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Post Isha Khaterah

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The conversation covers a variety of topics including Bobodana's claims to be in contact with the goddamn Queen, Jota's medical appointment, and Apollon's medical appointment. The speakers emphasize the importance of fear and validation in Islam, as well as acknowledging one's level of awareness and success. They also touch on deification and the deification of people involved in the story.

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While early he was talking to Jay Manuel bad Yahweh in emammal, bizarro famous Nedi he descended on Sahaba and the effect of anemia man or the Allahu Anhu call that Ethan is also microdata

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This is an interesting story, this is a story you have heard before, like, you know, on the I think you know the actual event, but this is the actual narration just to let you have an aeration to to attribute it to the event itself. Is there a job I remember Zollinger bizarre when he was one of the later scholars of Hadith that made

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collections of a hadith so we look historically this is something he challenged because he had will do for us at some point within the amount of audit Academy, we will go through in shallow course where he just talks about the the timings of when a hadith were actually put together because depending on that there are certain differences in terms of level of authentic authenticity where that hadith were actually pulled from. So the earlier groups like Malika de la and hoof and walk button then the body will Muslim. These are seen kind of earlier collections and the Sunnah of how the Sunnah in Ottawa, I've seen that and like, you know, Muhammad, and then after that there, there

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are collections that were a bit later that came later on put together by like, a dirty medium identical to me. And then for example, basalt, and here he narrates to us a with you. I think the generation has just launched more people within the chain. And this story is what are they finally allowed to sell Karla Doria and this was within the theme of hypocrisy still so maybe two more a Heidi here so and then we'll move on to something different by Daria amagno hubub either Janaza the pharma elite her you read to her? So I'm going to Jota was called to go to a Janessa is a time during his Khilafah. So he got up and he started moving towards going to it. But for Temasek to be

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here so I pulled him from his job of course to Asia this year I mean for India woman hula ik I told them sit principle believers as he is one of those people the person who had died was one of the people that could Eva was told was from the Monica clean by the prophets of Allah Hadees it was saying the Prophet It is awesome given the list and our neighbors job was to make sure they didn't come into office of any sort they didn't get any authority and they weren't going to fool people or spread Hadith like and we're not walking around saying

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like what column who? So the person who would would take that back they wouldn't be able to do it. So are they if it was like this or the other one who was a safety valve for the for the OMA he made sure that these people didn't weren't able to mess around with anything that we have the Dean obviously many of them still had never been negative impact to historically but still without or they've been able to do much worse. So I want to help Bob was going through the agenda isn't how they vote on he to sit. He's one of those. But if he had us to Nepal, and then he turned to her data for Karla

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and should look Allah Oh and should do Kabila Hell No I mean whom

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that I asked you by Allah by Allah Himself. Am I one of them? Like in the in the book that you have? Am I one of them?

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He had asked today for so many times this question throughout history ever so many times that they've finally caved that finally caved he got tired of being asked the same question. But on top of every single time something happened, a call if a call to lie, let me meaning while UberEATS hadn't bad luck. No. And I will never ever disclose information about who's on that list ever again to anyone after you. But let's get rid of this. No, you're not on the buddy list. You're not on the list. Stop asking that every time even though you understand what it means to actually ask that question.

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Like why would you even if you're living with Khalifa would you even ask the question? How would you ask that question? Like if you live with the prophet Ali Assad or something you were sincerely you sincerely love that man, full Allah Azza wa sallam and we know and you sincerely stood by him and you followed him and you became the prince Khalifa after him. And you actually built an empire for the sake of Allah and you live, he said, when he slept, he slept on his he would put his shoes on top of each other, and then he would sleep really low and on top of his shoes, like he didn't, he didn't walk away a lot from from dunya on with almost anything I'll do Allah Allah said, No, I'm

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not. For him to have that question. Like for him to want to? They want to confirm for him that no, no, you're not on that list. It's one of those things that I can never really get over like I can never fully. It's just hard to understand. This tells me that we are different, that we don't understand the deen the same way. You just tells me that we don't comprehend this story the same way they did that there's a fundamental problem in how we're viewing ourselves. Because we walk around with this arrogance that No, obviously we're better than the kuffaar because we are if Oh my God Himself, El Faro, called the Allahu Anhu was worried that he was on the list of who now if you're

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thinking like the Saudi and the fact that those who are clearly one of those who who are the Prophet other usages and told David they're gonna have to clean and they are going to join them and as Allah subhanaw described in the Quran for Omar to have that fear inside of him and to need validation or to need confirmation from are they Eva just tells me that the way he

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just two things is different, which is maybe what we mean maybe that's me. I don't know. Maybe you don't want that to be made. Or maybe that's how we're supposed to understand stuff. Maybe we take all of these warnings and all of these Hadith and the verses of the Quran as some self regulatory something for me where I look at them and I wonder what the hell am I do I make all these mistakes? Maybe I'm one of them maybe in front of Allah subhanaw taala I'm seen as one of those the I don't know, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us Salah mercy. I mean, I mean, ALLAH SubhanA graduates all of us Yeah, and he full protection from being enough to lead from hypocrisy. But if you don't have that

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fear, to anything you're not afraid of, you're most likely gonna rock walk right into anything that you're not aware of. You don't know about you're not there's no there's no level of awareness and there's no fear of you'll you'll probably end up falling into in life. So if you have no fear of any fog at all, you have no concern regarding the fog or you have no awareness about it, you don't care and you're like, No, I'm fine. That's when you're going to be that that's the window that through through which you will get bitten. That's how you're going to get bit that's how you're going to get ruined. That is your demise. Your demise is through that window that you refuse to acknowledge

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existed the one that you said no, no, that's fine. I'm not that

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no, you're not none of us are allowed to do that. We're not

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I love another story under with this and then we'll go for soon and then the Halacha afterwards. Imam Muhammad even humbled the low on him Anhu when he was passing away, as he was passing away he fall asleep if he would go into like a little bit of a fainting and wake up and he was going through the psychological mode just dying and as he was doing that he was once in his kind oF stupor he was saying layup bad Lisa bad dilemma bad you say no, not yet. No, not yet. Not yet. And then he woke up and they're saying what are you his finger was saying not yet and they asked him not yet what to me? Yeah, email me What is no not yet what? Carla attorney if he made me bliss, she upon came to me and

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my dream for Carla Lena Jota you need to humble you made it. You made it from me. I've been humbled. I tried and I couldn't do it. Because of the headaches about No not yet. You're not gonna fool me. I'm not dead yet. Once I'm dead. Yeah, I'm not dead yet. I'm still alive. Yes, there may be five minutes later, but I'm still alive. So not yet. You don't fool me. I will never stop being aware of you. I will never stop being concerned from your never doubt until I'm dead. But until I'm dead because if there's a moment and I become arrogant enough to think that I Oh, I'll be fine for the next five minutes. If I had that arrogance. He's already found a way in that arrogance is his way

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in. You just don't know it. That was your pitfall. Your demise was those feelings that you shouldn't have had in the first place if I know I'm fine, I beat you know you didn't you're saying when you're talking about you know, I would say the only time you will have full certainty and full clarity and full calmness and peace of mind is when to both not one beat or inside Jana. Not one of them been to both of them are in there. You put one in there still a possibility that is pulled out again. You put one in and you stay weary and you stay aware and self-regulatory until both feet are inside genetic name and they let loose who after that point let loose do what you want. Feel and say

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whatever you want and lose and become Oblivion towards whatever you want and do what you want. The moment both theater inside and still then until that moment, I'm sorry till that moment you must be aware and your level of awareness has to be at the highest if our Tom felt that way. And who of us has even come remotely close to anything? Well, I hate to be his shoe. Allah I wouldn't deserve to be his shoe or the Allahu I know and that's how he felt the other will email will result of him listening to him he said no so hey honey today for doubling the amount of Allah who I know call during

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the era Gina as a general surgeon for pharma you read to her for domestic to be HIV a call to AG this year. I mean for inner home in LA Majelis vaca and Xu Kola and I'm in home a call to mean Allah wala UberEATS haha