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Oh yes brothers and sisters, here I am going to drive you crazy today Subhan Allah talking about Leila Tada. And I know that Subhan Allah, you must have heard lots of lots of talks about later to the pada. So what is it that I'm gonna say today, that is going to be different and that is going to be special? Well, one thing brothers and sisters is different about this is that you are getting a new perspective.

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Looking at me through steering wheel, because I'm, I'm on my way I'm driving, obviously, I'm driving, I'm not just doing this for fun.

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And subhanAllah. You know, one of the things brothers and sisters that is very unique about this Ramadan, it's not actually completely unique. Because the same happened last Ramadan. And for me, it's one of the blessings of lockdown down. And that is that I haven't been traveling, I'm only making this journey to pick up my daughter. And it was either gonna be I'm gonna make this during the day.

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Or I'm gonna make it through the whole night. And well, I didn't plan to do it the whole night. And anyway, we've got a live appeal tonight by Hirasawa. Just as well

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during the day, so yeah, one of the unique things about this Ramadan for me, brothers and sisters is that I haven't been traveling. And I think for the past 15 years we've been

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I've probably spent sometimes half Ramadan, like traveling, because of that I have often been able to past, I think one Ramadan, I only literally fasted half the Ramadan. So the the lockdown has been a bit of a blessing for me. And the fact that martial arts robotic Allah, so many people have moved their talks and lectures online. And now after the lockdown is finished, it's going to create a huge desire for, you know, live things, again, to have conferences with real live chefs.

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And I let I let go of my steering wheel, because my car drives itself. So So I know there's going to be, you know, this renewed vigor for that. But in the meantime, I'm very happy that the world has moved online a lot more. And it's, in fact, it's something that I've been,

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I've actually been saying we should do that for a long, long time. So Subhanallah,

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despite very many negative and horrible things include, of course, many people dying, which is a nice thing.

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You know, how hamdulillah hopefully, every cloud has a silver lining. And that's something I tried to do brothers and sisters late generally in life, right? generally

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try to look at things from a positive angle, try to be positive, try to be optimistic. Always Subhanallah when this lockdown happened, it was a big tough one for either of us, as maybe, you know, our organization. You know, what we really do is we go out to these places, many places we go to a remote places that people have never heard about have never heard about that even met a Muslim.

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And of course, with all the travel restrictions, we couldn't do that.

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But straight away, I said, You know what, this is a blessing brothers or sisters, let's not look at it, as a point of view, by Allah is guiding us to something good, something positive, we just need to find it.

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And that's interesting, because what's that got to do?

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So I'll tell you what it's got to do with lead from color because this mentality, this way of thinking, of always trying to find the positive in a seemingly negative. And although you think something is bad for you, maybe that thing that you think is bad for you, you have so much good that you can't even imagine. So let's talk about today. So one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came out of his house, and he found two people arguing and you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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used to get very disturbed actually by people arguing

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apart from anything else arguing is not a characteristic of in reality the believer is someone when they meet the ignorant they say peace Harlow Salama, you know they say peace and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that he is

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contender for

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house on the out on the

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on the outskirts of paradise for one leaves of argumentation, even if they are right. Right. So Subhanallah even if you are right, and you're in the right is good to leave off argumentation. So generally argumentation is not a characteristic of the believer. So when the Prophet symbol just, you know, in another incident when Abu Bakar

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there was a man who's armed with Abu Bakr, and Abu Bakr was silent, he wasn't arguing back.

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And the moment I will back out, you know, answer back, the Prophet was standing there, so the longer I think he was selling,

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and when Abu Bakr argued back the Prophet sallallahu ala he was seven he left. So afterwards aboubaker Set your Rasulullah Why did you leave? I answered him back. He said, Oh, I will back up. When you are quiet. Every point the man was making, Julian was answering back. But when you on the back shaytaan came, so I left.

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So you can see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't like people arguing, argumentation. And indeed, that's one of the things on the fasting. When someone wants to argue with you, you should say, I'm fasting.

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It's just again, the things that you shouldn't get involved with, involved in when you are fasting is argumentation.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he finds these two people arguing and he saw upside. And he said, afterwards, he said, I came to announce to you

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when is Lena too?

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But I found you arguing?

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And because of that, I forgot.

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So because of that, I forgot. I said, but maybe

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that's better.

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so you know, this is what I'm saying about how the Prophet, although it's native, you think it's negative, right? Actually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He's always Subhanallah finding, you know, the positive side of something that seems to be negative, for sure. I hope most of you know this by now that there is no definitive Hadith that mentions the Knights of Labor.

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There is nothing to establish as many people think that Leila is mother. And this is one of the opinions that exists. And

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and there are maybe around 40 opinions or around different opinions about later.

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So obviously, one of the popular opinions is that it is over 27 tonight, but that is not actually based upon any sound specific narration. It's, what is it based upon, it's based upon that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he gave us some of the sights, some of the things that you could observe. And by that abs of observation, you might know that it was late into the

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night before. So for example,

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you know, one of the, one of the signs is that it may rain,

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it may rain and the other and the other sign is that the when the sun rises,

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it does so without strong rains doesn't have strong sunrays. So it's like type of subdued. Right?

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So, and obviously, it is a nice, it's a piece, because Allah says in an Salam on

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Fajr that, you know, peace is that, you know, until the Fajr. So it is peaceful night as well. So, I mean, these are just some of the signs. So based upon some of these things, you know, some scholars said it was this night or they identified it as that

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because those signs happened after that night, and some of them would even swear by Allah that it's this night or even amongst them, it's a different as we'd like to. So this is why I find the opinion very interesting that says,

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but actually then, the night of later changes

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If it's not the same night, every single year, it can change. So that's an interesting opinion. So, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the lateness of conduct in the last 10 nights. And in fact, the Prophet said, If you can't look at it, if you can't seek it in every one of the last 10 nights, so this is the first thing.

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Look for it in the odd nights. So if you can't seek for it in every night, maybe that's too difficult for you. And seek it in the odd night. So the first thing is, it could be any one of the last 10 Nights brothers and sisters, it could be any one of them. Now, it's not necessarily just the odd nights. And the Prophet also some of them said, and if you can't look at, if you can't look for it, in all have the odd nights, then look for it in the fifth and the 27th. And the 29th. Yeah. So

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yeah, this is what we're talking about seeking and looking for Laila to cuddle. So it could be so really, what do you think an intelligent, wise, cautious, precautionary person would do?

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Right with information like that? Well, I think brothers and sisters, they would make sure that they try to buy Leila to cuddle. And they tried to do Ibadah in every single one of the last 10 Nights.

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In fact, if they were really, you know, subhanAllah focus, and they were making the best out of Ramadan. They would really focus on worship in all of those nights. And this is what Prophets Allah long Wiley yourself, used to do, brothers and sisters used to tighten his belts used to keep away from his wives, even encourage them also, by the way to pray, but meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wouldn't be intimate with his wives at that time, you know, and he would actually he would make a ticket in the masjid.

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He would make

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you know, he would retreat to the mosque. And that's one of the etiquettes of etiquette is that you keep away from, you know, from your wife or husband. And,

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and yeah, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would really focus on fasting and praying, not fasting, obviously, pray in that light. Okay, during the last two, all of the last 10 nights, and you would pray some of the values on your pray the whole night,

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you would pray the whole night.

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And all you do that for all of the last 10 months, but obviously, not all of us have that strength and capacity capacity to do that.

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So at least brothers and sisters, you know, the wise person would make sure that they take care,

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too, pray, not to make prayers to do Eva to make dua to make this stuff bark. So Kim to give sadaqa because all the acts of worship in Sharla are increased. And, you know, the rewards are multiplied. Subhanallah so much, right? 10,000 months Subhanallah that's a lot of months. That's like 84 years of worship. So the worship and Leila to the other. Subhanallah is like worshiping for 80 I think it's 84 years. Pamela? Where is it at 8284 years.

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Anyway, 80 something years.

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You can do the math Suja SubhanAllah. Like that's a long time of worship brothers and sisters. And you know, maybe somebody who wasted their whole life not just wasted a year, not just wasted during Ramadan, maybe a person who wasted their life, but manages to benefit from a Leyland's and other Subhanallah they benefit so much and maybe someone who worships all of their life that Miss

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they miss so much. Actually, this is what the Prophet said that a person who misses Leila Takada they really missed something great. You know, they made a great loss. Brothers and sisters don't miss out on

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even our sisters if they are in that, you know, that type of month. Does that mean you should do nothing? No pusad You can make dua you can still read Quran, okay, but maybe not from the most half. This is a difference of opinion that a lady and you know a woman in time of the month shouldn't touch the most happy when she can still read, you know, tough see it. I don't like this. I don't think there's any difference of opinion on that she can read

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See if so suddenly, it's not the actual mishap, but let's still contain support as you can read that, right? She can give sadaqa she can give charity.

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She can make dua she can make. She can do all of those things. It doesn't mean she doesn't need to engage yourself in Ibadah and make use of these nights. And if all that she does is say, Allahu in

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the headboard

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Oh Allah, you're the forgiving, and you love forgiveness. So forgive me. Just if you made this dua all night, Ma sha Allah, why not? This would be just amazing thing. Because Allah loves to forgive, and he loves the people will repent Him and who seek forgiveness Subhan Allah or you could send Salawat upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on all types of amazing types of car and Decker so many things you can do brothers and sisters Subhan Allah, but the whole point is make use of this knights make house holla and maybe this is the last one. Maybe this will be Ramadan. Maybe this will be the last time you get to benefit or take the benefit from laners are we so arid that we think you

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know we're gonna have a long life Subhanallah we don't know. We don't know when we're gonna die. We don't know when our last day is. And then we meet Allah in the hall, it will be regrets everyone will regret. A sinner will regret that they didn't leave their sins. And the righteous will regret they didn't do more more good deeds, brothers and sisters.

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So Subhanallah This is a beautiful blessing this Leila.

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And you know what Subhan Allah as well. It's not just any Ibaadat because, again, the surah that was revealed about later the pada was revealed when the companion came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so the Jews had been telling them about one of their heroes, in one great majority been great.

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You know, one great soldier, one brave warrior, from the bene Israel,

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the children of Israel, who had Subhanallah, Marshall, Allah Tabata, Allah He had worn his armor nonstop for 8080 years or something like that, right?

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1000 months.

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And they were boasting about this, and the Prophet, then when they came to tell the Prophet,

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Allah revealed

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about Leila,

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saying, subhanAllah This is what Allah this is one of the blessings that Allah has given this,

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that this meaning so that the worship in this night of Kedah and later

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is better than the thighs

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and the path of Allah wearing his armor and never taking it off. Subhana

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So brothers and sisters, it's incredible that we don't make use of these blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us but we're human beings, right? That's the reality, where you know, we are weak, and most of us don't have that strength and ability to worship the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam did in the sahaba. So that's why the Prophet said to us, you know, like, if you can't look for it in every night, but anyway, I want to summarize my whole talk, which is going back to where we started about positive thinking brothers and sisters, right? Think positively. Try not to negative, you know, when things that you think of that are happening, don't think of them as

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being bad. Try to think of them as there's, there's some blessing here the opposite. I just need to find it. There's good in this, I just need to find it because that Subhanallah this is the this is the condition of the believer. Everything that happens to them is good. So if they get some blessing from Allah subhanaw taala you know, they thank Allah and they praise Allah. And if some difficulty or trial or calamity comes, then that's good for them as well. Because Allah expats their sins and races, their levels in paradise of harm.

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This is, this is only for the believer. We only the believers get that well, what can we how can we thank Allah enough for the blessing of Islam? We can't be taught. Thank Allah enough.

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For all see what he's given us what is he given this OMA he's honored this amount

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some fancy hat with the army. We have M says me, we say Abby with UK McTell, aka moto Lakota

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word that Allah has perfected our religion and completed our paper upon us and chosen for us this deal of is that we have this perfect and completed and perfected religion. And Allah has given us so many blessings, He's given us item policy. I'm just talking about things that have such great value that Allah has placed in this the little things with massive value, salted AirFloss if you recite it, it's like a third Quran

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surah if you memorize it, Allah will save you from the torment of the great or he read it every night before you sleep.

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And anyway, these are just some things brothers and sisters, so many virtues, that Allah and blessings that Allah has given this religion, but surely one of the great of them is Ramadan itself. Subhan Allah this month of forgiveness this month of mercy, when you come out of it Subhanallah and you fasted and Subhana lights and you prayed in the night see Allah's reward Subhanallah the gifts you can come out of it with your sins forgiven Subhan Allah

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and then later to Allah has given us Leila to this night, in which the worship is like SubhanAllah

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1000 months, Allah

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Subhana Allah. So brothers and sisters, I know you've probably had lots of reminders about later.

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But some Hana like could have been last night. It could have been last night it could be tonight, we still want a few nights

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of Ramadan. I know for some of you

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saying oh, this Ramadan has gone so fast. Subhanallah

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I don't feel it's gone fast myself personally. And, you know, I'm still racing, I'm still racing with endo run to try and complete

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the recitation of the Quran, because that son, I don't know, if I'm gonna make it, it's quite tough now because like, almost every night, we have a light appeal

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here, and I find those really, really exhausting. So now so much of my time is taken up

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with the live appeals recovering from the live appeal. So but who knows, we put in the time and Sharla we should be able to do it. And you know what, it's not too late to make the intention Subhanallah brothers sisters, there's not many days left. For Ramadan, there's still an opportunity for you to take benefit from it. And still, maybe later to cover it still to come. Subhanallah which is you know, maybe you did bad on your life. But you can take benefit from this one night Subhanallah and everything will change because of it. Anyway, brothers and sisters a very short talk for me tonight. This evening. Don't forget to SHARE this if you found it useful. Subhanallah even

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better, you know, pass on yourself what you heard Subhanallah your own words to those you know those you love, and Sharla share the hair blessings and hopefully maybe you could join us for one of our live appeals for hire as well. That will be fantastic inshallah and hit that like button hit that subscribe button. And don't forget brothers and sisters. Subscribe you know join me on my YouTube channel subscribe for some you know there's some nice things I've done. I did a

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I can't remember now what it was some nice videos when I was going for a walk and you know some Quran and some nice reminders I'm going to do some of those while in chat on more lots of things on Newcastle FM so many exciting speakers so many mashallah it's such good stuff going on at Newcastle FM mashallah Newcastle fast FM, I should say. So brothers is that's it for me in Sharla. Until next week, inshallah hopefully we'll be able to join you then. May Allah bless you may Allah bless you in these final days. May Allah subhanaw taala help us all to find and take benefit from Lena Takada and may Allah smart Allah have mercy on the owner of Mohamed Salah

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cilia Muhammad was happy it was said

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