Yahya Ibrahim – Tafsir Of Surah Al – Falaq And An Naas – Part 2 of 2

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The influence of Islam on people's behavior is discussed, including a bill passed in the near future that is unclear what it is. The importance of protecting oneself from harm is emphasized, including humility between the individual and Allah. The speaker uses a verse from the Bible to explain the concept of "The weight of the beast" and asks the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "weirdness of the beast" that comes with the "we
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam he was certainly more than a lot more aluminum and aluminum in Humana Johanna with a kidnapping human who see now a lot more a lot more bananas.

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We asked about some Hannah Montana with his blessing names and attributes to make us from those who are fat is lean and successful in this life in the next we're going to continue with our daily Tafseer the Tafseer of sawtell fell off and more with a train and sort of the nurse and we're beginning today are oh they will let his I mean alumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim with the first idea of the 100 and 13th chapter of the Quran. The second last surah of the Quran, sort of to develop

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to be a bill fella.

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say oh Mohamed Salah monster probably nebia Salalah alayhi wa sallam. Well the end of

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the discussion is directly towards our prophets like Selim, but because that this discussion, does not have any taxis does not have any specialization that it should be limited just to him Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam for whoever it is for everyone in its generality, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are other places in the Quran where Allah says, quote, and it's directly to the prophets, I seldom, it's implied that it should only be for him. This is something that is asked of him by Allah Subhana Allah to Anna, and not necessarily transferable because there was a statement from a loss of Hannah Montana that confines it to him. But with these verses, and with the majority

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of the full statements in the Koran, you find that they are directly toward the prophets, I said them, but they have a general context for everyone to benefit from, and to absorb any moment to be reminded about how we remember nicotine, they all say the same thing. And beginning, when they begin discussing these verses, they say that anytime that Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah gives this kind of fairly this order to do and to say, and to invoke and to ask with something. And this isn't because only say this, it doesn't mean at all CEUs that it is limited to only saying this, that when you want to pray to me only pray with these words, what it means is that these are to be preferred by

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you to your own words. And this becomes a very important thing. And therefore when the prophets I send them as we discussed yesterday, speaking of Nanaimo, the Allahu anhu. And I have visited and others who we spent a moment in their Hadith and each other, their loved one, and one whom admiring, you find that the Prophet is speaking about lldp that it should be a priority and a precedence in their life. And therefore whenever you're confronted with a need to protect yourself and to find a protection from harm, to release yourself from feelings of dread, worry, anxiety, that someone you feel is untoward towards you or feels you will, one of the things to Tao whether it be hot Billa

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barrel bill, Fela is the Lord of mankind. Now notice here Allah says in the beginning, I have this surah and we're gonna look at that beginning of the next surah, Allah says, will be Rob bill, followed by the Lord of daybreak, while in the next era says, will be Rob been asked by the Lord of mankind.

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Allah speed speaks about his rubia and this is one of the first things that a human being is to recognize from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that you recognize that he is the sovereign, he is the king, he is the master, He is the Lord. He is the governor, the ruler, the dominant over all that he has created, Subhan Allah to Allah, and therefore if you ever want protection, you have to come at it from a point of humility, from a point of need, where you understand that you are the subject and he is the master, He is the Lord and you are the beggar You are the one who was standing before him, seeking with your hand out to him. Oh Allah, I beg of you, Oh Allah, I need of you. Oh Allah assist

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me, Oh Allah, there's none to help me but you and that was the habit of the prophets of Allah, those who are nearest to Allah azza wa jal with the most inhumanly in humility to him Subhana Allah to Allah

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and humility to Allah, his elevation before mankind I want I repeat that, to have humility between you and Allah, is to have elevation between you and mankind. The prophets I seldom said meant awaba Allah, Rafa. The one who humbles himself has humility between him and Allah, Allah elevates them, both in this life and in the next life, mail or elevators are on hold. So the Prophet is asked to repeat this job because it's important. This is the one you should invoke me with when you have a need, when you need protection or with

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a towel, what it means to ask of something or someone a protection that others cannot provide at a given time. And therefore when you understand this context, it becomes very clear why Allah says to us to worship online this way

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When you ask Allah Subhana Allah, there are big fella, the Lord of the daybreak, who else controls the daybreak, who from that which has ever existed, and that which will ever exist, who can come and control the motion of the earth, that results in the day in the in the breaking of the day, and fell out, it means to split something open and see what's inside. And it's as if you split the night, to see the clarity of the day, you split the evil to find the good in it, you split the hardship to find the success that is inside. And therefore That's a powerful, powerful context. That when you look and you recite this verse, coming at it from this perspective, that you understand a law is the

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one who can disguise in the midst of this darkness. There's that seed that shining light that we assume to erupt soon to break open soon to remove your Political Minute Ludo Matt, Eleanor, he's the only one who can remove you from the darkness is into the singularity of the light and the blessing of the light of faith and understanding.

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Repeat it, say it, invoke me with it, offer it and the statement of whole it's not just build this and it means behind lkn it means that you also live in accordance to it. You cannot say Oh Allah protect me from the evil but then you go and you give your loyalty and devotion to someone seeking their assistance in a way that compromises you with a law. You can't say Oh Allah help me help me. And then you go to someone and say, if I do this if I if I if I believe in you, if I give assistance to you, if I you know, tell me what to do, and I'll do it anything you need. I don't get it done. I just want to save myself and you compromise your relationship with Allah doesn't work. Couldn't

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be Rob be with the Lord of alfalah the one who governs what no one can govern, the one who is mighty and controls what no one has power over. The one who brings the sun into the darkness of the day brings its light into that darkness and sheds it open breaks it asunder. May Allah subhana wa Taala make us from those who understand the gravity of this area, the importance of this surah I would rely on him in a shaytani r rajim. When the time will be law he there have been Falak pull out the rabbit Allah May Allah bless us with insight. We'll continue with the next verse inshallah tomorrow and pair it up with this one. Min Shari mahalik asked you to join me in sha Allah subhanho Loma vmdk

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Chateau La La Land to Africa to blue lake and May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the clarity and an understanding of the whole and will suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik Allah say no whenever you know how do you know Mohamed Salah la Hollywood Selim saramonic

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