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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of laughter in religion and how it can be used to strengthen one's faith. They share examples of how a man named Sayed Alayshi wa sallam became a woman eligible for Islam, and how a man named Sayed Alayshi wa sallam lost his job as a teacher. The speaker emphasizes the importance of laughter in one's faith and encourages individuals to practice it.
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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. A person once asked Abdullah bin Omar radi Allahu acana as habra su Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ohakune did the noble companions or the Allahu anhu engage in laughter was the human banter, lightheartedness in their life. So, the olana responded by saying Nam indeed there was meaningful laughter in their life. However, he qualified that statement by saying, When a man or Filipino became a woman eligible, the faith in their hearts was more strong, more established, and more anchored than that of mountains. We are quick to latch on to the first portion of this quotation, to

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justify our social gatherings and laughter, etc, which kind of has its merits in its place, but sadly, tragically, and unfortunately, either deliberately or inadvertently, we overlook the second aspect of the same contention and that is the firmness of faith. Now, just to share with you one two examples from the richness and the firmness of the faith of Sahaba Rizwan Allahu Allah, Allah him in hubub in arati, Allahu anhu, a great companion of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, when he accepted Islam, what Canon levita one letter V but his own uncle had inflicted torment upon him, can you know for whom he has seen him, he would roll him up in a mat when you lay he'd

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been on and then he would ignite fire on either side, so that he could suffocate and he would say to her, Barbara, the alarm clock for Mohammed Adra and kallada that deny the oneness of Allah and I will avert the torment. And Barbara the Allahu anhu said that is impossible and unimaginable. In fact, in tech Milla to fit him on him I came across a quotation of Satan and he wrote the Allahu anhu, Moravec hubbub, he passed by the grave of her Barbara the law manual, and he paid homage and tribute to him by saying, s la dee da, da da da da, da, da da da. What literally, if you just me Allah when you lay Allahu Allahu Akbar was among those who accepted Islam passionately. He migrated

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happily, and then he lived as a warrior, and he was inflicted with a host of challenges. And surely Allah will not allow his good to go unrewarded. He himself says kabara the Allahu contoh pain and Philippa Hillier, I was a blacksmith as trade for me today as a bonanza. did some work for a person called Aspinwall L, who was the father of Mr. de la mehriban, as the son was a great Sahabi the father was a notorious disbeliever. So I tend to adopt a VA who is in Sahih Muslim, I came to him and I said, Please, you owe me money. Can you pay me? He said, deny the oneness of Allah and deny the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and I'll pay you now. He said, Let me ask for Robbie

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Mohammed had moved so Metrobus, if you have to die in front of me and rest be resurrected in front of me, then to I will not deny the oneness of Allah and you can leave the money I will never deny the oneness of Allah. Yet again. There is another incident of Darfur, the Allahu anhu, who was captured by the Roman Emperor, so the Roman Emperor said to him halakhah and Tata Nasir oceanica Kofi Mulkey when you consider abandoning your faith and I will include you in my empire, and whatever your loved one who said Lo, Danny Jimmy, I'm Adam lake with Jeremy melaku Lara bow and arrow Jr. and Dini Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told my family to if you gave me your entire

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Empire, and you gave me whatever the world can offer in riches and wealth and assets, and you asked me to abandon my faith for a split second, Marfa Alto, I will never even entertain the thought. So in essence, what I'm saying is that we engage in laughter which is in its place, but let us try and increase our Eman, then it qualifies and balances out. And if due to our weakness, we are unable to increase our Eman, then at least let's reduce our laughter. I mean, your ability

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