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The transmission of information about people who want to comply with Islam and hate hate is discussed in a reassuring statement from a speaker. The loss of a person and their desire for peace and liability is also highlighted. The importance of having a strong bond with the Prophet and finding a connection to the Lord is also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the need to live life without anxiety and stress, and mentions the upcoming Nights and a prayer program.

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Allahu wa Barakatuh

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hamdulillah continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan paths of peace, we've been talking about the ayat of the Quran that talk about peace and tranquility, basically dimension of an Arabic dimension of salaam Sakina, Tama Nina. There's a very fascinating verse of the Quran, which

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I thought a lot about whether to cover or not. This particular idea

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talks about the opposites of this concept of peace and tranquility.

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It basically is an explanation or an example of what what is not. peace and tranquility and serenity. What is the opposite of it, if you will?

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It's a verse in Surah number 22. So total hajj it number 11.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Wamena NASCI mania Abdullah Allah whorfin

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That from the people there are those who worship God who worship Allah

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on an edge

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where they're teetering on the edge and the word How tough is explained by many of them over saloon Abdullah bin Abbas Radi Allahu Taala NUMA some of the major type your own of the some of the major Mufasa noon from the top of your own Bucha hit a Tada, etc. They say Allah shakin

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some of them even mentioned specifically that it refers to harmful Jabon that it's talking about, like a cliff, the edge of a mountain.

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And so the idea here is that duckula, Medina, Allah Thorfinn that this person has entered into Islam, or this person has started to maybe comply with Islam live according to Islam, but is very much doing so on the brink on an edge, you know, when you stand somewhere on the edge of something like you go and stand on the curb, and you kind of wobble back and forth a little bit, you don't fully fully have your balance, that wobbling that teetering. That is what's described here. So they're worshipping Allah, but that's how they're doing it. They're in the community, but they're always they kind of seem like they're on the edge. Like they'll flake at any moment. They'll cut and

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run at the first opportunity.

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And Allah subhanaw taala goes on to then elaborate himself fame a Saba who Hayden.

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Now if something favorable Now normally we understand the word hate as good goodness, but the word hate is not necessarily being used here in that spiritual philosophical sense of goodness. Here it's being used quite literally in either what somebody perceives to be favorable to them, what they want, what they are interested in, and, and also quite literally, the Quran sometimes uses the word fade in the meaning of wealth, material wealth, famous aka who hate on. So if the person comes into comes to find material gain, material wealth, something that they enjoy something that they like something that they were interested in, it's an NLP, there's that word, then they are very satisfied

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with it. They are very satisfied with it. When a salva to fitna, but if some trouble, some difficulty, some distress, some adversity, something unfavorable, something they didn't necessarily quote unquote sign up for

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in color Valhalla, which he he, then they turn around and go the other way. And the way even the expression that's used is that they turn on their face, right? That they basically completely do a 180 and bolt in the other direction. casita dunya Welaka, this person has lost any goodness that could have been had in this world, and this person has definitely sabotaged any good that he could have had in the life of the hereafter. Delica who had husana Levine, this is the ultimate ruin. This is the ultimate loss. This is the saddest fate that a person can have. And there are narrations that talk about what exactly this is describing in very real terms. I've done I've been Ibis even

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cathedra I'm Allahu taala. And also in the Sahara remember hottie in Kitakata seat he mentions that I've delivered in our bestseller The Allahu Taala anima said in commentary of this verse

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I'm gonna Raju Yuk demon Medina, that a person would come to Medina to time with the Prophets a lot. He's finally one of the dimmer or two who who Lamin if they had a male offspring because of the culture in the society at that time, and they were so invested into having sons to carry on the name and to grow the, you know, the might of the tribe and so on and so forth. So if his wife gave birth to a son, when new TeeJet Hallo, hallo who and his animals started to multiply and have offspring by lucha de Nan Salia. Then he would say this is a good religion. We're in Nam tele de Moura to who when I'm to touch Hi, Lou. But if his wife maybe didn't even give birth to a child, let alone a son.

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And his animals his flock was not multiplying calahonda demons had a demon Sue, that this is not a good religion. Another narration he mentioned that some of the Bedouins from around Medina, they came to the Prophet alayhi salam, and they started to accept Islam. But then when they would go back home, if

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it rained a lot that year, and the crop and the harvest was plentiful.

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They would say in Medina and I have Allah Salia for Temasek movie, they would say this is a good religion, and then they would hold on firmly to it. But if they went back home and it was a little bit of a tough year, it didn't rain as much the crop did not turn as much of harvest and profit. They will take my fee Dini now haha, hey, there's no good in this religion at all.

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I'm gonna have Drumond even say them and so on the children of the great you know

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Mufasa rune from the generation of the tabby owns a business from his son of the man he says, Well munaf ik This is describing a hypocrite in solo Hitler who do now who Akarma Allah Ibadah as long as things are going well for me in the bank balance, as long as my bank account looks good, Allahu Akbar.

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Oh, then mashallah dialed in. You know, Muhammad, Shah tarawih, Cleon DADGAD, all of it.

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But then, the moment when facilita LA who dunya who were tigerettes in Calabar, Phala, ulema, Allah Ibadah Illa Lima, Salah Hammond dunya who,

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but then if the bank balance starts to drop a little bit, if this week didn't look too good at the shop, if you know the contract, didn't go through, etc, etc, then that person just completely stops worshiping subs praying loses interest, and the only time they go back and they connect is if there's some worldly opportunity. Oh, that brother is going to be there at the masjid I'm gonna go try to meet him over there. So that person is even at the masjid. Why? Because I can meet somebody who's got to hook up in a connect to help me with my with my business with my job with my work.

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And, you know, this is very interesting. And that's why I was kind of share sharing initially, I was even reluctant to a little bit maybe I was not reluctant. But I was putting a lot of thought into talking about this and how to talk about this. Because maybe the person's not doing anything haram. They're not doing anything wrong. He's just looking for good helot risk, good sustenance, it's not a sin. There's nothing wrong with that. But we're not here to talk about what's right and what's wrong. What we've been talking about this whole month is how can I connect with a lot a deeper level? How can I achieve that? Serenity, that tranquility. How can I how can my soul find peace? How

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can I connect with Allah, this deeper level? Where I'm dialed in? I'm connected.

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Right peace and tranquility. Like we talked about that they got you had enough. So most of my inner energy, a lot of the Go back to your Lord, not go to your Lord, go back to your Lord. Because you spent your whole life connected to your Lord. Now it's time to go back to your Lord. So that's what I'm trying to find. And that's where we have to understand that. What are my motivations? What am I seeking? What am I wanting, what am I looking for? And that's what this verse is basically talking about, and narrations go on and on and on. That one man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he became Muslim. And then shortly thereafter, he ran into some physical health problems, he

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ran into some financial hardship and he came to the prophets lobbies him and he said a kidney

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I'd like a full refund

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on my Islam and the prophets Allah the some said in Islam Allah you call there are no refunds with Islam brother.

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There's no refunds with Islam, meaning what he meant was, that's not how this works. You are basically throwing

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out the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. Like there are consequences for that.

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Like, think about the Wrath of Allah that you are incurring. And so this, as I mentioned, this is about the idea of what is the opposite of that peace and tranquility, we're talking about, we're always just living on the brink on the edge. It feels like we're walking a tightrope all the time. Little bit, something good happens, oh.

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And then something starts to go by then oh, no, no. And we're just back and forth, and back and forth. And think of this even hearing that idea.

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Thinking about it, visualize it, that's why the Quran uses his visual, like, if you're all the way at the top of a mountain, and there's like this, you know, barely any place to properly put your feet and you're like wobbling back and forth. And you go a little bit to this way a little bit to that way and you fall off a cliff. Think about how nerve racking it is how stressful it is.

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How nerve racking how anxiety like riddling it is. And that's the idea that imagine living your whole life that way, where you just never figured out your relationship with Allah. And it was just always back and forth. It's the opposite of what we have been talking about. It's the opposite of what we've been looking for. It's the opposite of what we want. We're looking for peace and tranquility and serenity. And we've talked about it all throughout this month. That in the Battle of blood, that when they're facing staring death in the face,

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they're falling asleep in the battlefield. And SallAllahu Sakina tahu Allah rasool Allah Momineen.

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They're falling asleep in the battlefield, they're dozing off

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in the Battle of her name, and everyone's running and panicking and running into each other and it's chaos.

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The believers have this peace and tranquility with their standing in the middle of the battlefield with their eyes closed, serene.

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Where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The Sahaba are, you know, facing starvation and hunger, and there is like, it seems like all of Arabia has showed up out there at their doorstep, to burn Medina to the ground, to massacre them, to eradicate them, to wipe them out of existence about living to trench and conduct and the prophets, Allah these him was sitting with his companions with stones tied to his stomach, and he's smiling and putting his hand on their shoulder in saying that Allah has kept big things in store for you.

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Islam will go everywhere.

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And the Sahaba feed off that tranquility of the process on but the hypocrites

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they scoff. They laugh. They're skeptical, like we don't got food to eat, and he talks about Roman Persia.

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So that's serenity.

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That's peace and tranquility.

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That whether it's hunger or starvation, or imminent death,

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the Enemy at the Gates, nothing can disturb you, because you are connected to Allah.

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But on the contrary, you can have all the blessings of the world.

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everything at your fingertips, and the slightest bit of change in temperature throws you into a panic and frenzy.

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And it all goes back to why we do what we do. Why are we here? What is our motivation? And the answer to that is Allah.

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We need to be here for Allah. Do what we do for Allah, and always seeking Allah, striving to please Allah, always trying to connect to Allah. And these last couple of nights of the month of Ramadan that we have in front of us here remaining, it's still the opportunity for us to be able to find that connection with Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala granted sincerity. May Allah subhanaw taala grant his devotion, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us peace and tranquility. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be able to leave this month with a beautiful relationship with our Creator. I mean, our beloved Amin Subhan Allah who we humbly he Subhana Colombi Hambrick Nash Hello

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Hola. ilaha illa Anta Misaki we're gonna to relate.

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Inshallah, just as we've been doing since we started the last 10 Nights, we will be continuing with pm program tonight. Yes, I'm aware we finished up Quran yesterday. But Ramadan is still here. So inshallah we're going to have Dr. Yan program again tonight, the talks to reflection and then we'll have more prayer inshallah. So we request everyone to join us vertical lafay from Saudi Arabia.

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