Taraweeh Truffles Day 7 Allah Is the Judge

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Trump rose.

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in society, people naturally judge each other. Right? But what's the criteria for judging someone else? Unfortunately for a lot of people, they judge someone else, based upon how much money that person has. They have a lot of money, hey, let's honor them. They don't pay let's not honor them as much. Or they might judge people based on their degrees, their educational degrees, oh, he's a PhD, he's doctor and if he's not a PhD or something, then he must be like the scum of the earth or something like that. And then there are other people that judge based on clothing or based on looks, you look really good or you dress really nicely, hey, you have a high level in society, or you dress

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really scummy and whatnot, and you're at the bottom. The question is, what is the real criteria for judging people? And are we even allowed to judge people? Let's check out this verse. Wala Tokoro the lady neither

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one night she knew the dune our Jaha Murali come in. Hey Sahbihi me che Mammon Hey sabich ani me che in fact alto Rhoda home, so I thought oh down feta Hakuna mean of volley me in.

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In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala forbids the prophets that Ilana sent him from kicking out those who call upon Allah in the mornings in the evening seeking the countenance of Allah. The situation behind this verse is that the chieftains or the aristocrats of Mecca, came to the province that Alana set them and they said, hey, look, if you want us to listen to you, if you want us to listen to this thing called Islam, we will sit with you, but only on condition, only on the condition that all these you know poor and weaken slaves that are sitting with you on a constant basis, you need to kick them out. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he does want to explain Islam to them. He does

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want to teach them about Islam. But Allah subhanaw taala revealed this verse while I told you that Don't expel them, don't kick them out. See, this was the life of the prophets of Allah harness and his circle. You wouldn't go to the circle of the prophets of Allah they said, um, and find only rich people know you would find rich and you would find poor, you wouldn't go to the circle of the prophets of Allah and send him and find nobleman and aristocrats only you would find those people but you would also find the weak of society. They all had a place in the circle around the prophets of Allah Islam. So the question for you is this. Do you have people from these different segments of

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society in your circle? You look at two people in the Quran, one of them is still a man on Instagram, and one of them is a you Valley, his son. Now it's really interesting. So a man on Islam was the king of the earth, Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with so many riches. And on the other hand, you have a YouTube Alia Sudan was a prophet whom Allah subhanaw taala tested him with so much with a lack of wealth, and he was very ill and his, many of his family members died and passed away. So now you have these two people. In both cases, Allah subhanaw taala called them near Muhammad, Allah subhanaw taala said, what an amazing slave they were. So it doesn't matter if you're as rich

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as Sulayman, or s&m, or it may be that a person doesn't have that much wealth, you can both or people in both situations can be great servants of Allah subhanaw taala. So now let's go back to the circle of the prophets of Allah Edison, he had the rich and the poor, the nobleman, the slave, they all found a place in the circle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So if that's the circle of the prophets of Allah, they sent him let's look at the phenomenon of paintings a cat, whether that's on or even fit or evil of HA, or anytime during the year. If you tell people to pay there's a cat give their charity locally, you can give it actually in the hands of the poor people, you'll very often

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hear people say, but I don't know any poor people. Now here's the problem. Why is it that you don't know any poor people? So my recommendation my advice is this read or you know, whatever it is coming up or any charity, go and find out who the poor people are in your community, take your as a caretaker charity, and give it to them in their hand. And I would even take it one step further. become their friends and invite them and make them part of your circle.