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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of their loved ones and the importance of honoring Islam's teachings. They also talk about the difficulty of maintaining community and the need for forgiveness for those who did not follow their teachings. The importance of honoring Islam's teachings is emphasized, along with the use of words like "naught for me" and "naught for me," to describe the high end and the importance of being a Muslim person. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of the symbol "the upstream" to describe the high end and the importance of being a Muslim person.
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Meanwhile early he also had to hear Gimeno about

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almost over

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this morning and tomorrow and probably the end of it will Harlem as far as we can tell that it's almost certain.

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I have two more scheduled things to talk to you about. And if for some,

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some miracle Friday is not achieved, then we'll figure something out for that day.

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Today, I want to talk about I've talked about a lot of attributes of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. I can't even count them to just many of them went through over almost over over 27 different characteristics of him sort of a hottie so have you seen them and today

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I want to talk about how he treated us on a Western I talked about how he treated his companions, his wives, his children,

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how he treated non Muslims are you treated people who are sitting Are you treated children and animals and how would you get everything out of your slot awesome. I want to talk about how he treated us that Allah Allah Azza wa sallam

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as peculiar, peculiar as that may sound.

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He says, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Alamo and Nephi come Rasul Allah.

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I know that amongst you is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and even though he is physically not here out of your Salatu was Salam in a lot of aspects in a lot of ways. He is

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not something worthy of,

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of always remembering, but aerobic ly meaner, hotter you Hakeem guy female shedule Rabina Mala Ji Doofy unfussy him how Rajim Kobita you Salim Otis Lima ver to you by your Lord that no no one none of them will ever fully achieved Imam until Eman until they accept your rulings amongst them and they find nothing in their hearts but love as you speak to them and give them Allah subhanaw taala his teachings

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your will Imam October Ronnie we sent a DJ he had done it'd be hierarchical. He said karate and Rasulullah he said Allah Allah you early he was telling them I got to meet for coffee I asked him to let me know and I believe he will Yom with the Prophet It is awesome came out one day of his rooms and we were sitting in the masjid and we were talking he said do you not believe in Allah and the hereafter? According to Allah, Allah surah Allah He said yes, of course we do. Yasser Allah, Allah Allah for in Al Quran surah who who will be a dilla Katara who will be ad con. Domestic will be here for in file to file until the loo will enter helicobacter whoever the Kimani said you believe in

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Allah, yes, then the Quran.

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It's like a rope.

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One end is in the hands of God, and the other end is in yours. As long as you hold on to it, you will never go astray and you will never fail. Ever. That's what he left us on Allah honey CIBJO Salam, he made sure that the Quran made its way to us. That was his legacy. That was his missionary his salatu salam because it because if you hold on to it, then that connection will never be as long as the Quran is there is your connection with Allah subhana wa at the moment you'll drop the Quran you have nothing. That's it, you have nothing that you don't know anymore. As long as you hold on to it, that connection between you and Allah subhanaw taala is alive.

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You're waiting.

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Who would

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forgive me?

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And then everybody would be Saturday or fall? Well, I wanna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam playlet and more important, Billy Horton. What do that mean? Hello, hello boo. I thought of it mean hunger. Yun aeroadmin Surya says that one day the Prophet alayhi salatu was that he gave us a reminder, people's hearts shook and the eyes filled with tears. A whole new era suit Allah. And Eva two more. There seems like you're giving us your final words,

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Ramada Morona so what you what you commanded us to do if this is truly closer to your end, and it was towards the end of his life Alia salatu salam, then what what do you tell us to do what you commanded us up Allah in the age Arktikum ol variable E. Li Lu, kind of hurry her? Z Hu Unha ID Halik I left you with the clear one and we had genuine Hadith and Mohajer tilbake about something that will be used as a standard on the block meaning it's clear, it's clear, there's nothing wrong with it. It's perfect. It's divine the way it is that you do how can a hurry have meaning it's night and day are the same and there's no there's no ambiguity, it's clear, you know, what you're supposed

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to do is the one ha de la like the only person that will will go astray or get or miss their their notes or not be or deviate from the clarity of it are the ones who are going to be punished on the day of judgment or do the biller.

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The other way emailed in the headband. So he left us on a salatu salam or something very clear.

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And we needed him so Allah isn't here physically, Allah subhanaw taala wouldn't have taken him away.

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By far there is no bigger masiva that this OMA has ever gone through more than losing him. So Allah he's like this. This is the Juma

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The Sahaba and Allama since the beginning, there's a day he passed away that normalcy. But there is no catastrophe that occurred upon this OMA that is worse than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is passing on hope. I will say every time something bad happens to me, I remember four things. One of the four things he remembers is the death of Allah, Allah salatu salam, whatever happened is not worse than the day he died. So a lot. It's like he was telling him and that feeling is real. If you truly love Him out of your soul to us and understand what he was to us, then you understand that not having to hear audio Soto's I missed the biggest loss, but he left us with what we needed. He didn't

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walk away before he left us with exactly what we needed to do our jobs

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had been erased and I actually had the loved one that says to me it was Sula he said Allah Allah you early he was selling them a Yeoman li BNF sin when they I saw him I was with him and he felt he was in a good mood. According to ya rasool Allah, Allah O Allah, O Prophet of Allah make dua for me, by Allah Allah Houma. It will Veolia Asia market damage to a Herat Lama similar to an island at Oh ALLAH forgive our Isha all that she didn't before in the far past and all that she did lately all that she did publicly or openly all that she does secretively. But if Allah Hicks to SOHCAHTOA see if he heads up you know back I laughed until my head was in my lap and laughter and he put her head

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in her lap caught us and I said to them You just seem so you smile for god yeah Isha so rookie there's my Do I make you happy? But boy that learning family you're so Rooney do what's wrong with me that I wouldn't find your daughter something that makes me happy. According Isha Walla, he in the head Illuma typically,

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I swear to you I make this to offer my own every single parents that Allah Allah use. I've used them and he has so much wisdom. He says Alia salatu salam fee Hadith Imani Muslim thought and equally, maybe in the hour to muster but when the agenda for dunya every prophet is given a wonder where the response is immediate. It's instantaneous. Exactly what they asked for at the moment they asked for it. Every prophet has given one. All of them they asked for it at some point in dunya in learner

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but talk to her shafa I tell the almighty Yo Ma Pa. I left it as an intercession that I will perform on the Day of Judgment Day I know who her mean whom and Talia usually Google he she, it will be given to those who passed away and they do not associate anyone with ALLAH Subhan Allah

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the Prophet sallallahu ala he was so happy he was selling them a lot of choices he made in his life he was making them thinking about us.

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He will say Lola and Ashoka I don't want Mattila to come see working I could leave Salah it wasn't for the fact that I was scared to make this hard for my ummah later I would tell them that you must use miswak with each prayer because he thinks about or he believed or he or he taught us that it's important to your hygiene, your physical hygiene is important. Even the hygiene of your mouth. You wouldn't eat garlic live garlic, Allahu salatu. Salam, or, or, or onions are, are anything that could cause your mouth to have a bad sense because you said I speak to Allah subhanho wa taala. And I speak to them and you can it's not appropriate for me to to have such a sense. And he taught us to

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do the same. But he used to choose what he would command us to do on a history that was on based on based on how difficult it would be for us. He wouldn't come out every night in Ramadan for Torah, we are just for one reason. So that wouldn't turn into an obligation because he knows how to use Serato Sam at some point scholars are going are going to go and interpret his actions interpret his life. If he did something every single night, every single year, it was going to be interpreted as an act of of obligation. And then it would be very difficult for Muslims to get through Ramadan if they had to come every single night. It may be too difficult. This is a sudden that's a beautiful thing. But

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if you don't make it as Jani has not yet you didn't you didn't commit a sin.

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Alia Salatu Salam o Chela Sahaba not to ask them question. Christians this in the Quran. Yeah, you will Adina Herman who lettuce Edwin a Shia intubate della countersuit comm don't ask about things that if you know the answers of it'll bother you. And the reason that he told me tell them not to ask them question because if you answered that he'll salatu salam, that answer was gonna be carried later on could be carried for generations to come and in the duration so coming to be stuck with an answer that was very contextual and served a certain group of people at a certain time and then we wouldn't be able to move around. couldn't maneuver anymore. So the prof Alia saw this and was

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specifically asked not to ask questions, so that he would be able to and we would be able later on to have the PSA and the Rama that we have in our deen

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Young will email Muslim Abdullah have now been last call Salah Rasulullah. He said Allah, Allah, Allah, I'm going to tell you that the Prophet alayhi salam was reciting.

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Abraham will be in Hoonah land in a cafe Yamuna. Nursey fermenter biani in the home in neoman Asani for in Nicaragua food or Rahim, O Allah, Oh my lord, these idols have led a lot of people astray.

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Those who follow me they're part of me and those who disobey me Indeed you are the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Then he would recite some allah how to sell them into Aviva whom you

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In Omega Dukkha in total funeral home for in disease will Hakeem If you punish them they're your servants and if you forgive them indeed you're the unfathomable and you are the all wise because these two verses in the Quran they talk about prophets making a dua for those who didn't follow them. And these two is in the Quran, have within them to prophets asking Allah for some form of forgiveness for those who did not follow them. For those who refused their message in ways that are equally beautiful, but different. He recited those two verses that Allah Allah he will send them to Morocco IRD he then when he's put his hands to the sky called Allah whom Almighty Almighty Oh Allah,

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my nation, my nation where Becca and he started to cry. But if Allah said Allahu alayhi Gibreel Allah subhanaw taala sent to him Gibreel acorrea Gibreel le Mohammedan ma Yogi wala who are Alam will be highly here go ask Muhammad why he is crying and Allah knows why he's crying. Do you hear Do you buddy guru Mohammed era rasool Allah in Europe Becca yo creo que sera Luca. Keke Allah subhanaw taala sends Instagrams as you are you crying about are gonna be your sword Allah Allah US Bureau, he tells him what's going on? How are we doing? Rob behavior used to be a robber who Allahu Akbar, Allah will be highly debated goes back and he tells Allah but Allah already knows that Julio Gibreel

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era Muhammad Kabir who and Senator Lee Almighty, He were learners who sent him back and tell him that we are going to satisfy him regarding because oh man, he will not be brokenhearted.

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Don't miss Darko Kohli here. So for your upper eco book I first thought about and this is the this is the meaning of the verse that he will give you until you're satisfied some of the audio so he was

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going to be lobbying his to see it even though the narration I don't know what authenticity it has, because I couldn't find anyone who actually came up with anything regarding it. But he has an SFC and I've always thought it was really interesting, where he looks at sort of PA, and as he's going through the different options of what the two letters could mean. He points out one of the possibilities, at least that's what he sees in the book and the tafsir you can go back and see see his long explanation of it, that one of the one of the meanings that he believes for this word is that it comes from it comes from the origin of Baja. And then it was the Hamza was removed for ease.

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And Baja and Arabic means put your

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step one on the floor. And he refers in the in the tough seed, the fact that Prophet alayhi salatu salam would make dua for his ummah, so for so long, that he would stand on the on his on his on the tip of his toes as he would make dua and Allah subhanaw taala tell him meaning put you put your foot on the ground, stand on the ground that Allah Allah will have you seen them and you can find this story and see really ugly man galima will be blowing

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your wheel Imam,

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Muslim, and it'd be hard to tell the Allahu Anhu apply for Ali Assad to Islam left to the Nakamoto to the cemetery of offered.

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Takada salam o aleikum Donahoe Mee Mee Nina Antimo, Serbia Pune in insha Allah will be comme la una What did to lower a to acquire any does he gives us to Ramza he always gives to the marchers have already did this every week how to use salatu salam for the day they died until the day he died on the Hill salatu salam would go and give Saddam's to them and tell them you have winter ahead of us and we are following you soon enough. And then he would say at this time I wish I had seen my brother's Apollo era suit Allah Oh well let us know if one hour you not your brothers Chapala and Tomas heartbeat your My companions when no matter where any Omen meaning whether it be to bind or

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people who are believing me but they have not come yet. Because we are rasool Allah. Hey, photographer Matica Muslim Tara whom do you know the people from your own mind that you hadn't seen a Tala or a tomb? No, kinda Lila Julian. Don't you do it? Okay. Hold on. Hold one more. Hi, Jenna V Hale in dopamine boom. I flew home man on horses and he had horses that had any bright means and bright colors amongst horses that were very dark colors. Would he not know the difference between them two of them are called lobera Bacala la vaca likoma T. Two naomh multi material run Maha Jolina. Mean authorial will do it for home. One for auto home I'll help

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my own mind the Day of Judgment they come because of will do their brights. Their limbs are bright, light and hooded and Mohawk Jenner is the one that has their the ends of their feet and there are certain types of horses where they have a color but then their hands and feet are white and Donald thought this was like the most beautiful horse in the world. And the Prophet says that's how he's OMA comes and he says well for Otto model help. Otto who means I'm ahead of them waiting for them. I am ahead of them and I'm waiting for them on the hold on that day. So Allah Allah you saw him you send him

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He's standing on the basin, you will call His Alma under your salatu salam, you will call His ALMA to come drink first from his handout he has salatu salam and those who did not deviate. And those who actually saw through what he taught will be given that honor to drink from his hand on it you saw twisted and Jonathan lie of my own about the HA, they drink something that they will never ever feel or experience thirst ever again for the rest of their lives. He commonly would use this word with the Sahaba Alia salatu salam you can follow the phrase through the books of Hadith where he would say for Otto model help almost to the point where it's as if people would want to spend time

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with him hang out, chill, go out and do something tell them to hold

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our appointment is on the basin meet me there. Meet me there and then we can whatever we can do whatever you want, we can spend whatever time you want to spend together I don't have we don't have time right now. We're way too busy. We meet our appointment is the base and do not be late. Do not come with with with something that's going to cause you to be pulled away. Don't end up held behind because you're too busy doing something else I'm there ahead of you. I'm waiting for you meet me at the basin so Allah Allah Islam yourself. This is what he was saying is what he was teaching. You meet me there? Yeah to Imam Ahmed. And

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that was really nice to have I can't remember who never did this hadith collection. Muhammad was honestly gonna tell her Deen ma rasool Allah He said Allah Allah He was selling we had we had our food you had like lunch with the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam

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we eat with him. Call Allah abour obeyed OBD 11 The genre he was with us amongst even the one of the high status Sahaba is sitting there for cada Yatta suit Allah I don't mean now higher on min min because I had no mark. Anyone this may be better than us. We believed in you and we fought with you a fall and non Omen Yeppoon and embody you know whether it be whether Mitt Romney Yeah, what do How to whom Lola and EB Maliki were

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the people who will come after me they will believe in me even though they never saw me but any of them would be willing to give up his wealth and his family if he were just able to sit with me for a moment so Allah highly or

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not, yeah, yes, there will be people coming after you that will be most scholars see this to be an equivalency. We're not not not to a higher status. But he meant what I was trying to teach a Barbados something that is, the high end does not end with you, and does not end with this with this generation of people that it will continue for many generations after and people who will believe in me are the people and people who believe in me and love me will love me sometimes even more than some people who saw me and live with me will that Allah Allah sapio send them

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the Hadith that I'll end this with Inshallah, Donna

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is the Hadith of the shofar. When the Prophet audience Salatu Salam on the Day of Judgment after people are standing for 1000s and 1000s of years, they go into the different prophets of God, they will go to them, they'll go to New York, they will go to Abraham, they'll go to Musa go to Isa, and they'll ask them for intercession. Please intercede. So Allah begins Yanni because the history begins judgment. And all of them will apologize and say we can't we had been mistakes, and so will apologize and he won't call them mistakes or history them. And then they'll go to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they'll ask him to do that so he will, the way he will do it. You'll get up out of

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here salatu salam for yes you do doctor out of shame for you after Allah or they hate me at my home at 9am Yeah, I wouldn't go below who were like after who didn't bother. Now Allah subhanaw taala commands me prostrates under laws throne, and he praises Allah in ways that no one has ever praised him like that before and no one will ever say those words again. You know, praise Allah subhanaw subhanho wa Taala until Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Mohammed Arafat sick was in PA ye SHA two shafa Raise your head that he isn't Bihari Raise your head and ask you will be given and intercede and it will be accepted by hudl Salah holiday he early he was salam uma to

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the first thing he says is my nation my nation. First thing he says a lot is like was in the first word. But if they are hidden duly Rob be duly or be had. And Allah subhanaw taala allows me

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after after Yanni hisab has done he grants me a certain number of people but a shout out home for your Hello June I mean an hour and I intercede and they leave Jana.

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But our motif and now when I look I see people from my nation still in the hellfire. By the way all living people on this planet are from his nation, civilize

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every living human being after he was given prophecies from his nation. Some of them

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responded to his call and some of them didn't. None of them responded and did well and some of them didn't. But were all his own muscle allies like yourself.

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So he looks into the hellfire and he sees more. Yes, you do. Vikash far, and then he prostrates again and He intercedes again. I hope duly Robbie had, he says, And he gives me another group of people fishbowl at home and intercede on their behalf.

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And he does that

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Three or four or five times. And then the final time you'll call it you know who my BFF in, in and how best to whom will Quran or why Jebel Ali whom will include the only people left in Jahannam are the ones who the Quran is holding back because of the verses and the meanings, and they are deserving of a long of a long stay. A coup de la manga Hulu, Jana, tada deferred Hill Barbie. Now the other thing what you didn't even know after he enters out of your Serato, semi intercedes he enters Jana after he makes sure everyone goes in front of him. So Allah says all those we had the option was given the permission to intercede on their behalf. He makes sure they enter before him so

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Allah How do you stop using them? So that's how he treated us Alejo. Salatu was Salam. That's how he felt about us. He cried for us, Allah he'll salatu salam, he made dua for us. So it was to them, he ensured that you would have a way of life that was appropriate and that was flexible and that allowed us to work and he made sure that it was clear and not as twisted on thought thought about us. He talked about us he hoped to meet us and on the Day of Judgment he plans to intercede on our behalf out of his saw to us then maybe a little bit of love to be shown back he says Ali Assad was the Muslim man Why didn't you sell the more Allah Yeah, in the Allah Who are they who he further to

00:21:21--> 00:21:42

ally history, no one will send their will send their synapse to me except Allah subhanaw taala will have it reach my spirits and I will send salaams back to them. The hubby will come solo Allah early Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know Habib, you know Mohamed Diwan, early he or softly here Jemaine Subhanallah hope you hum diction La ilaha illa Anta so if it were to be the masala who was sitting in my book and

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he also he is man he's located and Monica la Hawkman Charlotte's tonight after during television show levels