Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 23 – The Mosques

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Santa Monica, everyone welcome back to Allah loves. So we've covered prayer, we covered purification. Now we're going to cover the massages, we're going to cover the mosques. And I know that many of you have heard many Hadees about the importance of the masjid but again, let's cover it within this context. The Prophet peace be upon him said, I have wouldn't be like the Prophet peace be upon him said I have would be la de la la massage to her that the most beloved of places to Allah are the massage and the most hated of places to Allah are the marketplaces. Now when we talk about the message and the central importance of the message into our lives and what this means in terms of

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the love of Allah subhana wa tada obviously, it's the house of Allah, and he who seeks to make Allah His primary concern, then let everything that is beloved to Allah become beloved to him. And so let the house of Allah become his own house. And that's why the Prophet peace be upon him said, and messaging debate to call the moment that the masjid is the place is the home of every single believer, so it's the house of Allah. And it's the house of every single believer, the prophet peace be upon him forbade those who tried to forbid their wives, from going to the massage and he used the very powerful rhetoric, la terminal email, Allah massages a lot. Don't forbid the female servants of

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Allah, from the houses of Allah, just as you as the male servants of Allah, go to the houses of Allah, because these houses of Allah are meant to become our homes as well, every single believer, even a child is meant to find the house of Allah as the primary house in their own lives, the place that they go to for mercy, for tranquility, for nourishment, and there's absolutely no replacing the role of the Muslims in one's life. There are other places that you could get together and do Halifax and do gatherings, there are other places that you can get together to socialize. You can pray in other places, too, you can form a congregation in your home, but there is no place like the masjid.

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So let's talk about this for a moment. The message is the place of prostration is the place of solitude. It's the place of the remembrance of Allah. And that's the obvious reason why it's the most beloved place to Allah subhanaw taala how many people remember Allah in the marketplaces, so think about Vicodin versus the lack of the remembrance of Allah, versus the lack of the remembrance of Allah. Now, back then there was no concept of nightclubs and bars and things of that sort. So let's just keep it towards that these were the two most functional places in a person's life they were between the messages and the marketplace. And usually when you go to the marketplace, it's very

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hard to remember a loss of what to add. And that's why there's such reward for a soup for making the supplication upon entering the marketplace La ilaha illallah wa de who la sharika lahu mercola unhemmed you're hearing me too well hang on a minute, be at the hillside, wahala aqualisa in Kadir, that there is no God but Allah, He is one and there is no partner with him. He is ever living and never dies, he gives life and he gives death. And he has dominion over all things. The Prophet peace be upon him mentioned the great reward of saying this upon entering the marketplace because it's not easy to remember a lot in the marketplace. In the masjid, you're surrounded by the remembrance of

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Allah subhana wa tada or you should be, the prophet peace be upon him also extended, that idea of places in which Allah is remembered versus places which Allah is not remembered to every other social gathering and thing that we do in our lives. So he said, the most blessed of gatherings are the ones in which a last name is mentioned. And the worst of them are the ones in which his name is never even mentioned. So bringing a lot into our gatherings into our spaces, beyond the massages is certainly Beloved. But this had he has a greater dimension that I think is very important, especially in the 21st century, where the massage where the mosques are not just places of the kid,

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you know, we owe him a lie commented on this heavy thing. He said that the reason one of the other reasons why the muslin is beloved to a lot is because of the type of interaction between people that it fosters. So it's a place where you come to seek mercy. And it's also supposed to be a place of exchanging mercy. And he said that in the marketplaces usually see division and argument, you know, people usually haggle and argue and bargain in the marketplace, and they're divided there. There's deception, there are false oats and all types of things. And he said, the masjid ideally is supposed to be a place where none of that is present, where it's supposed to be a unifying place where

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there's mercy, and tranquility and harmony and nourishment, and instead of false oats, calling upon Allah subhanaw taala instead of deception, a place of great admission and vulnerability. And so it's not just the space of the message and the space of the marketplace. And certainly the Prophet peace be upon him taught us to engage both ethically

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But it's how we turn the messages into the most beloved messages to the Prophet peace be upon him to the Muslims to Allah. Right? How do we take this mustard and turn it into the madonie community, that that Medina and community that the Prophet peace be upon him established, where we're not just remembering a lot in the masjid. But that remembrance of Allah is cultivating a certain type of interaction amongst each other in the massages. And then that same spirit is carried out to the marketplace. It's also telling that the Prophet peace be upon him, said that the masjid is not a place for buying and selling and he said if you see people doing trade within the massage, I tell

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them a your transaction not be blessed. So the message is supposed to be a place that's reserved for those things. May Allah fill our lives with its mercy and tranquility, make it of central importance to us and dedicate us to making the messages the closest to the message of the Prophet peace be upon him so that it can be most beloved to him. I love that. I mean, just like an Aloha, no Santa Monica.