Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam: Salah The Proof of our Iman #7

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker advises against washing one's face, hair, and feet, recommending regular massage and a massage. They stress the importance of washing feet properly and not leaving one's feet on the ground. The speaker also emphasizes the value of washing one's feet properly and not over covering them with socks. The segment ends with a call to action for further questions.
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Now, again, we'll do first parts. Now why do we need to do the first part because

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of two reasons Firstly, because if you don't do the fourth part, you will lose not valid at all. And secondly, because if you are in a bind you need, you don't have enough water or you are in a hurry or something, at least do that. But firstly, washing the face completely once, which includes raising about a nose. But some people have said they're just washing the face without rinsing the mouth and nose also is acceptable, Ilana, then washing the arms up to the elbows once wiping the entire head, including the years once and washing the feet up to the ankles once that is the fourth part of although

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also part of the widow is to do this in this order, which is the hands and then the face and then the arms and then the Messiah and then the feet. If you change the order, the will becomes invalid. So whatever is if you forget to something deliberately, why would you change the order but

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freaky people they do funny things. So don't do that. Make sure that you pray you make the video in the correct order.

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And also, the whole process must be done continuously without you can maybe take a break in the sense that if you have to put something here and there but like you know you can wash your face, go have a cup of coffee and come back and then start washing hands don't have the coffee after the whoo that's better for you. So make sure that you don't have any big breaks in between make sure that the it is done in one.

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One, straightway the ayat of surah might also yeah well as in our oh you believe when you intend to offer salah, wash your faces hands up to the elbows rub bypassing wet hands over your head which is the Messiah and wash your feet up to the ankles the eyes which I mentioned earlier. Now widow and Sunnah what is most to have is to make the intention of Budo of purifying yourself and removing the the impurity you say Bismillah then you wash your hands three times and rinse your mouth three times swirl the water inside your mouth, rinse your nose three times blowing the water out and using the left hand to remove the water from the nose. And then you wash your face three times from the

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hairline to the jawbone fully chin and from Year to you this is the description of the face. Many times you find that people when they have made although they are dry parts, you know in the corners that Buddha is not valid. So make sure that your whole face is properly wet. If the beard is thin, then they must wash it inside fully completely and if it is thick and covers the skin completely thick beards, then only even if this over the surface it is washed it is enough. If your beard is still inside your heart and hasn't come out on your face then you put the water inside your house heart and wash your beard as well. Please understand where many people the beard is in the heart.

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The coil is also in the heart everything that they eat food also they put a needle and put it inside that

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then they should wash their arms up to the elbows three times the arm includes the nails to the lower part of the upper arm. So this is up to here.

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It is essential to make sure that the that water touches everything people with nail polish, who is invalid stain is okay for example. Many and so on which the stain is not a it's not a covering, but nail polish nail paint, this completely invalidates the whole so make sure that you don't use nail paint and nail polish because otherwise your wudu is not valid without booty or Salah is not valid.

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Then the Messiah which is to take your hand like this and over the head and then bring it back. And then with the with the years behind the years with the with the thumbs behind the ears. Make sure that the way that you do the massage properly. And with your index fingers, wipe the years and the back of the years with your thumbs with regard to a woman's hair, she should wipe it whether it's loose or braided from the front of her head to the roots of the hair at the nape of the neck. But she does not have to wipe the entire length. If she's got a long flat or something she doesn't have to wipe the whole thing and so just doing it what that once is sufficient for the woman and then

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wash feet three times up to and over the ankles. Once again, be careful with that many times people leave the

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parts of their feet dry. There's a there's a hadith where a Surah Surah Salam will pass by some people making Budo and he said save your feet from the hellfire. This is our salah. What did we do? He said you're waking a Buddha in a way where your heels and barbed back of the foot and so on is still dry. Is it make sure that you wet the whole foot right up to and above the ankles.

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It is most apt to say I shall do hola ilaha illallah Hua hola Jericho or Asha Governor Muhammad Abdul who are a Zulu after you complete the Wu inshallah This is was that and also Louisa Salim said in a hadith that one of you that no one of you, who does will do and does it properly and does it well and then he said, I shall do Allah Allah Hi Lola, who had Avila sharika lahu wa shawanna Mohammed rob the Hora Zulu, but the gates of Jana will be open to him, and he may enter from whichever gate he wishes. And this is I had this in Muslim, in the Kitab of the hara, they made the point I always which strikes me, which I want to

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emphasize for you is see the ease and beauty of this religion, how small things get us such enormous deeds, you know, the gates of Jannah, the eight gates of Jannah will be open for you and you will be given the choice, enter from whichever gate you want. If somebody just comes to me and says, This is going to be given to you right now tell me what are you willing to do? What will anyone with iman say?

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He will say take everything I have whatever I have whatever I do, take it all from me. But give me this. Allah is not taking anything from

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Allah is not taking anything from Allah doesn't take anything from anybody.

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All that is to say just make wudu properly the colors

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just make wudu properly, that's it.

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And the doors of Jannah, the gates of Jannah will be open and you will be given this opportunity whichever gate you want to enter Gemini enter.

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You do the window properly pray to Rock Arkansas after that all your sins are forgiven.

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Small things this is the the value and virtue of this ummah of Muhammad Salah Salem this is the value of the amount of Amazon sellers who have been given this great benefit of

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being able to do small things for which there are huge rewards.

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In a report generated by an in collected in Tirmidhi, which adds along with I live in Ottawa V in Ojai liminal Matata Harin. And then of course in another narration was alimony botica Sally Hill, so whichever you want to say this big this doll so all I make me among those who repent, make me among those who verify themselves and make me among those who are your Salah hit who are people of good deeds, now Messiah or socks.

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The way to make Messiah or worse of us our socks is Alhamdulillah it is permissible it is part of the Akita. As a matter of fact, the way to make myself or socks is that you first make wudu properly and wash your feet. And after that if you put on your socks, then if your window breaks, you can make masa or socks the way to make Massawa socks if you do the whole window and when it comes to washing the feet, you will wet your right hand and pass it over your right foot and you wet your left hand and pass it over your left foot on the top of the foot. Sometimes you'll see people who are doing masa over the food under the foot, you know like masa is not massage, right? So as

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Messiah, so don't do all that just wet the hand and pass it over then pass it over on top. Somebody asked says an alley this question or the Law No, he said that if I had to make this decision, then I would say massage should be on the bottom of the foot because the bottom of the foot is that which comes in contact with the earth. But as soon as I said I've said Messiah is over the top of the foot. So therefore that is what Messiah is. Please understand this is the issue of ritual purity is not a issue of physical purity. Obviously your socks and so forth must be clean. Otherwise the Messiah is not valid because if there is a field attached on the socks, then you have to remove the

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socks and wash them and wash your feet. But as long as the socks are clean, then you can do this. The same applies also to shoes, provided they are boots which cover the ankles. So if you're wearing but if you're wearing normal shoes, which don't cover the ankles, you can't do much over them. But if you're wearing boots which cover the ankles, then you can make Messiah over the boots also. So you washed your feet in the morning or whatever time and then you put on your socks you put on your boots.

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You broke the wazoo now when you are making wudu you make Messiah over the boots. You made the bazaar with the boots but now is the time for Salah gums you go to the masjid you take off your boots oh god

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because the Boo Boo is valid only with the boots ons obviously you can't walk into the budget with a boots on is no Ivan Maisano so this boots thing applies if you're playing outside the masjid where you can pray with your boots on as long as there's no impurity in the boots. But otherwise, it is better to make Basa socks because socks in any case you can go into the masjid and so on and so forth. Sometimes on you know long air travel and whatnot. You might wear soft boots, which is which are comfortable and you make Bossa and then you continue to do your Salah hamdulillah there's no problem Messiah when Messiah is done over socks for a person who's Mukim a person who is resident in

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their place of residence that Messiah is valid for 24 hours. When you are traveling it is valid for three days.

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I don't recommend for you to keep your socks on for three days. That's like nasty, but you know, it's valid. So make sure that you keep that in mind.

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The socks also must cover the entire foot up to and over the ankle.

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You have the other socks which is what you call them. I don't know I don't know what to wear. I don't wear the stuff later. But

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anklets work as well.

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So yeah, all that all that stuff. Besides not very dozer you can wear them nothing wrong with that. But masa is not very

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masa can be made only when feet have been washed and will do and I mentioned all of this today, so I don't have to

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repeat all that. Now there is there are arguments and there are people make issue of saying that Messiah is valid only over leather socks and not over cotton socks. And some people said that if it's over cotton or nylon socks, that they should be socks in which you should be able to walk at least two kilometers without the socks being torn. Now please understand this one thing very clearly. The Messiah is a matter of Kedah of Islam. Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was not short of words. A Surah Surah Salam gave us instructions and the instruction of the Navi is to be taken as he gave it without implying and imputing all kinds of explanations for it. If ressourcer SLM wanted to

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say Messiah is valid over leather socks only he would have said that he did not say that he says Messiah is valid over socks. Right now people interpreted this no socks meant leather socks. Sorry socks do not mean leather Socks, socks means socks, and the Sahaba we have enough evidence to know that the Sahaba used to wear socks made of cotton made of leather made of wool, and sometimes those socks would be very old and full of holes that we start from did not even say the socks must not have holes. Islam makes it easy. So therefore don't no need to you know tie yourself up into knots about all this. As long as you are wearing socks in sha Allah Messiah is valid. And what I just told

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you is not my opinion. This is the fatwa shave bit by the rainbow light Allah that which is what I'm reading to you. And Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah knows what is right. And may Allah give us the ability to do that. This is the last slide which is eight o'clock right? So we'll break for Isha in another couple of minutes. This is the last slide as far as clothing is concerned for Salah decent loads that cover the entire body and do not uncover during salah. If the hour is uncovered Salah becomes invalid a lot of times people wear short T shirts and then hips just if the trousers and when they go into RUCO in Allahu Allah Allah Raju when they go into soju Allah knows best I mean

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please do not wear clothes like this. This is completely insane wear clothes which cover the whole body and wear clothes which are which don't show the shape of the body. And in your Salah if you have you know if you're wearing these funny clothes, and if you go in Ruko and you're you know what becomes visible. Even if nobody sees it your Salah has become invalid please understand that. And also in case you are praying behind this person or next to this person even though what is seen cannot be unseen but your Salah is valid so don't worry about that. That's important thing now. Number two is don't wear T shirts with slogans and pictures and whatnot especially not on the back

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because in Salah in the interview fake especially if you read something or you use a language other than Arabic within sai OSA is invalid so somebody's got now this big thing written on the back of his T shirt. You a human you know your your eyes fall in order to boom you're going to read it. So don't do that don't come to the masjid with things like that. And then some people they come with that and then they invert the t shirt and wear it that becomes even

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More because it's a mystery and the guy behind you is now trying to read what is that.

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So don't do that we don't wear t shirt with pictures and and slogans and stuff.

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For men it is mostly to wear perfume. It is very important to brush your teeth and your that they know unpleasant smells. And there's definitely some said if you have eaten onion and garlic don't go near the margin because the melodica do not like the smell of onion and garlic. This is a big issue especially in Nevada and for tarawih Wallah you stand next to somebody you know is entire menu what you had while you've tried you can know from the soup to the pudding. What I just because by standing next to me for God's sake, please go brush your teeth What's up, have you do something don't come into the masjid spending like a pot.

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The place of prayer must be visibly clean. You don't have to go into

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depth about you know what may have happened there doesn't matter as long as it's clean. And you know it is clean, that's fine. But it's important that it should be clean and place a sutra place some kind of barrier between you at the place of soju and so that other people can pass that said even if it is an arrow, place it there. So make sure you do that. So when you are praying you pray you have all of what I mentioned is when you're praying by yourself, so we'll come to the issue. So when you are praying, make sure that there is something in front of you, you don't have to get a chair. This is another thing nowadays everyone walks through the gym.

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You don't have to have a jig you don't have to construct a building in front of you make sure there is something whatever barrier you put in front of you. Also, the sutra is at your place of Zulu. So your sutra does not extend from here to the Kaaba. So if somebody goes on the third sub for something, this is fine, but make sure it is there. And if you have not placed a sutra in somebody's crossing before you put out your hand and make sure the person doesn't cross.

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If your shoes are clean outside you can pray without your shoe or with your shoes on and covering the head is mazahub Alhamdulillah it is a good thing to do Rasul Allah always covered his head when he prayed except for one instance where the Hadith says that he had just had a bath and he came in his house and we could see his hair was wet. No No honey Selim so praying continuously always without headcovering This is not from the Sunnah so please don't do that once in a while sometimes you know you're you're you don't have it covering it's okay USA doesn't become invalid but sometimes we will make it like a religious objective that they must not You must pray with the with the

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without the headcovering This is completely wrong please don't fall into that trap. Just as people done it the other way around. I mean Allah may Allah forgive us. I remember once one Masjid in Juba, the mom after you comma the mom says JoJo Bulger Dolby cinemas Potterhead Avas Hari Jo and get them as vaginally you know and then is Allah hug but what what is supposed to do? I mean, if you say your Salah is invalid and you're saying it now after the cover, where is he going to go find a hat? So don't don't fall into any of these extremes. If a person is praying without headcovering Alhamdulillah insha Allah is Allah is valid. Maybe he prayed he will headcovering his whole life and

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that one time he was trying to practice the other Sunnah of the visa or salaam of praying without headcovering so he's doing it in keeping with the Sunnah that one time in his entire life he never prayed only one time hamdulillah Good for him. Let him do that. So don't don't impose your deen on somebody else but at the same time for I'm talking about him for myself make sure that we pray with headcovering This is Muslim and this is very much

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acceptable. Very good thing to Inshallah, right? So inshallah we break now for for Isha. And tomorrow See you at 1030 we will talk about the other issues of Salah we'll talk about the issues or Imams who can do more with how you must do mama this one is over. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept your coming and to to fill your hearts with His Nora and grace and to connect him connect himself with you or salah they will carry while he was savage might be Raha

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