Maryam The Chosen 24 – Muhammad’s Beautiful Description of Jesus (as)

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various interpretations of Jesus Christ in the Bible, including his complexion, weight, and hair. It also includes a prediction from the Bible that Jesus Christ will be seen in a dream near Kaaba, and a description of his strong body and broad chest. The transcript suggests that the description of Jesus Christ's hair is accurate, but questions the accuracy of the description.
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So was Jesus black or white? What's the final word?

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There's actually a good amount of description of Jesus Christ in the Hadith of the Prophet Sal Elijah set it up and the Prophet sallallahu SLM told us, he said, Jesus is going to be coming to you So recognize him. And so part of the reason why we have a description of Jesus Christ is because he is going to return Inshallah, to Allah. And when He returns, the home of Mohammed Salah Elijah Selim has to be able to recognize them, they have to know what he looks like. And so we want to look at some of these narrations in which the province level lightest and and describe Jesus. And we'll see why there is some contention with regards to actually what he looked like. And so the province that

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Elijah sent him in Hadith and Marathi, he says that he saw a 70 million and he saw him and he was a person of average height, and he had rosy complexion. And he looked like he had just come out of a bathhouse. What does that mean, when you come out of when you come out of a spa? How do you look so your faces really fresh and your skin is really clear, and your hair is really moist? And we're gonna see that consistently that Sid said, um, the, the hair that he had, it constantly looks moist, even if it's not actually wet. It's just something that's very beautiful, Mashallah. And so, the problem is that the light is ended up in another Hadith, reported by Indian OMA, he says, I saw

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while I was sleeping near the Kaaba, a man of fair complexion, with straight hair, placing his hands on two person he was making the offer on the Kaaba. So the province of the lightsome said, while I was sleeping, I saw a man making a walk around the Kaaba, and he was rogering Adam, he was a man, who was Adam. Now, Adam, according to some linguists, according to some linguists, Adam means dark skinned, and according to other linguists, Adam means fair skinned. And so even with the Hadith when you look at these translations of this hadith, you will see that some people translated this according to one position of the linguists, and another translated according to another position of

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the linguist. So some will say that resign is set up being Adam indicates that he was dark skinned. The province of Elijah is in the missing, that he saw a man who is dark skinned, making the walk around the Kaaba. And I'm telling you, I looked through a number of translations, translation of Muslim translation of Behati translation of autonomy, the end you'll find that the same Hadith according to the definition used by the translator, it will be confusing. One will say that he was dark skinned, another will say that he was brown skinned, another will say that he is fair skinned for the same word and using the Arabic text. And so the province of Elijah sent him said, I saw near

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the Kaaba, a man of Adam complexion, fair skinned, brown skinned, dark skinned with straight hair, placing his hands on two people, two people, and I asked Who is this with water was flowing from his head, or it was strictly from his head. So he had like these drops coming from his hair. And he set up and asked Who is this and he said, it was Jesus, the son of Mary, it was the Messiah and the son of Mary, in our best also reports that the Prophet sallallahu Sydenham said, I saw Moses and Isa and Abraham, and on the night that he went on Elisa, watch. As for the description of Jesus, he says that he saw Jesus and he had a rosy complexion, and that he was jet jet. When it's attributed to

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hair, it means that a person has curly hair. And that's why, if you look in the translation, you'll find that it says, in body, the translator translated it as curly haired that Jesus Christ has curly hair. But Jack even had you actually comments on this hadith and he says, that for Jesus Christ in that description, it's actually he's referring to the body that indicates that he had a strong body, the province of Almighty us and it was talking about Jesus and he's saying that he had a rosy complexion. He was strong in body and he was broad chested. So so far we have complexion question mark, we have strong body we have broad chest that is part of the description and of course, hair

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that's always looking beautiful and freshness in his face. In the Hadith as reported by Muslim the prophets of the lightest and them describes Jesus when He returns, and he says Allah will send Jesus the son of Mary and he will descend at the White minaret in the eastern side of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron so they will have a yellowish hue to them, and placing his hands on the wings of two angels. When he lowers his head, there will fall beads of beads of water basically will come from his hair, and when he raises it up, beads like pearls will scatter from it. So now we have the garments that he'll be wearing and Charlotte died when he returns. He will be

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wearing clothes with a yellowish die. Allah Subhana Allah His messenger, he says in Behati in another narration, the province of Elijah sent him says, I saw myself in a dream near the Kaaba, and I saw

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is a man who was Adam. And the translator here has it as whitish Brown. We've already discussed that Adam can mean lightish and it can mean darkish. And that's why some translations for the same narration will say, a dark man like the handsomest of dark men that you have ever seen, like the handsomest of lighter skinned people that you have ever seen, depending on how it's translated. But in any case, he's like the handsome mister people you've ever seen. He had the most beautiful hair hanging down to his ear loops, or hair actually hanging past his ear lobes. And edema is here that hangs passed down your ear lows and the province of Elijah send him said he had it combed and it was

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dripping water. And he was performing the walk around the Kaaba. And he was leaning on two men are on the shoulders of two men. And he said, I asked Who is this? And they said that that's the Messiah, the Son of Mary. He was described as resembling a companion of the Prophet Saba light is hitting him. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he said, speaking about the night of El Mirage when He ascended and he said, I saw Moses and he looked like a man from Shinola, which was a tribe of of dark skinned people in Arabia. And then he said, and I saw Jesus and Jesus looked like Otto ebony, Mr. odaka here org numero dos, one of the chieftains of Mecca who is one of the leaders of Mecca who

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they sense is an ambassador to the province of Almighty us and them in her debut, and he later on accepted Islam, and he was actually murdered. So in summary, as far as the description of Jesus we have that he has wavy hair that descends past his ears. He's an average height, he's strong body, bride chested. The prime minister the lady sent him said they had a strong like he looked like he had piercing eyesight, that he looked like he had strong vision. And at the same time, he had a flat stomach, which is appropriate for someone who lived the lifestyle that Jesus did. Someone who was always traveling someone who was very minimalistic as far as the dunya goes, as far as skin color.

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That is a question to be asked Chawla to Allah when we see him if we live until he returns or if not when we're reunited inshallah to Allah with him and the prophets and the martyrs and the truthful internet to name