The True Qualities Of A Believer 07

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The fifth quality

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was saw beauty you know was saw Birotte and a silver for a beautiful quality This is that means patience and perseverance, subdomains patience, steadfastness, and perseverance. And Muslims are patient people are very patient people, especially in case situations have difficulties that do not go crazy, but they don't rip their hair out. They do not tear that close. And then I start wailing or crying loud. They say Alhamdulillah they did not lose their Ark either. Nor did I lose their principles under pressures or challenges. You're a Muslim say Al Hamdulillah a one metre walk confronts me good bad Alhamdulillah de facto Why? Because you know, this is all an examination.

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While a nebula one can be a mineral whole fee while jewelry one noxee mineral amwell while unpossible thammarat for bashes saw the surely we so test you with something of fee hunger, loss of wealth, life and fruits and give black toys to those who are patient. What a beautiful attribute this is. What a beautiful characteristic to have. There is a patient that will go far, far away. And we know how masala how they lived. A life of patience, perseverance. He used to sleep on a read met

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a read met

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made out of leaves.

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And when he stood up that read Matt would mark his body. Abdullah said one day of Namaste

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Yasser Allah, allow me allow us to make something comfortable for you to sleep on.

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He looked at him and said,

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Yeah, Abdullah, what am I to deal with this world? Whatever to do with this world. I am no more than a traveler. A rider who seeks shade underneath a tree

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rest for a little while then wakes up and continues his journey. He does not want to be comfortable why not his life does not carry about this life.

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What a beautiful person. An excellent creature. What a beautiful example to follow.

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What a beautiful example to follow that you know today we will have our king size. Our queen size, make sure it's water bit. navigate the water by the size. She says make sure it's three metres is not to three metres. This takes extra comfort, extra comfort, and she's want to mark her body in he does not want to mark his body. He wants to come up.

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Because we just did one such beauty and luxury, your back is gonna hurt you. But while law here when you step on the ground, get up like a man.

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You get up like a man.

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Your back is strong. This is this is reality. You sleep on the ground. You gotta get used to it first probably the first couple of times.

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But after a while, believe me, your back your spine, it is the most healthiest way to sleep. And this is a medically treated, it's not that we received something hard. It's better for your back because your back does not sort of suede. There's no sort of curved you might be a hunch punch back at the age of 30 possible on the screen size luxuries the wavy beds of the water in it. You know so you have to have the groove in so you can really think when you dream.

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And then when you dream you're in a world of waves.

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How old are quwata 11 when I entered the prophets room, sallAllahu sallam, he saw no cupboards, no luxury amakhala nothing to sit on. Nice fruits, no dessert, no nothing.

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He sat on the floor and looked at him. He said yes.

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He started crying.

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He started crying. He said oh prophet of Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yamato motto what makes you cry?

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He said oh prophet of Allah, the Roman King, the Persian king. their seats their thrones is mad at opposing gold and silver and rubies. That closes silk and gold. Well, you are the best of creatures chosen by the almighty lord.

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Look at how they live in and look how you're living. You know the problems that said this a great guy gave me this guy.

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Give me the luxuries.

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He said, smile,

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isn't it? Doesn't it suffice us, therefore receives the hereafter? And for them is this world and me This world

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is a paradise. Like yeah a little paradise. Let him have it. We don't want we want the eternal bliss and not temporary basic minute please. Because this is all it is in this life minute minute a bit of enjoyment that's all there is and that enjoyment gets forgotten as soon as one deep inhale fire that happens to them. One dip all the excitement enjoyment in this life.

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One deep in paradise. Oh, the hardship the burden that you went through Muslim. You forget all of it.

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That was the fifth quality