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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of death and knowledge for everyone, with the emphasis on the importance of the teacher's teachings and the history of Islam. They also touch on the importance of the dams and their connection to the brain and body, as well as the use of them as a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are a means to increase one's rem Remembering that the dams are
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Main back on Sunday for a hammer hello to iron Fe Tammy Alison Haney if you've ever been for the enemy to illumine what tat Lima Lila your haven should have says in his book entitled the garden to the righteous and the chapter of the virtue of knowledge, the virtue of knowledge teaching and learning it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we talked about a hadith a couple of days ago and we talked about that when a man dies or an individual dies everything all of his actions are NO NO NO excuse me. All of his actions come to an end except three things that will benefit him when he or he or she is in his grave what are those three things who remembers

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whatever he

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is there's three okay, so he said he said his kids when we say kids what exactly though

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what is on solid one?

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Make dua for me as well. Solomon, you're the ruler who and it's in the second one is what?

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Knowledge charity donation? Yes, the author of the US charity. So the cartoon would you call it

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Jerry secondaria. Jerry right. Continuous charity. Exactly. That's what it translates to literally. And then the last one was was knowledge when it was knowledge when it was

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we had to take a turn when with the English sometimes you know,

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when it was knowledge, the knowledge that what it has beneficial knowledge in which is beneficial for two people. So those are the three things inshallah who Tana So the second idea is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam says or another Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim

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Subhan Allah brings a reality for all of us in regards to this life. And the Allahu annual policymaker Rasul Allah, Allah has sent me a full dunya MeLuna to maroon mafia. Illa de crolla heeta Allah wa marijuana. Well, I lemon, oh, Mata Lima, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the dunya MeLuna. He said that the world and what in all that it contains is cursed. It is a cursed except for the remembrance of Allah.

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That which pleases Allah and the religious scholars and the seekers of knowledge.

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The religion of Allah, kinda without the remembrance of Allah, excuse me, the scholars and the seekers of knowledge and this hadith is reported on a Twitter MIDI on Timothy in his book of assess asceticism, that he says the dunya is maroon and everything that it is in it is cursed except the remembrance of Allah and what follows it, the island, the scholar and the metabolome. So the also and this is important for us to know, when you when we study the deen, especially when you study filk it gives you a process, it gives you a framework. So fine when you look in the books of Islamic law or in any discipline in particular, one way you can tell a scholar when they write in the

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scholars of the past, what they would do is they would give you the small doses, but those doses are doses that are very comprehensive. So when you go into a basic book of Islamic law, a beginners book, they give you the foundation, they give you the skeleton they give you the also which we call it the roots that which is needed for you to understand if when you're going to get more specific when you're going to get more in depth and that's any in any science right? You're not going to study trigonometry in the sixth grade unless you're Yanni mashallah

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shaman sem calm, we are we are young scholars maybe right but the basis is that what that you study the back room you study the basics before you move on to that which is a little more advanced. So here in knowledge, we take what is called the old soul, and the soul is the foundation. So here the process is giving a foundational understanding, and dare we say perception of this world.

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And he says there is Mother Oh, no tune.

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The also fit don't ask the dunya and Madrona that the foundation understanding of this worldly life is that it is cursed.

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There it is cursed. And when you think about it, that's the foundation and the exceptions is what takes us outside of that foundation to where one can be excluded from that foundational understanding or perception. So it says that it is it is cursed and all that it contains, except for the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala the crew. Now the remembrance of Allah is with the tongue. Remember

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So Allah is with the limbs whenever it's of Allah is with the heart. So when we talk about what the tongue What's one thing what's one example of remembrance of Allah with the tongue

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like what?

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Stuck for Lulu and saliva is the most comprehensive because you're seeing so many Earth car you're you're reciting the best vicar which is what?

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The Quran and then you're saying a stuck for Allah Subhana Allah will hamdulillah ln Allah getting to here to Lila all of this is because of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You're doing this in a matter of five minutes, your limbs and your heart all of these pillars of Eman are all Shala they're all busy. What is an example of the kind of Allah of the heart?

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What's an example of remembrance of Allah with the heart?

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remembering his favor.

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Man, we talked about the two things mythology I tell my charlatan Mina, remembering the blessings of Allah that's dhikr of Allah. Anything that is connected with the action of Allah is remembrance of Allah.

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So when we think about our kids, we look at our kids. It could be the remembrance of Allah if our intention is correct it we say subhanallah what's the name of Allah that's associated with children? What's the name of Allah that we can associate with our children

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right man why why mercy

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because Allah is gonna be merciful with you because I'm very angry now.

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What's why why right what's the connection of man and my child?

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Sorry, how?

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Give me example. So he said love What do you mean?

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So that love because of that love, you have mercy on your what? Children so that's remember all of that is remembrance of Allah. When you look at your children, you think Subhan Allah has mercy. Allah has mercy on my child. My child is very sick right now. And look at Allah's mercy. Look at Allah's mercy that he's given my child he knows from Allah. There was while I was just I knew back in my other city that she had missed miscarriage three times. But now she has three children.

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She could have given up, she proceeded to talk to us, you know, after the first challenge Salalah No, I trust in Allah subhanaw taala just so now that she looks at our children is like, there were three other terms before Allah subhanaw taala is a rasool Allah is man. Allah is Allah will dude Allah has and will see is

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Aarohi Rahim by all of these Allah subhanaw taala you think of these names of Allah subhanho wa Taala so when looking at the creation, that's the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also says, what it contains, except the,

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the religious scholars in the secrets of NASA, the remembrance of Allah what pleases Allah, the religious scholars, why the religious scholars why is that?

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He said that this world is accursed everything that is in it except the remembrance of Allah and what is pleased with it, what he is or which pleases Allah, the religious scholars and the seekers of knowledge why? Why the religious scholars

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okay can resist a strong word isn't that like, No, I just say what you're reading is not like we seek forgiveness from them, right? We just say, the gatekeepers because they have the knowledge of what what's the connection

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let's let's even stick to the wording of the Hadith because they have the most knowledge of the

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the vicar of Allah

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so the first thing process I'm set is the remembrance of Allah and what pleases Allah the ones that have the most knowledge of the one of the remembrance of Allah is who

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the Allah, the scholars, the scholars, the people that have devoted their lives to what we're talking about scholar we're talking about, for instance, this individual Imam and no Yeah, humans suck as a Korea. Yeah, human shut off. And no, he was a Korea himself. No. Do you know that this individual died in his 40s At the age of 42?

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How many of you heard this book before Reatta Salah Hey.

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You'll find this in every Masjid. This individual did not get married. And he this is one of one of his books. He has numerous books in the books of the science of Hadith and and Chef Refik was a chef, a scholar

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and he died before 50

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devoted his life to teaching people the equivalent right now we're sitting in a helicopter the vicar This is remember it's Allah reading the words of the prophets of Allah and so in the words of Allah subhanaw taala together in the message it

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for 20 minutes

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It's probably the most most blessed 20 minutes of our day.

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Right? Maybe, again, depending on our attention. So this sitting together with the remembrance of Allah, the process on the spoken about it, and numerous Hadith that the angels have had two women that are the chroma life human and that that the angels will surround us, and Allah subhanaw taala will mention us imagine, Allah is mentioning us right now. So the scholars are the ones that, you know, relate this type of knowledge to the people, and then also the seekers of knowledge, the seekers of knowledge, who are the seekers of knowledge?

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Please say that again.

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all human beings are humanity, that what

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want to learn about Islam,

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because in Arabic is installable n is the one or the motor algorithm here, the one that learns, so if you're getting into a business transaction, and you come to your Imam or you go to Sheikh Wulan, we hope you don't go to jail Hold on. But you go to someone of knowledge, you go to the island that was mentioned before, or the one that is of a lesser level, and they study and you want to know, what does Islam say about? That's a student of knowledge, you have sought knowledge. And so because you've easily could have said, I know Islam says this, but this is a business transaction. And this is the religion and this is state the and this is different. No, but you took an effort to learn

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what Islam says about this event in my life, because Allah is the one that gave me life and Allah's when they gave me Islam. So I want to connect it to that student or not. So the more that you do that, the more you will not fall victim of the dunya because the dunya is cursed, even though we're doing your linguistically comes from that which is alone, the verb is Denna, yet no. Which means to go low. So if I was to say I was standing up, come to my dear no two, I stood then I descended in Whitlow. So the dunya is something that is of low regard. That is why when one seeks the dunya, for the sake of the akhira, they have the capacity,

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they are the ones that are at loss, because you have external behind the feminine kalila you will still use your purchase this life for something you will purchase the dunya by using something of this life, not valuing the Afghan and that is why it's important that whatever we do by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala we prefer what Allah loves and is pleased with over what we love and is of what we love and are pleased with if what we love is in contradiction with what Allah subhana wa Taala loves. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that understand the reality of this dunya and have the dunya in our hands and not in our hearts as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam mentioned about the dunya and we use this dunya only as a means to increase our remembrance of Allah subhanho data to make us better Muslims in this life to will he be pleased with us in the next life inshallah. Robin adds an effort dunya has never failed, not actually looking at either but not. Allah ma alumna may in fact know when finally we met I limped in I was in there and Manero Bananaman on Omarosa Coronavirus, country even with our configurable army and no secret on select one and most of the fina Philistine with Historia we are a bit army, a fee Habesha if you slow down your anatomy or from a shadow or the mahadi that is easy that way you get to my teen years are

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generally when we had the jewelry with the crown, then which was Salah was going to be in 100 water early he was

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