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AI: Summary © The speaker shares a lawful and creative way to expedite growth and generate blessings for individuals. They give examples of people who have experienced similar experiences and share their experiences of feeling empowered by their actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of doing good and not just sitting at a hip.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. We live in a world where people want instant return. Everybody wants to hit the jackpot. Coming up the Nero john Bashara, Abdullah Hazara, we're coming up denier, gelato, yada yada Bella, many people rise in the morning hoping for glad tidings only to discover that they have to contend with bad news. Some people are hoping for a gift only to discover that they have liabilities on their shoulders. Well, today I share with you a lawful, legitimate, permissible way through which you can expedite your growth and you can generate goodness blessing and Baraka in your life. Continue doing good, continue

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doing good. And at some point, perhaps it will coincide with the right moment. By way of example, you give right to an old man, you help a person who is physically challenged you you assess someone who is in need, and one day you will assist an individual or he and he or she will make a prayer for you will make $1 for you. And suddenly you see magic happening in your life. What that does. So there's an incident mentioned about a person that he was a slave unto a master who lived a flamboyant life a life of sin vise and transgression. So one day the master and the slave himself was a relatively religious and Allah conscious individual. The Master said to the slave years for

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data hams go and purchase some fruit and come it's a night of indulgence and we're going to have you know, party and marry make etc. So the servant took the deal hams And off he went for morale hollamby mechanism and Soobin ama and he happens to pass by the gathering of the sage of the age Mansoor bin Amar. And at that time, there was a beggar knocking at the door of monsoon. Mr. Soman. Zubin, Amar said to those manda alpha t ri. Any person who will give this poor person for dead hands down to level erba what I will make four prayers for him. So he thought to himself, well, I need so many things in my life. I can borrow these four data items, I'll pay it back to my monster. Let me

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donate it here make my prayers who knows this might be my jackpot. And my destiny can change for the better. He gave the for their homes. And then Massoud when Amara said, okay, you make your request, and I will say I'm into it. So the young man said, the first door and request I have is that your attorney Allah whom in recolorable do that I'm a slave. And I would like to earn my freedom for Diamond Sutra man and so so and so said, Oh, Allah, this man has donated generously. It is my prayer and my plea to you grant him liberation. Those that were present in the gathering of this pious person said, amin, what's your second request? A youth live Allahu la adara him that these 14 homes

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don't belong to me, it belongs to someone else. So I've donated it. So I'm asking Allah to replace it. Give me substitute and give me in many folds. So for diamond zorana Menendez, he prayed and everyone said, I mean, third requests. What's your third prayer? He said, a tube Allahu Allah Mola that my master loves the sinful life may Allah change his life for the better. Again Mansoor prays everyone says amin and your final request that you have, he said, to Bala la fere Allahu Li, welaka walima. Allah will Javi that elements Forgive me forgive you those that are present and my master, do I is done nothing tangible exchange prayer is made. And off he goes, he comes back slightly late

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and hands are empty. Master is like Lima of a Tata. Why did you come late? Well, this is what transpired. And I took the moment and I gave it and I had four prayers made for me. And what were the four prayers, I prayed for freedom. The Master said, consider yourself fried. I pray that Allah has given me more he said, Yes. 4000 datahand for you. I pray that Allah must guide you. He said, I have repented. And the fourth request I pray that Allah must forgive us all. He said, Well, that's outside my control. That night when he goes to sleep in a dream, he is told for Alta Makana, LA, you did what was within your reach. And we will now do what we have promised. And that is pardon. You

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have been forgiven. Those present in that gathering have been forgiven. And likewise, your master has been forgiven for their hands at the right moment, the right and the jackpot was hit, both securing goodness in this world and in the era. What's my message, continue doing good. They will be that moment. Sometimes it will coincide with the moment of acceptance and the prayer for you will rescue you in this world and in our era. I mean your army

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