The Seed and Tree of Faith

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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Short clip explains how one can increase his faith to a point that his faith becomes a mean of touching the lives of others.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential risks of harvesting seed in a ripe land and emphasizes the importance of protecting seed from damage and using all necessary tools. They also touch on the "weirdly hounds" conversation happening with people who say things that are not true. The concept of "the tree of faith" is discussed as the fruit of faith, and the "the tree of faith" is the fruit of deeds. The speaker concludes that the "weirdly ho America's conversation" is a result of "weirdly ho America's deeds."
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example is the example of a land in which a person has seeds, and they want to plant the seeds into the land. So when you take these seeds, and you plant them into the land, and you know that this land happens to be a very ripe land, you know, it's a very friendly land, you know, the soil is just right, you know, you will be able to irrigate just right, you know, you have all of the tools you need, you know, eventually, there's a good likelihood that you will harvest, there is a possibility that you may not as well, something may go wrong, a natural disaster, a landslide, something may go wrong, obviously, right, all of the natural causes of things going wrong are there. So there's a

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possibility that the land just your plantation just doesn't work out. But you've taken all the means you've planted the seeds, you've ensured the soils, right? You've ensured that the water is just given right? You've ensured that there's a farmer there to look after the crop and in case there happens to be any problems that need to be looked after, right? In case there needs to be a nowadays, that's what they do. And we don't encourage it. But pesticides need to be sprayed as well, all of that is there. So you've taken all of the means that that are necessary in order for you to ensure that these plants grow. Now, you can actually hope that six months later or one year later,

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depending on the plant that you're trying to grow, you're actually going to have a good plant that you can harvest right, you're actually going to have a good crop that you can harvest. However, if you didn't take all those means, you notice that there's all these different insects that are going to eat this plant, you use no pesticides, or no other means to cure this, and you use no not enough water for you to be able to irrigate this land, and you didn't make sure that the that the soil is right, and you didn't make sure that the seeds are actually right as well, then obviously, you're going to not have hope you're going to have it Omnia, you're going to have a false hope. Right. So

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they said that the same is the example of your faith as well. For Allah has made your heart like a land, okay.

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And in this land, Allah has already given you some seeds already. And that is the seed that you wake up with. And that is the that's the seed of a man of faith because when we wake up

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into the world, when we come out of the bellies of our mothers, we are already granted the seed of faith. And that seed of faith needs to be arrogated a lost profits in the long run he was sitting there he said udon EULA, lol Futura, every single child is born upon unfilter every single child is born upon the innate nature. And then a large messenger said then his parents, they end up leading him to Judaism, or they lead into Christianity or they lead indeed into some other faiths and so forth. Right.

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So essentially the the seed of faith has already been been planted within you right.

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And a lot of talked about this in the Quran as well. Right?

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For allameh ha fu raha right. Allah when FC one master wa and the soul and as Allah subhana wa Tada, corrected and shaped and formed the soul. For allameh half one and a half with Judah taqwa. And Allah is the one who did no harm. Through intuition, he led the soul to know what is good, and what is evil. And the messenger told us of this in another Hadith as well, that Allah has made a path. In front of the path, there's a color, and on top of the path, there's a color as well. And on the two sides of the path, there happens to be walls, these walls have doors, and the doors have shades. And the Prophet has said the path is the path of Allah azzawajal. The walls are the boundaries of Allah

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xojo the doors happen to be those doors, that if you go into it, then you are going into the outside of the boundaries of a lot. You're going to be committing sins on top of the path. There is a caller calling you and telling you don't go in those doors because those are not doors that are going to go to the right path go and continue on the path. Because that is the path of Allah. The profits are seldom said that color is the worry will last for years, but it'll be a movement, that that color on the top of the path happens to be the worries of Allah. He happens to be the color of Allah. He happens to be the administrator of a law. he happens to be the person who does wild on behalf of a

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law in the heart of every single believer, right? You're about to commit

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Since already, your heart is telling you don't do it. And that's why the prophets I send them said it's definitely go and ask your heart. Now, if you defend yourself to a degree that your heart can even be heard any more than you don't ask your heart, you ask other people. But if you still have that, while have a law within your heart, then you go and ask your heart, you're going to ask your heart. So there's a lot of a lot has already given us the seed of faith.

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Sometimes when a person is about to commit a sin, you're looking at something that is impermissible. Perhaps you're drinking something that is not allowed. Perhaps you're in a situation you're not supposed to be in, you're with a girl or you're with a guy that you're not supposed to be with in specially in that sort of scenario, and that sort of way. And perhaps you're conversing with someone that you know, that this conversation if it was heard by other people, it would be understood wrong, and that this particular conversation wouldn't make sense. And there's something within your heart that's telling you this is just not right. Even though you ended up going to some shape and you

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found a fatwa, and you justify your situation, and your heart keeps telling you this is wrong. Right? Don't do it. A lot told you that Allah has taught the heart what is wrong and what is right. And a large messenger told you that there's a wire of a law, there's a color of a lot in the heart of every single believer, if you continue to feed it pills to destroy its instincts, then that's it, the water is gone, that monitor is gone, there's going to be a point where that monitor is not no longer going to work. You take that seed, and you crush it to pieces, no longer is it going to bring any plants out for you, right. So there's a seed, and that's the seed of faith. And then there's a

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heart and that that heart happens to be that heart happens to be the field in which you're going to plant the seed. So you place the seed into the field. And then the more deeds you do, the more goodness Do you do within your life, the more charity you give, the more you smile at people. The more you're kind to people, the more you say good things, the more you say just just beautiful things right? Well, all the nasty hoarseness saying good things in saga. The prophets are seldom said I'll call him a topi. But Osaka, you know, sometimes people it's just so hard for them to give this form of soda. That's how stingy they are right? Just say something nice to people get rid of

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that frown for a second and just say some kind and polite words. That's a photocopy. Yes, it's a

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it's a it's a charity, it's a good deed. So when you start arrogating that heart and you start seeing the good words, you start seeing the kind things you start, you know, get fully other and enough and you start blocking your evil off from people that saw that by as well. Right?

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You do all of these basic deeds, your heart will become irrigated, that land will become irrigated, and then the tree of faith will come right.

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And that's why and that seed is there. So when you grow when you when you irrigate it with water, and when you irrigate it with deeds, it becomes an entire tree. And Allah spoke about this tree in the Quran as well. When Allah subhana wa tada said method luchetti method by Eva cachorro

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also has

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a thorough half his summer toty. Cooler cooler is

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that the example of a pure word is the example of a pure tree that has its roots well established within the ground, and its branches tower within the heavens, right.

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The branches towers tower within the heavens of snow hobbiton author who have his seminar, and what's the result of the branches Tavern towering within the heavens, Allah subhana wa tada told us that the result is duty akula Hakuna europea. It grants its fruits at every single moment, and every single opportunity by the leave of a laws origin. So when you have your branches towering within the heavens, meaning you've irrigated your plant so strong, that it has now taken root into a, an entire tree, and now it's become a tree that has a strong trunk, it's going to have branches that are towering within the sky, and that is going to give shade to people that is going to give fruits to

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people that is going to give vegetation to people. It's going to it's going to you're going to be able to harvest whatever you needed to harvest this year, and next year you get another harvest and so forth. And the law said de Okuda, Hakuna Hainan at every single opportunity gives us fruits, because the person who has a big tree of faith, people become touched by that person, right. Every single time they meet them, they feel touched. Every single time they greet them, they feel that they've left a mark on their lives every time

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single time that they just speak to them. They speak with wisdom because a lot opens their tongue up with wisdom.

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A lot open there opens their ear up only for good things evil things are forgotten. evil things are forgotten. You know how people end up keeping grudges. If you have a tree of faith, you don't take grudges, because Allah subhana wa tada said, in a hideous bootsy that when I start loving him, I become the ears with which he airs. And what that means is a lot allows him to hear good things. Other things, there's no space for this. This person doesn't need space within his heart for those other things, that evil things right. It just ends up becoming disintegrated within the soil around it. And the person just forgets the evil you only only remembers, remembers the good, right?

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I asked a lot of give us a tree of faith. I mean, that'll be