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Permanent evil deed and a good deed is to make dua during these these hours for the brothers and sisters who are suffering under under the oppression of the apartheid state that they have been tested and trialed within the OMA has been tested and trialed with Yahweh Imam Ahmed who famous Neddy he be sent out in Hasson and Abdullah His name is Robbie Allahu Anhu. Call Colin Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, the Hadith and a collection Imam Muhammad, the reasonable Shannon narration rates was where I live in Massoud. And here's what he said out of here salatu salam and I'm going to cut directly to it within the theme of anti oppression I'll be talking about

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this for a few more weeks. Paula Alia salatu salam in a che Atlanta but yet ISA and turbo dial us now moving on to the roundup before I go on, the sisters have a event upfront so please don't pray so now upfront the men don't mind don't go to the extension to sisters have an event you want to keep that area closed for them I'll finish the halted I will pray soon and then we'll let you because you're gonna be run his fear kind of halacha which starts right afterwards. It's an Arabic you're welcome to attend it but otherwise, pray soon and then move on for them to do that inshallah. Tada.

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So he said in a straight line, but yet ISA and Touriga de la snom fIatter the Arab Well, I can know who say Alba be Dooney Valley Conville Mohawk de la teaming come

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Well, he'll move on to yo melty.

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He said, I'll get started on the beginning of the Hadith, he said, The shaytaan indeed has lost hope and idols

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in the form that they were which is rock or wood or whatever they made them out of, he has no hope anymore for for that to be worshipped in the land of the Ottoman he's talking about independence, Silla, there's a zero, that he has no hope he doesn't see that as possible anymore. So he's given up on that piece to get people to go back and worship idols. He's given up on that. But he's very satisfied with the sins that are lesser than that, that people don't pay attention to and don't think are valuable or important and don't think that they're significant amongst you. And they will be a little bit odd mean, there will be the sins that cause you to be punished heavily on the Day of

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Judgment, call toppling Mavala Lima Mr. Tato. So beware and mindful, from falling into oppression as much as you possibly can.

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Protect yourself from falling into a state of oppression as much as you possibly can. For in Florida Yoji will be happy to multi Yara and now who said to ng the servant will come on the Day of Judgment with their good deeds, and they see their good deeds and they say these deeds should be enough for me to get across the finish line. I'll make it with these good deeds. 100 I did a lot of them. For Amazon. I've been doing the iPhone,

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Robbie, Ebola money Abdu Kamov lemma, Robbie Vala money Abdu Kamov lemma. And then it keeps on. Other servants put their hand up and say Oh our Lord, this servant of yours has oppressed me, and that he has, he has inflicted upon me an active oppression a mobile ama for your call. I'm home and Hassan RT he on whom and Hassan RT and then as the respond comes from Allah, erase some of his good deeds, remove some of his good deed, from his good deeds from as early can that can only confirm as Erica Veronica had done, I mean, Hassan t he minutes.

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And he continues, that continues to happen until none of his good deeds are left because of all the sudden because of all the oppression because of the harm that was inflicted because of that red line that was crossed, you harm another human being.

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The reason I'm talking about anti oppression is because it has to be clear to all of us as Muslims, that we refuse it from its core, we refuse any type of oppression regardless of who is practicing it and who and against whom is being practiced. So what do you think a Muslim would do? If active oppression is being inflicted on his himself on him on themselves in a place that is wholly by the Nate by the word of God himself for for decades upon decades. If that's occurring, then there must be something fundamentally wrong there must be something fundamentally wrong if that's occurring. If we have been for okay with an act of oppression to occur in that form and that of that nature for so

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long in that place, then we must not understand this piece of our deen

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if the prophet Allah your sauces, I'm telling you beware of being oppressor.

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As a Muslim as someone who knows Allah who fears Allah, you have to beware from being an oppressor. What do you think about accepting oppression? No.

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Accepting oppression is an act of oppression and self.

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Witness witnessing oppression and allowing is an act of oppression in itself. Because witnessing something and acknowledging it, they have a word for it. And also in the Prophet alayhi salam he saw something didn't say anything.

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was that cold?

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If he saw something he didn't say anything extra, it's called UCLA student has a chapter in the books of ozone. When he acknowledges something doesn't say anything about it. When he does it, it's shut up.

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If he had, if he saw something, he didn't say anything and becomes shut down becomes Dean, because a part of your religion you accept that you follow it. We're not prophets. But the question is, what do you have seen something like this, it's

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not a chance. Not a chance, not a chance.

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But we have to go back to the core principles, the core values of what Islam is about. And that's anti oppression, we refuse it. We refuse to be the party that's oppressing. But we also refuse to be the party that's oppressed and we refuse to be the party that is oppression allows it to continue. And that's really what we have to take some time and think about make dua for your brothers and sisters and Sheldon, continue to advocate to the best of your ability during these difficult times and

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help one another. Get through these these hard these hard nights. Some days. You have to read a memoir from a famous study we sent in the Hudson and Abdullahi Miss O Allah who I know called Colin Nabil son Allahu Allah Who early we send them in a shape lineup and yet ISA and your Budda see the interpreter last name movie or the lob? Well, I can know who sell Bobby Dooley the Alikum Bill Mohawk bottom income, where he and movie called to your multicam but toppling mobile enormous data item in Abuja G will be high salinity or multi Mattiello and the hooter to ng he from Isaiah Abdullah Paulo Robbie Bala many Abu Kamal Brahma for your car hula hoops. Holman has energy from as

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Lika Lika had bought a home and has entertainment sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi?

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Wa samosa Yes, in Asia and sha Allah from now on the farm is 745 All right, next week 745 The week after 745 December 7 45, January 7 45, February 7 45 Until Ramadan 745 So you'll come in let me know you'll come and tell me that a shot at that is 610 and I will tell you if Obama is 745 So just that's what's going to be moving forward. So even if there's a lot of time is still the Islam is always going to be 745 Until inshallah they switch the time by