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Stories In The Quran
– The Prostration
– Eating from the tree
– Al-A’raf
– The Messengers

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We welcome you all to another session we ask Allah Allah Allah to make it beneficial and grant us all goodness, I mean, even alive today we will be looking at some of the stories in the eighth juice. We find the eighth juice, the beginning or the first half is a continuation of sorbitol and an thereafter large alajuela begins with surah. Allah. Allegedly, Allah mentions a few different stories. He mentions, again, the story of Adam and how he was created. He then mentions how Adam alayhis salam came down from Jama.

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After that, he mentioned the story of the people of Allah, Allah, who are people that people have allowed off, what are the qualities What did they do? And later on, he mentioned some of the NBA in detail.

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salaam aleikum of the logo.

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violin como Salam Alaikum abakada

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it's unfortunate you can't see me once again I must say we shall I try with the other phone. I actually tried the old phone I thought I had sorted it out. But let me try with the other phone inshallah.

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Okay, inshallah, we will wait for you. I will briefly review some of the stories as we wait. Okay, inshallah. My apologies.

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So Allah Allah, Allah begins by mentioning Torah, he speaks about how he decided to create Adam Malik, Salah Malaika and everybody who was there to prostrate to add the melodica angels they frustrated as for he believes he did not prostrate and one of the reasons he mentioned he tells a lot that how can I prostrate to him under Hale minute I am better than him. How Lockton me now You created me from the fire wahaca who knew him as for them you created him from clay, mud, or soil. After that Alexander wireless speaks about how the police didn't prostrate. They then lived in Jannah. Adam alayhis salam was given access to everything in general. And he was told not to come

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close to a tree. What happened? He believes eventually whispers he was supposed to Adam alayhis salam and tells him The only reason your Creator doesn't want you to come close to the tree is so you don't live forever or you don't become angels. And he tried to tell them that you know what? I'm from analyse him. I'm from your well wishes and I really want goodness for you. So eat from the tree. Adam alayhis salam eventually eats from the tree. And Elijah lo Allah mentions that the clothing came out. And He then told Adam Did I not tell you lm and her coma did not tell both of us Adam and his wife that don't eat from the tree. Eventually, allegedly, Oh Allah speaks about his

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stillbirth and how he accepted his Toba.

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The next story Elijah lo Allah speaks about is the story of the people of Allah, we find that they are the people of gender, the people of jahannam, the people of Paradise, the people of the Hellfire, then there are those people in between the people known as

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neither in general No, in Johanna, who exactly are they emphasising mentioned a few different types of people. What's quite apparent is that these people, their good deeds, and their bad deeds are equal. So they didn't really

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they didn't really get into gentlemen, nor were they deserving of the fire. So Allah Allah, Allah kept them in the middle. And eventually he mentioned what happens to them.

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Alaikum Salam Alaikum I've

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come to realize I managed to connect Alhamdulillah the other phone so here I am, how are you? Not Alhamdulillah hamdulillah I was just mentioning that the very first story Allah Allah Allah mentions in soloqueue. He speaks about how he created Adam, he mentioned to create them here or did the melodica and everybody or all those who are present to prostrate to this being the melodica the angels frustrated as for at least he did not prostrate. And he mentioned it nice says that how can I prostrate to something that I am better than him? I was created from the fire is created from clay. How can I prostrate to him? For me What stands out is that when he believes he looks at himself as

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being better than Adam. He mentioned something a parent and a halo men who have turned him in now. The home team you know it's a physical comparison. You created me from the fire I created You created me from a fire and you created him from clay or soil and this fire is more superior. It is better than this clay. I think a lesson we can develop

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From this so many times when comparing ourselves or when comparing people, we mistakenly look at, you know, physical aspects of it. I'm better than him because I'm richer, I'm better than him because I'm stronger. I'm better than him because I have a better certificate. I'm more knowledgeable, I'm more deserving. And I think this is one of the traps of a belief. And if not, this was what he believes stood for this was one of his mistakes.

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Yes, some kind of law. I think that's the main point that's here is that he was looking at his physical characteristics and being yet what what I find amazing is that he acknowledges hallak autonomy, now You created me from fire. So in that very statement of his his acknowledging the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala over him. So had he only paid enough attention to his own words, you would have taken heed and understood, but unfortunately, his arrogance had made him too drunk, so to say to be able to see that the light and the truth

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You know, you mentioned such an easy, such an interesting point, that when it comes to English, he acknowledged that Allah created him in another verse of the Quran, he then says Carla 30, Riza Tikka Lo, Vietnam and Yama in basically telling Allah and calling him and using one of his names or his attributes and saying, you know, by your mind, literally by your permission, I will misguide them all, if anything, some of the scholars mentioned even a police when you know, addressing a lot, he used the name or the attribute of a lot. And if he believes did that, and Allah then said that, Okay, I will give you time, you can do whatever you know you wish to do until when I decide after

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that you will be thrown in the fire forever. Elijah lavalla gave it to him, if anything, we landed as believers, those who need in the names and attributes of Allah, we should be using them we are, you know, I don't know, more deserving or it is more befitting for us to be using and calling out to him by his names and attributes.

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Absolutely, you know, what, what comes to my mind is that

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thinks something we

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you know, it doesn't make sense. And we acknowledge this when we have acknowledged and we know that we are wrong, we need to change the course of the whole direction of that conversation. So we need to change our stance immediately and rectify, not to carry on in that because we've said something it's not embarrassing to to change, etc. Not to say that the police was embarrassed, but that's perhaps a point that we can do. Nonetheless, yes. When it comes to the police, we find that one of his main characteristics that prevented him from frustrating is he was arrogant, he thought he was better than everybody else. He acknowledged what lies he knew that Allah had created. So due to his

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arrogance, you know, that prevented him from doing what he was ordered to do. And at times, as you mentioned, that, you know, we may see ourselves as wrong we acknowledge ourselves being wrong in certain certain places and positions. However, we still carry on, and due to our arrogance due to not wanting to own up.

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Yes, absolutely. Shall we move on to the next story?

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Yes, Allah, Allah, Allah speaks about how an Adam alayhis salaam eventually ate from the tree. And what happened after that. For me What stood out is a police told them he came to them and for us was a little misshapen. You know, he told them quietly, he whispered to them. And he told them that I'm indeed one of your well wishes, I'm telling you something that is really good. You're going to be missing out if you don't do this lesson, I think is that sometimes in our lives, similar thing occurs when people come to us. And you know, they try to use us, they try to give us certain advice. And they put us in the forefront was they sit back and they pull strings, they use us. So they say

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you know what to do, I'm telling you, but when you go out to do it, you find that they in the in the background, they are not in the forefront of pulling strings. If something goes wrong, you're the one who's in trouble or you've got a problem on your hands.

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I think that's a very, very valid point. And it's very relevant today because people are actually using the youth at times to you know, push a certain agenda forward, and they have agendas. They have

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a goal that they want to achieve and they use the youth in order to get there. Unfortunately, you find that because the youth have got this feeling of

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Hamas you know they call it Hamas in Arabic way they feel very high.

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Powered, and they they've got a lot of zest in them, then they immediately say, Okay, let's take on this challenge and let's do etc, not realizing that they're being used for someone's agenda or someone's goal to achieve something. So I think that's a very valid point, especially in today's world where you have different forms of extremism, etc.

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Yes, I think if anything we learn is that don't be used by other people, especially, you know, to fulfill somebody else's agenda. You find people wasting their whole lives and not knowing what they're chasing, not knowing that they are being used. Allah Allah Allah then mentioned the story of the people of Allah, Allah, he actually mentioned the conversation that goes on between the people of gender and the people of jahannam. And how, you know, there's a back and forth and this one is saying this, this one is saying this, he mentions that there are people known as all people on the edge, basically, you're in the middle.

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In the middle, they neither have good deeds, enough good needs to enter Jannah nor do they have enough bad deeds to go into the fire. So they are in the middle.

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Yes, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us of people who are in the middle we usually talk about gender and gender, we only talk about how there are people from Paradise and people from hellfire. It we don't talk about this group. Now what what amazes me in this is that these people will be they won't have enough good deeds to enter into gentlemen and they won't have enough bad deeds to enter into the fire, they'll have equal amounts, that's what some of them have Assyrian say. But because they would be hoping for the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah will forgive them and let them go into gender. Now this teaches us that, you know, your bad deeds shouldn't stop

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you from doing good deeds in the Senate, you'd even say at indeed, good deeds, they eliminate and remove the bad deeds. So try as much as possible to do as much good as you can. Because perhaps you'll be worst case scenario Bismillah with the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala from amongst these people who are on or off, yes, you want to hope for the best you want to hope that you will be allowed into Jenna directly and immediately without, you know, without having to go through this this test or this trial. But ultimately,

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when you do good deeds, more and more good deeds, then you know that you've got at least some sort of backing when you go into the next life. You know, you mentioned such an important point that when it comes to you know, even if you've done bad and evil, don't give up on life, don't give up on your face, don't give up on the little good you used to do you know what carry on doing it you don't know where you will benefit. You know from this. The point I wanted to mention when it comes to the story, Allah Allah Allah mentions in the conversation, the conversation that goes on one of the things mentioned a how Ola, a Latina, some Leonardo da, da. Again, there's a lot of different

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opinions as to who's speaking, who's being addressed. You find that Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is saying, according to the opinions that the people of Earth, they will be looking at the people of the fire, and also the people of Genoa, they will know certain people who are big, so they will tell the people of the fire, you are the ones who took an oath. And you said that these these people in general is poor people, you know, these people who are less down in society so to speak. They would not interject, you said they will not receive the mercy of Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah then says, Oh, hello, gentlemen. La Familia kumala.

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This world What is this HIPAA? Well, this addresses to who according to one of the opinions he's telling the people of the people in the middle who haven't really gone into gender, or Johanna is saying through His mercy, Elijah lavalla tells them to enter gender. The point I take from this is in this conversation, we find that there was a group of people taking an oath to say that these people will never receive the mercy of Allah, they will not receive goodness, they will not get into Jana, etc. Sometimes we make a mistake or we are wrong to judge people especially to say you know what, this one and take oaths to say this one will never go into gentlemen they will never allow

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will never grant them goodness. And we make that mistake quite often. So we ask Allah, Allah to forgive us.

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Yes, handle only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows will go into gentlemen who will go into the Hellfire etc. There was an interesting story if I can, if time permits, we can just quickly mention it that I heard from one of the sheriff scholars and he says that, you know, there was a man who would always tell he advised another person who was being he was doing the wrong thing.

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wrong deeds and wrong things. He was engaged in some haram actions, etc. So he'd always advise him and tell him you know, you should come to the masjid do good do etc. He was advising him all the time. And then one day, he got tired of him. And he said, Allah He, Allah won't forgive you. So this man said, Wait, I'll show you a loan, forgive me, let me show you and he decided to go he made these Rama he went and he went to perform hombre. And whilst he's performing the omura, he's making power. And he died. Whilst he was in the style of Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted this person to die in our imagine this man is telling him what law you own into what law he alone forgive you, you know. And

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here he says, Look, I'll show you a loan, forgive me because he had this hope, in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Literally the sign is that Allah Subhana Allah forgave him. This is what we take from the sign that he died in a good manner. So we should never ever really

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decide for loss of kind of water either who's going to Jenna and who's not.

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You know, you mentioned such, you know, a touching point and an important point. It's also mentioned in the story of Musa alayhis salam they were you know, they were a group of people or they were two people, one who was very religious, and the other one who was carrying out sin. And one day this religious person, he said that one law he Allah will not forgive this person. And then Allah says that Who is this was coming to decide who I will forgive and who my mercy will reach and who it will not allow them decided that this religious person, his deeds would be nullified and canceled and as for the one who was sending Allah forgives him, eschatological Allah to forgive us and grant us

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goodness later on we find towards the end of this juice Allah jello Allah mentions the story of the NBA a few of the NBA in a bit more detail he speaks about no Holly Salaam, who is salam, Saleh Ali salam, and lastly, srivalli Salah, looking at these stories as a whole, I think the point I took from this is the Amir they came with something or they came with a message at a time we especially among amongst the people of no Halle salon, he came with something that they will not use to they didn't know he came with a message to say worship Allah, they had forgotten, as mentioned in some of the books or some of the books of Hadith, that after 10 generations, you know, they started

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associating partners with Allah. The point I want to mention is they started calling him and telling him that you know what, you are foolish person, you somebody who's not all day, how can you call us to things we don't even know, somebody, sometimes in today's time with the world we live in, not the same example, a similar example, when somebody comes up with something new. I'm not talking about something new in the religion, I'm not talking about innovation in the religion, I'm talking about a new idea, a new concept, a new way of doing something, it doesn't have to be, you know, maybe on social media, maybe, you know, it's a was seen as a means of doing it, maybe to run a business. You

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know, the first thing because as human beings we used to and holding on to what we learned, we detest and we throw away that change, not keeping our minds open to this new idea. So yes, speaking about the MBR Allah Allah Allah is saying that these are the stories with the MBR holding them to worship one Allah may not say innovating, this is saying that there are people because they were so stuck in their ways. It didn't open their minds. They said, No, we only want to follow what we found our forefathers doing and we will stay rigid like this.

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Yes, that's a top top point. You know, a lot of people especially when it comes to technology, etc. You know, these advancements in technology today and people think that because it's new, it's hard on immediately Hold on. No, hold on. Take a moment. See what it is about. We're not talking about Dini aspects here we are person saying we including, you know, a certain act of worship into the religion. No, we're talking about advancements in the dunya so when it comes to these advancements, etc, let's not just judge immediately or say that it's a bad thing. We tend to, you know, think of it as something bad. I totally agree with that point shift. You know,

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we were the MBR I think masala was cinema being told that indeed we see that you are in clear misguidance then again, we find that the Navy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is being told that you are foolish. In mellonella ifisa 13 we're in that Lana hoonah communal coffee bean and we think you are from amongst the liars. What was the response? They were blast themed in front of the people but they immediately says said call upon me Lisa, Lisa. I have no foolishness when I can

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Have sudo Mirabella mean, but I am a messenger from Europe of the worlds The Lord of the worlds. So they never really responded to that in kind, they weren't abusive back to their people, but they knew that they came with a greater goal. And that was to pass on the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the people. So the similarly today you have people, you go out there, you're giving a good message, you're trying to say something good. People will say things about you. People will call you names, people will judge you and say bad things about you.

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don't respond in kind, because what it does is it will take you and divert you from the path that you want. And ultimately, you end up somewhere else. And they've achieved what they wanted. Because you had the NVR I didn't know salat wa salam stopped at that point and said no, but you also foolish, and began to argue with these people, then perhaps the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala wouldn't have gotten to the people or they wouldn't have achieved what they wanted from their lives, but they knew that we are on a greater mission. So they didn't do this. And they made sure that they focused on the goals.

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So many times we find distractions come to us in many different forms. And we find a lot of times we end up giving these situations more than they deserve. We end up wasting our time, our resources. And then sometimes we forget about our mission, and we start trying to prove who we are. So that's a very important point. Another interesting point I mentioned is that in one of the Hadith, it's mentioned Imam and Noah him Allah mentions that we have to solve in the hadith of a man who came before a pious person who was you know, he was stoned by his people. And he carried on they carried on stoning him and doing bad to him. And Allah, Allah, Allah eventually, you know, forgives him

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enters into gender, he also makes do ask for them. One of the scholars mentioned at this hadith when explaining, he says that sometimes, in fact, a lot of times we do good deeds, you know, when you carry out a good deed, and, you know, we doubt were we sincere when we sincere, 100%. And we're not really sure is this good deed accepted? Allah sends certain afflictions in your life, to raise your level, for you to also get good deeds, and to nurture you to show you that, you know what, it was also difficult for the people who came before you, it's not going to be you know, bliss and plain sailing for you also.

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Yes, vanilla. So I guess we're all going to be tested in that way.

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Yeah, else you'd like to mention,

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you know, also, we were talking about how people, they will blaspheme you, they'll talk bad about you, etc. Some people will always have something bad to say. I think it's also important to note that way, they have a valid point, we should try to take it on board. But at the same time, they shouldn't be doing it in a bad manner. So they should advise the person in a beautiful way tried to do it in a nice way, so that it will be palatable and acceptable to the person but when I'm wrong, I should acknowledge that I'm wrong and say it clearly outright. Because ultimately, this is the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We don't want to be playing around with it and changing it, etc. We'd

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rather be acknowledge that we wrong, change it and move on.

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Yes, change our mistake and move on. You know, as you mentioned, that if somebody is come to us in the wrong way, or they've addressed us if we've made the mistake, yes, the mistake is on us. They are slow, have a way of doing it is their problem base and so we should be aware and you know, rectify our mistakes, no matter where this correction comes from. That's why Allah Subhana Allah speaking, addressing the believers after they had, you know, a big problem with the people of koresh at the time he said that this hatred will remain Nakashima no COVID Allah, Allah, Daddy, do, you know this hatred and this problem that's between you should not prevent you from being just with one

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another. And this justice has a broad meaning.

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Yes, yes. That's, that's the epitome of justice. Because being just with people that have harmed you or done something wrong to you, is really, really difficult. I mean, you really want to take the opportunity to get back at that person. But if you feel lost and water other than you do what's right.

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Ultimately, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from those who accept you know where we are wrong and grant us the ability to rectify our mistakes jeopardize anything else you'd like to add?

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I think this question that was interesting to say that good deeds eliminate bad deeds. Are there any bad deeds that eliminate

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Good deeds.

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Yes, they are bad deeds that eliminate these. And there's a lot of detail mentioned in this. For example, like Allah, Allah Allah when addressing the Nabi messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells him that ln Ashoka Allah upon layer in a shakta layer upon ama Look, if you want, you have to go back and leave the worship of Allah start associating all your deeds will be nullified. So yes, they are a few bad deeds which may eliminate good deeds.

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Yes, I'm kind of London, what also comes to mind is how a person who's bankrupt comes from the day of pm and he'll have so many good deeds, but he'll start to give from his good deeds to the people that he swore and he ate the wealth and he spilled the blood, etc, until he'll have no good deeds left. So his bad deeds will literally be eating into his good deeds.

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That's so true. Another interesting point when it comes to deeds, as we know the deeds are outweighed. Allah knows best Yes, there is a number of deeds and then there is the actual deed itself, how heavy it is, and how you know how great the deed is. So it might be one deed, but it's heavy on the scale. So it may be 10 deeds, and it's not as heavy. So, sometimes if a person does so many good deeds, but one evil deed, one bad deed that may outweigh, you know, this, these good deeds, and Allah knows best. But if you look in the Quran that I've seen, and some of the explanations of the scholars, you would find that this concept is mentioned.

00:26:44--> 00:27:21

Yes, so, so true. You know, I didn't think of that, but some are more weightier. Although we know that some deeds are more weightier than others, it's so important that we realize this, that some are more weightier than others. And we don't know, perhaps the deed that you've done afterwards is much worse than the good deed. So you'll actually earn a lot more bad deeds than anything you add into the point of where we said deeds are multiplied, especially good deeds, Allah subhana wa Tada. And the third use, he speaks about how he multiplies these good deeds, you know, so many fold, he mentions a number.

00:27:22--> 00:28:03

I forgot the ayah. But in that if at the end, he says one Lahu yubari, fully mania. So after mentioning the specific numbers speaking about the you know, the phones can actually have betting embedded savasana BNF, equally, some bullet in me to have that. Right. So you've got seven years of corn. Each one of them frequently is simpler to me to have died has 100 grains. So this is multiplication. He then says one law who you are he fully mania sha Allah multiplies even more for whomsoever He wishes. Some of the scholars mentioned like even Kathy Rahim, Allah, that verse he says, This is according to the class and sincerity of a person. So you want your deeds to be

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multiplied further, look at your intention and your heart,

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some kind of law so you can make a very small deed become very big with the intention.

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Does that

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mean we are Mashallah we meet tomorrow and we'll discuss some of the stories mentioned in the ninth juice. Also the story of Shri Bali Salaam, if we look it's mentioned at the end of the eight years and then goes into the ninth juice, we may touch on that tomorrow also inshallah, as well as the ninth juice, we find a lot of the the majority of it is speaking about the story of Musa alayhis salaam is different encounters, how he got revelation, what happened with when we saw aliens around, etc. Even in our model.

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Yes, before we leave you, you've got some programs that you do as well. So I believe there's a seat and a short reminder as well on your account. Perhaps you can enlighten us a bit further. So people who want to benefit can really benefit.

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Well, during the month of Ramadan and Hamdulillah, we started to you know, give a brief explanation of some of the sewer the chapters which are frequently read by the people. So you find that before that we did I did do something on short videos on solar 231. And then the last 10 sewers one or two years ago, this year. Actually, I had no plan of doing any of these programs. I didn't plan. But my wife had suggested she had a program she wanted some content for the 30th juice. So she then told me that you don't want to give us a small brief explanation of the DFC for this specific project. And after that, Alhamdulillah you know, I started reading and from there, just try to take the ayah

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verse, explain it and stick to what's in the verse sometimes go into a little bit more detail, the whole aim being when it comes to these verses.

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We constantly read them. So even somebody who doesn't know Arabic at least he'll be able to understand that Surah Fatiha and the last 10 suar of the Quran from Surah will feel up to the end. Yes, we did start from the 30th just whoever wants to find these, they can find them they've been uploaded on YouTube and elsewhere.

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Yes inshallah.

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inshallah we'll see you tomorrow. inshallah check out any of your programs I've been following the one you have on Monday you know, the short reminders on Muslim Central

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Yes, Mashallah. I've been doing those every night at half nine, it will be uploaded sometimes because of my internet it takes a bit of time beyond the the appointed hour, but Alhamdulillah they've been going well, it's just a short reminder. I'm trying to keep it from one juice of the Quran you know, so that we can benefit from it teach us 30 days and benefit from the various If so, that's one that I'm doing and then yes, the other one is this one. So inshallah you can find them online on our profiles, you can find it on our YouTube channels as well. And we hope that this benefit

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inshallah, last point I'd like to mention, you know, for the people who follow Yes, we are sitting Firstly, I myself and benefiting be vanilla yourself, and then we hope that those who follow you know, they take some sort of benefit. If there's any suggestions how, you know, we can carry out this session especially after Ramadan How should we do it maybe the topics you'd like us to discuss also different programs. You know, as you mentioned, that the the program you're doing, I think that somebody might have suggested it to you sing with me. So we benefit from other people's ideas, and be the law that will also be a reason for you being rewarded, beaten in law?

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Most definitely, most definitely.

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And I think we need to pay

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I mean, we

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live about a cat