What the media won’t tell you about Turkiye Earthquake

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As the spirit of the people haven't visited,

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so Armonico pray this finds you well and bless. Listen, I just wanted to make a quick video about some of the miraculous stories and rescues that are coming out of Turkey. We're going to be looking at the testimony firsthand testimony of some children pulled from the rubble, and what they are saying about what kept them alive. And we're going to be looking at how the mainstream society secular Western society also has an understanding that angels walk amongst us Subhanallah have survived a near death experience often speak of a moment of clarity, but some even go further. Swearing that a sort of supreme being helped them through the trauma when I was in is the here, one

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of the worst hit areas. I was going around a camp of 3000 displaced people. And I found it incredible the amount of people who would you know, wave and smile and say Allahu Akbar, they have an acceptance in their heart of Allah's Kedah and decree upon them. So who are we outside, to then confer upon them the status of the dismissed one, the one who is alone?

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If this life is the endpoint, and there's nothing after this, then truly, this is a pointless place of hardship. And what's it all for? And we can get very nihilistic and annoyed about it, I get you. That is a horrible state of mind to be in. But it's not the reality the reality is that we are born by God's grace. We live this life with hardships and trials and multitudes of blessings every single day but the people who are Muslims and in a believing state and in an understanding moment, go right we've got all of that Allah provided us with life. We belong to Allah from Him we will return and Allah will bring us to the next stage and if we love Him, He will give us better in return Subhana

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are talking about angels feeding them that they were not alone?

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This experience of angels visiting and comforting in times of hardship, many adventurers have reported it. John Geiger is the author of The Third Man factor the secret to survival in extreme environments our religious person I think this book is proof of the existence of guardian angels are in a Shackleton's expedition ship endurance was trapped in the ice that he escaped with his man and, and so he had this experience the last man out of the South Tower, the World Trade Center had this experience, you know, way up above the the impact point and the World Trade Center. Jim Sevigny, a climber had an unseen presence arrived and gave him a very specific direction on how to survive, may

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we inspect our hearts and ask the one who can make the earth tremble to make it a place of security for us and with our patients and the Sakina that he gives a means of eternal bliss in the next life.

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Allahu Akbar wali Lila Hamed, we're making a dua with this brother here. It's almost certainly Syria.

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hamdulillah hamdulillah how strange are the affairs of the believer in Amara Hula, hula hoop, all that happens to believers. All of it said the prophets Allah Islam is good for them in Asana to Surat shocker off again.

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If pleasing things happen to them. They have gratitude and that was good for them. When I'll submit to the RA, if distressful things occur to them then they

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They're steadfast, and our response should be, to give in charity to make dua for all of those impacted to recite Quran to encourage others to give. And above all when tribulation comes return to Allah and true repentance

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as the spirit of the people handed either