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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding a shoe sold by dashboards and the potential consequences of their actions. They emphasize the importance of protecting one's behavior and finding a way to live without evil and misules. The pandemic has had a negative impact on mental health and addiction, and people should prioritize their bodies and mind. They also stress the importance of working on their spiritual health and not just finding profits.
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Shaytan is real and he can little nos and wouldn't and many of these wouldn't do themselves wrong if they had some Rukia done to them

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it's not something that I sit on where they can Greene's a piece How you guys doing now there's a little nice Okay guys, I see everybody's been talking about this shoe and I just want to come forward and say

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Montero Hill has a lot of controversy and rightfully so regarding by little NAS x unacceptable. As a mother, I need to speak out against this the shoe that you can see here being unpacked

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where it has a Bible verse on it, called the 666. Luke 1018. And also that's what it's selling for 1018 $100 limited amount going out.

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And this guy, little NASS, and he's lap dancing the devil in his video. He wants to reclaim the narrative. Like I'm reclaiming this whole * narrative. Like, okay, we're going to * bent. Let me go down there. And let me be the baddest bitch. Inhale. After, as he said, he sold his soul. I sold my soul for about $55 to he slides down a pole all the way down to the hellfire. And let's hear what else he has to say in a quote. He says, I feel like we've come to a time in music where everything is nice and nothing is really cutting edge or starting conversations anymore. I want to be part of a conversation that actually applies to my situation. And so many people that I know, I

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grew up in a pretty religious kind of home. And for me, it was all fear based very much I guess he was probably coming from a Christian background. And everything was about fear, fear, fear. And now, people go to the other spectrum is all about love, love, love. And Islam is a balance. There's a balance, we live between the mercy of the Creator, the heavens and earth, and the fear. We don't want to earn his displeasure in the Hellfire, which is real. And then at the same time, we don't go above and beyond and just say love, love, love. And now you're at the nightclub, and you're doing all sorts of mischief is bad things. Alright guys, now that you got to see the shoe coming out of

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the box, you got the 666 on it, the Bible verse, And actually, blood inside the shoe. This is just crazy. It's really crazy as the ties we're living in. And for us, what lessons can we take? Number one, that shaytaan is real. And he can little nos and wouldn't and many of these wouldn't do themselves wrong if they had some little QIA, done to them, along with some some exposure to Islam, humbling oneself and seeking the truth. Because this way of life we know, it only leads to a decline of spirituality of goodness of it's more of a corruption of the heart and soul. And so what we can learn from this is to take the matter even more serious for us. And for everybody. I mean, one

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person said that what convinced them that there is a creator, even though the signs are all around us, was that there had to be a devil. There had to be because at one point he was collecting, collecting all the different clips, the news clips out there, and he saw one day to cavitated woman.

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Next day, decapitated man decapitated baby's head in the freezer. All I mean, just horrific, evil, evil, evil crimes and things humans that humans were doing. And he concluded there has to be a devil that's driving this. That's whispering to people that's enticing people. So if there's a double there has to be a creative it has to be a god. And this is what many of them want to do. They want to mislead you. They want to take you down that path as they've been misled. And if they continue in this direction, people like this, they will be lap dancing for the Iblees the shaytaan in the Hellfire in the Quran, they're a beta Word of God Almighty. Allah is talking about the Hellfire,

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which littleness whose real name is mantero Hill I, I believe he actually wants to go ahead and really take it to the next level. So he goes down a pole into the hellfire. You see this like mocking the whole thing? And then people think take it as a joke, but the reality is that we're gonna die. And at the end, there is a paradise in the Hellfire you can make all the jokes you want about it. But at the end of the day, you're going to be held to account so now we can start the conversation. I think that's one positive thing. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about Hellfire because he's bringing it up. So a lot of times we're scared to talk about it. I'm reclaiming this

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whole * narrative. Like Okay, we're going to *. But let me go down there. You're apprehensive to talk about it but the crown is full of Paradise and a Hellfire at the mercy of

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Got it also, you have the consequences. So this is a good opportunity to talk about many of these things to hopefully awaken because what these are, these are these are the, the cover ups of the fitrah. These are the fitrah corrupters, these things that are being put out there, they corrupt the human fifth, or the innate disposition, to obey God to worship God, to be on the path that's pleasing to God. So now we have to combat that, and how because you see when, when the society is just pushing all of this evil, and all of this misguidance then you end up getting affected by it. So another thing that we can take from one take the matter of the Hellfire and paradise serious, and

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they shaved down is working 24 seven. So we should be under our ethical God, we should be making the laws in the morning in the night, we should be strongly connected to our Creator. And we should not deviate from that, we should make sure that we are building our fortress of protection because as soon as you start slipping off, that's where you end up, most likely falling into these traps. So take let's take them out of serious. Number two, where we can take from this you know the devil shade on since he's going to be in the Hellfire for eternity, he asked. And he received he asked the creator to have as an earth to give him spite to give him time to the last day that he was going to

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go ahead and be on a mission to misguide humanity. And God Almighty Allah gave him that. So now, people like this are out there misguiding the youth misguiding humanity, but now you have to ask yourself as a Christian, or as a Muslim, if you're listening to people like this, if you're listening to the rap stars, the musicians and the music that many of times people don't understand, it's like a malware, these wind and stringed instruments and the songs. Now, if they were just the lyrics were just put out there, you probably just reject this all outright. But what's happening, it's encapsulated in the musical instruments put in there. And now you're just bobbing your head and

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you're just moving around to the beats. But now the malware is getting into your system into your heart into your brain. And that's affecting you. And now your judgment is clouded in this sometimes just takes a gradual time. It takes time slowly, but again, it's spreading like a cancer. So that's another lesson we can take from them. We should boycott this totally from our lives, we should stay away from anything that resembles this and keep our heart pure, and work on purifying our hearts. Another thing is when you follow this lifestyle and you follow this way, don't get fooled again, by the outside appearance by people who talk about they're mentally, spiritually strong like never

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before. And you look at them, it's show business. So they're going to show you what you want to see. This has been so much growth like beyond just, you know, the fame and fortune like mentally spiritually. I've grown so much. How am I feeling today? I feel amazing. I feel thankful. Blessed.

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Yeah, but in reality, I've had many interviews with many different musicians, and rappers, some so famous, some not so famous. And they say the same thing. It's all a mirage, it's all show their lives were the most miserable. And we see this many of our on drugs, alcohol addiction, suicide galore. So when you open the door to this kind of deviance, and this kind of behavior, what do we have? I mean, 20 million new STDs a year mental health problems galore, people on more drugs, more alcohol abuse, the breakdown of the family, I mean, every evil that you can imagine. It's skyrocketing. Now, is this contributing to it? Of course it is. Studies show that religious people

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live better lives, they have better mental health, family, society, etc. Do you ask yourself what is one thing? What are these kinds of things produce? And then what does God consciousness when you go towards your greatness? Well, God Almighty wants for us when we go towards our Creator, we live better lives, we feel better, not just on the outside, but also on the inside. And there's a verse from the Quran that God Almighty talks about that the one who turns away from his remembrance will live a depressed life so again, don't be fooled by what's shown on the outside what's apparent mentally spiritually, I've grown so much you don't know. You have no idea and I and I'm pretty sure

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that over time we will see like many of these other people who are out there who go down this path. It starts to unfold and you start to see everything on fold in front of your eyes. The disaster the live look at the Whitney Houston's the Elvis Presley's at their time who are the greats and you will just see people like this declining slowly slowly so again, we we'd love nothing more than little nos and people like this to really take the matter seriously. Take the matter of Hellfire seriously the matter of Jenna paradise and don't lose what God Almighty is offering you that you've if you live a good wholesome life.

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appear life according to his will not your desires, then this will be what your prize will be at the end. If you continue mocking the whole situation you will end up as you put yourself in that place, not just exploring it, making fun of it making videos about it's writing down and pole sliding down a pole into the Hellfire, then a person will most likely end up May God protect us all from the Hellfire I think we should be united in areas like this with the Christians work together because the Christians will have no better support than the Muslims because we love and revere Jesus is one of the mightiest messengers, I mean to you know, insult him is a grave offence. So we stand with you

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in this to boycott companies like Nike and others who go ahead and just put profits over integrity and dignity. The good news is, is that Ramadan is right around the corner. So now this is the spiritual boot camp that you can cut off many of these vices. This is the shot theme, the main the main players out there are going to be locked down and you have an opportunity during Ramadan, to go ahead and to get to the gym, the spiritual gym to increase your eemaan to go ahead and rectify your affairs so you can get closer to your Creator. And you can go ahead and take this matter serious and shall law so we can get to Jenna. See you next time. Support us on our Patreon page. Subscribe Share

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this video far and wide so more people can benefit. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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