Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #11 – Baqarah 275 – The Example of the One Who Consumes Riba

Yasir Qadhi
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smil al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was a woman who had come about, we have one similar tutor parable left and sort of bacala and that is verse number 275. Now, we, as we explained the last section of Bukhara, basically from ayatul kursi or before I took a course at the very end, it's all about charity and it's about money. And it's about the parables of giving money. We've given a number of them the very last section of this surah right before we end the surah Allah subhana wa tada talks about the opposite of charity. And in the Quran, the opposite of charity is Riba Okay, so you have sadaqa and then you have Riba multiple times the Koran contrast sadhak with

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Reba. So now we get to a parable about Riba. And this is a unique parable. In fact, it's not in the same genre as the other similar tools as you're going to see. Verse number 275, Allah subhana wa tada says alladhina coluna Riba, those who eat Riba now even here we have powerful language because nobody takes the money of Riba and eats it, right? So Allah subhana wa Taala talks about the effects of the money. So Allah azza wa jal is saying that money that you get from Riba what do you do with it? Now you do many things, you buy you your your clothes, you buy everything, but you also eat and Allah azza wa jal is saying that how long money is going to become your flesh? It is as if literally

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you're taking that wealth and eating it. alladhina yakko Luna Riba La Jolla como una de la cama Yakumo, la de yada harbottle Hussain upon amin and mass, they will stand up in the same manner that the one whom shape on has made crazy stands up in a very random or in a very erratic manner. Now, what is this metaphor here? So let's go over this word by word, the hub Botha means to walk in a manner that you're not going straight, you're going to fall you're going to act in a strange manner. Okay, so to have Botha means he's not walking in a regular way his limbs are flailing he might be falling down. And must means craziness. So Allah says that the one who's walking in this strange

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manner as if he's crazy, caused by shape on that is the example of the one who is eating rebar. Now, what is this metaphor here? Are scholars say two things might be intended number one, that on the Day of Judgment, when the people who ate Riba will come out of their graves, they will not come out normally and in a dignified manner. No, they will be punished. And they will come out in a very scary manner, in a manner that they've lost their senses in a manner that they don't have control over their limbs. So their limbs are going everywhere, and they're falling and standing up, and everybody will recognize these are the people who used to justify eating rib up. By the way even

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assur says this verse is primarily a threat to those who justified eating Riba and not just the sinners who ate Riba primarily the worst sinners, those who justify why, because the very verse says that he could be unknown callooh in MLB romesco Riba that is because they said, buying and selling is the same as interest. So this punishment, which is the worst punishment is for the worst category of sinners, and those are the sinners that have no regret, no remorse, and they challenged the idea of Allah and they justified the sin. You know, committing a sin is bad. justifying the sin is actually a type of gopher committing the sin is bad, but you still have hope. If you say, Oh Allah,

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I'm a sinner, forgive me. But justifying the sin and challenging Allah Shetty. And saying, I don't think is wrong, that is actually a rejection of the Sharia. And this verse is about those people. So the first interpretation on the Day of Judgment, they will stand and they're going to be punished in a manner as if they are crazy or possessed. The second interpretation, Allah subhana wa tada is describing them in this world, not in the ark era. And Allah azza wa jal is saying that they are acting in a crazy amount of people think they're dignified, but they are not dignified. People think they are straight and respectable but in reality inside their hearts and souls in the in the privacy

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of their lives. They have no happiness. They have no they have no not agenda. They have no purpose as a worldly core. They have no purpose. They're wandering a

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Loosely, people might be jealous of them, but in their private lives, they're wandering crazily and aimlessly and they have an emptiness that they don't understand why So Allah is describing their hand in this dunya Why is it called the unknown all in the malbay Omitsu Riba? That is because they preposterous Lee said that buying and selling is the same as Riba and Allah is saying What a * Allah who will buy what Hara Rama Riba? How can the to be the same? Allah has allowed buying and selling Allah has allowed trading and Allah has forbidden Riba. Now, obviously, every time we bring up the topic of Riba I get a million questions about the realities and what not, you know, we have

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an entire hour and a half lecture myself and Dr. Hartman, how do we did it here in the studio here, you can listen to that about the fifth of all of that we're not talking about there today, we're talking about the worst category, and that is those who charge Riba because there's a difference between charging and between being in a position where you're forced to give those who charge it about you give a loan, you say I want more back, and you think it is justified. This is what this verse is talking about, right? Now, a lot of xojo the saying the two are not the same, much can be said here, but you see those who justify, they say, look, if I sell merchandise, this cloth might

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cost $10 when I buy it, I'll sell it to you for 15 What's the difference? If I give you $10 and I say, give me back? 15 that's what they're saying. What's the difference? If I sell you a cloth that I got for 10 and I give a profit margin and I say give me 15 they're gonna say I'm giving you $10 I'm gonna say give me back 15 and Allah is saying they're not the same thing. Because merchandise is not the same as currency. Merchandise is not needed. You don't need to buy the shirt. If you don't want to buy it, don't buy it. As for money as for currency, you would only take it when you're in a very dire need to pay it back more you would never take a usurious loan unless you are trapped and

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you have no other means of getting that money. And Allah azza wa jal is saying the two are not the same. And by the way, this is something all of us should be aware of the concept of interest and Riba it was banned for most of European history. Look at even European history, it only became something legal around 400 years ago, in fact, multiple times there were death penalties for those who charged Riba in Europe and in fact, entire societies, the people of Israel, they were expelled from England in a particular kings era because they were charging Riba the entire group was expelled. It's only recently where all of these changes came. And we think now that economy is based

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upon rebar and a lot so we're just saying the two are not the same. And that's why two verses later, Allah subhana wa tada says that whoever is going to justify taking Riba know that Allah has declared war against you know, beheld women Allah He was surely he the two are not the same. Buying and selling of merchandise is Hello, but buying and selling currencies, buying and selling money, no, that is not the same. And in our religion, when we give money, it is called the hustle and we do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we want Allah's reward. We do not buy and sell with that of Riba. And so the point being in this verse, Allah Subhana, WA tada warns us that those are going to

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charge Riba It is as if you are possessed by shavon. And one final point here, totally different and off the topic. But this is the most explicit verse that there is such a thing as Gen possession. I know this is a totally different topic. You're all paying attention. Now. We don't have time to go on that tangent, but this verse alethea tabaco, who shaytani middle mass that shaitan is causing him to act erratically because he has gone crazy shavon is causing him to act and this is why Sunni is not a healer sooner they say this is a reality. It is a reality and mess is a reality and as you're aware a lot of controversy back and forth. But this is not the topic and I know you all want to talk

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about this but we've talked about this here at epic as well and inshallah we'll continue on another day with another powerful Xochimilco sent on what a corner was.

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Gonna start

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over in, V turn into g v shave evolution, journey era v was to be

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