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salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Allah it was so that when they come up with the Wi Fi there was

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a lot of money

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in the car for one to hip would have

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fun ask lots of hands that's a bargain for you. All of us in sha Allah with Donna is best at nights chopping block

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there are so many verses so many I had so many actually salsa parties we'll be covering today starting from solid virgin so

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I'm gonna make it in a very beautiful way because there's more than 10 swords there damages who guess what just are they in

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2020 Yeah

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I got you what's 2019

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That is on 29th So almost done tomorrow shallow to either wouldn't be completely in

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love. But it's not that it's a feeling of happiness and sadness, because we're going to complete the Quran and we're going to have a special going up the special that will be in Arabic and I'm going to come and do it in English as well. I wish I could speak on those academic Bibles as well. But some people say no, we have some people who don't speak those. So we're just going to focus on Arabic and English so that will be special inshallah to Allah tomorrow. You don't want to miss it. So most of us are and we do and so sola Tenjin, but before the jinn there's just yesterday, he recited so I just wanted to mention a gym in solid noise so a beautiful area that we can all relate to those who

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are looking for the better job for a living those who are looking to get Mishima price righteous children and they're seeking pious righteous children or their spouses and whatnot. Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 10 from so I'm not calling to support these people for call to stop filming in Naboo can above

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you're the senior stem

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middle William did

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Benny wire Jana congenita

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I told them oh no histone his people for cultural istockphoto.com. Today those who came before Mercury we were covering and finally the names of Allah Xhosa as the webinar fo alpha so now one of the fruits of his default notice during his people is steps back home in Canada follow seek forgiveness from your board. Indeed he is the the offer giver Subhanallah Donna if you were to do so what would he give you? You will see this

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middle you will sit down ready upon you and the rain is a sign of what sign of good sign of hair sign of ocean you will see this summer on a Commodore and here's the key ymdd Calm be aware and He will bless you with wells where Benny and children will lie there was a man which we know Brittany a man over seven years old he's been him and his wife sinking through there for so many years Subhanallah and then he came to know about this the fog and then he started begins the farm everyday almost more than a dozen times for months for months for months. Allah st wouldn't charge

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for a bunch of stuff a lot of buckling now who can

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use Mr. Mallika medulla well, it can be Allah will bless you with wealth with any which ended up in Jannetty which holla so this is very stern 1112 Let's move to talk to Jim. So it will be the brothers sisters it'd be nice it'd be like this and so what's the stencil? It'd be like a chain one solar after another beautiful chain beautiful chain look solid virgin that's from solid virgin verse number 29 Jane ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says how Jean embraces them by the way, I have the I call it the the hot center in YouTube. Michelle I've done it here a long time ago in 2003 2001 Four I've done this series on the world of gin you can find it under my youtube channel the world of gin but

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that's an old one I'm gonna do a new one inshallah Tada in the submissions as well. The world of gin. What is Jin Woo Arjun creations of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah gives them with some superpowers. Okay, four of

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the manuscripts. Unfortunately I run out of the Palestinian one so I have you wondered with manuscripts. What is the difference between Gen sisters and brothers? Why consider what's the difference between gin and champagne?

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The fire on fire

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sorry I've been

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I've been trying things you

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know you have to answer the question right or wrong because this is a this is

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Xena good people,

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good people and bad people. In fact she's right give her

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the generous I have been to the same substance, the old from fire but the believer of the champagne alkyl gin and the non believers of the Shire local shopping. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says with regard to the gin in this environment that was the one on the phone. There are some amongst us who are believers, Muslims and some that are non believers. So did they have Muslim gin? They have Christian gin, they have Jewish gin they have

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it is gin. What in the meantime was the moment of classical study Allah azza wa jal says, in America, the problem was coming back from a five and then he was reciting the Quran. And they said in the summer,

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we heard this beautiful wondrous recitation, it leads to guidance, it goes deeper.

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The Hurt of the beliefs, Gene hurt me believe this isn't so that l gene and then Allah subhana wa Taala started talking to the Prophet Muhammad after he came back from God. And then he went to his best friend of America service right a prophet Muhammad came back from God kala he wants to his best friend Abu Bakr Siddiq, right around

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what did he go to?

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What did you say? Why did you say yes? What do you say? Yes, we said,

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buddies. I heard

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all right, here we go.

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So So I guess, he came back to his best friend Khadija, in fact, right? It's the best friend. What is a is a mean old he's a Milani. And then he was telling the story of here he is in this cave. And then this man came out of nowhere, and nobody knew his whereabouts except his wife. He's in his cave worship,

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or in fact, meditating. So this man came and then he hugged him to go and read you know the story. So he came running during his wife semitone is a mirror every so Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to him how was your young Muslim men? Yeah, young Muslim men come in later in the Karela. Now we need something to empower you What do you need to empower community stand up at night unit clearly that's what we're doing the tml individual template it will give you that empowerment why because doesn't comes you have confidence you got to have as you go, now go do your job, comfort and that will just come and go and all people tell them and then give a donation or them or them with what that Allah

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Subhan Allah Tada comes what saw that the oxygen will be on my piano, piano oximeter now again one more time Allah is swearing by the devil judgment GRE oxen will be young will the what

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will be in Neff still number one, ALLAH is talking here about this soul what kind of salt self reproaching soul enough's Edna wema the soul that blames you what do you do something good, as we call it soul or some people call it ego right? The soul Allah azza wa jal Michelle and I just did this How many times have souls Allah mentions in the Quran sisters? He did not see me sisters how many souls Allah mentions in the Quran

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three what are they

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for you sister right.

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Now three types of source advisors and investors, the nerves,

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the nerves, the bad ones, the heavy the heavy you know the the evil one, and then right after that when you master it, it becomes the one the one is like a self reproach. It leaves you good or bad. It blames you when you master that so it becomes nurses

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a tournament, so Allah azza wa jal swears in this area or the disorder with enough's enough, so no one ever.

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Once you warned me I will have hammered as I said about the judgment and about human piano. Also, tell them about the dissolution. Tell them about the video agenda. So silica insert comes in Yeah, you see the consensus of incense. Allah Azza says in La Silla, born

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in Ghana means as you go forward

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in your shop, will

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you forgive one

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another keeps on talking and describing the dress and the beauty of one

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happens in Chanda and then Allah azza wa jal talks and this is a message for the volunteers the message for all of us so let's use this in a more commonly what she does people who earn the peace of Allah azza wa jal in Jana why in nametable but mo commonly what Sheila is one of our training, they didn't love good work, but they did good work for what they needed for the sake of Allah. Allah says in the manual, they will call anyone Gina learn who they don't mean come just

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we think for the sake of Allah,

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we do not seek any reward from you nor temps why because we do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the beauty of solid incense and then Allah azza wa jal keeps again he they believe no stove and did not believe so Allah has

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ordered by the blowing wind on my salad,

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salad in the glow and when talking about the seeds of the Day of Judgment, with all this day keep on wondering, they keep on asking question comes with unmet, unmet,

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unmet and also admired

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they wonder a lady whose knee he looked at the phone the people asking about the deal judgment that they are having a conflict about some believe, and some don't. Some believe and some don't. So let's pan our Genesis about Adina houfy him of telephone right after that they do in business. So what happens Allah subhanaw taala before the business ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla says in another was yeah, this is a message for the youth and for all in fact, but especially the youth unless Pena says, Well, you're

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the best one ah ha ha we made night to cover and they for livelihood, some of the youth is swifting if swatted during the night they're awakened and they're doing you know they're waking on and the whole night you wonder how can we can how they can be Emily how are they going to pray for them? They will not be able to pray for us because the whole night they're awake on their phones or TV or whatnot and then during the day sleep

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you know not sleep sleep

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I love you.

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Did they believe most of them not so Allah azza wa jal again, so that

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is your QA tell them all? Yes, we are Muhammad, tell them about the scenes of the New Testament, the promises if you want to see the Day of Judgment,

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as if you see it, read so that we end up with a semicolon shut out and

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the shops offer either Some so called as if you see the Day of Judgment.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah with us probably handle us doing us that what came to him a man came to him a man, a blind man, brothers, what is the name of this man who is blind? For this watch right here who came to tell Prophet Muhammad about something he came to ask me to hammer that question for how much front of him I didn't he turned back Allah has prevented Prophet Mohammed What is the name of this man?

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If no,

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he was actually what they do you guys know this brothers and sisters that in Medina, there used to be two other two other Vida is to make the second hand but there was a man who used to be the first and then some of you may have gone to Medina look at this to others for for some Abdullah Mattoon is to make the first error to wake people up. So this man given the Prophet Muhammad, he wanted to talk to him but he's busy with any of mankind in the forest. So Allah as you should have recommended to him. I have a salad.

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And I was wondering how you did ICA and who is

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this business? So I saw that episode. And then Prophet Muhammad has given that way, but the people are doing it you know, they are busy in their businesses because the police main bread and butter is trade, but they cheat in trade law. I'm cheating. So Allah azza wa jal review. Why don't Minamata Fifi or to the Moto? 15 different others those who cheat in a way brothers and sisters, this is about police. No, no, it's about us don't cheat. The Prophet rises. Somebody says manifesto Anna Felisa Mina, those who cheat a lot from us. Don't cheat in your business. Don't cheat. If you're a medical doctor, if you're a mechanic, if you're a lawyer, if you're whatever you're doing, speak be

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honest in your job Allah associate will put back in that what you do.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada tells Prophet Muhammad, about the story of this boy to empower him. The boy who faced the king saw that it was dude.

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It happened long time ago in Yemen, the man the boy with the king zoo in the West, who claimed that He was God and then the boy faced him and then the Prophet Muhammad as I said, mystery in the story, and Allah azza wa jal revealed, so that Al bullsh the Skyfall Cocina as horrible as dude unnati That is

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a very beautiful story of this book.

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Boy, you know who faced this time kick and then they believe a lot of them still did not believe so Allah Azza swears again was Santa electronic will not like I'm a part of Debian and more about the Day of Judgment. You're meant to bless the day when all the secrets will be disclosed harmless no and Fermat didn't wanna answer that day you shall have no one to help you or no one to assist you. Did they believe you others Will Allah leave them alone now going into what submissions from Allah because Allah, Allah says so some business model because other maybe officer will make this be for Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says further in, in the article further remind for the reminder of

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the benefits the believers for the reminder benefit the believers, and this is my aim, as I've done with this series. This is my aim and my intention since we started this series is as a reminder for myself and as a reminder of all of you if you remember my very first lecture or mate series, I said, please forgive me because I want to give back to the Pope and for me to give C. difficile that requires years but I'm doing it in the bits. So please, I ask Allah to forgive me and ask Allah Subhana Allah also I asked you to forgive me as well for not giving the hug to the Quran. So Allah just so you forgive me salata, I hope this reminders have found a place in your heart, if you have

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benefited is from Allah. If you have not benefited from shaitan and

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please forgive me is akin to bulk Luffy COMM

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And it's on my YouTube channel. Now