Builders of a Nation #27 – Mother of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the life of a woman who was raised as a knowledgeable, pious man and eventually became a widow. She was given opportunities to study in other countries and eventually settled on country's capital, Afghanistan. She was given opportunities to pursue her education and focus on Allah's teachings, and was eventually one of the most impactful and knowledgeable mothers in Islam.
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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome again in our journey in living

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in the past, the life of some of the woman who helped build our Ummah, our nation. Today, I'm taking you through a woman. Many of us don't even know her name, but we all know her son very well. Al Imam, Madonna humble, very well known.

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jurist Muhaddith in a very well known narrator of the Rosary salatu salam Sangs imam in language imam in the Quran to the point that Imam Shafi said his teacher when I left Baghdad, I left a man who's a leader in seventh discipline of knowledge. He was referring to the mama who was a leader in Hadith and the scenes of rasool Allah Sato. Sarah is a leader in the Sunnah. He is leader and Quran, his leader in fekir jurist, his leader in Zod as citizen and he is also leader in piety.

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Now going back to his mother, and her contribution in bringing up this leader, so his mother, Sofia been to a Munna been to Abdul Malik Rinpoche ban. She actually comes from a very good lineage. Her father was from Benu che ban and go back to Benoit hammer. Her grandfather was a noble man.

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And she grew up in a privileged way. She got married young and delivered one son, Halima Schmid. However, her husband died at a young age, she became a widow, and her late 20s She refused to get married and dedicated her life to the sun. Life changed from being a woman grew up and privilege to a woman who have barely the minimum, her focus was raising her child as a knowledgeable, pious man. And indeed, she got

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her goal.

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Many of the stories about the raising of remand Muhammad came from him.

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And he used to say the following. My mom used to wake me up. before Fajr, I was about 10 years of age, she will warm the water for me before I am up. We both make although we start praying till fragile time, comes 10 years of age. Then she takes him with her to the masjid. To pray, Federer stays with him because usually there is classes or Halacha, as as we say, after fajr. And she stays with him till he finished the classes, mainly classes of Hadith. Then she takes him back home.

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He said the following about his mother, my mother was not only my mother, my mother was my teacher. She taught me language, Quran, she taught me history. She taught me all what I need to learn about characteristics of Arab novelty. But above that, what she taught me and this is because we didn't have much of the means to live comfortable as she was growing up. She taught me how to be patient how to live with the minimum, Al Imam Muhammad was very well known. He lived a life of asceticism. He didn't care much about this life, when he became an age a little bit older. Now she used to send him to the masjid alone. He used to beg her to go early, because there was classes also, before the

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fajr she wouldn't, she would stay with him in the house till just before Fajr. And then she said you go. And he said, The reason she did that, she loved me so much. And she was worried about me to go alone, before Fajr. But once time became close to Fudger many men were walking in the street, and she trusted me to go alone. Now this is a woman a widow, who devoted her life to her son. Once he learned everything he can learn in Baghdad, where they were living. She decided to send him abroad to study so she opted to sacrifice the love of her son, the presence of her son with her for the knowledge so she will give this son all what he needs from knowledge and we all know

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learning needs travel. So she said this time as she sent him to Medina and Mecca and Yemen to study she said to him or son travel, to seek the knowledge of the Prophet peace be upon him, as indeed, traveling to seek knowledge is migration for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala she had minimum. So she was packing him and getting him ready to leave, she packed minimum that she has, and she's looked at him and says, Oh, son, indeed, when Allah is entrusted with something, he preserved it and I am trusting you with Allah, that his trust will never be lost single mother, only child, loved him dearly, sent him to go and study,

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sacrifice the love the son, for the sake of Allah subhanahu Attallah. He started traveling Makkah Medina, to Yemen in many other places. And he became one of the most influential scholars in the history of Islam. The mother of Imam Muhammad died when he was in his 30s And who's to say, the most influential teacher I had was my mother. And she taught me not only knowledge, but she taught me how to live in this life with minimum need, was focused on akhira and focus on Allah. May Allah bless her. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala make us all mothers of knowledgeable, strong, impactful children.