Ebrahim Bham – The spritual benefit and rewards of fasting

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting in Islam is discussed, including the use of milk and Facebook groups. The use of sugar and sugar lbs is also discussed, as well as the potential for healing and healing through various foods. The use of fasting is seen as beneficial for the individual, including creating a sense of peace and happiness, managing one's eating habits, and healing through various foods. The potential for healing and healing through various foods is also discussed.
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And Hamdulillah he was was salat wa salam wa ala Madonna be about Yeah, I'm gonna be about

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it when I get up about the kita we're actually at about

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a mama do formula you're gonna shaytani R rajim Bismillah ha ha ha hee hee hee you

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divide April Mercia come up with Iran and Lenin and we will cover the common

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core set of Allah will awesome My dear respected elders and brothers and Hamdulillah we are in the first Juma of Ramadan. We are all aware of the blessed month of Ramadan and amongst the family

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and amongst the deeds that we are called upon to perform and do in Ramadan is the act of fasting. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you already know amanu quotevalet como ciem come up with Eva AnnaLena many publikum the admin content and today I would like to speak about the importance of fasting, the importance of soul Rozonda bamaca toner into an SF monument, you can add just cheese dopamine via internal chatter AutoSum or rosary facilite or Sawatzky, Byron

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and in one way, the blessedness of Ramadan and that of fasting in one way it is linked and in one way it is distinct. In one way it is distinct in one way it is linked. It is distinct in this way that Ramadan is still blessed for those who can't fast. So it is to hear Rosa or Ramadan is a Miandad rabbi, he has yet said Jura Hua or eight * in one way it is together in one way it is distinct, in what way it is distinct, that Ramadan is blessing even for those who confess. So there are people who have valid reasons for not fasting, but Ramzan is still bless it for them. The same reward with regard to where the for example, maybe a cream sauce limits and you make an effort to

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act Allah gives you the reward or for for us and you make one for us Allah rewarding 70 times. So even if Rosa is not far as upon you, you still get that same reward. But in another way, it has CFC aliqua or F has yet say indura Why? In this way that Allah has chosen the month of Ramadan to fulfill the obligation of fasting.

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Allah Tala Nia, Ramzan Fortuna, the Roman Rosati, for the Afghani so Allah Tala says common Shahida meaningful mashallah failure. So, whoever finds this month he must first and has an earlier the Allah who can who has made mentioned that there is such a link and the blessedness of fasting in Ramadan is so blessing that if you must one fast in Ramadan, even if you fast for the rest of your life day after and in one rewinded even if you fast out the oven, you won't make up one fast of Ramadan.

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This is the blessings with regard to fasting in Ramadan. Now why why Allah has made it for us. Now sometimes it's so happened that we don't realize the importance because it is not a positive deed. It is not something you do you stay away from something. So sometimes the reward can be missed. We might not realize the importance UTSA Amanda Rosa has a joke which canonical

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Jesus said

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Roca gear or assembly butcher to host after he was killed Jana was so up or near dilemma dilemma now, it could happen that we don't realize the importance of it. Because it is not something that you do when you make fast but you do allow it. You give charity you are doing something when you are fasting you are staying away from something. Now Allah has told us the reason with regard to it in the Holy Quran. You handled Adina Harmon who are believers Gudivada ecomuseum Allah is made rose up compulsory upon you. Now it is a tendency of human time that he gives importance to a command according to the one who is during the Quran. In sunny fitrah Kenya wala chemotactic tertile to

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according to the one who is giving the command that command becomes irrelevant. Now if for example, the boss tells you, Boss MAPC Coco, who are fired to start your Hanawon and Terada because the boss is telling you this and if your boss

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This doesn't tell you and someone comes in tell you You are fired. He can tell you 100 times it means nothing.

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Or, for example, the husband tells the wife, you aren't allowed to because he's got authority he's got now their wife was regarded as important of jacker RPC or be weak. Okay? You're going to tell another woman, I give you 100 times he or she laughing at you, who are you to cultivate

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to analyze the one according to the one who is giving the command the command becomes more valuable? Who is giving the command

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or believers I have made Rosa compulsory upon you

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can hear what it takes now to

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could you get your hand our Kenyan quality better now if you don't value the one who is giving the command you won't worry about the format. If you don't worry about Allah subhanaw taala you won't worry about the format. But if you worry and you have authority, and you realize the importance of Allah, now you will say Allah is giving me the command that Rosa is for us. Why it is good to come up with you by

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the way he made it fun is upon other people's, the people of the past. Now by making mentioned that Rosa is Perez upon the people of the past two things, one is to show its importance. And some secondly is it makes it easy for us to accept here to have to handle yeses upcoming industry Romo kilobit firsta Doosra Messiah Juan Achillea, those mythologies, mere people or

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so, by saying that it is compulsory upon the people of the past two things happen. One is to show the important he has always been part of religion. Secondly, it makes it easy for you, not only upon you, it has upon the people on the past

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the phone, why is it why is it for us, for you to get in touch. Now what is taqwa? The alarm I have given the point is very important. And it is made mention what am I have written in the Quran? 250 times Allah has mentioned the word die so Matoba Takako to Anna Amir dear Quran, there is perhaps no concept that is so emphasized in Islam in the Quran, the winterplace die. So Martha 250 times Allah has made mention of Taqwa. Why Allah wants what is the plug, in short, just to give you a short note with regard to Taqwa. It is the level of consciousness of Allah. To think that Allah is with me, well who am I?

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That creates a desire in your heart, to mold your whole life, according to the consciousness of Allah. That is the part that you have such a consciousness that Allah is with you, that you want to live your entire life according to the consciousness that Allah subhanaw taala is with me, Allah Ghana chemo Jude ki ka warheads us Jo aapke open first time Gohan is sure ksrp Allah Amara started sneezing the giggles yet.

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This is the meaning of Taqwa that you wouldn't have the presence and light well who am I,

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as a woman of the Ultron, who was going one way somewhere, and he was very angry, and he was very thirsty. So a shepherd, looking after a flock of sheep said, Give me that sheep. You can give me the sheep give me the milk of the sheep. Right the female sheep. He said I can't give you I can't give you I'm not the owner of the sheep. I'm only the shepherd. The owner is someone else. O'Meara Viola with Andrew testing said, Where is the owner guy? When he's the owner Jarrah Tomica book legality took his eco data nicotinate Musa said go steal the AFL. 21 Don't turn it on. They're mad at me. I'm not the owner. So he says give it no one is here to see you. The moon is not here. To eat you had a

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watery he was just a shepherd toward us man Pietra Dignan the government for a in Allah, Allah God maligna ye to Allah to *? If If Allah is a Malik is not here Allah is here how can I give you even because the Malik might not be as nice this is the one that you do something that Allah is watching me at all times.

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Obey even covered on the allow Turkey viremia that one day tomorrow the allowed to ask him tell me what is taqwa? So he said imagine you have to cross the path in which is full of stones.

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Gaza naturata Sri Stamey to join our plantation but anyway to occur I guess it was okay. I want to pass by to say at the outset, I will do so with caution. If you have to pass by a path that is full of thorns, or in today's time, article, keep your hand and we'll go

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We met you have to cross a road which is full of potholes. What are you going to do? Who this way go? Did we go to a tire hub? No, my tire wasn't good person. So that is precaution. Yes, the one in every part of my life I mustn't trample upon the commands of the way you show precaution to stay away from potholes. Stay away from guna that is taqwa. So Allah Allah says Allah has made Rosa compulsory upon you so that you may gain Taqwa. And how you get closer you stay away from Halal things you stay away from barber cuttings, someone gives you some some water to drink after Juma and you are fasting this is some some to drink things some some it is a sign of Eman The more a person

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drinks some some sign of human being. I can't drink and Rosa have some some say you can stay away from Zumba because the last command then why can you stay away from haram

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zum zum Shabbat security Okay another call for a man had

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to hear Johanna is this way and that Allah burst Aquinas through the means of fasting. Another aspect with regard to one of the main reasons The first thing is to get the club. The second thing amongst the other things is that through the means of Roza and fasting, we learn to give ourselves to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. We learn to to sacrifice our desire and we learn to submit to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala dintre hum isa Yeah, the apne aapko Allah to Allah kill here or Anika Furman Kenya apne oppo super Karna so Allah Allah says in the Quran woman Arsenal Dinham man Osama,

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whose deen is better than the one who submits to Allah you submit to Allah subhanaw taala Allah

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who seek your

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man Nicoletti I will seek Alia unconverted in Nicolet whose deen is better than the one who submits to Alaska in the Rosa What are you doing my name is

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Ian DeRosa you are submitting to Allah Tala against your desire

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which wrapped up in Gujarat is you know we all have after after all Juma he should not take the tsunami

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shower now after Rosa after Joomla three someone tell you that travel is enabled.

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I can eat you know Daddy rice, why because it is I'm fasting. So you submitting to Allah you want to undelete Delta channel they can make you add Allah Tala.

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So before No the greatest things is to submit yourself to Allah and that is what we do in in Rosa. So the second benefit with regard to it is to submit yourself to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. The third benefit of Rosa. That is to create sympathy and kindness for people and especially with regard to the people who are poor.

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Hum dirty Peddanna do so Romo Kalia, who Susi torpor jewelry on can Yeah, I'm done. I'm definitely better than to this today we find my dear respected brothers. We have no kindness we have no compassion. How can you have kindness and compassion when you eating three full meals a day

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to hear to add a grocery grocery logo Kellyanne mahabang Ana Nami name is Dr. Khanna on to BB Setka.

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Board Cymbalta Muhammara denominator to get your home 10 mil Indian Turkana Ankara

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to where do we get the opportunity to become kind and compassionate to people? Really, this is a reality. My theory stepbrothers look at what is happening, right. And initially, we all were we don't we used to cry. We used to make dua 10 over the years and over the months it has happened now, we don't have that particular type of sympathy. We don't have that type of care. We don't have that compassion, because we are people who are lacking in compassion. But yet maybe every sorcerer might say that oh, you know, he said maybe to Russia or the ultra new ally Stein and compassion. Allah loves kindness and compassion. Who is sha Allah is time. Allah is compassionate. Allah loves

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compassion. Allah gives an Atlanta war Jeff data handle Michelia Joe Sadek. In an editor they're gonna Maria and Johanna will murder me.

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So we don't have kindness we don't have compassion. We don't love the poor or nebbia cream sauce Salam one day to Reza I shall read the Allahu Tirana or I shall give the company of the world Jacqueline Cassatt Beto go and sit with the poor because Allah loves the one who keeps company with the poor and misguided

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said if you had eaten in a militia in

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Serbian each and everything as a key, Archie spirit kanji Jota or genetic kanji

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Johanna want

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to have love for the poor today we don't have love for the poor we look down upon the poor and we can identify with the difficulty that we are going through.

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You know I always make mention of this with regard to the French Revolution, there was a revolution against the kings of the French, the French monarchy that time right to because the people were poor, they didn't have food so they revolted they protested to someone went to tell the king and then the people are protesting you protest us on people's routine. They don't have they don't have bread during the catch up they're brave new year to keep us routine as to take

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it they don't have printed it take let it get pastries. They didn't realize that the poor people didn't have money to buy food or bread making the buy money for for cakes. Because when you are in that position of eating three full meals a day, how can you identify with the poor? Now all of a sudden you will find that when you are keeping Rosa and now you're feeling hungry, you start thinking a bit of poor people how they must be going through it. They are going through it because of circumstances we are going through it because Allah is command is so we are fasting because we have to it's a first right if we were not fasting we would have eaten they don't have food.

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So brothers This is a very important thing maybe a cream sauce to them is to make dua and among that was maybe a cream sauce let me say Allah Romania's along the federal hierarchy what Terkel mannakkara Well, hopefully masala tea. Oh Allah give us the ability to do good deeds, or will not give us the ability to stay away from something in order to give us the ability to love the poor, aged woman alone mania Celica filled with turtle montara well Misaki so this we learn through the means of fasting, then there are many other benefits with regard to fasting I can go on through is something that I'm very passionate about.

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One of it is you know, if you get humility, you know, this pride in Allah Allah.

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Allah doesn't like pride and proud and pride and arrogance, and not an attack on a person. But through the means of fasting you come through four o'clock in the afternoon and you see a person who's not so much well and normally shouting and is proud and arrogant, provocative. There was oppa Johanna herself just much better. He is it completely he's, you know he has humility.

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Those that teaches you humility, retail Rosa teaches you gratefulness you take for granted it is so easy you wave on the road that you can buy a bottle of water the graduate the filling station, now you feel I want to drink I'm thirsty but I can't drink 30 The value of a glass of water becomes more you become make you became become more grateful to you this is so many benefits in fasting brothers. We don't realize the benefits of fasting affect your animal ramify that then the spiritual benefits with regard to it. So the Hadith Paulo Hamel even Adam in the sole claim the holy maybe a dream source that said every amount of a human being is for him. It is for him besides fasting so every

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amount to be attained sauce from said it is multiplied from 10 to 700 times the sub sunnah Jada Jo Jamia Amano Wanda not gonna is Africa and I'm gonna kill the soul except foxy for in the holy who made it here.

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Meredith, we're gonna add Zb I will give the reward for it. To me, this hadith, Muhammad was sanitary is illegal to many who still don't know what is stepping here. Tony yatta yatta clicca Kibaki, the Imam Ibadat Marissa Gary or Namo or namaste Mukhin

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in every Amal the is the fear of doing it for name and fame. And for the sake of posting, you give someone 10,000 grand and charity and you say people say what a generous person you are, people are the magic country etc. Take 40,000 Then you say this man is so generous in every other Namaskara really no mas you really set up someone says Look at how nice namaz is really so pious, que se Mata Ki Jai que se Perez data. In Rosa you can pull anyone, you can do it to please anyone. Only Allah knows what the hunger you are going through and you can go in the pantry is going to have something no one will know. Therefore Rosa is the only mammal in which there is no name anything. It is solely

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for the sake of all

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Bharti demand divided network snap which has enough spire data, in every other deed, there is some physical joy. You sometimes love to make numbers you sometimes like to make dua, sometimes you like to give charity Rosa there is no physical Joy there's only spiritual journey

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and that's how the water in the Holy Quran is referred our other Ibadah to human beings. But come first thing he didn't refer it to human beings only refer to himself. Allah says when I teach you how to be Salah Tikka don't make your Salah you know, loud or short to show people and with regard to Rosa what he said, uh, so

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first thing is for me or during the one of the greatest particular you know, benefits of it. Buffy the mom pee bada ki Rahman Cardi B in Korea zire Who did all their liquid their mother Rosa Thank you hilum our is hardcoververified The channel is our key sequence.

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What are these become known to CaroMont RTB. They know to record cinemas have supera Quran 1000 sadaqa in charity, whatever you have done they know how to write it. But when it comes to for a faster way provided you realize that you don't get caught up in hasta la Bella. Jana here Rosa Yeah, he's keeping fasting. How do we write it? How do you record it for the novella for Monday by you don't have the capacity to record it. Leave it I will give them what

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I will give the reward. So Molly, what analogy to Rosa Brothers is a very important maybe a cream sauce lemon said in the field Jannetty Baba you can remove a young in Jana there is a door known as the yard. The angels were born

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we are the people who came first. Raja is the wass and when everyone has come who escaped Rosa, everyone else the Broto is broken, it's closed. You haven't give Rosa you go to another door. He will hammer Atlanta you if they can do straight there there was a subject or this is only for the people who came Prusa and therefore my respective brothers look at the duality at the time when we make our first maybe a dream so someone said Lisa Adan these two joys for a person who keep the Rosa and first saw him

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for how can he know your staff. One one particular job is when he breaks the fast everyone looks forward to his new we found getting a half a second left one minute left. Now we can have that one culture we can have water. So there is a joy when you break and there is a joy when you're going to beat Allah subhanaw

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taala joy will be even greater than we missed Woodstown update before Amazon Mazuri Amazon was waiting for us Muslim Hassan hamari

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for Hajj Muhammad, as I'm being designed. Today we are waiting for Muslim Messiah and therefore the beautiful dua the hammer some of the little rope.

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Inshallah, when you first take the few sips of water, if you take the jewel then you must make this to

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our our thirst and become quenched and our our throats which are dry and become wet, whatever.

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Give us any one

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or our first thing full of baraka and pull up the one through the one

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