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The group discusses the use of animals in a prophecy and the importance of being mindful of others' actions. They also talk about the use of shelling and the use of a dragon to protect against Muslims who were killed by Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from the person in front of them to keep their behavior the same and avoiding negative consequences.

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I wandered in he turned his head. I felt a tie she had to houfy if you're on okay Rasulullah Alejo so it was it took it would take any you twist it until you can until the the line the the, the the thickness, the thickness of the collar would actually affect the profit out of your saw two strands neck.

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The whole Mohammed plenty 20 Min mallala Hey lemon Malika well I'm in Mali, a beak when I'm in Mali omic give me from the wealth of Allah, not from your own wealth, but from the both of your father or your mother. So this gentleman Yanni brought in the suit and the bad, you know, the poor manners of both physical and verbal like he came in, and he basically

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crashed both he failed both both attempts. Now he was he was physically physically locked manners, and then he also verbally liked manners. But first ever then.

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The Rabbi's. I'm sure, Jim, what the heck and he smiled and laughed though Martha amatola will be appalled. And then he gave him wealth part of Islam, our Islam at Kadena to who the person this person accepted Islam and he brought his

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tribe to accept Islam. The hadith has a long veneration famous little bazaar where the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam after he did this team he turned back and he gave him something and the man color said yeah Neela mama you did not do well. Would you have given me is not enough. But the whole day was Sahaba were already upset as it was from what he did the first time when he said the first time and then when the Prophet Allah is awesome gave him something and called him out he said this is nothing but he got upset for the audience was I'm sorry they were upset so we took him and he ran into the tent into his genitalia so to me and you sealed behind him.

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The paella I'll take that I watched about this much to call him out. He said I'll give you this much you kept on giving him until he just like Allah. I need I want you guys like Allah when he didn't play along. You made dua for him. We told him my Sahaba my companions outside were upset from what you said from the first time so is it okay if you go outside and say to them what you just say said to me like that it'd be because this will calm them down because you were extremely inappropriate and very rude on the first few times in the end, they're finding in their heart something about you a call and I'll do that so they walked outside

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the body of Saito says was it a Mahadev athlete? No, but let me let you know who fuddled The this is a person we gave that was not happy with what we gave them and now we gave him and he's happy. I'm not sure what do you say a call Anam? Yes, you suck Allah who I knew and he didn't lay it on me. Allah grant you blessing and just like the luckier

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multilotto Raja the man went on his way into whatever the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had given him the rough idea so I'm gonna give us a Nia jimothy and macabre and then Amanda Lee or methylglucose camera, y'all Julian Alana cotton, and then he tells them the example of me and this person and you with this person, it's like a person who lost a man who lost his gamble. When not so you really do and we're hoping to hear from gentlemen haha, but people want to help him bring the camel back to him. And every time they go after it leaves farther and farther away, they repel it. They repel it so it keeps on going farther away oil cooler to whom the only one else but yeah, he's telling them

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leave me and my camel I'll take care of it just leave the camel. While cool, and they finally lifted faster German social order Lisa shade and for his dad. So the man who owns the gamble, he looked for some grass and he picked it up from the ground. And he moved his hand a few times. And they came and the Campbell came running to take whatever he had in his hand. But when I talked to him, he he

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and I allowed you to do what you wanted to do to him he would have been from Ireland now.

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If I allow you to do what you wanted to do to him, but he deserved someone who comes out and does that to the Prophet alayhi salatu was someone who does that to anybody deserves to be punished if I let you then this person would have entered agenda. But the prophet Ali assassins patience would save the man the Hadith Mustafa Ali Hindi in both Bukhari and Muslim men walking to the masjid the raw values towards lamb is giving a dose and he's speaking to people and he would go and he would stand just over there and he would pull his trousers down and you'd be right in the middle of the masjid in the battle haba get extremely upset and you'll get up to go to him and drive out to

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somebody I told them leave him that anymore leave Don't Don't ruin his what he's doing and finish when he's finished the rough audience so time went to him to find out he in that majority did Miss Julia lady I then the message was was made for something different. And the person who was telling us the hadith is the Arabi and the narrator uses the following phrase apart from Felco hideout Obi Wan this Bedouin learned the Voodoo baby who oh me, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, muon NIF. Willem, you will unleash tomb when I'm able to live he came to me he didn't. He didn't blame me. He didn't yell at me. He didn't hit me. He didn't chastise me for what I did. Whenever I finally all he told me was this is not what this is for.

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Allah here's the deal when

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that, get a cup bucket of water and just clean it up because it's the justice of Omaha. He's like yo, Selim.

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There's a Yahweh

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Vilhjalmur and Halki move and mustard like you said, a Tyson.

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And Abdullah, he said, I'm the Nolan helper, he tells us that one of the about a little bit of the other scholars of you who Zeytinburnu Sana, this gentleman wanted to do a test the prophets of Allah Hadees, I

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want to see what he what he was made of, they would have have a description of who the prophet that was going to come after mu Saudis was going to look like this, because he saw him as the Messiah. And that's a different description altogether. So they had a description and they would follow him Alia saw this and and picked up the descriptions of different aspects of him of his physical appearance, the vitamin Naboo he doesn't eat sadaqa he used to do these things. But there was one thing that they didn't say I had found in his book that he that he didn't, wasn't able to assess. So he wanted to make a scenario to assess it. So he would come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and

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he would offer him a loan because he was wealthy and the rough audience also was trying to prepare for for a battle of some sorts. You offered him alone. The rough idea Saddam was very, very happy with that, because he needed so he accepted the loan and there were witnesses and it was agreed to for a full year.

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The next day,

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the next day, regatta usados RAM is giving a talk Zaytoven Santa we come and walk stand right at the end of the masjid and he was a

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Appletini Malli Yeah, about classroom Give me Give me my money. Allahu alayhi salam, I want my money.

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According to be your Salah Salem in got a guy in the Senate and we it was a year of fall in Nicole ma Sharon Maloney, Benny Abdulmutallab or a group of people who don't pay on time you don't take you don't care of your loans, the family's automotive, they know he's going a little bit more

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deeper than just him going after his family. Everybody thought it was kind of che it was Shahida Chu who there are people who are witnessed it's a year so he goes worse he goes a bit deeper he starts to cut deeper and he starts to raise his voice upon the Prophet it up on the roof audio so I said I'm in the masjid, but only by Madonna. And then until now I'm gonna get upset and you can see in his eyes he's starting to think crazy. The brother ideophones He gets up buddy yells danielda. But oh no, if I had that I'm gonna ask them to give me give me the permission. Let me let me let his head fly is when they'll call and abuse or sudden Kleiner Jamar al alter who will be your host Neil

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polyp. We're about 10 years and you said wouldn't it be better if you if you commanded me to pay back my loan on time and commanded him to ask for it in a nicer way? He said it's almost under the law and said it's not and the man continued to poke at the profit after you saw to us run, give us give me my money. You never you're gonna you're late that you owe me this. He kept up, kept on provoking the Prophet alayhi salatu son of the Prophet Allah you saw some continued, I need to absorb him into it. But what caught our module and Tuesday didn't Santa who was doing this, that ash in the middle of it I just in the middle of provoking the prophet Ali Hassan suddenly said I shall

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do Allah, Allah and Nick Abdullah was Zulu. So the Sahaba are standing there looking, the prophet Allah is also called, matters not what, what are you doing? I fall in nama. Now if you kita Bina and

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here is a Moroni, go lemma libre coulomb is da da Hilma that the prophet at the end of time has the more you provoked them him the more patient he becomes the worst you treat him the better he will treat you but Allah honey Seibu Salah Amara a to her and I didn't see it because I wasn't around but I have joined Allah I wanted this ad to see it I've I'll do that you can I did all this when I'm when I'm I'll play to casado Cthulhu Muslim and when I gave you the money and sadaqa for the Muslim EULA, who I knew although some of them how many remain.

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CRD narrated the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said was sin one of the Jyoti one of the young sisters who is I was for an errand and she would go and she would forget what she was supposed to do. And she would go play in the alleys for a while. And the bravado you saw someone get very very worried so you'd leave the house and he was running around into the sea where she got lost. And finally he finds her playing completely as children are oblivious of what she was told to do in the first place. But rather out of yourselves in the pool. Here's miss work Mikado Hola Hola Hola. Hola Chateau la hey, I need to kill you. I did miss work if it wasn't for the fear the fullness of Allah

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subhanaw taala would have tapped you with this miss work, but he didn't say it's like it's the Holy why Aisha ma Dora rasool Allah Hafiz. sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them i che and to the idea that hadith and

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the HA demon were a mirage and in Niger. He died

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ASAP Allah the Prophet alayhi salam never, never raised his hand and hit anyone with his ever. Nada, not a man, not a woman, not a child never. Aside from Jihad visa vie de la Sol, I seldom, he never, ever put his hand up and lay it on someone else.

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On the way back from one of his, one of his Italian salatu salam hadith is in collection man Buhari Nerijus by job but the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would stop with the army was stopped and they would go and lie and lie down this is the always did this was a common practice during the bullhorn time when when it was noon.

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In the sun was in the middle of the sky, it was extremely hot and it was dangerous to continue moving, you would find a spot where there's some shade and you would wait for the sun to kind of move a bit and then you'd continue your journey the rough audience or somebody that's all the time and it was the time of the day so he would go and find a spot

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to camp aside but it all that everyone found a little spot to shade the rubber alleys, found a small tree he took off obviously his mama has brushed up put his camel and he took off his sword and he and he hung it on the tree and there was supposed to be two or three people who were or the stand guard was completely empty thrown back coming back from a battle that didn't even occur everyone's guard was pretty much was pretty much down didn't No one was scared of anything. So the two people on guard fell asleep as they shouldn't have but they did a man by the name of God will love him knew how this

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would come he was following the army and he was waiting for those muscles get for an opportunity and the Muslims fell asleep so he came in he was looking for the profit it aside so you find him sleeping under under a tree he would go he would take the profit out of your sources I'm sorry you pull it from its ruins cover and then you'd make the profit Alia sought to set up the rough outline would wake up and he would put the sword rounder Iznik

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it was a young Muhammad many not only many I'm now coming name can protect you from me.

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Call us on lies in the Hadith by the way. And I this is the narrative the wording of the Hadith in Bukhari and other collections that tell the story in a little bit more depth.

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So the narration is go into more depth, but all them quote the exact same thing. When when he asked the Prophet Allah usados and this question, the prophet Allah your thoughts on Azure vaca Allah Allah

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was one word ba Allah Allah, Buddha for soccer tautological and the man who was carrying the sword and he tripped and fell back and is on the ground and the sword fell from his enterprise and picks up the sword and he gets him up and he puts the you know things are the opposite by the way and many have now come in and about you who's going to protect you from me fall in and out of Canada into halimun when he starts and then he starts to Yanni beg the Prophet Allah is awesome you're always been someone who was any patient and generous and this and this

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faithfulness to yourself so the private audience also woke people so they all woke up and they came seeing this

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situation as like a motorhome beam Ah, so tell them what happened. For them I would tell them I woke them up they had the sword they put it under his neck I asked him the question he said Allah I fell back he picked it up people know I have I'm sitting here the thought of maybe I'm gonna go La ilaha illallah c'est la ilaha illallah wa Taala that No, I wouldn't say it

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was only bitterness and then people got more upset Gianni you're you say it even if you don't just say it they hated the guy has a sword up Allah He then it I couldn't really Yena you'll be you'll be our ally for Karla is a know.

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At what point do you just tell us this? This person deserved a car that either Allah to Harold Alena, you don't just help people to fight us. Bacala the Phenom is where this friend Nicola you don't even know you're someone who Allah is protecting obviously. So there's no point of fighting you anymore. And that's what the he was able to take away from this encounter or you saw to

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rally. The reason I tell you these stories he could have easily at any point after asking the first question or second question, any offer this

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obviously has very little depth this human being but the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would look for whatever, whatever you could take from something. What is it that you can take from a situation that is hired, he would take it out of here so it was during one of the after one of the battles when he was giving away wealth on your site to us?

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And he never took anything home? Just keep that as a Janya as a back. He would never make it home with anything from any of the battles that he that he went to study. So I'm always giving things away. Man, how do you deal with difficulty in both becoming Muslim and that will come to him his name is Louisa and he will tell him enter Delia Mohammed in the list Mattoon Marathi who Allah. Allah Allah Mombasa Listen, Prophet Isom is giving wealth away tell in the man What can I tell him beef

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There is just not a division of wealth that that the person who's doing it cares for Allah subhanaw taala at all. We have Kurata you saw those that are many I believe that imagine if I'm not being fair to what's going to be fair. And he's standing there on the audience, like you said that you can almost imagine the Hadith towards the end of his rope. What do you mean by not doing the adult and who is going to either then yeah, it was getting frustrated, this is what he would say to himself out of your saw to us and I'm like, ooh, the lie moves. The fellow man had first of all, most of my brother was offended and mistreated more than this and he showed perseverance and Musa was not hurt

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more than the profit so I'm going to sell him in his life. But the profit I think it started on with us whatever he could produce whatever patients he could audit inside to Islam in any given situation, when there was a lack of ability

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in a given setting, it can still twisted them

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I'll end with this last story that I'll let you go inshallah Tada. Because this to me is the pinnacle of his patients alongside of yourself again patients is different than perseverance perseverance is the continuation we'll talk about it in a different setting anyway, patients is just the ability to be triggered and control control it just don't let it get to you don't allow it don't allow people's bad behavior, make you behave badly. This is this is the moral of the story is the provider yourselves and didn't allow the Arabi who peed in the masjid pulled on his high shear,

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accused him of volume, tried to kill him in his sleep. It didn't he didn't let that type of behavior, make him change the way he would behave out of his thoughts was, this is what helm is helm is the ability to continue to be you, regardless of who you're facing. Because who you are, shouldn't be something that is not relevant or associated with the person in front of you. And you're just memorizing it shouldn't have anything to do with it. Who you are is who you are, who the other person is, is irrelevant. This is irrelevant doesn't matter. If that matters, that means you're not really someone.

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Right? And you say what I'm saying if you change based on if your ethics and morals and the way you behave changes based on the person in front of you, then what exactly are we like what am I, if I'm just going to be or if I'm going to every time you change, I change if you speak or treat me badly, then I'll become I'll become bad. That means I don't really have an essence, I'm just a reflection of whatever you're doing. And that doesn't mean anything that's meaningless. There's nothing there. The Prophet audience also was Helene, he was someone's very patient. This is what who he was, it didn't make a difference in terms of who he was dealing with how to heal. So it was um, that was

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going to be the characteristic that you're going to find when when you dealt with him all you saw too. So I think that's very important to learn. And when we go through his attributes are based on the different types of attributes and examples of his life support to keep that in mind, because that was the you know, to me the hallmark of his character earlier. So it was on the way back from above, when he went on a sword was around 25 was a huge gamble because of what he finds out. He can't go back into into there's gonna be difficulty going back to Mecca, because even I was in and Quraishi I've always had a little bit of rivalry throughout throughout the years, and there are a

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few wars that occurred so they don't really get along. So for the provider, you saw those have to go to thought if the thief and how was an ask for some sort of some sort of some form of help or aid, it can be frowned will be frowned upon by the people of coalition. So he was a big gamble. He goes out of your slot to Islam. He speaks to them, they respond to him and probably the worst three responses that he probably the worst three things he ever heard out of his thoughts was and throughout his life, and one of them will say, I need I'm always good Allahu ala Minka Leo Silla who did Allah not find anyone better than to make his mess on Allah Allah Muhammad Allah Allah you it

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was like this, but that's why he told him you know you couldn't find anyone better than you. Were Allah Allah Allah to come with Allah can be a sterile kava detox him when Nico saw the mass of Dr. Guy if you were holding on to the guy swearing that you're honest, I wouldn't I wouldn't. I believe they would just just horrible horrible responses. The provider yourselves don't say okay, at least let me just don't don't send anything back to the police keep this between us. They said we already sent the horse man the horse man. Back to Felicia let them know. So he said okay, let me leave, is it no not until we stone you on your way out? It was stolen on his way adios AutoSum until he left

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obviously I need the five he was bleeding from his feet in his head as ATM. And how did that was as well. He wasn't he was denied access back into McKay wasn't allowed to enter. You have to wait until someone offered him protection so he could enter Mecca again. This is one of the worst Jonnie situations possible. During that time. Allah subhanaw taala was setting up the Hadith the sai Hain with the angel of the mountains, they would ask them the question Yeah, Mohammed Mooney, ultimate ally him with ASHA being telling me and I will crumble the two mountains upon their heads. And he both thought if and just give me the word and I'll kill all of them. And then you don't have to deal

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with this anymore and the believers will continue to be with you and you can build your own Hakata Anakin Sato, Stella, amla, Isola who and Johanna German us lobby him Maniapoto you

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A llama? No Maybe you hopefully Allah subhanaw taala will produce from the descendants of these people, those who will say that in Allah. And I say that, and here we are. And because of his patience here we are on a usados to them, it is because of his patience that you and I are here. Meaning when he said those words what he what he hoped for actually occurred what he hoped for occurred, you may not realize it but if it wasn't for the fact that the Prophet Allah use also was patient, and allow the people to grow these people who later on once they accepted Islam or the reason that Islam spread all

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through the land and then you and I came along to become Muslim from the different parts of the world that we came from, had he not shown patience out of yourself as I'm at the moment at his lowest moment because he was asked later on in life what was your worst moment? He said that one? He was and he and he specified Scott in the thallium phenomenon as a as a valley where's this where this happened? Where this where this encounter occurred between medical gibberellins you breathe and himself out of here so that was that this was my worst moment and the asked him Is what's worse than he said, What was worse after after he said, it wasn't the worst the worst was this moment here.

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When I had nowhere to go when I couldn't enter my car I had just been completely humiliated by the five and I just love worst moment out of your soul afterwards and was offered a way out and he didn't take it out. He also does not have patience, is Allahu ano photojournalists lobby him when you holder Illa Illa in Nana hula either in de la Muhammad Rasool Allah ha ha Habiba calm follow la Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala When you cite these main Subhanallah become diction Allah Allah to break hola hola who was telling them about like IBM Hambledon earlier so heavy ranges and we're looking about like Lo Fi come to light Allah