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AI: Summary © The title " hamdu Lillippedrows" is recited on a daily basis and has various uses, including the owner of Kairos and the King of People. The title also includes references to the history of the title's use in various countries and its potential use in court. Other speakers discuss the beliefs of Islam, including the belief that only the owner of the body is allowed to benefit, the belief that only the creator is allowed to benefit, and the importance of understanding the nature of the relationship between the military and religion.
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overheated. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salatu was Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Medina Allah early he also be here as you may know about

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the name that I will talk about today amongst the glorious Names of Allah subhanaw taala is Mala Hill milliq is Mullah and Malik the king.

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It comes in the Quran in different forms.

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The first form is an Malik the king and it's in the Quran in five different places. It also comes in the form of man, liquid milk. The owner of kings are the King of kings.

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And it also comes in a form that we use don't pay attention to, but it also comes once Malika milk is only once and this form is also only once and it comes in this order that we read every day Malik whoo yo Medina Oh Maliki yo Medina. And another way to recite Ganesha is Malik, Maliki yo Medina. And it only comes once in the Quran and that form is towards the Fatiha that we recite on a daily basis. It doesn't come anywhere else, the king of the day of judgment or the Owner of the Day of Judgment. And the fourth forum is Malik and Malik is an exaggeration of King so they wanted with true sovereignty. subhanaw taala also once in the Quran,

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and the meaning of Malik, who already Allahu multilocular healthy, that Assad Rofi will Emery we're now up Maliki he is the one who has undisputed authority and autonomy to rule and give commands and prohibitions within his sovereignty Subhana wa Tada

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and there's a difference between

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how come Will milk see a king can rule but may not own and Melek may rule but may not own and Malik may own is owned but may not rule. That's why Allah subhanaw taala uses both names and then he says madly Cunnamulla the owner of Kings so that both ownership and ruling is for him subhanho wa Taala

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he says the pilot was either in the Quran and this is and this is the concept of his sovereignty generated out of us you see it all through the Quran just spread out while you may You're welcome Mina Sana you will earn um may am Lucas some I will have a sore your creed you'll hate me and my ut or your collagen my eternal Hey, well maybe you don't believe me Professor yaku Luna Allah, Allah taco and say, Who is the one who provides for you, the cosmos and on the earth? And who was the one who owns your ability to hear and your eyesight who owns them? What was your senses? Allah subhanho wa Taala owns the senses you legit?

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He says but I love who Mellie equals.

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Indeed exalted is Allah subhanaw taala the King, the righteous, the truthful? Twice in the Quran.

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There's a surah in the Quran that is called Surah to milk. The surah is called the sovereignty and it begins to bow like a levee bat in Moodle or who are other Cooley che in perdere Exalted is He and the baraka comes from him in abundance, the one with in his hand is the sovereignty of all and he is capable of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you go and look at the last suit on the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala explains to us the nature of our relationship with him. Well, our oath will be wrong been nurse Melaka nurse, ILA in C is the one who raises people, takes him within his compassion and his love Melaka nurse, the king of people, the owner of people, you know in the diety or the deity

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of people the one that is worthy of worship.

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You find over 15 times in the Quran the phrase Lilla he will cause some words he will RB sometimes will Murphy and sometimes women V in Allah he will, he will order to Allah subhanaw taala belongs the sovereignty of the cosmos and the earth.

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I'm Tara lamb and Allah Allahu

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Allah kumin dunlea He knew what he you will learn multiple times in the Quran he says do not know that to Allah subhanaw taala belongs the sovereignty of the cosmos and the earth and that you have no one to help you or to aid you if he is not on your side and Subhanahu wa Taala

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he also talks about geologia Allah in the Quran, how not We own nothing. So if you go through the Quran, if you find all these verses that point that out you can see the variety of them. What does the woman do he really had to learn

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Only Qunari and fusi him not found what aldora What I am Nicola moat, and what a Hyatt and well I know Shura, and they take for themselves besides him Subhanahu wa Taala besides Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who they take other idols that do not own the ability to benefit themselves, they don't. They don't have the ability to own the ability to harm themselves. They don't own death. They don't own life and they don't own resurrection. Where I'm doing I mean doing Allah He Mariela young Malik Willa whom resists communism, it will Adi che. They go in there and they worship those who do not own provision within the cosmos in the earth of any amount whatsoever.

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He says subhanho wa Taala will Lavina to their own I mean do li Ma Yun li qu and Emile Capo me, they do not even own the smallest part of a date see just that little covering with on the date seed that is almost transparent and just falls off. They don't even own that. He goes to the extent of things about that when I am lacuna, Miss Paula.

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They don't even own the amount of an atom in the cosmos in the earth, they do nothing. They don't even own moral things, which are Yummly corner shefa in many other in many other. They don't own the ability to intercede on the Day of Judgment unless he offers them permission. They don't even own the ability to speak when Yom Yom Yakumo rowhome Allah eager to suffer later. Qalamoun

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Edina Allahu Rahman who were caught Asaba and the other eye, whether Yummly Koon. I mean, who hid Baba, they don't own the ability to speak on the Day of Judgment, even even the moral issue. They don't they don't have the ability to actually to actually do it.

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He says subhanaw taala whom murli can move to TMobile can Tasha Waltons, your role model you can in Russia, or to zoom in Tasha over to the lumen Tasha Obeah decal here in NACA Allah coalition could you say, Oh, my Lord, the owner of kings, the one who will grant sovereignty to whom ever he will wills and wants and will take sovereignty away from whoever He wills and wants, and will grant high status for those whom he wants, it will it will bring down the status of those whom he wants, he owns higher within his hands, is the ownership of all that is good and he is capable of Allah subhanho wa taala. The Quran talks about Allah subhanaw taala granting sovereignty to certain

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people. And I'm telling like Isla Levy, Jaya Ibrahim VRB and hula hula Mulk. You see the one that argued with Ibrahim? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him sovereignty. He granted him a small amount of sovereignty of the earth that Allah subhanaw taala owns. So suddenly, he starts arguing with Ibrahim about who can who, who actually runs the place. Allah subhanaw taala talks about Dode Tao hula hula Malika, well heck matter where alemayehu meme Yasha and ALLAH SubhanA granted him sovereignty and wisdom and taught him from his knowledge where Shuddha Malika Taner hula Hickmott, our first little kebab and we strengthened the sovereignty

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of God.

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Ibrahim Al Kitab. I will Hickmott Tina whom will can Aviv we offered earlier Ibrahim, the book the teachings and the Hekmat the wisdom and we offer them a great sovereignty

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when Adam

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eat from the tree,

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one of the things that at least told him Are they Adam, Hell do Luca Isla sheduled what in hold when will kill your biller? However, I'd show you a tree that if you eat from it, you'll become immortal.

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And you'll be granted a never ending everlasting sovereignty.

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Don't want to milk but milk is for Allah subhanho wa Taala so I didn't have to come down to earth to come down leaving the gender he was in and learn.

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Milk is for Allah subhanho wa Taala Quran said the same thing. When he talked to his people he said Allah you Sally Moodle cool Musa wa the hill and hello tangerine de Avila, Tulsi Lauren, don't I have the sovereignty of Egypt? Don't I own Egypt and all the rivers run under my feet so Allah soprano took his milk away and had the rivers

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is run over his head.

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He says subhanho wa Taala feather Allah. Moo Khaleesi in Allahu Deen.

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Rafi Dora Jett, though Laroche is the high status subhanaw taala the Owner of the Throne, you will kill roe Herman Emery He Allah me Usha Omen arriba de Leon de la yo Metalla he will send the Spirit from himself subhanaw taala upon any of the servants that he wants, so that they may warn people of the day when every when he will meet them yo metalock When the meeting will happen, Yo Ma whom very soon on that day, everything will be fully exposed. layer of Allah Allah He mean whom she nothing will be hidden from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and it will be called upon them liminal model kuliah.

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Who has sovereignty today? Who is the king today? And no one will answer so Allah subhanaw taala answer himself Lilla Hill hadal kahar sovereignty belongs today to the one and only and the one who in the Compeller the one who will compel people to his will and Luoma to Jersey, Cologne. FCMB Marchesa but today, every soul will be treated fairly based on what they have done, love will milliohm no one will be treated unfairly today. He is the king and he is fair.

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Now will Lovell milliohm in Allah has Cerebral hisab Indeed he is quick with his judgment in the room yo mille as if it will Kulu Bula del Hannah Judy Calvary Nene murli volley mean I mean Jaimini wala Shafi are in your bar, yeah, Allah Maha in Atella uni when to use sudo or when Allah Who Jacobi will help and warn them of the day

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when the hearts will be beating inside the throats, and people are holding down their fear, and the oppressors have no one to stand by them. And he knows subhanaw taala every moment of every eye during their lives and everything they hidden inside their chests. And he judges on that day with righteousness and the truth SubhanaHu wa Tada

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and then once you enter Jannah

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you'll be told what either eater femme Mara eater now ie men were mortal can can be. What is your agenda? Insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala have you see, until you look, look again and when you look what you will see some you'll see this well, you will see a great pleasure and you will see enormous sovereignty. Allah subhanaw taala will show you the

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the immense amount of his show the how huge his kingdom is jelajah do you get to see what are the early cannery Ibrahima Mallacoota summer it will just like Allah spy showed Ibrahim the vastness of his of his sovereignty and his kingdom subhanho wa Taala you'll be able to see it. He says to Allah Hafiz Abdul Salam and a hadith that has different narrations generated before the narration Lima Muslim says the prophet is awesome That is your two wheeler who's some TV I mean, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will fold the cosmos in his right hand, way a fool an Al Malik al Jabbar Rouen, Al Motta can be ruined. You're saying the king, where were the Compeller is of the earth wherever the

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arrogance of the earth and no one will answer to me up to will Allah or Alina ebme Mishima Lee. Then he will fold the earth with his left. Of course figuratively speaking, there's all figurative Firehole and Al Malik and you'll say I'm the king al Jabbar Hoon al Bucha can be ruined. Where were they? Where are the competitors of the earth? Where are the arrogant?

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He says Alia salatu salam In another Hadith

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holier than zero Bucha da Khawaja Allah is through a theory mean kulula Allah subhanaw taala in a form that is suitable to his his magnificence and is a figure of speech. Allah subhanaw taala descends to the closest sky to us at the last part of every night for your school and is what he says there's a hadith in Muslim or an Al Malik an Al Malik, I am the king I Am the King. Many other oni for SDG Buddha who will make dua and I will respond to them, man yes no need for author Yeah, who will ask me and I will give them a big what they request money is still a field of money for other field on that who will ask for forgiveness and I will grant them that as well.

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You'll be alpha job until the sun the sun comes up

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how do you live with this Mullah hidden medic?

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I think the most important

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way to live with this Mullah hidden medic is understanding the nature of the relationship that we have with him. Hala Kakuma Neff Silva Haider through Majid al Amin has Oh Jaha He created you get from one soul. And then he added to it, it's suppose Wednesday Aleko middle and I'm Ethan Nieto as well and he offered you livestock and eight pairs. Your local comfortable pony Omaha decompile coming back at you hello can feel imagine that he creates you time and time again inside the wombs of your mother's within the darkness of those rooms

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that the como la hora bukem la Hoon Mulk. Indeed that is your word Allah, the One who has full sovereignty.

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He is the King Subhana wa Tada. Everything we walk upon,

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belongs to him to Allah subhanho wa Taala everything you use, everything that you the house, you live in the land, you walk on the water, you drink, the air you breathe, everything that we use on this earth belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala the body that you live inside belongs to Allah subhanaw taala the soul that grants you your consciousness is nothing but a possession of Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the king he rules all and he is the owner he owns all and the and if you understand the nature of that relationship

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we behave in a better way. We Calm down, we become closer to the earth. we humble ourselves, we cheat and we behave with humility, because it's all his Subhana wa Tada if I'm going to use it, I must use it in a way that would please him if I want to use his possession Subhanallah I don't even want to use what Allah subhanaw taala owns, Allah has belongings that I must use it in a way that Allah subhanaw taala would be happy for me to use it in in the way that Allah subhanaw taala would allow. I'm going to use what is his general agenda loop I must use it I must use it in a way that he would approve of what else to milk IAM is going to ask us

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you used you ate the food I provided you drank the water I provided you you breathe the air you lived in the house you you walked on the earth you flew in the sky all that was mine. What did you do with all of that? How did you treat it? Did you mystery it that it wasn't yours. It wasn't yours in the first place to use. If you're going to use it at least respect the fact that Allah subhanaw taala owns it. And once we understand that relationship, the way that we behave will be different. And the way we walk on the earth will be different as well. That's why we're about to have Rana and Levine I'm sure it'll be honed they walk on the earth and they have a certain level of humility that

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comes with them because they understand when Allah he will. He will authorize the verses before that point out. I hope that was beneficial. So Patrick alone will be having decrescendo Allah you know in the intestine, we will go to Lake wa salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad in right early he was IVIG main example Malachy Baraka Luffy Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.