Carve This Memory into Their Minds this Ramadan

Mohammad Elshinawy


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Welcome to La Habra. careto, my dear beloved community members who know they have a very special place in my heart, I asked a lot before the month is out, to allow you to secure a very special place in his eyes most important, and a very special rank in the heavens, you and your loved ones above them. Me. Most of you have probably already heard that this Tuesday insha Allah will be our official annual fundraiser on the 27th of Ramadan. And we hope that you'll be with us in shock. But I do wish to suggest something that can be far more beneficial, in addition to being with us on that night. And that is to instill in those around you even your spouses, of course your children, even

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your parents, this sense of privilege and the sense of responsibility that Allah has selected us to serve his house. So being very practical to just say, Come we're going on shorts, right? Why allas house needs us and to drop off whatever donation you intended on giving back night, or if you've already given aren't able to give much to give a nominal donation just for the sake of that living concrete event, being imprinted in their memories. So that email that pervasive culture can exist, where a laws religion is an honor and a privilege and a duty for us to carry and raise the flag for and that can extend for generations inshallah, tada, it may not reflect in the numbers of the

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fundraising, per se on that very night. But they will surely reflect exponentially in our scale of good deeds when we discover the ripple effect to be vanilla for centuries to come. I love you all for the sake of Allah, may Allah accept our Ramadan and he said I want to go