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The importance of forgiveness and love in relationships is discussed, including stories about forgiveness and love in Islam. The difficulty of love in relationships is also discussed, including the loss of a man named Kariya Harker and the loss of a woman named Xena. The importance of recognizing one's personality and personalities is also emphasized. The transcript highlights the importance of avoiding mistakes and not expressing one's own frustration.

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Today's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For more mornings I'm Yvonne will be, he'll be over.

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And he says subhanaw taala he promises a Yemen module that's just a couple of days

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as life is as well.

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A few more. In the in these mornings I'll share with you a couple of more attributes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salatu salam, and final day we'll make a try and make it as practical as possible for all of us. Today I want to talk about, about his love and His forgiveness of Allah Allah. He was like yo, Selim boo hoo, hoo hoo, some Allahu Allah you earlier Sadhguru Salam again. I mean, when you take when you choose any of these traits, they're really easy targets.

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They're very simple. They're not something difficult to talk about the private audience. Latos law has an abundance of stories and his life. Talk about the depth and profoundness of this love Allah you so to Islam for everyone and everything around them. And it's forgiveness out of your salatu salam as well as Allah subhanaw taala it says possible his Sahil, Jamil and when you forgive forgive in the best way possible,

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willing to hipbone Allah, but that will only be because Allah you want a lot to love us and follow me and he will love you. When I'm fiddling Uber calm, you'll forgive your sins as well. Dr. Ali Salatu was Salam ala Hadith he and the Aveda wood

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that a man came to him and he saw here and told him yo rasool Allah in the Hebrew food and this brother I will I love him pretty much of color. So like so actually Mia had

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did you let him know Paula is a no father is the hub for Eileen and go well let him know. We're gonna have a la heap upon Paula he didn't need that or hey book I went to him he said I love you and for the sake of Allah I'll call back Allah will love the attorney Allah. Allah love you the one that made me the one that you love me for love you which is Allah subhanaw taala say Allah, it's awesome. Also in the collection, Buddha would either have value horrible value, beautiful value. If someone loves someone else for the sake of Allah, you should let them know the product value. Salatu Salam, when you speak about Islam, you cannot escape talking about Khadija Kuba or the Allah on how Allah

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again is because he she was a sweetheart so Allah Hi Islam yourself and you loved her.

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The love story of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is wave Khadija, in my opinion is much more romantic and much more beautiful than any of the garbage that was shoveled into our high school students brains as they read Midsummer Night's Dream, or Rumi or whatever other you know, complete, complete insane Jonnie pedophile, allistic, misogynistic stories that are filled with lack of ethics, morality, and just disgusting mindset that God allowed it to be produced. But the raw value slot was when you read his story, and you'll see what he actually felt doors cathedra at how their their life actually worked together, you understand what life is every Hollywood movie, every

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romantic movie ends with marriage.

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think one of the silliest things ever, and we're talking about love you ended with marriage, show me these, this couple of 10 years into it. And then I'll be you know, I'll by the fact that they really did love each other. The concept is, they stopped the love story from the point when it was supposed to start, like this is how messed up, you know, the concept of love has become that we we tell a story of love. And we cut it off. Right? Right, right before the moment is supposed to begin. This is where love actually begins. You can't really love someone you don't know, when you when you draw an image of somebody in your heart in your head, and you fill it with lust. And then you say I fell

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in love with you. You love them. You don't know what you're talking about. You just love whatever image you put in your brain. Love is when you actually go to live with the person for a long time and the two universes collide. And all over then you get to know them well, and they get to New York, you know you will and you still love each other after that. And that's true love the proper audience. lottosend lived with Coesia for 25 years.

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He had with her six children, two of them died. The stress of the death of a child on a marriage is unbearable. One of the most difficult things a couple can barely make it through the death of one child to get through the death of two children is actually very difficult to understand. But it is solid. And she was when she was richer than Him. She was more wealthy than he was on a unicycle so I'm financially I can barely find one example in today's world where the woman is wealthier than the man and the marriage actually survives. Very difficult. There's a lot of imbalances that exist in our society that are very problematic when we talk about marriage. I'm not going to get into the

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into into marriage because I'll arrange for it until until until sunrise. But really, when you look at the Pragati you saw this story with Khadija he was a few years older than him. She had two previous marriages. Do you have three children from these previous marriages are the Allahu anha but the Prophet audience thought it was 11 Khadija lived a life of true love. She died and he continued to love her 15 years after she died on the low on. He loved her to that to his deathbed.

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did love her until she died? He loved her until he died on in salatu. Salam. He refused to marry for three years after she passed away. You wouldn't they would try and he wouldn't you wouldn't want to do it. His sister would come to him and you said it says a wish to Yasuda Allah who will say well, da da Khadija Tamina had and who is going to be after Khadija who can I possibly bring to this house after Sandy jello de la Juana, he would marry the First Lady who would marry after his after her death was So Devin Sama, she was 85 years old. When he married her she was the first out of Melville Islam she was the first lady to lose her husband for the sake of Allah on him he fought and he died.

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And the prophet Isaiah saw it was a major meaning and other ways that he read after you see how to differentiate between Mohammed demand and Muhammad the prophets of Allah, Allah Abu Saud, Allah Allah He was like the main one but the man only married Khadija, Muhammad the Prophet married many to the decree of Allah subhanho wa taala. And his marriages of these women brought tribes together, the marriages that he had on the usados and united Arabia, you just have to go and understand who he married down to historical seven, where they are, where they came from, and where they are the backgrounds. He married a Jew when he married a Christian, and he married Sophia and married Maria,

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both of them from backgrounds. He brought the house of Abraham together, Allah Who salatu salam with his marriages, he brought the tribes of Arabia that were fighting each other for decades, and probably even longer they brought them marriages back in the day, we're still a political and or a geopolitical tool that would bring people together as we always were, was so the problem is not only married these ladies united, large parts of the country and he gave these women autonomy. These really became a multi animal, meaning they were untouchable, you're untouchable politically, they were untouchable religiously, they could say whatever they wanted, and no one can sick and no one

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can hold it. I shall lead an army. This is the history behind this deployment. We don't talk about it because you don't like talking about the fitna that that occurred. But really, if we could just wrap our heads around the fact that the fitna was a normal it is natural for people to disagree ethically on something and then fight it out if they believe that happens when one direction opposing the other, but at the low, I now have the ability to actually head an army has never happened before in Arabia, but she was among many, he was able to do this. So that's the essence of what Muhammad the man he loved Dejan said Allah on his mind he was telling them he wouldn't be lying

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in the house and have her cane Hi, that was his was her sister. And if she was coming towards the door and she was walking, her footsteps were similar to the footsteps of Khadija they would perk up and he would say hola hola Mahana Allah make it harder because it can't be a Deja. And she's not here so it can't be her footstep. It has to be heard and then how to knock on the door to be heard. But only Allah Hi, how about Allah, retiring the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was given something to the house but actually tells us by mail to him and I hadn't met Lisa it was I was never jealous of any of his wife in Lumberton, Canada dwara to rob camera, I should say any Fabula and udon a lady

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except the lady who died basically before I was even around a lady and and she would say something about her the way she looked at it how much I should say you knew she had puffy, puffy cheeks that's

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describing a deja ma I mean, I didn't say nothing came to our house. Ill Rasulullah is Allah Allah He was a nominal sleeve and the prophet Isaiah will take a piece of cloth I had this law, Heba Deja. And these are the friends and the family of Khadija will be Allah one on a way back from a from a battle. And his thought was, he would tell them rest at a time that he wouldn't usually do so like usually they would only stopped during certain times when the sun is in the middle of the sky like noon. But he stopped him I need close to him, which was not a time that it was tough the army but it was close to Medina and there was nothing going on. So he told him, okay, just rest for a bit. And

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then he went and he kind of a little bit onto the outskirts of the army. And one of those Sahaba followed him just to see what he was doing. And he found him he had taken off his boat, dahlias thoughts and put it on the ground, and three old ladies. The old ladies were sitting there, and he was chatting with the malleus Latos law and he was laughing, and he was happy. And the man is standing there doing their Prophet alayhi salatu salam was done. They would get off, you put them back on their camels, he would give them gifts and you send them on their way they would come back I need to start with when you come back. As he's turning around, he finds that Sahabi standing there

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saying what are we doing? Why did the army who are these people? Why do we stop the whole army for what do you what is this? Like? What would you call it and salatu salam helped with that he taught Hebrew to Khadija to the Friends of Trinity Jelena and say that Corona and uh yeah, Mel Jameela, Yamaha deja we sat down to remember the good old days, the days of Khadija or the hola Juan Pablo. I want to talk about love talking about somebody who married a lady for 25 years and loved her for the 15 years that are rest of his life. He says she got it gives us these stories and thankful that she does boodle.

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To our woman Khadija typical to Jamelia Rasulullah Heba excellent music rehab, I used to be jealous of Khadija even though she was dead way before we I was even aware. And one day the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had talked about her a little bit too much. So I got upset poplin to be honest with Allah Khadija DJ keep on talking about her, but don't like Allahu ala minha Allah gave you a better wife than her father, no one line

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You got upset the front Allah Allah He did not murder Abdullah any Allahu Hailong man I know he was very he was very serious about this. He said his face changed, like he I think Assad was done we'll see in a moment how he got his love for Aisha but when she said that His face changed he got upset but our Allah He might have done any Allah Allah Mina, he never gave me anyone better

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for the company is because of unevenness. He believed in me when people didn't Well except maybe rally her in harmony and she gave me her wealth when no one did.

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And it to be it's covered up and she accepted my mic. My dad well when people didn't what was happening? What was the only Allah whom in Hollywood, Allah's partner gave me money. I have children from the Quran.

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To Baba who is upset he became mouth through the article. Whenever I never talked about Khadija again. I just let that if he wants to talk about her he's welcome to do so. So Allah is like you said they want love ducks love

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is true love and someone will continue to reminisce upon their partner 15 years after they pass away. You continue to remember them even though they lived with him for 25 years. Yeah, that's very rare these days if you want to be fully honest but but it is the way but it is what the prophet Alia starts with some thoughts. And I think it's something worthy, organic contemplating you log on to your salatu salam. I love the wording that she told me it hasn't been Shiva Kapoor you're gonna

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you're gonna know who were hidden minnows, HERBIE Rasulillah and now who have been nursing rasool Allah.

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Allah Allah is like you, salam, every Sahabi of the Prophet felt that he was the most beloved person to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam understand that effect, meaning he made everybody feel that he loved them the most.

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This is very, very hard. This is very difficult. And people around him felt that he must love me differently than everyone else. Every all the Sahaba felt that there was something special in the valleys what I loved a little bit more. So I'm looking at us and tells us this he says in the Hadith isn't bloody and the more the longer version of the collection, my left hand, he says, I'll sell any Rasulullah he was wanting OPCD at that the seller said he sent me to do something. And he had a small group, a small army. And I went and I and I really arrived, right I nailed it. I did really, really good job. And I came back in record time and he brought it like everything worked exactly as

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it was supposed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was very happy with me, but for jealous that you will at least when he Rasulullah says I'm sitting there, and he's being really nice to me. He's saying all these nice things to me. I thought to myself, I would you know, give it a shot. Of course you all know suit Allah. Maha Guna. See you like who is the most beloved person to you. But I

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felt like I was home and people started to laugh and giggle because the men would not if they're asked that question they would never use, say a woman's name. Until this day, if you there are parts of the world where if you say a person's the name of a person's mother, they will go after you with an X. And there are certain cultures that still have a problem with these things. So he said her name Bella Hagen, they laughed because they thought it was weird. Nacala I mean, Alicia, I mean, I mean, like men are farther than

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both men but boy, if I try not to map the region, but our mental health to an LED by the home, I kept on counting people's every time I asked the one who's next or after that Id after that photo, and after that, and then when I was done after 20 News, like I'm not going to ask any more. I'm 21 I'm just it's me. It's whoever is next to me, and we don't have to continue to do this. So the love is love you so love.

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You loved Alia Salatu Salam o Sahaba. He loves even Hadith he loves zayde to the point where I look over the Luanda will tell us that the only reason that I am a Khalifa is that Zaid passed away in water. That's the only reason I'm standing here is because aid isn't around. It was aid was around they wouldn't it wouldn't even be a question. He was the most beloved person and the Prophet. He made it very clear out of his mouth, what's going on in the story that he has sent Zaid on the city as well like an admission and he went through he took a long time like he was later he came to the Prophet was getting worried. It was a week later and they hadn't come back and there was no word in

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front of it. So Autozone was visibly anxious. And then finally the Xavi would come come back when you come to the house of the Prophet Allah it's also around noon ish where the private alleys are taking his nap he knocks on the door, but the Prophet Allah is also recognizing the Zaid the whole taco Raja Raja

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La Miel is coming so he left and he wasn't he didn't wear his shirt from our at rasool Allah He Oh you mean daddy? He doing a funniest scene in Loma and ever saw him in my life? leave his room without a shirt on except that day he opens the door for PA and as a

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lead. Yes, it What took you so long? Your Why Why what happened that Allah is like you said that he was called headboard suit in the name of Zaid, the beloved one that to the Prophet alayhi salatu was him and his son who sang what was called hip boom new hip. The Beloved Son of the Beloved. Salman was the was the one that people went to if they wanted someone to say something the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that no one would dare say because we send the

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to say anything, designer could come to the profit as long as I'm gonna say anything in the profit and even he got upset. He still loves to summer too much so wouldn't be a problem. So people will come to Sam and ask him, you asked him about this. Can you see if maybe he'll intercede on behalf of Finland, maybe so salmon would go and since he was a kid, he would say Yellowstone, Allah this and even if the profit is on didn't like it, you are safe because he was the most beloved to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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where they also have a direct result of I love the most I love them the most because of these of these Hadith that exists for him say the more I have in general, the Allahu Allah. And the reason I is because really, when I thought about it, I couldn't figure it like I love I've loved him since I was a kid. You could never figure out exactly what was it about him. But then when I found it was it was these Hadith where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would go out of his way to talk to moron and taken by the hand and say yeah, my knee or hip book, I love you a fool ya rasool Allah, they would think about that

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what what would go through the mind of Muhammad when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells you I love you.

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And I can't imagine what must have went through his mind of the Allahu Anhu as the prophet it is, so it's awesome takes his hand and he tells him Yeah, why didn't you ever look at lovey? More I would say yes to Allah Who I don't have open I love you too. And then you will give them a piece of advice or he would tell him something or teach him something I need the value of the Prophet Allah is also doing something like that and and be and how how uncommon it is when you think about it and I get if you're if you're from the Middle East or anywhere around how common is it for a 55 year old man to tell someone they understand what I'm trying to say? How many people do you know to do anything like

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that? Forget about to a random Sahabi to this person. They don't tell that to their wives or their children like it's something that they just Yeah, use understood. Like there's a we don't need to say a provider you saw to Islam. It wasn't like that like emotionally he was someone very open he had an open heart who just gonna say it Mr. They love you. And my son, Allah, Allah, he was like, overwhelmed with listening to something that's very hard. They will give me advice

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on the intercooler, dubara, truly Salatin, Allahumma angiology Creek overshoe creek or asked me to say this after every program why this is good advice for you. But Allah Allah is like you said,

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I mean, the examples of His love values are many. One of the stories I find to be very moving. He loved his family, he loved follistim Everyone knew how much he loved Fawlty. My idea was it was a no thing I now have been Nancy Leigh he got me early he fought him in the person who loved the most in the world was was was faulting Lula Why not he has set me up and in the story once regarding

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regarding one of his daughters, Xena, Xena I've had a son his name is Abdullah and I told him I was saying that to my man Abdullah and Abdullah passed away and this is the story of what actually happened hadith is a collection of Muslim and others and others as well. Where the Prophet SAW sent was sent Osama bin Zayed was sent over the Prophet it is on his house from Xenos house in up Nana Yeah who fish Edna my son is dying come come to us and he would send someone back with a message making dua for this child like you making do offers ain't ever making doc for the child that he's making dua for them. She was sent him back saying oxymoronic, you know you're going to come to me

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you're not he didn't want to go out of his software center. He couldn't he couldn't handle it. Like emotionally he found it hard like if there's a child dying he just he didn't want to be there for it he just didn't want to be there for the for the pain that he was going to be seen. They didn't want to go so he may die and I won't come for this so his daughter sent him saying no you're going to come to me I swear to god you're going to come to me you're not going to you're not going to just send this message when it comes to me but for calm I've got home now not on so we got a party sodomy, we've got up with him. But then how about ew G goes to our house Illinois like you said what

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are your syllabi they take the boy and put it in his hand but I went up to the car car and he's and he's breathing heavily and the kid is Yanni basically dying, a foul but hanging out

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and he begins to cry as he holds them in he makes one find a Sardinia rasool Allah Maha What is this?

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What are you doing a call to hide the Ramadan, your dog will love your Bible Hello, he will be making a shirt woman a buddy this is just a compassion that Allah puts in the hearts of any of any of his servants. There's nothing weird about it. So this is see the problem with is the lack of context, you don't understand the you have to go to the Arabian Desert. You have to meet people who live there. And you have to see what their lives are what their nature is, like have to see how people who grow up in the middle of the desert with very little provision with wore it to see what they're like in terms of you know, their traits and personality and personalities and

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characteristics. And for the provider you saw there seemed to be the way I'm describing to you doesn't sound too out of the way because we live in. But if you compare it if you understand it within the context that he was living on in salatu salam it was something unseen, that people had not witnessed someone like that. So Allah is someone who was not who did not feel ashamed to cry who did not feel him

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Eric to tell someone he loved him who showed love openly to his wives and to his family members and to his Sahaba who didn't hold any of that back and encourage people to do the same and actually opened the door for them to do that I used to assume that was Earth breaking, that says love is forgiveness. I know you're Salatu Salam is simple. Just give you a few a hadith, whatever the most intriguing or interesting aspects of his forgiveness is when the the Jewish lady tried to

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poison him from money from any final car, she tried to poison him, she actually poison he put poison in the food, and he took a bite from it. But then he didn't finish because your bill told him to stop to put it down. But then the bite he took from it, the poison actually affected him. And you will see later on the time will come where this poison will find it and he was going to cause me to die. It's going to be my demise is the effect of this poison. But it didn't kill him at the time. And and and the lady admitted that she had put poison in the food by the father and her Rasulullah. So I said them and He forgave him. And he did not even hold her accountable it was to them. When he

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comes when I was with Yan comes to him right before the hammock and he and on his way he's scared and I've told this story many times before, and he's scared to go there because he liked the Prophet it is on to his face just maybe a month before that they didn't break the treaty. And he comes to him and he's doesn't know what to say. So he asked I didn't say yeah, I didn't What do I do? He says don't worry about it. Just tell him yeah, you just tell him Tella. Doc, Allah Allah, You know what I'm gonna have to just recite the words and see what it uses that the brothers of us have told us, He will immediately answer no problem privately. It's not to say I'm looking for opportunities to

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forgive if you if it's if there's the right here's what the plans for the plan is to what is designed for is that you learn it so that you when you're given an opportunity to practice it, you practice it. So the Prophet alayhi salam Salam is gonna be put in a position similar to the position use it was put with his brothers. He's gonna take advantage of that immediately. I think he knows him. Well, I know the law I knew grew up with him so he knows exactly how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is supposed to be and memorize the wording to Allah and

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he just know the Quran in memorizing the words that he told him say exactly that. There was anything else you say that if you want to get the response, he would go to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the prophet before he speaks ever Sofia and a date and even Medina tea did you came to Medina you lied to me. I totally America, my mouth might not talk to my head. And he told me he told me he didn't break the treaty. What cartel to him. And Fuson Philharmonie killed people in the middle of the Haram that are my allies, like the prophet Isaiah was very upset. So I was reviewing it Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, you know, and Candela Catholic and so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam without

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missing a beat, let the three valleys monomial defeat Allah who like Muhammad, there is no hard feelings Allah will forgive you. But Allah Allah CIBJO said, on the day of Mecca, he on the day for chemical he gathers all of these people, some of them are shaking in fear. Men and women, people who have fought him and people who will kicked him out of his home people who killed his relatives, people who tore down his house and sold his land to someone else. People have cheated and tried to kill him multiple times. Good. Ask them meltable noona and Nephi. What do you think I should do about you? What do you think I'm going to do with you? I'll call you Kareem Abdul Aslan. Kareem,

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you're, you're a noble brother of ours, and you're the son of a noble brother of ours, because it is a move and

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so I have released you, you're released and released is the word he use. You're released meaning that's it. I have nothing on you anymore. There's no strings attached. You're gone. You're released from any burden or debt that you ever carry with me. I will never ask you about this again. Forget about it. I have pardoned you. But Allah Allah Islam yourself. During these nights he was tell us to say Allah who met Nick awful when he put up with that one is the drive that you make all these nights. Oh Allah, you're the one. You're the one who you're the partner. And you'd love to pardon. So partners and the concept of pardoning we'll talk Michelle about and we'll end with this the

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loved one when I was with him when he describes him in a beautiful how do you think because he would say, well, is violence a year after we say it? Well, Eric and Yaffe was fine, he does never, he never. He never responds to evil with evil ever, never responds to badness with badness or with

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cruelty to cruelty with cruelty. We are back in Yahoo. But He pardons were so funny. He forgives that that's how he is. He used to say that one of my favorite stories is the long Hadith in Bukhari, don't worry, I won't tell you the whole thing. But the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam was on his donkey, and he is going to visit certain families of the unsought within their homes he would go on, he would get to know their neighborhoods and see what their needs were and he would talk to them and

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bless them and make dua for them and talk to their children. So he's on his way and he goes by measure this setting, and Abdullah bin Obinze is sitting there and add the love and obey it was extremely rude. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said extremely rude things about him and it's very rude things basically get out of here, take your donkey and the stink of your donkey and get out of here is basically what he told the profilers. So I've run out of your slides. I'm going to respond and he talks aside and oh, by the who's standing on the other side for Karla mervi. Assad, Assad was the was the chief of the tribe that Ebola and obeys bin Salman was so sad tells him Yasuda Allah

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this guy, God we are doing a local church. They were making history

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round before you came here, before you came here, they were preparing his crowd, they were going to make him king is going to become king of yesterday. Yeah, there was going to be a small kingdom and it was gonna have a king, and he was big being prepared to become the king. And then you came. And then you came and everything was changed. He wasn't the king anymore. They threw away the crown and now you're the leader. We got a pseudo la Fenix see him and how that * he's gonna have Yanni hard feelings about it for and we are also

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going to forgive him and also a partner.

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I pardon him from Allah.

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He's like, he's so put forward to it. You know what I mean? Like he's so quick to forget, like he just needs doesn't really need anything. But it takes nothing because not there's not a process with him money aside, so you'd have to spend time convincing him and urging him and trying to get to know it's ready. It's right there. Just just talk about it. Just bring it up, as pointed out and it's already there. But Allah Who is like You said it, examples are endless, and I'll end with that it would be handy

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to relate or they will have you become solid or a lot more solid. He will certainly move on. I gotta say, you know, have you been hammered early. He also has a huge range of