Reviving ramadan #28 – Thinking To Return To Normal After Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remaining steadfast in praying for the future, even if it means returning to one's sinful ways. They also mention the importance of praying for the future, even if it means praying at night, and the need to carry out whatever actions are taken to achieve the the future. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying for the future, even if it means praying at night, and the need to carry out whatever actions are taken to achieve the the future.
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Now that Ramadan is ending, I know some people who are already preparing to resume their sinful ways. Some people may ask how should I advise them?

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Imagine that there was a judge who is willing to drop any charge on any criminal so long as they take an oath in his presence that they're not guilty. So two men, they meet up and they say to each other, let's carry out whatever we want to do. And when we stand before the judge, eventually we will take an oath that we are innocent. Imagine if the judge heard them making this plot without them realizing would he take their oath seriously. A to Allah belongs to the highest example.

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So what do you make of someone's repentance and apologies to Allah today in the Ramadan, if their intention is concrete, concrete? That is going to be business as usual. After eight how relevant are the words of Yagnam Wilde who said minister for Robbie Cerny, he were called boohoo al Moussa DeMarco, whoever repents verbally, whilst his heart is insistent upon sin was number one, your GI ill masliah t badshahi. Why out and he said his intention is to return back to his sin after Ramadan. What's the outcome? For So Muhammad Ali he will note that his fasting is rejected while bearable Kabuli V, which he must do, and the door of acceptance has been closed in his face. The

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fact that angel Jibreel made dua against the one who lives to witness Ramadan, but doesn't have his sins raised. And the fact that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I mean to his dua that's an indication of the quality of this human being whose life does not change in Ramadan, almost to say that Ramadan has been so densely compressed with opportunities. That if despite this, you fail to change,

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the this person deserves to have a dua against him by the greatest of angels that you believe and the greatest of creation Prophet Muhammad Salah Lysander. So beware of being on the receiving end of that dua.

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And that is why I love the expression of shareholders Lambeth, no Tamia who said, honorable kuramathi Zuma is the karma. The greatest honor is in remaining steadfast the greatest of honor rings. This is Tacoma, staying steadfast as a Muslim. So if yesterday was in preparation for Ramadan, that we can comfortably say that Ramadan is a preparation for the rest of our lives, preparation for full time Muslims.

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And it was said to one of our predecessors Bishopville haffi Inaka woman Yoji Tehila and a few Ramadan for either they had that Araku there are people who work hard in the month of Ramadan, but the moment the month departs, the stop it all. He said bits of home nyari phone Allah interfere Ramadan how evil are such people who only know Allah in the month of Ramadan.

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In fact, even in the world of health and fitness, a person who diets for a period of time and successfully loses weight, but then reverts to his old eating habits, according to our standards person has failed.

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So beware, my brother, my sister of employing a different standard to your Islam. When the Ramadan departs,

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is it likely that you will go into reverse? Worse still was short termism, your intention in Ramadan all along.

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So take positive concrete steps as of today to station yourself upon the good that you you're doing now, with the intention of at least meeting maintaining parts of it, post Ramadan, with the same time setting an intention of not allowing the ugly face of those sins, that you've just decided that I'm alone to reappear after the month.

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So this takes me to my last message, which is carry a small portion portion of what you did in Ramadan and extended all year round. A portion of praying and congregation

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a portion of praying at night. A portion of praying alone, a portion of Quran you recite a portion of genuine Toba repentance, a portion of dua portion of the vicar Subhanallah portion of fasting. If you do that, then this becomes a bright indication that your hard work in Ramadan has been credited to your account, and Allah has accepted you and the opposite. is just as true