi radova one of the also common statement that people use the said aurania

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Quran is enough for us

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to what about this and is this in the Quran? What do you mean is this in the Koran? Is this in the Golan? No, it's nothing different. I need a verse of the crown for

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what do you get that concept from?

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Who said that our religion is only based in the Quran? Who said that a Sunnah is like number two kind of reference in our religion in abyssal salami abode, Allah in new Tito are an hour mithila Houma hours giving up for an and with the similar to it.

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Allah subhana wa tada Anna told us that you have revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, everything that he says to us in the religion it is from Allah wa Yung Tico. And in our in Hoya you have whatever he says it's not from his desire. It is from a revelation that you received and sort of the nature. And one of the weirdest thing ever happened to me. Somebody told me somebody that he doesn't believe in Sydney. He's I don't know, I don't I can't trust this. And I said, Allah said that in who else is it? Oh, this verse sort of fitting to the Quran? Yeah. And he, he doesn't say from his own whatever he says from the Koran, it was revealed, I said to Pamela hermana. That means

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you implies to me that in Ibiza, Salim monken and Jacobi Hawa,

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the captain had the best football, man or woman to filter on

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our mat that implies if that's what the verse means, it implies that he might talk from his own desires. Because any Muslim will say that Allah said in the Quran in Urbana, Allah subhanaw taala said we will explain it to you yeah, and he would explain the Koran to you and what's the explanation of the Quran?

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As soon

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as soon as the explanation so the explanation also comes from Allah. Luqman de la mina his biography him Rasulullah min unfussy him yet Lu la him it was a key limo home two things Al Kitab al hikmah Wakanda Shafi Rahim Allah Al hikmah are on here soon.

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He gave them two things Al Kitab which is the book Anil hekman, which is another word for a sooner

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Al Kitab. Al Bara and surah Allah Emraan and Susan Bukhara Kim, as of Abraham and is married, we were a limo. manaakitanga and his motto is a key. He teach them Al Kitab and Al hikma

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Allah Subhana Allah whatever the process of them gave you, you have to take and in Omaha Rama pasa en la mithila Maha Brahma Lai

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whatever the law says how long it's exactly as of Allah says Allah

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that's why

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Allah call it a

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parlor Rasulullah sallallahu the Sunnah for Karla like dynamin Heather will have to keytab a law firm and nobody anyone you tell them. The process of them said Oh, what about the Quran? You know that this person is misguided. Or whatever is the student. Allahu Allah.

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What is Allah

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Subhana Allah him Allah. Allah asuna set is our at Roger and many scholars that if you ever seen someone says that you know I can trust this and I can do this. You have to understand on

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a new term Allah Islam this person is intend to destroy the religion of Islam

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in Abubakar obey Allah and Allah to Tarik and she mentioned that he rasulillah salam ala mille to be we're in need of shall interrupt human embryo ha ha and as you can leave anything from the son of the processor if I do, I will be doomed apart, who was a great scholar henneberry scholar said Rahim Allah tala wanted us to do a burrito for lnf see him in Azalea in huacaya vashi I'm an amateur Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for more than a akuna fisherman in Ahuja stanciu. in Abu Dhabi him will be our mini he were at about how nahi mahana fatty Where's Haruna Musa Nettie ness Allah Allah Smith, Amina zellen when the gentlemen Suleiman.

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Remember saying Abubakar, is this, worry about leaving anything from the Senate to be misguided? He said, I live in a time and he's in third century or so in history. He said, I'm living in a time or the fourth century sorry, the fourth century history. He said, I live in a time where the people make fun of sydnor they don't care about the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are the proud to go against it. As soon as documented in the process a long time Don't let anybody tell you Oh, can I be in Ibiza solemn as the Sahaba to right. He only forbade them to join for an synack together in one text in one in one piece of paper so they are not mixed. He assigned writer for The Quran and

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asked them not to write anything else. Then you have another people who wrote and documented this another process on them.

00:24:42--> 00:24:46

As soon as anybody saw Selim, it came to explain what's in the Quran.

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They can read me any

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issue, to put on a suit to allow for an

00:24:57--> 00:24:58

officer to do

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The Some of us have very strong son, when I was a kid came up to me and said, I said not too cool. And when I come across as soon more details

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more explicit than the Orion that's why it is something that you refer to, to explain the text of the Quran. Not what not the why not the other way around.

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It's important for you to know

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that as soon as is trusted, is saved. When Allah said in Nana Xin Vicar or in Allah who the half moon, we have sent a vicar and we are going to save

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and the aromatic tafsir female singer, Lisa homie la Conan.

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

What we know of that is to interpretation to this verse.

00:25:55--> 00:26:00

And we are going to save level. Yeah, and you have your boo and Allahu

00:26:01--> 00:26:18

Allah. Oh, half una La Jolla, Nick. Either we protecting him yanira so solemn, or we're protecting the revelation and the revelation that include a vicar include or an innocent nobody said iron and not the sinner.

00:26:19--> 00:26:37

What's the point from proverb preserving a text that it says, pray and Allah doesn't preserve for us how to pray, when to pray? What's the point from saying vert preserving versus MC hedge, but Allah never preserved for us how to make hedge.

00:26:40--> 00:27:20

So that's why it's so important for you not to ever fall for anyone to complete to implies or is doubt about the sin of Mohammed Salah Salam because that's basically what destroyed the deen. I think there is a lot of sort of out might touch upon in many different other occasions in the future in sha Allah Allah, but that's something you should be alert of it Just don't let fancy big words, you know, deceive you and mislead you. And it can be by raising alerts and reminding each other it alls good thing to always refer to what's in the Quran and Sunnah. What's the evidence? And what did that early generation of this oma understood and practice their Deen? May Allah subhanaw taala to

00:27:20--> 00:28:01

always keep us on the straight path until we see him it's beautiful what to me ma'am. Malik Rahim Allah Surya Rahim Allah said and as soon as to Safina to know Him and rocky mahana German takahara soon and the way of prophets are silent, is like the, the ship of Noah. If you join it, if you got into that trip, you're saved. If not, you're going to drown. So if you leave the wave Mohammed's awesome there is no way for the person to survive. They know that house in the new woman Emily law, may Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us and keep us living upon the way of Mohammed Salim. And to die upon the middle of Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, and to resurrect us with Muhammad sallallahu

00:28:01--> 00:28:40

alayhi wa sallam around him and around his companions and his followers. We asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our parents and to heal those sort of sick and to have mercy on those who have died and to support the family of those who have lost their loved one. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect those who are the frontline protecting and our society and fighting this pandemic and also to protect all of you your health, your wealth, and your dean llama foodland out him now if you know, I know I could have missed an offer for the dignity that Argentina along with the sick Neville Islami had done a Moute a llama sick inability Stanley had tenemos Aloma dauphinois turabian Anna

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llama Tofino and turabian lahoma Tofino and turabian and stamina Vitara together gelato Raja Yamuna Yamanaka Hara Melina hottie, Maja hammer bohemian australiana Daria Tina

00:28:54--> 00:28:57

Tina Aslan another reality or have been allotted

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a lot I mean, allow me

00:29:06--> 00:29:07

to be given a short record

00:29:11--> 00:29:14

antolin Allah Allah Allah Subhana Canaan akuna kingdom in Bali mean

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Maha Tina

00:29:19--> 00:29:28

Tina Juan and I must have been about binominal sana literider Gerardo Ikram diletta now are better than me.

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Da da

00:29:35--> 00:29:41

da da da da da da da da da da da Ekrem a law who can help you better know.

00:29:44--> 00:29:47

Also Lila Hamas in Iran and Amina Mohammed Omar Satya hungama