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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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salam ala moana man found now and finally my lamp tena Zina Elman Yahama Rahimi.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala Barak and this gathering, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be taught como mouthful and let them get up all your sins are forgiven and sha Allah Allah, may he also make us from the people whom they will be told. All your evil deeds are switched into into good deeds inshallah I mean horrible I mean

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Subhan Allah as we are celebrating somebody accepting Islam, and we get very excited and we have

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many of our children are leaving Islam

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we get excited for a minute we hug which is great hamdulillah for the person COURAGING

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but Allah He we should concentrate a lot on what we will be questioned about our children in general.

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We always hear about

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they go to the college, they take a couple of sociology, philosophy, science courses, and they come back and tell you

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this is all from science. May Allah protect all our children Sharma I mean, Robert I mean, and our better May Allah protect our offsprings?

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I don't know if our children gonna have so much patience just like we do now, do this suddenly pray, we are going to have that with the children and then their children also. So may Allah subhanaw taala keep us on them and all the generation after us on this deen and Sharma I mean

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we continue in sha Allah we started with the name of Allah azza wa jal Alka dose. Last week, we started with the name Alka dose and we said that this name is derived from the three letters, the Codesa, which means has two meanings. And we said

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cudos couldn't mean from the word codicil, which is fahara purify.

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And it also could mean what's the second meaning you said.

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Now, I would like to taharah attorney Mobarak Mobarak. Mubarak blessed so both of them mean the name and produce so Allah subhanaw taala. Like when they when the angel said, we're not going to set the whole luck, we're not going to set the whole behind the curve, when to cut the Sulak. So we are purifying ourselves to be in your company.

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We are purifying ourselves to be in the company of Allah azza wa jal. So

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can we use this name? Because remember, we are studying them first. To get to know Allah azza wa jal second, where Allah Allah smiled on us now for the Obeah how can we use

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As these names to make dua I don't remember myself saying yeah kudos. And I asked something after it right. We run and Rahim or for or for ya Allah you know get a web button produce anybody made a drought with the produce rarely right yeah produce we don't say that how can I use it

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in my dua

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah Our Creator

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he told us in the Quran

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he described the incense that he Subhana has created and he told us what kind of characteristics do we have naturally?

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What did he say? What can Allah Insano cafetera was one that incense Carrefour, he is ungrateful.

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Well, Holika Insano Abdullah, he likes to rush he wants things done yesterday. He wants to see that he would instantly tribunal Agila.

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What else? He said?

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Well, Haleakala, Insano BIFA.

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Very weak, very weak. What can an internal Cateura

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the heel here is stingy. What can anyone say? No. Cateura who's saying this?

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Or Hanoch?

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The One Who created us? He told us what kind of characteristics do we have? Yeah, I could use your Allah. I want to purify myself from these characteristics. So I use your kudos.

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I have

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a problem with anger. Some of us have problem with anger. Some of us have problem with envy. Some of us have problem with jealousy, some of the malice.

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Any kind of

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diseases of the heart? Uh, yeah, maybe. So I use this name.

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You could use to ask Allah subhanho wa taala. Number one, to purify me from some of us follow their desire. A lot of us they

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carry on, when the desire comes or blinks, they immediately they say somewhere No, Aparna. So this is a problem.

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I asked Allah with that name to purify me from all these diseases. That's number one. I can also ask him with the second meaning

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of Baraka, right, the other knee of the market DESA Why do they call the codes? It is both of course. It's a pure place. And sir, Mubarak, both Subhanallah

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so I can ask Allah subhanaw taala with that name, to put Baraka in everything that he Subhana has blessed me with. I can use that name for taharah for to purify, purify myself, ask Allah to purify me, to clean me to cleanse me. And I can ask Allah subhanaw taala with that name, Allah Kuddos to put Baraka in everything that he blessed me with even Gibreel and Islam. What's his name?

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in the Quran, Allah called him or who

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he is the rule that's coming with something that will

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both beautify me and put Baraka in my life. Allahu Akbar, his name is Ron Cordis just because he's carrying this, the words of Allah azza wa jal that our reason for Tahara and reason for Baraka. His name became ru goddess.

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Like we said last week that this name is mentioned only twice in the Quran. And sunnah to Juma in the first area and in surah Al Asher in the area before before last right? In general in general.

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The Surah of the Quran, from the first area or the first few areas, you know, not the title, not necessarily the title of the area, the name of the area, but you will know thy is talking about

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right, you will have an idea what the surah is talking about.

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You know that it's talking about the heat and this and that I'm gonna have to clean and go far from the first few is Allah differentiated and every surah

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Allah is talking about the moment on and you know, so, so, those Surah Juma? This name is mentioned in the first as

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you said,

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you said Behold, Hema is similar to

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Al Malik Alko dos than what

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Al Aziz

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last one lucky the why many times in the Quran

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it is starts with Saba Subhanallah Subhanallah here, your sub beho and this was called Juma and the name cudos is there. How is the relationship between Tasbeeh duck these you have to Joomla beginning of the surah Allahu Akbar now you understand the surah different and Melek and produce and as he is a Kim, the Sunnah started with all these four names. So you don't want the Sahara we clean ourselves and that name came the first area Subhanallah every Joomla we do the same thing. And this be recent behind it, this luck, this B and this, this B is but it's too hard. I mean, we said that before is to say an admit that Allah is pure from any deficiency and perfect in every attribute. So similar to

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part of the talk this Subhanallah So, always you look at the surah and you will start when you start understanding the names of Allah azza wa jal you will start noticing that for example

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when a min che in your sub barrel behind the he when I can let of Kahuna test, be at home in Ghana halimun have a fura everything everything. Every thing is making this via this phone, this iPad, this table, everything is making OSPF to Allah but you do not understand the way they're making it.

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And then he said in the whole kind of halimun or fura Helene is, from forbearance, forbearance. Ne for example, if I come and I I push brother Hakim I started saying bad things to him. If he is becoming Haleem he will control himself and Zack Lockyer May Allah forgive you. This is Helen. How come here? Allah subhanaw taala after he said that everything is making this be it for him. He used the word Haleem. What? Why? And then before

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you know why?

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Because everything is making this beer

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inside. So he is Haleem to the inside because he's not doing it enough. And he's got food for the one who's doing it enough.

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So, you know, that's that's the beauty of understanding the names of Allah azza wa jal because Hareem before it needs to rub this angle to become Haleem. I'm going to become Halima. He's not doing anything. I'm Halima and you haven't done anything. Helene for somebody to push you or do something wrong and you're Haleem you keep giving him chances and chances everything is making disappear except the human being constantly forget. So Allah is halimun him and therefore on the one who makes this via Subhanallah because he asked for this we Allah subhanaw taala forgiven. So now,

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like we said, the summary of this name is he is the one who is far from any imperfection, error fault and shortcoming and fall from any kind of deficiency. This is a kudos now, when we look at Allah subhanaw taala

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the name I'll produce what does that entail? He is free from fault. He is free from the fault of Shirke Allah subhanho wa Taala does not need any Shariq second, he is free from having any spouse or any child. Okay. Third, he is free from dying. He is a high a lady layer mood and we will talk about that when we come to the name Alhaj he is free from committing any kind of injustice. Allah is free from that that's also inside Alka dose he is free from plying from lying because Allah subhanaw taala is so is so pure. And he told us women as document Allah He Akela women us document Allah He Hadith and he is free from error and he is free from forgetfulness that I could have seen it on what

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I know I'm not there's not forget on a Canon Buka NESEA today treasure May Allah reward shucks a Jedi recited portion of Surah

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Surah Maryam and as a matter of fact,

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you know for for the brothers. We're not here for a

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couple of seconds. The sound went on and off. Okay, so he's naming the profits in the world called Phil Kitabi abre

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Hey, what could feel Kitab emotion. So when it came to Idris the voice went on and off. So I heard something. And I said, No, no, maybe I heard drunk. Then another brother came running to the chef, after he finished. So did you say well could Phil Kitab IBLEES

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because it was Idris. And I said, I heard the bliss to the bliss,

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kind of Subdeacon.

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So, when he when he came, he said, the same thing, the voice I would never say, bliss. So I'm sure

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so that I noticed that but it happened in the morning today. So the shake was exciting. And he came to the park when I can book and Aasiya and Allah subhanaw taala never forget, you know how sometimes some people ask question, and they say, How come this is not?

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There is no ruling on this issue. Is it allowed or haram? About? I'm not talking about something contemporary, something new, talking about something in the past. How come? No, no, no, no.

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Allah did not forget that issue. If it's not mentioned, it's halal. You know, don't think that Allah forgot to tell us about this issue. When I cannot book an assay Allah does not forget. Allah does not.

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Allah subhanaw taala knows that there will come a day that we are so sophisticated in technology and Ellen that and he still told us go by the moon sighting. He know that there will be calculation that we'll find out in 2180, what second the moon is going to come? The nose is the Aleem is the Kabir he's available in Santa Maria Meola. So, how can I eliminate the Santa Maria and he does not know that there will come a day that we we will be able to tell what's going to happen with the weather and still told us for example, I just picked up this topic that still similarity was titled Euro Yeti, right?

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He is also Allah subhanaw taala a free free from having any shabby anyone that is equal to Him.

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They secondly he shaped there is nothing like Allah as origin. Now how can I bring? Okay, we have three minutes I always promised you 15 minutes how can I bring this name to my life? First? From the part of purification? We said purification baraka from the past of purification. I have to purify my Aqeedah

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purify my acleda from any form of Shilka one and don't be shy let me just take a few on one minute on this because it's extremely important. Many times the brothers tell me Yeah, sure. Why don't you mention on the on the hotpot even though I mentioned it, maybe the people will not here. Why don't you mention the hook but because about the caboose and the graves in our countries and people making Tawaf and people going to them and asking them to help them. Why didn't you mention that that this is haram? This is shook. I mentioned that all the time. But at the same time, I want you to know that please do not be shy. Because sometimes I don't have set my cousin. I don't have set my brother

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overseas. He loves that stuff. No, no, no, this is no if you love him, you tell him

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this is shirk. And sometimes or maybe most of the time, the people who are doing this do not know

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we saw our parents, our grandparents doing this, and they thought this is from the team. So how would they if I keep going like this and do not correct them? Who's gonna correct them? Who's gonna say that this is wrong. So, I have to be clean, if I want to feel that name in my life, I have to be my Akita has to be clean from any form of shelter, or any form of a fria My heart has to be clean from,

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from any kind of any of the diseases that we always mentioned. Because Allah subhanaw taala it is the only place that Allah looks at is the the heart of the of the human being. Now, let me just mention, have this name I'll produce been mentioned in any dua that Rasulillah Salam Taurus

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which one

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insalata via

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exactly that we learned this year after after you finish the router. And by the way, after you finish the router in general not after the we finished the router and Ramadan only anytime you finish the router Subhan and Millikan. cudos Subhanallah Milliken kudos. So Han and Malika kudos the third time you know where your higher your your voice so kudos is mentioned in in this excellent tourists after winter. Where else very common one in Roku and sujood right. So Bohan could do son Rob boo lamella Katie weruva After I finished with Hannah Bella the three times I can say so Bohan could do some rubble Mala he can

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You Ottawa in the record and I after I finished a panel a bill and the suit I can say so Bohan could do son Rob boo mela Kathy weruva

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So, our 15 minutes are up in sha Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive. We will take a new name by Thursday in sha Allah Tala, is that going to knock it over a coffee can I ask the producer to purify us all from the sins and ask grant Kuddos to put baraka and everything that he blessed us with? So Hanukkah Muhammad, mashallah Allah Allah Allah and the staff Europa on a tour Gaelic

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