Nadim Bashir – A Brief Overview of Surah Al-Hajj on the Day of Arafah

Nadim Bashir
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi write about, first of all as to whether you shall Evans

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I want to just take this opportunity and talk about something from the Quran, some idea from the Quran, you know, subhanAllah in these 10 days, there are some basic things that we have been talking about. We have been talking about the decretive Allah, we've been talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam, we've been talking about the day of Eid, we have been talking about how blessed these days are, we have been talking about hygiene, we have been talking about a young with actually, we have been talking about that period, the shape, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and so forth. We have been talking about the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And what's interesting is that all these topics

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in that we talk about in our footbeds and so forth, is that all these topics Subhanallah have been compiled into one surah one beautiful sutra, in the 70 Jers. And it is only fitting only fitting that Allah subhanho wa Taala or the old man who came later on in fact, they mentioned and they named the sutra, sutra, hij sutra Hodge, there was only one surah of the Quran that has been named after a pillar of Islam. There is no pseudo costume of the Shahada. There is also a costume to salad or so to see yamasa zakat, but there is something called Surah Al Hajj. Allama SUTI Rahmatullah Allah. He has written a very beautiful book called it on your own Quran, it is one of the premier traditional

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classical books on the sciences of the Quran. In fact, all the current day, books that we find on the subject of Sciences, the Quran, they all go and they refer to this book written by Allama sooty Rahmatullah on a very famous classical scholar. In his book, he actually talks about the themes of each sutra. And when he gets us to the hedge, he says, The One of the beautiful things about certain hij is that they are aiya This is a compilation of so many different things. In this surah Allah mentioned some monkey suit, some monkey is in the same surah Allah mentioned some Madani ayat, there are some ayat in the Surah, that will revealed when the Prophet alayhi salam was traveling, and

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there are some ayah that are revealed in surah. When the person was at home, there are some items that will revealed in difficult circumstances. And there are some ions that are revealed in this sutra, that are related to gum. And what he mentioned that this is just a nutshell of so many different things that we find in our in our deen to begin with to begin with, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala how many times he has talked about Jana, how many times he has talked about Jahannam how many times he has talked about the Day of Judgment. But for you and I for the most part, when we see something, we understand something. But when we don't see something, and we have

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never witnessed something, then suddenly becomes abstract. We know something is there. But I have still no idea what Allah is talking about. Allah is telling us that if you want to get an idea of what possibly the Day of Judgment looks like, where people are in people are in the state of chaos, people have no idea what's going on, then the best thing to do is to look at the state of hudge. Look at hij. Because what do we see in hij, we see a huge group of people that they are wearing, especially for the men for the women, the restrictions of ombre are the rules of Onra are more flexible for the women than they are for the men. But if you were to line up a huge group of men,

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you cannot tell the difference between their socio economic status. You cannot tell the difference between who is rich and who is poor, because every one is in one state. And that in itself, Allah is telling us that that is what the day judgment will look like. On the Day of Judgment, no one's going to be able to differentiate between who has more wealth and who has less wealth, who has a greater status in the community or who has a lesser status in the community. Everyone is going to be alike. And the fact that the people when they go for high touch, and they are underneath the sun, they are going through Minar and they're going through are off and was deliver and it was delivered by their

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sleeping beneath the stars. This is going to be like the Day of Judgment, the sun is going to be so close. Unfortunately today we see what is going on with highchair has become you know, there are some packages for hij that are extremely, extremely easy. In fact, I'm not going to go into some names of HUD groups, but I found out that there are some HUD groups as to the heilala fress

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fresh sushi is being cut. You know, oysters are being cracked open lobsters are being cooked inside the tents, and there's like a buffet going on. In fact, some people even told me that is even a vacation at times. In fact, there was a brother who told me that one time in their own tent, they were cooking a lamb. They were cooking a lamb and people from the other 10 came to their tent and said that mashallah, this this lamb is very beautiful, very, you know, seems very delicious. The smell is coming all the way to our tent. And the brother said that Brother What can I say you only paid for the smell I paid for the food. Okay, but that's the situation of aij unfortunately, but

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to tell us that when you are in hajj, what they were what had was long time ago that gives you a glimpse of what the Day of Judgment is like. Because Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran, yo, Mata, Rona Ha, that on that day does Hello, there it

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will Tada. Oh Kulu Dottie Herman Humla, the every mother who is feeding her child, she would forget her child. And it's not as if that will be happening on the Day of Judgment. But Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is trying to paint a scene for us that imagine if you were to see a mother feeding her child and his Donia Do you really believe that she will just forget about her child? Absolutely not. If you see a person who's intoxicated, you know, from far he's intoxicated. And what do we say stay away from those kinds of people. But on the day of judgment, the way people will be running around for one good deed for one good deed, they will be going to their mother and their father,

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your mayor, federal middlemen, he will only he will be was our Haggerty. He will Bernie liquidly marry men whom Yoma even Sharon, during the state, you will need on that day a man a father will run away from his son, sons children will run away from their siblings. Children run away from their parents in this dunya as it is okay. It's I know that. But even in that don't in that era, the children are going to be running away from their parents, why to run away from their husband, it happens I know in this dunya to Okay, husbands run away from their wife and have visited Estonia to where happens on that on that day. Because they just want one good deed that's all they want. Is

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like imagine your child coming to you for $1 Can I have $1 And you're like of course, here's $1. And if you're more generous, here's $5. Go help yourself on the Day of Judgment, you're not willing to give even one good deed that is the state of our affair that will take place on the day of judgment and for them for the most part. So in this sutra, there is so much of that mentioned now without going into a lot of details because there is so much mentioned in the sutra. There is one important there are few important things I do want to cover first of all is that in this sutra, Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about the most important thing that you and I we need to develop in our life is

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tequila, tequila when you have tequila, you have the cautiousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah says, Yeah, you harness it, the Quran back home. And here Allah is addressing mankind, it's the Buddha button in nuzzles Zetta Sati, shaken Aldine this tremor that will take place on the Day of Judgment is very severe. Then after that, Allah subhanho wa Taala he goes into stories after stories I add into it. And then the first thing I do want to mention is this in this surah Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned four different types of hearts, for different types of hearts, the first heart that ALLAH SubhanA wa that talks about is the heart of those people who are sick, the

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heart, that is sick, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, fee Kulu be him marathon, facade, Mala hamara and whose harder is sickness, Allah only increases that sickness. Now. Let me give you an example.

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Have you ever seen you know, in this day and age we see like within the American culture that we live in, it doesn't happen, hopefully in our Muslim families. But in the American culture, there is a practice in many families, where people have a stack of magazines in their bathroom. You know that right? They have a stack of magazines in their bathroom. Long time ago. They used to have nowadays the magazines are gone. Now you have digital magazines, okay. And now you have phones and people are sitting on the toilet, and they're playing with their phone, even inside the bathroom. May Allah forgive us all. But that's what's happening today. Long time ago. It was not a practice. People

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thought that it was really weird. It was really weird. Why would you take magazines and put them inside the bathroom? But what happens? Is this something we don't know about the heart is this when your heart becomes used to something that you don't feel like it's wrong anymore. In fact, you feel like is

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Absolutely fine. Give you another example. The LBGT issues that you and I are we all hear about long time ago when we talked about LBGT it was considered as a taboo subject. We knew of course, our deen teaches us way teaches us. But even in society, society will see that as something that is wrong. I mean, it's someone a man who came out of the closet, as they say, a man who came out of the closet was considered as something big. But nowadays, there is no big deal if someone comes out in media and the society that says that this is how I this these are my preferences, this is my way of life. What has happened over time is that something that is a disease, something that is a sickness, I

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would say, more than disease is a sickness, it became normalized. When wrong things become more normalized in our life, field will be humanoid, you have a sickness in your heart. But what happens is that sickness only grows. The second type of heart that Allah mentioned this surah is Ace is a heart that becomes that becomes heart. When a person's heart become sick, and the wrong things become normal in our life. A person is about to commit a sin they think 10 times they commit the sin and now they're keep on committing that sin. That means that your heart has become sick then after a while what happens is the eyes of the Quran are recited that a hadith are recited the you hear

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football after football. But then what happens is, it just won't, it just bounces off your heart, that at that time your heart becomes hard. Fear will be him Allah subhanho wa Taala he refers to that art as well pause, see at equilibrium, this isn't suited which will cause you to go home. The third, the third type of heart, the heart that becomes blind, you know, a hard heart at the end day, you can probably break it you can probably crack it. But but one thing is that when you have a blind heart, a heart that cannot see a blind person has no idea has no clue where they're going. They have no idea what they're doing is right or wrong. If there is a snake in front of them. A person who can

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see can tell that there's a snake and they'll back away. A blind person does not know

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a blind person whose heart has become blind. For in the Hala Tamil Avasarala can Tamil noble Latif is to do this is also the hearts have become blind. When you do not even realize anymore what you're doing is wrong. When you have no focus of life as whether you wish I was talking about when you have no priority of life. That means that your heart is blind, it cannot see any more. It does not have the ability to absorb the Quran to absorb the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu RNA he was sending them. And this is all of it in itself is a gradual process. Shavon does not take us to to the point where our heart where our hearts become blind. But first of all he makes those things are

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unacceptable in our life. He makes them acceptable. Then after that our heart our hearts become hard. And then after that he takes us to the point where our hearts become completely blind. That even when we talk to people have you talked to people when you when you hear them talk, they use ayat of the Quran, they think that they are religious, when you talk to them and you're like my god, like I have no idea like how do you understand this? Why can you not understand a simple concept of our deen they call themselves Muslims, that is the state when their hearts become completely blind. The fourth kind of heart is a heart a different kind of heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala he refers to

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his heart as Allah subhanaw taala says well, but she didn't look between that these are the people whose hearts are devoted to Allah subhanho wa Taala And subhanAllah and the following is what does he say? A Lavina either bouquet Allah who when the IoD are recited, what G that perubahan they feel something in their heart. They feel like they you know what my heart has been affected if we feel that our heart is being affected when you and I when we do something wrong, and there is some guilt in my heart or there might not be guilt at that time. But later on there is guilt in my heart. That means that there is still remnants of some mood of emotion in my heart while bullshitting between

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Allah says give glad tidings to those people who have that kind of heart because when they hear the Ayat of Allah, there is some Iman left on their heart that when they hear, hopefully inshallah they will come back and they will repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, with all this being said, I want to take you to the end of this surah once again, this whole sutra is talking about developing that taqwa, the fear of the akhira be making sure that we are prepared for the akhirah but the last part first of all, this last passage, starts off with something very beautiful Allah

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100 data says, yeah you Hannah's booty by methylone first me Oh Allah, say Allah subhanho wa Taala knows a you and I, we have this nature, that a lot of times we don't focus on the message we focus on the messenger. Imagine, just imagine, imagine the entire Masjid is full is germaphobic going on, let's just say a slot is going on. And the person is not able to come all the way inside the monster just give you a very typical example. A person is sitting all the way outside the masjid, or in the in the in the lobby area. They're not able, they don't have a TV there, they cannot see who the TV is. And they hear the hook banner, like, Man, that is an amazing

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day is an amazing football. And let's just say the guy who gave the hotbar Okay, let's just say the guy who gave the football does not necessarily look like or he has the attire or the looking of a typical learning scholar or chef. Okay. And he comes outside or there, let's just say, you know, it could be anyone. And he comes outside and somewhere and he says, Man, do you know who gave me his 100,000 amazing football? And they're like, you know, you see that guy over there? He gave the football like, Nah, can't be that guy. That can he can talk like that.

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That's what happens. We don't look at the message. A lot of times we focus on the messenger. You know, in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says,

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blah blah Allahu Allah gives an example. You don't want to Allah says, Allah gives an example. The Qureshi will say, Oh, Allah is giving.

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You know, like when children when they want to really annoy their parents, let Allah You know, when they put their fingers in the ears and they just completely make absurd sounds because they don't want to hear their parents talk. The Quraysh they will put their fingers inside their ears and they're like, ALLAH is talking. I don't want to hear it. I'm done. I don't want to hear Allah talk. This is what they were saying. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, yeah, a Yohannes booty by Martha nonfasting Allah, an example has been given to you. Listen attentively. Oh, okay, so there's no mention of Allah here in this ayah. Okay, let me listen to this example. Because a lot of times,

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what we do is that we focus as I said, we focus on the messenger not on the message. And here Allah subhanaw taala wants to get a message across. And what's the first thing that he said? He says, Yeah, you do remember the first time you're Allah in the Lavina tattoo rune, I mean, dude, Allah, He lay your

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water with you, and what you believe in this thing that you do share it with Allah subhanho wa taala. And you worship other deities, you think that there are so powerful but if they will all come together, and they will to try to create the smallest thing on earth, such as a mosquito, laying yuck loco dooba they will not be able to create this. They will not be able to do this. Why am I telling you this? Why is Allah so I'm trying to tell them is because Allah at the end of the day, he has all the power now after this Allah subhanaw taala the last two hours I'm going to finish on this inshallah to beautiful iron. First of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala he starts off by talking to

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everyone everyone who has faith in their heart, not only those people who are in hygiene, but to entire to the entire Muslim Ummah. He says yeah, you know the nominal Erica

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make RUCO What do you do Rebecca? And makes you do to Allah subhanho wa Taala we're fine on Hydra that do good. Engage in things that are good, the unlocking to free home so you can be successful? Okay, this is what Allah subhanaw taala says, Now, what does this word unlocking to flippin actually mean? It means that when you see because the word toughly Hone comes in the word for love. And a farmer is calling for love. And what that means is that when a farmer puts the seed into the ground, it takes an enormous amount of effort to see that seed grow you just don't put the seed in the ground and you see it go tomorrow it doesn't work like that. You have to come you have to look after

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it you got to put a big scarecrow outside to ensure that all the animals say away you keep on coming you keep on looking at it you keep on watering it at the right times and after a while you see all this sprout. You see all this route? It takes hard work, it takes hard work now Allah subhanaw taala says the next idea what Jaya he do for NaVi haka jihadi what Jaya he do for now you have a jihadi. Now this Jahai do does not mean that go into jihad. What this means is that strive because even if I email Joseph Smith, Allah Allah He has written a very famous book on the CETA of us wa Salatu Salam is called Xad admired fie Hadith Hyderabad. In this book he has written under the subject of jihad,

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he has written that there are 16 to 17 different types of jihad, the fact that you and I have to wake up from Sultan fajr When it's so difficult that in itself is a jihad, the fact that we stay away from haram

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On in itself as a jihad, every good every good that we do and we had to give up something or we have to make a sacrifice is a kind of jihad under my roof and the here is a jihad he has mentioned 16 or 17 different types of jihad. What this here I am means is the strife and the literal meaning of this ayah is strive in Allah What does that mean? It doesn't make any sense. If a person says or if Allah says, strive in the Cause of Allah or strive for Allah, it makes complete sense. But strive in Allah. It means strive and keeping your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala your is going to take a lot of difficulty on your part Fitness are going to come your way, challenges are going to

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come your way and you're going to be deviated you're going to be pushed in the wrong direction, but the fact that you remain steadfast and you remain on this path of Allah and maintain this relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says Jaya he do for now he haka jihadi, give it in a way, a strive in maintain this relationship with Allah, the way it is to be maintained. mean that do everything in your power, that what you need to do. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Who Wajid? Tabacum he has chosen you. He has chosen all of us who wanted to back home Wa alaykum Dean him and her Raj and Allah Subhan Allah has not put any kind of hydrogen or Dean today we say deen is too

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difficult is not that these too difficult today they are fitness that are taking place. Today there are fitness taking place. And when these fit does take place, it becomes our responsibility to be on board. Yes, as a Muslim. If these challenges are coming, I'm still a Muslim. In the same sutra in Surah heights. Allah actually talks about a group of people he says the who aren't the ultimate losers, ultimate losers, because in that idea, he says for Serrano Nubian, you know, in the IRA, there are few words that Allah uses for the word loss, he used the word hustle, while acid in Santa Fe Hossen. It is a type of loss, any kind of loss is the word hustle. Then Allah use the word

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fissara is another higher level of loss. The word Hassan is the highest level of loss that you can be. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says Wamena Nursey there are there are some people may be able to wahala have their are worshipping Allah right on the edge, right on the edge. Meaning what that for in Assad the height if there is anything good that comes away, oh man, I'm a Muslim. Allah is my Lord. I'm a believer in the words of the prophets. I was sending them. I got this I got that he is so happy. We're in a saw but with fitna, but when the fitness come when the trials come when there is something that happens in society, and it becomes difficult for a Muslim man and especially for

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Muslim sisters to go out in hijab, because they're scared that someone's going to physically harm them. When the fitness come in Calabar, Allah, Woody, these people, they turn away now you know what I'm okay with not being a Muslim. These women can do whatever they want to do. I'm not a Muslim. Now, think about this. Imagine you are on a ship. Okay, imagine you are on this big huge ship.

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Imagine this ship is your Islam.

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The ocean is Cofer. Now you see that? You know what the ship is going up and down and up and down and you feel like you know what? I'm done with me just jump ship right now. Let me get my life jacket. I'm going to swim. I'm a great swimmer. I will just swim away and I'll get away somewhere else. You jumped off. Okay, you jumped off and you went straight into Cooper. And it doesn't mean that not because you land for everything's gonna be fine. You lost you are you're losing in the fight. You are a loser in the fact that you jumped into puffer and let's just say you stay on board. You stayed on board. And in that case, you know you you at that time you give up your Islam you're

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like you know what, I don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala anymore. You know, I don't want to do this anymore. You start calling out to other people and other deities besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and no so neither do you have your dunya no your acapella when we see people in this dunya today who don't have any dunya and they don't have an Acura either they don't believe in Allah. What do we call this people?

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What do we call these people? Losers, right? He doesn't know. We say Right. Like there are people who have so much wealth. And they say we say what they you know, at least Allah gave them dunya but when a person doesn't have duniya a person doesn't have aka. And not only that, but they don't even believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala we say Danica who will Hassan will be this is what the Quran says.

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Because when a person he gives up his Deen when a person gives up his Deen just because the smallest things or even when he says you know what, I don't need Islam, then this is when a person who loses you don't get your dunya you don't get your Accra at least a person who stays on Islam. Let's just say a person stayed on the ship and he died on that ship. At least he will be resurrected. And he's gonna be resurrected amongst the Muslims. But that did not happen either. Then because well Hassan will be in our live trials are going to come our way. Allah is going to send Charles our way, but we have to remain steadfast. Allah Subhan that's why he says what Jaya he will feel now he has a

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jihadi, who wants you to back on Wa alaykum for dealing with Raj. Then he says man, let me come Ibrahim. Once again, as I said earlier, this sutra it encompasses every single thing that you can possibly imagine that we have talked about in the subject of the hijab. He says mill, let me call me Brian, this is the middle of your forefather Ibrahim alayhi salam, who was some common Muslimeen and he named you a Muslim before although will be harder right now you are a Muslim even before that you are a Muslim to become a Muslim is one who submits to Allah subhanho wa Taala made a covenant He had the Hakuna Rasulullah heathen Aleikum, WA Kulu shahada, Allah nurse, so you can be a witness against

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people on the Day of Judgment when isa Ali Hassan will come on the day of judgment. And the people will say that we believe that the Saudis, we worship the Saudis and the Saudis and says, Man, I have nothing to do with you, man. I have no idea who you are on the on the day of judgment and all these prophets will come and then people who would have neglected them. On the Day of Judgment, the OMA of us wa sallam will say that we are witnesses that the of the fact that these people who did not even come to us, we did not even follow this study, by the fact that we believed in them. We knew them, we follow their teachings, we read their stories in the Quran, we learn from their stories, and you

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on the other hand, you do not even believe in them. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says he was solid established your prayer to God and give your card. Wha Cosimo biller and hold on to Allah subhanho wa Taala because once again, this dunya is going to take you on a roller coaster. No life is not going to be easy. Wow, Cosimo Billa who are Mola calm. He is our Mola. He is your molar. And you know, as I mentioned one time at the end of the sort of bankruptcy, that this molar means he is your protector. He's the one who's going to look after you. And then he says now I'm Al Mohler and there is no one who is a better molar than Allah subhanho wa Taala nierman Molar whatever, I'm gonna

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say it he is the greatest helper you can possibly imagine. So what do we need help we go to Allah when we need protection. We go to Allah when I need confidence in my Deen, I go to Allah when I need to set priorities in my life. I go to Allah subhanho wa taala. When I need to solve my problems, I go to Allah subhanho wa Taala when I need things in my life, I go to Allah subhana wa Taala that is what the word Mola actually means that he is the one that I resort to in every single thing. So this sutra in itself, as I said, that, first of all, this surah begins off by talking about the day of judgment, because hij what is supposed to be like, and the Day of Judgment has a lot of

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similarities. We then talked about the four types of four types of heart was the first heart,

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the sick heart, the second heart,

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the heart, when it becomes a heart, heart, the third heart, the blind heart, the fourth heart,

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the one that is devoted to Allah subhanho wa taala. And finally, we strive and we will strive to maintain this relationship. And I will say this last thing I'll say this, Allah mentioned, worked hard to maintain this relationship. Right before that in the aisle, he says that I like them to own meaning what that in order for you to maintain your relationship is going to be very difficult. You're not going to get it overnight. You might praise the Lord that you might feel the next day you again commit haram. And you feel like you know what, what's the point of this relationship? I come to Allah and Allah does not care. It doesn't work like that. It takes time to build a relationship.

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You know, when someone's really upset with you. And the first thing that you do you want to maintain a relationship with them, you will go to them and mix it up first. The next day you will say how are you doing? The next day you will you'll you'll increase that conversation and slowly and gradually you build a relationship with someone when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala it takes time. It takes a lot of diligence. See it takes a lot of hard work to build up that relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala the province of you think that he got that leadership overnight? No, he worked on it. He would wake up at night pray to Allah be you know, be connected to Allah subhanaw taala then

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they were able to build a connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. So ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give all of us ability to act what's been said and heard once again this the surah so the hydrogen

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Please if you get a chance to go through it and once again every single thing that is mentioned here in the Quran and there's so many things I could I could have shared it because of time I cannot but try to go through the surah inshallah on your own free time go through all the parallels Allah subhanaw taala mentioned very beautiful examples in the sutra and Allah covers a variety of things in the Surah inshallah ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to act on what's been said and heard, does that from Allah Hayden Subhana Allah humma We have Nick mentioned the word Allah in enter, most of you are going to be like Zach Mala. Hey, inshallah one last one last thing is I read

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an ayah from Surah hij that has it says that the end of it so I'm sorry to give you the bad news you have to all make a sense that for this okay. So Myka says that whenever you can inshallah. Now, after this, there is some snacks and refreshments for both brothers and sisters inshallah brothers brothers can go the multipurpose hall on their side sisters can go in the multipurpose hall on their side Inshallah, in the next probably 1015 minutes or shall we will give 1015 minutes after that we will start the inshallah harvester Joe will be here he will do pm for another like 25 minutes inshallah followed by with it, and then after within inshallah you all can go home, make the NIA of

00:31:10 --> 00:31:15

fasting inshallah wake up for support inshallah does not become a love hate sin. I'm already going to label Catherine

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