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Adnan Rajeh
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Okay, we're gonna do that.

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Locals as you consider them, we're vertical and beginner or heavy even, I didn't want to earn

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the danger of long speak, talk about the name of Allah. Allah Harlan isn't alive how the Creator

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it's an umbrella name that a number of other names of Allah subhanaw taala exist under it. Today I'll talk about some Allah and Harlan, the creator, they'll also talk about his bed.

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And then also, because all three names come together, in general, in their general meanings, the name is Harlan, around the London Times, but the actual verb of Hulk, hundreds of times in the Quran, to the point where it's difficult to even

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count them all.

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Those in Arabic has multiple meanings. The most important meaning of it is to each item the item is to produce something from nothing, but not necessarily from nothing but to produce something when there was nothing. And that is the, the Angkor medium and the main meaning of Islam Allah of Harlem, but the word hello also means to create figuratively, also means to transform.

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Yeah, hello, welcome V we're born in Omaha, Chico, hold on, we mean by the holding vehicle merging that degrades you in the wombs of your mothers, when a creation of the time they were bleeding is one transformation after the other to transform something from one form to the other in a way where the where the change is so significant, that you can barely compare the to the to the end result and the before and after. Basically, that's also called in in the Arabic language.

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Gonna recite a number of verses on it, listen to what they're saying in our transit show to the best of my ability. He says Subhan

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Allah Maha Felicia in Oahu Island Felicia in Workiva. Allah Subhana Allah is the Creator of everything. And he takes it and he takes under his under his care everything as well. Call people collusion everything that is a shape everything that is Allah subhana wa Tada created Phnom Ragusa it will probably put in because the Lord of the cosmos and the earth say Allah. But I don't mean to do any he only Olia I am really cool to see him Neff and what about say are you taking an associated with Him those who have no ability to offer themselves benefit or harm but how yester will arm well it also you are the evil the one who can who can see the one who's blind. I've heard this story a

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while rumored to win nor or is it equal light and darkness. I'm Jasmine Allah He Shoraka a holiday Olga Holtby for the show, but hold on it him Are they are they're associated with Allah Samantha Who created creations like he created and you're getting mixed up with all these different creations that you're looking at.

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But he

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couldn't Lishi

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See, I was the creator of everything. He is the one and he does some doors part of what

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he says in no baton love lithium, Allah, Allah, Allah fie sit at a yearning to master

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deed is your Lord who created because one of the earth and everything between the mystics of his days

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to master it. Then he took

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and then he took control of his kingdom of His throne, Yoshi Leyland how he has night followed by by day interchanging entering each other they're overlapping upon one another Yoshi Leyland Yaga Lobo Who hath either they are in constant followship with one another was shooting so well Palmer our newsroom and Musa Herat in the emery the sun in the moon and the stars are all serving their purpose as He commanded some kind of

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indeed creation and command is his

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he says you're

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a nurse or mu or baton will levy holla goon well Levine and you know public level that people worship your Lord the ones who are the One who created you and created everyone before you so you may find true piety you

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yeah you and nurse Dakota Baku levy Halima me never seen Wahida bahala Amin huzzah Jehovah with them in Houma, Regehr and cathedral when he said that all people have have piety towards your Lord who created you get from one soul and created from that one soul it spouse and many, many people came from both of them.

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He says July July, versus W recited not too long ago. Quite of a similarity. The lady I met in Tarragona when Zelda in the summer embeds Nephi Herman Cooley, zodion, greenie created the cosmos without pillars that you can see instantly from the sky water and from that everything has come from the earth had hullabaloo ah, this is the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada for our own use of show me Maga Hopper Levine and doobie What did others create? This is his creation. What did others create?

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He says so proud of what's out there. Well, I've got the Hala canal in seven minutes to let him Milene film by John no who no boffetta fee Paul already McKean indeed who created the human being from an extract of of the soul of the earth. And then we turned him into a small drop of *

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in a firm in a firm resting place polonium McKee talking about the woman firm resting place, from Muhammad and noble feta Allah. Then we created a see that drop of * into a clot of blood to mahalangur.

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And then we created the clot of blood into a lump of flesh to Muhammad Ali Motihari, one

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factor seven Alinea Hua Malema from Malaysia no hold on, and then that lump of clay of flesh turned into bone in that bone was covered with with meat and skin and then it transformed it was created into a completely different thing to mention. Now hold on Alpha narration that we have is that when the Prophet Alia sought to send reciting this verse recruitable

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that Miley bingeable was listening. So he said the Allahu Akbar after after the Prophet alayhi salatu assembly sighted will not

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leave the medina Medina who don't have a tendency to follow him McKean from Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah the HELOC on

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on someone else's blog

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the profit ally is

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indeed exalted is the one who the best of all creators

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Well, I've heard the words and any guests with the above audio so I was gonna say next.

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So if it's about like Allah

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he says subhanaw taala a levy Sanabria che in palapa? Are they available in the one perfected everything that he created? He began the creation of human being from the soil of the earth.

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I'm gonna go through the verses that give us a certain sense of sequence. It says Subhan Allah was we were living in ZIL Amin, Osama

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* be in a bad cliche and he was the one who descended from the sky is water

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and from it came to see or everything. The hodgin LBE never ticklish the the growth of everything came from water hitting the soul of the earth

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in Hollywood

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and then after that first scene then green began the first creation How do I know only two men who haven't been moved to LA Kiba and the layers of seeds. I mean indefinitely nobody has environment Danny attune which a narrative was they do in our room man. Then after that all these different types of fruit and trees with with everything that they have started to come forward which Debbie home will help to share this out with them similar to one another something very different. Oh you know February either if not already and I take a good look at it. When it's when the fruit turns right look at it. Look at the difference. Look at the beauty of it in the view that you can

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only do find within that size for those who believe

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to supine and want to know about the

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total case are harder for law Saba SML words

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which identify them out of fee in an aura which is a sham sociologia Indeed, He created you in sequence of how to add one

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one stage after the other stages.

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Did you not see our last part that created the cosmos one layer upon the other

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In the, in the sky at night you have the shining moon. And then you have the blazing sun. Well log better,

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cleaner better Indeed you are grown from the earth like a plant. Some of you already do comfy

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and you'll be sent back in again. And you'll be resurrected once again later. He says so kinda want to see you out on the phone who key for better hold some Allah, you want to shoot on Nash?

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Go walk the earth and see how Allah has power to be began his creation. And then he rose upon to Allah indeed resurrect us all on the day of judgment.

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He says Subhana

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Allah in 70, he no mean a devotee, let me show you go on seeing a time and did he does it in a form of a rhetorical question. But indeed, there was a time that came with the you. There was a time when there humanity was not even a thought.

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And the human need the word in son wasn't even a word that was used. The concept of the human being wasn't even introduced to anything that existed.

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The people of Yemen came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam asked him about that he has on how this all started, he said to some care,

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whether she

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was Allah subhanaw taala, and there was nothing, there was nothing.

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And if we really understand it, the reality of this universe is still Allah subhanaw taala and nothing.

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We're just allowed a very, very small amount of time to exist, and then we're gonna go away. Because that's not gonna happen at the end, isn't it? At the end, yomo yomo piano, Allah subhanaw taala will take the lives of every living thing, including Djibouti, and including the Angel of Death himself, and told nothing's, there's nothing again, again, there's nothing.

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So I started out with nothing but Allah's powder, it ends with nothing but Allah subhanaw taala. So pretty much in the middle is the same thing. So just a small period of time that were granted, this existence here. Every law that exists in the universe is the creation of Allah subhana wa, tada. The basic law is that we know the law of gravity and gravity and electromagnetism in the small and large interaction, Oh, these are all of us about that, as long as he created these laws, subhanaw taala to govern the world that way they do. So we take time to actually look at what Allah subhanaw taala created, keep in mind that all these laws that we are starting to discover and scratch the surface

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of understanding are the laws that Allah Subhana Allah put in motion to allow the universe to exist the way it exists today. And that's really all this, this is.

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The difference between hardware and software? Or are the three points

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that we will never fully understand. Science will figure out everything else as it is. But there are three things that will never understand. Because science never looks at them in science, it doesn't study this stuff, harder than the one that brought existence from nothingness.

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Science only looks at existence moving forward from the Big Bang. And after that, before that, where that first atom came from. Science doesn't care about that. Where did that first atom came from? come from? Where did that first amount of, of matter and energy actually come from? Oh, ha.

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That's that first point. And then creation existed in all these universes and

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galaxies and planets, stars and suns. Everyone's everything is rotating around the center and colliding in the amounts of degrees of heat that we can't even understand that is occurring

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for many, even billions of years, billions of years going on.

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And then the first sign of life

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on this planet first life, that first micro organism that was able to utilize energy. See, where did that first sign of life come from? We don't know. Science is not even interested understanding how all of these elements, all of these elements, potassium, and nitrogen and oxygen and hydrogen, and iron and all these elements, how is it that they came together and made enzymes and made and made Golgi systems and made membranes and nucleuses doesn't know how we went through. It's all the same stuff. It's the same recipe. You just throw in all these other half. Turn it into life. Make it brief

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Make it take a breath.

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First moment, at the first sign of life took a breath here on the planet, and

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the Creator of life, wanted to use the grandeur of life to something that was dead or something that wasn't life but is dead right now. So granted life again, Bertie is the one that created life. There was no life. It was just just matter that was moving in high speeds, huge densities, different degrees in different temperatures. But life, how did we go for that? Where did that first

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first living organism come from? We think today that existed somewhere in Australia, the volcanic Yanni springs? How did it? How did it take his first breath? We don't know.

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And then another question, a third point?

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Why did this life the way it is? Why do living things want to continue to live? That's a given. That's a law that we use and utilize to understand everything. That's how we did we use it to describe behavior and describe it. But why is it that something that is alive wants to continue to live? Why? You may say, Well, that's obvious, of course, if you want, if you're alive, you want to continue. Yeah, I know. Why. Why is it that everything that is alive, wants to continue to live, wants to become strong and wants to prosper, wants to reproduce? What why? Where does that? Where does that drive come from? Science doesn't know where it comes from. Science describes it really

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well use it as knowledge that allows us to understand why people behave, the way they behave, why animals behave, the way they behave, why it is that there's a high density, high volume of animals in certain areas, not other areas, why they look why the polar bear is has a white coat, and the recently very high brown codes and their blackberries. Why is it that they have these different color codes and why they look differently? Just understanding that be describing how life is but the question is why does life to that? Why? Where does life get that drive from? How does life know that it has that it should survive that it should adapt that it should want to live and more so

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the grantor of purpose

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Sora needs picture in common language, but it really means is purpose. It's a thing it has structure has some goals that he's trying to achieve, or else those are the sort of actions and also we're the grantor of function and purpose, or else life would have

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life not to be cheesy unquote Jurassic Park, but life will always find a way. Why because that's how Allah subhanaw taala programmed it. That's the barrier solver. Subhana which Allah created to be, and it's amazing. And it's breathtaking. And when the more you learn about it, the more you're in awe of how Allah subhanaw taala created always. It's something that is extremely, that's extremely interesting, we still barely understand what's happening, barely understand what's happening. And it's gonna be probably hundreds of more years before we before we begin to comprehend the complexity of what Allah subhanaw taala actually created some pattern.

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And if everything that he did in this,

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that we that we are

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fortunate enough to actually witness and be a part of, we understand well, there must be a reason for why Allah subhanaw taala created. Why is it that Allah has power to add it? Isn't that the

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everlasting question is not the million dollar question. Is that the question that is as old as the human being himself, the moment that we were able to develop metacognition and lift our heads up and look to the stars, we wondered, why are we here? Why did he create Cortana What does he want from all of this please? Well for us

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this is the in the tech for who wanna be lady holla or Buffy Oh main with a GI Luna level and

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then he got booed. I mean, with geography Hantavirus CNN phobia Well, McAfee worked on Java via Wi Fi arbeitete a year means at least 18 to Mostofa if you were here to home for calling the * out of the DR Pawan Oh girl have attained or in fact, Saba vo main to mo have equal listen in.

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was a younger summer duniya be Masabi Hawaii for the legal Jeopardy or disease in our leam say hey, are you are you are you seriously just believing in the one that created the earth and and the cosmos in any game days and I'll explain in a moment

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And he put on earth the anchors of mountains and he had the springs and rivers running in them and the seas in the oceans. And then he turned to the sky and he made it look the way it does it filled with smoke and blazing stars

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that you could deal with it easily. This is the destiny of the great one of the ambitious and the unfathomable, who created all of this?

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Why did you create in six days? Why six days? Are the art days? Is it a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening? Or is it six of his day subhanaw taala. Six of his days yet, we don't know is 13 point 8 billion years that took for all this to happen. But the point that we need to remember or that's important is that he didn't need that time to create us. We needed that time to come forward to actually be produced by all of this because the nature of the universe that Allah subhanaw taala created is a universe that encompass that is that is taken by time, space. Time and space are two other creations of Allah subhana wa Tada that's why he will oh what what up? How are

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you first and last, it is physically impossible to be first and last. Unless time is meaningless to you. And less time is not something that applies to you, then you could be first and last if time doesn't apply. Well who evolved who will go out and use their parents didn't How is that physically possible in space either your parents or you're in less space doesn't apply to you. The last part is not in Congress or contained by his creations not contained in time and space. So six days 13 point 8 billion years a second salasi saw the same

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Subhan Allah Allah will say Please, ma'am, and I go and do the emails for them to be a day when he prostrating the one that I created with my own hands. What does that mean? What are you imagining right now? Are you imagining hands that are taking soil and making clay that is that's that is close to go for? Be very aware you're very careful. What does that actually mean? To be a what does it mean no one knows. It's a figure of speech he created with his own by his own wills and how he's trying to explain to you that you were meant to come here that you're close to him you're not a mistake. You weren't just an after product of what he created He created all of this so that you

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would come so that you as a human being could be here so you can take your breath and you can enjoy what he needs the Hello customer words are loving the motion putting created the cosmos of the earth with truthfulness is beyond all those who associate with him Hello, Salim in number 13 for either who will see movie and they created the human being from a drop of * and he walks around arguing intelligently with God what an alcohol alcohol lifestyle he created

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a comfy her home woman Woman balloon you find warms and benefits and you eat from it. Welcome V Gemma there's beauty in it as well. Hey, everybody who never had a smartphone whether you're looking at it or whether you're writing it

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Well, hi Eva, would it be a law that would help me you know, the target who have a cena and he created all these other animals, horses and mules and donkeys, all them so that you may use them for your benefit were seen and ornaments, they're beautiful.

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You look at them. And you see what Allah created and you remind yourself I can do, I can barely understand what's happening here.

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We go mad, and he creates what you do not even know about.

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So how do other human being the moment he was able to start to understand a little bit, how creation happened, how life started to develop and evolve on the planet. We start to lose faith in God.

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It's the level of arrogance that is extremely. It's astonishing. You just started to barely understand how he did it. So you stopped believing that you didn't give. If anything is more impressive, the more we understand of how all this team, you know, some Muslims have issues with you know, the big bang theory or evolution. If you understand what these theories actually are there the best scientific guess of what actually happened. It's only a reason for you to exalt the HARDOX panel data more. Because if you understand God and the medieval kind of way of understanding creation where Allah zapping things into existence, that's one thing very, but if you're told that

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every living thing came from one cell, one strand of DNA, but that DNA had enough programming

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Next, for those of you who are software programmers when selling MC hasn't had enough programming in it, that it was capable to produce every living thing with all the biodiversity that existed on the planet over billions of years. It had to do was, it had the potential in it from the moment it took that first breath. Not only was he able to directly record all of life, but it was able to, to improve itself and to record those improvements and to continue to work on it. This is this is a level of of knowledge and wisdom and ability that that we cannot comprehend as human beings. It's beyond us. It only makes us you know, exalt the Los pantalla more and appreciate Harlan bird, more

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solver. Even more. It's understanding how it all happened. Don't be afraid of science. Don't be afraid. There's nothing there's nothing scary in it. It'll never contradict anything that you're saying because they don't talk about the same stuff. That moron is telling us the general strokes of what people know of what they see. The plan is not a book of science not explaining geology or biology it's not talking about that it's telling you just take a look look at everything around you look out all incomes and if mean Tilka yeah well let's even see like you know, you can on what they can help with I can act on naskila noon, Allah will let the officer know where to

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go Mr. Ba ouch was just a sham. So well Pamela Cooley Yeah. Julie adjured in some without you forcing

00:26:36 --> 00:26:37

people to

00:26:38 --> 00:26:50

imagine Wi Fi have our car and how about I mean coolest Emirati geography has OJ in his name Yoshi Leila Naha in a vida de cada? Oh me I'll be ruined rune will

00:26:51 --> 00:27:07

tell me a lot when Jenna to minha Anna was when a feed on singlewide on the millennials in Word, your spa the man in work he did when he felt a little about Allah I battled in the field in the field and he told me he got whatever indigestion for Ijebu

00:27:09 --> 00:27:25

either connect to rob and in the vehicle injuried he can be in a car phone will be him. But you can never learn enough to him. But he does have an Audi don't go back and read the first page of soda right and you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:28

Understanding learning

00:27:30 --> 00:28:08

the more science offers offers us the more we are in awe but Allah subhanaw taala created don't be afraid of Don't refuse any scientific theory based on religion. That's, that's foolish, very foolish. If you've refused anything scientific, you better be a scientist who has a better theory than the theory that's being offered. Because there's no contradiction there's nowhere for it to contradict. The Quran doesn't talk about the detail. The Quran is not explaining scientific methods of creating the Quran is giving us general strokes, asking us to take a look at how things happened and then giving us a lot of symbolism. Inside in the in the Quran. Allah talks about the creation of

00:28:08 --> 00:28:51

the human being from Torah and from a different person from Torah and man and lean and lean in and so falling for her and so sorry Muhammad in this noon insularity news melting from all of them are or is this just an issue of sequence of graduality that took a long time with differences to allow it where the item was created in a second millisecond or created over 13 billion years? What difference does that make to us our data is not both the act of Allah subhanaw taala is time the problem are we dissatisfied if it took a long time like that just tells us more about our nature, not about his nature, subhanaw taala either or the shape and equipment for your call if he wants to

00:28:51 --> 00:29:01

have his gun. But we took time to come here because that's our nature. We exist in time. We learn through time. We live through time we suffer through time.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:19

We improve through time we lose through time, we gain through time, we succeed through time and we fail from time. And if we don't learn the value of time and gradually, everything about us is gradual. The way we grow up the way we learn the way we get better they get worse is

00:29:21 --> 00:29:25

how do we benefit from the name of Allah subhanaw taala harder.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:43

Well be a lot in the sense of transformation, not a creation. We can take nothing and make it something you can grant something that is not viable life and we can give life

00:29:44 --> 00:29:50

purpose these things have already happened and they're beyond us. But we can be creative. We can be creators of goodness of Hive.

00:29:51 --> 00:30:00

We can create some we can create opportunities for people we can create. Honey services for people create some creation is taking something that does not have a full

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Are and then turning into something that is very different from his first existence, that's creation, do that create, take elements that are lying around uselessly in the in the community and turn them into something that is functional, that is purposeful that will offer services that is the closest you'll come to creation. And that is how you learn from the Name of Allah, the Creator and make sure that it purpose that is this purpose is higher in the service of other people. And that's how we can benefit from this name and continue to learn and do not fear. Do not fear anything that you read in the book of science ever. It will only serve your faith and make it stronger. They'll

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never contradict anything you think they are they're not you just have to go back and and re understand

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the texts in a way that allows them to be more figurative and much more open rather than closed I hope that was beneficial Subhanak alone will be handy shouldn't allow you to learn to stop the field or too late or some Allah will send them over like an enemy you know Muhammad in one early your site had big mean because a lot of field a lot of a lot of people said I want

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